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Cheap looking movie.
nevermore3213 August 2006
I was really excited for this film. Betsy Palmer and Pat Hingle back on a movie screen? The lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui in a lead role? And then I sat in the theater on 11th street and 2nd avenue in New York City. I was alone...literally, in the movie theater. The film had opened only the night before. The movie is poor. Technically poor to boot. I'm talking about the kind of poor where some shots are even out of focus. Scenes don't cut together well. Bad sound recording too. Sometimes, they seem to cut to a reaction shot just so they could poorly dub over the other actor's line in post production. Were they changing the script? Was the acting and directing so off the mark it rendered the film confusing in spots and they tried to clear it up with added lines? The sound mix (i know I keep harping) is crude and seems unfinished, poorly mixing songs over montages and transitions. Student films have this problem. These guys should know better. Speaking of these guys, there's the lead actor. Who is this guy? Who would offer him this lead role? I've just learned that this film was his project. That would explain a lot. A vanity project. I honestly don't think anyone else would ever cast him. As an actor, he's terrible. He comes across like he believes he's way more charismatic and charming than he his. It's embarrassing. And, not to a total ass, he's got one helluva speech impediment that needs tending to before writing himself another lead role. Didn't anyone warn him away from casting himself?

Betsy and Pat deserve better. Film-making is hard. Not everyone can do it well. Over-reaching ambition, take heed!
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great little film
bursteinlaw4 March 2009
I recently went into a blockbuster looking for a movie to rent. The girl working at the counter would sometimes recommend movies to me if I couldn't decided. She suggested a movie titled WALTZING ANNA. She said it is a small independent film but it seems to be catching interest. So I rented it. I must say I thought that this was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It was a funny emotional film filled with great performances. The 2 leads Emmanuelle Chriqui and Robert Capelli Jr did a wonderful job. Emmanuelle gave a strong performance as a nurse who worked in the nursing home and Robert Capelli Jr. displayed the range and emotion of a solid leading man, giving an unyielding performance. Rounding out the cast was Pat Hingle, who's performance of a broken down man living in the home brought me to tears. It is an inde film so the quality is not as good as a 100 million dollar budget film, but its heart is in the right place and accomplishes to do what movies should do, entertain.
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mikekell51509 August 2006
I saw a sneak preview of WALTZING ANNA and I truly feel this was one of the most enjoyable films I have ever seen. It was a breath of fresh air compared to what the studios are putting out. I can't remember the last time I cried in a theater and was so touched by a motion picture. I was moved by every performance and cared for every character. Robert Capelli Jr and Emmanuelle Chriqui, who co-star in the film, had excellent chemistry. The give and take between the two reminded me Tracey and Hapburn of years past. Pat Hingle, who plays a resident at the Nursing Home, gives a performance of a lifetime. He should be nominated for a Best Supporting Oscar.

WALTZING ANNA, a heartwarming tale of a doctor who is sent to an old age home to work on his bedside manner, was a true delight. The first half of the movie was light hearted and touches on subjects that we deal with on the surface. But the second half was the pay off. Midway through you are captivated by the story line and find yourself caring for every character. The subject manner was deep and emotionally driven. The payoff was truly honorable. I found myself walking away from the theater feeling better than I ever felt when exiting the film . I am glad to see filmmakers touching on topics that deal with elderly care. It sounds cliché but you'll laugh, you'll cry, and walk away with a smile on your face. It was a beautiful movie and hope it gets the attention it deserves.
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Nice little Indy
bijupatoasty27 September 2006
Just saw the film, and it had its ups and downs...It was a very predictable, but extremely cute film. There were some technical problems, but overall the film moved nicely. If you like feel good movies about the elderly, then I would recommend this film. The supporting cast was hands down the best part of the film, all of the older actors really pulled out the audience's emotion...Pat Hingle really did an amazing job portraying the feisty old man in the nursing home who kept trying to escape. The topic of corrupt nursing homes is one that should be touched upon more in contemporary media and film making. Overall, I enjoyed the film for what it was: a low to medium budget independent film with a nice heartwarming story that the film makers seem to have cared greatly about.
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badhatharry818 August 2006
While following the tales of local filmmakers, its usually fun to find Jersey films in Jersey theaters. Not this time. I read the "user comments" that have preceded mine and I noticed something odd. The positive reviews all came before the movie opened. Were these privileged viewers part of the "premiere" screening. If so, its likely they were part of the crowd that made this misfire. This film was average at best because of the fantastic, underused supporting cast. The always real Pat Hingle, the subtle Betsy Palmer, the hilarious Grant Shaud, the gorgeous and steady Emmanuelle Chriqui, the rock Marcella Lowery...and the list goes on. You could see the editors trying desperately to hide the blemish - Robert Capelli, Jr. They would obviously cut away from him often, leave him out of focus, dub his lines. Nothing worked. I notice this guy's done 3 movies in which he is the lead! I also notice he is either the producer or director on all of those films. Coincidence? He's either really wealthy, or a really good salesman. Give him credit for continuing to try. I admit I'm jealous. I'd love to have others financing my quest for fame. Hey, don't take our word for it-Check out Village Voice, Daily News, NY Post, Cinematical, etc. Can they all be wrong?
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Indie Sleep Inducer
stareid14 August 2006
I'd like to support indie filmmakers as much as the next film fan, but let's be honest please. The Good: Great supporting cast - Pat Hingle, Betsy Palmer, Emmanuelle Chriqui, George Morfogen, etc. The Bad: Average story, a formula weeper, underdeveloped "romance", Not enough Artie Lange. The Ugly: A Harvard Doctor that can't pronounce "Alzheimer's." Whose fault is this? I can't believe with 2 directors, they could both let that slide. They are as much to blame as the "star". "Convincing" is hardly the word I'd use to describe this performance. It was a nice try, I bet they all cared deeply about this serious subject, but when the lead can't lead, or even follow, he should stay out of the way. 4, out of ten, for effort.
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A real Indie sleeper
harleydbreite10 August 2006
Despite my girlfriend dragging me to its advanced screening in NYC, I was most pleasantly surprised with "Waltzing Anna." Sure, it is a great chick flick, but it was actually more than that. It turned out to be a very well-written comedy with a nice dramatic edge. Artie Lange, Howard Stern's side kick, was hysterical and played well with the female lead who I immediately recognized from "Entourage" as E's girlfriend. The male lead was very convincing as an ethically challenged Doctor. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him very soon with his top notch performance. With appearances by J. Eddie Peck from "All My Children" and the old Judge from the Clint Eastwood spaghetti-westerns, the cast was of great support to a funny script that was well shot. If you enjoyed "Hitch," you will most certainly find "Waltzing Anna" well worth your while. It will remind you of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" meets "Patch Adams!"
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Old man trumps young doc
beetlejump10 July 2012
First things: I am one of the last people to comment on this movie, but i also was the one who put up a plot summary and synopsis so that other people can get an idea of the story. All of the previous slams on technical terms are basically true. This is not a finished picture like a Sandler, Ferrell, or Scheider flick. I don't waste my time on those guys. This is a story movie first, and an acting/directing movie second. There are no guns or car chases, and it starts off somewhat slowly. This is a story about a tired old man who loves a woman back to life, and a greedy Harvard doctor who falls from glory and needs to re-order his priorities. It also has some nice piano music in the soundtrack, and as mentioned, a good supporting cast. Yeah, it's a love it/hate it movie. You'll just have to find out for yourself. All I can say is that it keeps showing up enough on my channel guide that someone else somewhere believes in it enough to program it.
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Robert Capelli Jr. Needs a New Line of Work!
nakedbear31 March 2010
I stumbled on this film while flipping through channels and when I saw Betsy Palmer's name I was interested. The interest ended when I began watching it. The script is awful, the lead actor, terrible, and a complete waste of the talents of Betsy Palmer, Pat Hingle, George Morfogen, and the very talented Emmanuelle Chriqui. Robert Capelli Jr. who stars and wrote the script really needs to think about another line of work. His acting skills are terrible and he suffers from a speech impediment that is very jarring. The dialog is forced and the script is very poorly written. They could have at least done some research on what long-term care facilities really are like. I didn't believe the doctors were doctors, or the nurses were nurses. There was not even care to to the set dressing. There is a hallway with crumbling wall over the floor, and no matter how many shots it is used in it is never cleaned up, despite one scene when you can see a housekeeping person cleaning the floor! But the worst thing is that the storyline is so contrived and unbelievable. Please Mr. Robert Capelli Jr. don't write or appear in any more movies!
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A sweet labor of love
Fatal_When_Swallowed13 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WALTZING ANNA is a breath of fresh air about a subject that goes largely ignored by not only the the film industry but society in general: the plight of the elderly who are left to languish in corrupt nursing homes. While this may not be the finest script ever produced, it has a strong purpose and wonderful veteran actors to flesh out the plot and make it both charming and poignant. Beautiful Betsy Palmer and the marvelous, versatile Pat Hingle as two residents who keep a secret from the home administrator are absolutely the heart and soul of the movie. Their performance had me in tears a number of times. The film's resolution is terrific--truly a "bravo" moment.

I think a lot of reviewers here seemed to miss the credits where Robert Capelli dedicated the film to his grandfather, who inspired this project. One idiot called it a "vanity" film. I call it a labor of love. My grandmother died in a nursing home that employed the horrific practices of sedating the elderly in order to hasten their demise (she died three days after she was admitted). This film was made to memorialize people like her who didn't get the chance to be rescued from the misery and the abuse one finds in most nursing homes.

WALTZING ANNA should wake people up to the fact that a nursing home can be an active, useful, cheerful residence for living, rather than a corrupt, smelly, dreary place where old people are dropped off to die or be killed by money-hungry administrators. Palmer and Hingle subtly but effectively prove to that true love can come at any age, to the elderly as well as to dewy-eyed youngsters. I applaud Capelli for making this film. Again: Bravo!
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worse than the plague
phil_bruin30 November 2008
It seems Mr Capelli is the lead because he is banking the project. He is perhaps the worst actor living today and I have been unable to find anything about him other than he's from Hobokon and becomes an executive producer out of nowhere. Mob money? who knows? The fact is the movie is really bad and for the most part because of him. I rented the "film" due to the fact that Emmanuelle Chriqui was in it. She's one of the most beautiful actresses working today and generally good in everything she's in - with what she has to work with here she's OK. Artie Lange, in his brief appearance, is good and his acting skills appear godlike compared to the clownish Capelli.
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Must see....
robcamlin2310 August 2006
Just got back from an advanced screening of this film and was compelled to write this with the hope who ever reads this will take my advice and go see this film immediately. For several reasons:the first being the acting and casting. Emmanuelle Chrioui (I am a big "Entourage" fan) and new comer Robert Capeli were fantastic together. And Pat Hingle should get a nomination for his role. Artie Lange couldn't of been funnier (I am a bigger Stern fan). I also liked the way they cast soap star J. Eddie Peck as a villain. And Grant Shaud from "Murphy Brown" fame was stellar. His last scene made me laugh out loud. The second was the story, I don't want to spoil it for you let me just type you will not be disappointed. I concur with the other posting's that this is a must see.....
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