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  • Best buddies Min-jae (Yoon Kye-sang), Dong-wan (Lee Jun-ki) and Chang-seob (On Joo-wan) share all the common problems of high school seniors. They struggle against their parents and other peers to establish their own identities, fall for girls, eat, drink, and stress about college entrance exams and what school they'll get into. Min-jae's father is a commercial pilot who expects his son to follow in his footsteps. However, not only does Min-jae NOT share his father's ambition, his grades and test scores don't qualify him to get into an aviation program. Meanwhile, his neighbor and crush, Soo-jin (Kim Min-jeong), has decided she wants to become a veterinarian, despite the fact she's too afraid of animals to even touch a puppy! Sadly, her family takes very little interest in her future until the night her mother overhears another girl confessing her love to Soo-jin. Mom decides what her daughter REALLY needs is to take ballet classes at the local community center. "It will be good for your posture, and help you look more like a real girl," she says. Unfortunately for ballet instructor Mrs. Yang, though, her class is on the verge of being canceled due to lack of attendance. Her only enthusiastic students are a waiter at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant and the video store owner. Even the middle-aged housewives who joined are quitting after a few weeks because they aren't losing the weight they'd expected to. The lives of all of these characters collide one night when Mrs. Yang catches Min-jae driving drunk, without a license, and in his father's borrowed car. She blackmails him and his friends into taking ballet, thereby saving her class from being canceled.

  • Five high school teens on their way to college. But gradually they go through the struggles of life and end up discovering who they are and what it is they truly want in life.


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  • Kang Min Jae is a senior at Taesung High School struggling with his studies, lives with his stern father, who's a captain of a famous airline. Hwangbo Su Jin is the female student body president that he has had a crush on for quite a while. Su Jin lives in the same apartment building as Min Jae, but Min Jae lacks the courage to approach her. She lives in a family that puts the son on the pedestal so she has no room to escape the pettiest housework even while she's studying for a college entrance exam. Out of frustration with her family and friends, Su Jin decides to go to Jeju for college as a chance to get away and become a veterinarian, even when she has a fear of animals.

    After an exam, Min Jae has a drink with his buddies and then sneaks out with his dad's car. On the way, he discovers a victim to a hit-and-run accident. Yang Jung Sook, a ballet instructor at the community center in the district, sees Min-jae and the body. Jung-sook, having difficulties in finding enough students for her class, threatens Min-jae, who she caught drinking and driving without a license, and drags him and his two friends to learn ballet. Meanwhile, Soo-jin's parents also forces Soo-jin to learn ballet to get rid of her stiff and boyish appearance.

    Min Jae, along with his friend Dog Wan are unexpectedly thrown into together when they are both pressured into joining a local ballet class at the Hwangkeum community center, where he finally gets a close encounter with Su Jin. As time passess they get to know each other, as well as the other oddball characters like Chang Sub and Seung Eon decide to help each other out when in-need. With Jung Sook at the center of the ballet school, various people from all walks of life learn ballet. While they all clash and open each other's hearts to one another, they finally come together in a memorable dance performance in the end.

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