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Meryl Streep: Mrs. Fox



  • Mrs. Fox : I'm going to lose my temper now.

    Mr. Fox : When?

    Mrs. Fox : Right now.

    Mr. Fox : Well, when...

    [Mrs Fox slashes his face] 

    Mr. Fox : OW!

    Mr. Fox : Twelve fox years ago, you made a promise to me, while we were caged inside that fox trap, that if we survived, you would never steal another chicken, turkey, goose, duck, or a squab - whatever they are, and I believed you. Why? Why did you lie to me?

    Mr. Fox : Because I'm a wild animal.

    Mrs. Fox : You are also a husband and a father.

    Mr. Fox : I'm trying to tell you the truth about myself.

    Mrs. Fox : I don't care about the truth about yourself. This story is too predictable.

    Mr. Fox : Predictable? Really? What happens in the end?

    Mrs. Fox : In the end, we all die. Unless you change.

  • Mrs. Fox : [to Ash]  We're all different.

    [indicates Mr. Fox] 

    Mrs. Fox : Especially him. But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?

  • [from trailer] 

    Mrs. Fox : You know, you really are... fantastic.

    Mr. Fox : I try.

  • Mr. Fox : I love you, Felicity.

    Mrs. Fox : I love you too. But I shouldn't have married you.

  • Ash : [Mr. Fox has just lost his tail in the shooting]  It'll grow back, won't it?

    Kylie : Tails don't grow back.

    Ash : Tails don't grow back?

    Kylie : Uh-uh. 'Cept for lizards.

    Mr. Fox : Tails don't grow back. I'm gonna be tail-less for the rest of my life.

    Ash : Well, anyway, it's not half as bad as double pneumonia, right? I mean his dad's got one foot in the grave and three feet on a banana peel. That's a lot worse than just a...

    Kristofferson : [ricochets an acorn around the room, which lands in the teacup he is holding]  Excuse me, everyone. I'm gonna go meditate for half an hour.

    [exits quickly] 

    Mrs. Fox : [to Ash]  You have got twenty-nine minutes to come up with a proper apology.

    Ash : Me? ME have an apology? He gets a bandit hat? He just got here, and he gets a bandit hat? Where's MY bandit hat? Why didn't I get shot at? It's because, you... you... you think I'm no good at anything! Well, maybe you're right, thanks.

    [stomps away angrily and slams door upon exit] 

    Kylie : [to Mr. Fox]  Told ya not to bring him.

  • Mrs. Fox : [sees her husband, Kris and Kylie sneaking through the kitchen]  Another book party?

    Mr. Fox : [surprised]  Oh! I didn't see you sitting in the dark over there.

    [grins sheepishly] 

    Mr. Fox : Yeah! No actually, there's a fire. I just got the call; they said maybe it's arson. I've got to interview the marshal and see if it's...

    Mrs. Fox : [turns on the light]  Kylie, is he telling the truth?

    Kylie : I... I don't want to be put into the middle of this!

    Mr. Fox : Thanks, Kylie.

    Mrs. Fox : Why is he wearing that bandit hat?

    [points at Kris, wearing a bandit hat] 

    Mr. Fox : His ears were cold. He's not with us.

    [to Kris] 

    Mr. Fox : Go back to bed.

    [Kris leaves and closes the door] 

    Mrs. Fox : If what I think is happening, IS happening... it better not be.

  • Rat : Look at you, girl! You're still as fine looking as a creme brulee!

    Mrs. Fox : Excuse me? Am I being flirted with by a psychotic rat?

  • Mrs. Fox : If we're still alive in the morning I want you to find another line of work.

    Mr. Fox : Okay.

    Title Card : Two years later - 12 fox-years.

  • [first lines] 

    Mr. Fox : What'd the doctor say?

    Mrs. Fox : Nothing. Supposedly it's just a 24-hour bug. He gave me some pills.

    Mr. Fox : I told you, you probably just ate some bad gristle.

  • Mr. Fox : Wake up, everybody, they're digging us out!

    Mrs. Fox : They'll kill the children!

    Mr. Fox : Over my dead body they will!

    Mrs. Fox : That's what I'm saying, you'd be dead too in that scenario!

    Mr. Fox : Well, I'm arguing against that!

    Mrs. Fox : What are you talking about?


    Kylie : STOP, STOP, STOP! You say one thing, she says another, and it all changes back again!

  • Mr. Fox : [to his wife]  Badger's right. These farmers aren't gonna quit until they catch me. I shouldn't have lied to your face. I shouldn't have fallen off the wagon and started stealing chickens on the sly. I shouldn't have driven these farmers so far and cussed with their heads. I enjoyed it, but I shouldn't have done it. But now there's only one way out of this. Maybe if I hand myself over and let them kill me, stuff me, and hang me over their mantelpiece...

    Mrs. Fox : You'll do no such thing.

    Mr. Fox : Darling, maybe they'll let everyone else live.

    Mrs. Fox : [in tears]  Oh, why did you have to get us into this, Foxy?

    Mr. Fox : I don't know, but I have a possible theory. I think I have this thing where I need everybody to think I'm the greatest, the quote-unquote Fantastic Mr. Fox. And if people aren't knocked out and dazzled and slightly intimidated by me, I don't feel good about myself. Foxes traditionally like to court danger, hunt prey, and outsmart predators, and that's what I'm good at. I think at the end of the day, I'm just...

    Mrs. Fox : I know, we're wild animals.

    Mr. Fox : Hmm. I guess we always were. I promise you, if I had all this to do over again, I'd have never let you down. It was always more fun when we did it together, anyway.

  • Mr. Fox : I don't want to live in a hole anymore. It makes me feel poor.

    Mrs. Fox : We ARE poor... but we're happy.

    Mr. Fox : Comme ci, comme ca. Anyway, the views are better above ground.

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