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engrossing, middle-of-the-road thriller
rupie4 August 2005
This movie is not going to stand out as one of the top ten crime dramas of any year, but it is extremely well made and fulfills the job of keeping one interested and entertained for a couple of hours. The script is good, for which we can credit the redoubtable Robert Parker and the screenwriter John Fasano. The film looks great, and captures the small-town New England atmosphere (although it was filmed in Nova Scotia). Acting is OK all around, especially from the underrated Tom Selleck, who does a fine job portraying the flinty, laconic police chief Jesse Stone, whose dialogue seems to come right out of a Hemingway novel. It should be mentioned that, although made for television, it stands up very well as a straight movie. My only, minor criticism is that I find the perpetrators of the crimes - and the movie lets us know up front who they are, so this is not a spoiler - to be a rather implausible pair. A nice note is the recurring presence of the charming golden retriever, who as sort a wordless Greek chorus to the proceedings. All around, a worthwhile popcorn burner.
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"Stone Cold," a 2005 made for television movie.
cmzapffe22 February 2005
"Stone Cold" is a 2005 made for television film noir starring Tom Selleck. While the plot is rather simplistic, Tom Selleck, as the film's star, offers a strong performance as Jesse Stone, a worn down police chief now serving in the small Maine coastal community of Paradise.

Formerly a high profile homicide detective from Los Angeles, Selleck as Stone gives this film great appeal. In addition, the supporting roles are all well cast, albeit with largely unknown actors except for Mimi Rogers who stars as a local defense attorney.

Police Chief Jesse Stone has to deal with an ex-wife who is a national news reporter who is always hungry for a scoop. He still has conflicted romantic feelings about her and will listen attentively to her messages on his answering machine, but he refuses her entreaties to insulate herself into his investigation in the hope of gaining inside access to the identity of a serial killer or killers suddenly plaguing the town.

Helping Stone to pass the time in Paradise is the joyful presence of a much younger woman who is not only a dear friend but also a welcome sexual partner. She would love to mean more to Stone, but he is so burned out by his previous work in L.A. and his recent divorce that he keeps her at a safe emotional distance. For the most part, alcohol offers about as much of a constant relationship as Stone has any desire to deal with.

The quiet peacefulness of Paradise is shattered one day by the discovery of a body lying near the craggy shore close to the lighthouse. The young man had been shot twice at close range, apparently by two different 22 caliber guns as the angles of the bullets' entry into his body are different.

Making life more difficult for Chief Stone is the gang rape of a young high school student, Candace Pennington (Alexis Dziema), whose parents are strangely uncooperative when they all sit down in the police station for an interview. Her mother had bathed her before coming down to the station, most likely compromising the physical evidence. They withdraw their complaint and leave in a huff after Stone wants the girl to go to the area hospital for a check up and further tests.

A trusted female officer sent over to the high school quickly deduces the identities of the three rapists when she observes them all taunting Candace in the high school cafeteria. They turn out to be popular students who play football for the local high school team. In an effort to separate the three boys into accessories to the crime and rapists, Stone is immeasurably helped by the discovery of incriminating photographs in the knapsack of one of the kids. Now he and his three man staff have to deal with angry parents and high priced defense attorneys brought in to get the kids off the hook.

The day goes from bad to worse when another body, this time a young woman killed in her car in a parking lot, is discovered with the exact same M.O. as the young man. Chief Stone realizes that he has what looks like a serial killer operating somewhere in town and he begins to wonder who will be next since he has no evidence to suspect anyone much less charge anybody.

"Stone Cold" is one of the better television movies that I have recently seen. As the author has written several books starring Chief Stone, my sincere wish is that Selleck will soon reprise this role.
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Enjoyed the Selleck version of Stone Cold
marksanman9 November 2005
I am an avid reader, and I seldom enjoy film versions of novels that I have read. It is amazing how Hollywood can take an interesting and exciting book and turn it into total garbage.

The Jessie Stone novels by Robert Parker are some of my favorites. I prefer them to the Spenser books because the Stone character is more realistic and multi-dimensional than Spenser.

Having said all that, this adaptation of the Parker book is exceptionally well done. Selleck is perhaps a bit too old to play Stone, but he is the perfect person in all other respects for the job. It has been a while since I read the book, but unlike most other adaptations, this one stays true to the original, and the story survives in the film.

I was not aware that this movie had even been made until I saw and rented it this afternoon in my local video rental store. It was well worth the price.
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Tom Selleck in fine form
ODDBear12 January 2008
A better than average TV-drama/thriller.

Tom Selleck is marvelous in the role of Jesse Stone, a former Los Angeles cop who, due to drinking problems, has relocated to a small town called Paradise. He has his hands full as two out-of-towners are killing residents simply for the fun of it. It's only a matter of time between things become personal, both for Stone and the killers.

The character of Jesse Stone makes or breaks a film like this. Fortunately he's a very interesting character and well played by Selleck. Very serious, brooding and a borderline alcoholic but with a good heart, Selleck's Jesse Stone will make you nearly forget you're watching the same guy who played Magnum P.I. As for the story, it's never boring, it's fast paced and somewhat suspenseful but it's somewhat shallow. It could have been longer, it's only just 80 minutes. I actually liked the subplot part of the story better, the one concerning the rape victim.

Director Harmon effortlessly creates an ominous atmosphere, and the town of Paradise is very well realised. This seaside town is an important character here and will undoubtedly play a part in the sequels.

All in all a good TV movie with Tom Selleck in top form. I think I'll check out the rest of the Jesse Stone films.
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trpdean10 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Tom Selleck is one of the finest and most appealing American actors. Moreover, whenever I've seen or read an interview with him, heard DVD commentary by him, I am really struck by his modesty, how well he listens to others, his tact and courtesy, his intelligence, and his knowledge. This is a very smart and kind man.

I never saw the (apparently legendary) Magnum series (I was always at work in those days!) and so really know him from the appearances on Friends, his superb westerns and these two wonderful Robert Parker movies.

And he's just so very interesting to watch - he's so down to earth, he's the least "grand thespian" of anyone. This character and Selleck's performance - remind me of many of Robert Mitchum's roles actually - and that's really meant as a compliment.

This movie is not a "who done it" - when we hear Selleck as a psychologically damaged, taciturn problem drinker small town police chief, identify whom he "knows" did the crime(s) - it is stated matter of factly, anti-climactically. So if you're looking for an Agatha Christie kind of puzzler, this isn't it.

But what you do have is a movie that is haunting - an extraordinary film depicting natural beauty and moral poverty. And you have superb performances by Selleck and by the culprits. (I was very impressed by their casting - their accents, their manner, their movement - were absolutely perfectly compelling and right). Polly Shannon is a charming, lovely beauty who interacts very well with Selleck. You likle seeing them together - they just fit.

Finally - and not least - you have Mimi Rogers - beautiful, astonishingly sexy, sophisticated, humane - and with one of the greatest voices of any actress.

There's a lot in this - wonderful dialogue, real wit - just not a complex plot (however one you've seen it, question how the climax came about - how the final setting was chosen - what clues were deliberately given to put people in that place).

This was a hugely popular movie on American television - enough that they created an equally good "prequel" in "Night Passage".

I hope they make many more - though I've mixed feelings about this typecasting Selleck being typecast -- when he can do so much.

I really recommend this one. It's just superb.
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Simple, Low Paced, Efficient and Realistic Thriller
claudio_carvalho23 April 2007
In the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts, the experienced Chief of Police Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is investigating a murder and a rape case. When a series of murders happen with the same "modus-operandi", Jesse discloses the identity of the killers. However, without the motive, proof or weapon, he has to wait for an opportunity to catch the murderers.

"Stone Cold' is a surprisingly good thriller, with an efficient direction, cold but beautiful cinematography and excellent screenplay with great lines, situations and characters. The most impressive is that the identities of the killers are disclosed in the very beginning of the film and they do not have a motive for their insane behavior. This simple, low paced and realistic thriller is centered in the dark, flawed and silent character of Jesse Stone, magnificently performed by Tom Selleck. Jesse is a suffered man with a past in Los Angeles, cynical, amoral, with drinking problems, that does not express his real emotions, but with a warm heart and great sense of justice. Mimi Rogers is also amazing in the role of the cynical lawyer Rita Fiore, and in spite of a minor participation, she steals the scenes that she participates. The support cast is stunning and it is impossible and unfair to highlight only a name, since the individual and collective performances are outstanding. This made-for-TV movie is better and better than many feature films. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Crimes no Paraíso" ("Crimes in the Paradise")
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A great movie for a hot afternoon.
rjbat7 July 2005
When I viewed this movie less than an hour ago, I had no idea it was a made for TV movie. I found this surprising because it had such great acting, cinematography, and score.

While the plot was great, the actions and reactions of some of the characters to the situations they found themselves in was a bit suspect.

It is hard to believe that the State Police or the FBI did not step in when it became obvious that there was a serial killer, or killers, at large. It is also implausible that the young rape victim would have held up as well as the girl in the movie did, and that the written press and broadcast TV did not get access to the story.

However, given these faults,I still found this one to be a perfect movie to watch on a scorching NC afternoon.

Tom Selleck has still got it.
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nice, touching, great pics
akrueger-230 December 2005
This thriller is a good evening' s entertainment. On a first glance, it is dominated by its main actor Tom Selleck, who is convincing in his role, very present in the scenes and pleasant to watch. I agree with another post here that the storyline, connecting two 'strings' of events together is questionable. On the other hand, the whole film is somehow unique and original, qualities one associates with the country side, where the movie is set.

It contains great pictures with the seaside, where the little town 'Paradise' is located. The characters involved seem authentic and just to watch and get to know them is some entertainment by itself. What is well displayed is the interplay of the innocence of the plot and yet the bruteness of the crimes. The scenes and storyline are nicely painted and evoke feelings of warmness and tenderness with the characters involved and the small American town 'Paradise'. Tom Selleck is great to watch, while finding the right balance in bringing in his undoubtedly great charisma. Together with the simple, but effective and beautiful score, all mounts to a swell thriller well worthwhile to watch.
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Great film!
peteza7 August 2006
My wife and I rented the DVD and were pleasantly surprised by this film. Tom Selleck is awesome as Jesse Stone, a flawed yet brilliant police chief with a great sense of humour. The production quality of the DVD is great-I thought this was a theatrical release. I missed the other two films that have been made since Stone Cold (Night Passage and Death in Paradise) and am hoping they will be rebroadcast or also released on DVD. Jesse Stone is destined to become a classic character as iconic as that other guy, Magnum P.I. Here's hoping there's a TV series in the works, because this has the makings of a great one. Rent it, you won't be disappointed!
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Dark But Effective Rural Film Noir -- Possibly Selleck's Best Performance Since Magnum
classicalsteve1 August 2008
The challenge for actors that star in popular long-running TV shows is that they become forever fused to their character, sometimes called "type-cast". Most middle-age audiences will forever think of Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum of the 1980's hit show Magnum PI. But Selleck, after-all, is an actor, not Thomas Magnum. He was an actor playing a part, and after the series ended, Selleck had to find new roles to conquer Unfortunately, directors are often reluctant to cast actors with strong associations with a particular television role. Luckily, for the film Stone Cold, Selleck offers a presence quite distinct from the happy-go-lucky Hawiian-shirted private detective who sported a Ferrari. Here, Selleck walks in the shoes of a far darker, even introspective, character in a small town in rural Massachusetts.

Although their occupations are similar, a young independent private detective versus an LA cop in the twilight of his career, Jesse Stone and Thomas Magnum are quite polar opposites. Magnum would crack jokes, score with beautiful women, and put down the bad guys all under a blazing Hawiian sun. In Stone Cold, the gloomy mists off of Cape Cod are the backdrop to a haunting but compelling story of a tired urban investigator tracking senseless serial killings in a town where the entire police force is barely four people.

There is a very deliberate but tempered pace to the film which matches the feel of a small New England community that is quite removed from the hurry and worry of New York or LA. Nothing is rushed. Just as the locals walk at a slow but steady pace through their neighborhood, this film also is a very one-step-at-a-time story. I felt like the the filmmakers wanted you to see and feel the fog-ridden ocean, the quiet streets, and crisp air of New England life as much as the other aspects of the story.

All in all, a satisfying viewing experience, with an outstanding performance by Selleck. And it looks as though the character of Jesse Stone continues in new films. Selleck has found a new niche that is an appropriate sequel to the TV show of his younger days. Jesse Stone is a very different kind of Thomas Magnum.
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Excellent entertainment
jimwoodward19439 December 2007
If they made 100 Jesse Stone movies I would watch them over and over again. Ten times the entertainment factor of anything Hollywood has produced in the last 30 years with the exception of Monte Walsh and Quigley Down Under. Guess you could say I'm a die-hard Tom Selleck fan. Well worth the time spent - Stone's life style seems more real than the other used dish-water stuff coming out of Hollywood these days. Even though some of it is tongue-in-cheek police work, I would sure like to see some of this style of police work put into place by local police. Like the injunction against the character played by one of the Baldwin boys, Stone does not let that stand in the way of protecting the bruised and beaten wife of the character played by Baldwin. What he does is something that most people would like to see done these days, notwithstanding the positions of the ACLU and Amnesty International.
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Nice TV movie about big town cop moving to small town
siderite3 September 2005
This is not a police movie. It does have the police chief as the main character and it does present most of the movie investigations and killings and rapes and lawyers, but what it is really about is the personality of Tom Selleck's character.

I personally like Tom Selleck and I think he could have been a great actor not given his apparent gentleness. I don't see him performing great action roles or emotional roles for the money and the fame, I see him as a quiet guy and probably so do many casting people, although I am sure he would have done great in any of the above roles.

The film is nicely shot, mixing the cold atmosphere of a small sea shore town with the beautiful scenery and the plot. The 'perps' are not really presented, they are only doing what they do and Tom gets them. He is also developed through actions and not description. His character's coldness and the last name Stone give the (I think unfortunate) name for this film.

It is a good film.
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A random walk through serial killer territory.
rmax3048232 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I kind of enjoyed this although it meandered all over the place and its characters were as lugubrious as the weather of the Canadian coast where the film was shot. It's extraordinary how little laughter is to be found in this sullen setting. Oh, there's sarcasm. Some of the characters trade wisecracks, but nobody laughs at them. By my count, there was one laugh. Or, rather, a brief, maniacal snort from a totally deranged serial killer, a woman, sounding like Natalie Wood's nervous snort. Nobody -- and I'm really thinking hard here -- nobody even SMILES except the two lunatics and, as I say, only ONE of them laughs.

The film weaves together into a slightly uneasy plaid three unrelated stories. First, there is the serial killer business. Jane Adams is the female partner of this murdering yuppie couple and she's great. She has these wide and unblinking eyes -- not like a deer caught in the headlights but more like the headlights themselves. And she's always mincing around in these expensive slips. One of them is chocolate colored. I never even knew they MADE chocolate-colored slips in Singapore. When Tom Selleck, as the local police chief, first visits them as part of an innocent inquiry after the first body is found, the couple are amiable and sympathetic. So Selleck immediately leaps to the conclusion that they "did it." Credo quia absurdum.

Second, there has been a gang bang involving a 16-year-old high school girl who refuses at first to squeal on her attackers because they threaten to release naked pictures of her to the press. The three high-school jocks who raped her are real sleazebags too. The most brutish of them is caught by a short, black policewoman smoking some grass in the boy's room. He blows smoke in her face, makes some contemptuous remarks, and brusquely brushes her aside, in return for which she maces him and puts him away. The young girl finally agrees to testify and the criminals suffer.

Third, there is the underdeveloped relationship between Tom Selleck and the defense counsel for the rapists, Mimi Rogers. Their first meeting is hostile and lasts about twenty seconds. On their second meeting, a few nights later, Rogers calls on Selleck at his apartment, tells him she wants to get him into bed, hikes up her skirt and sits athwart his thighs. Then she gets up and leaves, saying, "Call me sometime. I'll get dressed up." Now, this may strike an ordinary viewer as improbable, but actually it may be quite common. It happens to me all the time.

The narrative wanders around, gloomy, slow, and unfocused. Yet I enjoyed it because it's interesting to see Tom Selleck suppress his "Magnum, P.I." persona. Laconic, you know. Given to replies like, "yes" and "no." He's an alcoholic. The reason we know this is that several people, including Selleck, say so. We never actually see him drunk. And when he decides to quit drinking, there is no change in his dour personality.

But then there's something fascinating about serial killers, even fictional ones. They've been done to death in feature films, but that preposterous quality remains. We can understand why a person might want to murder his or her spouse or friend. They are the people whom we've put into a position to hurt us. But a total stranger? These two lunatics make tapes of their victims before shooting them, and they choose them almost at random -- "He looks nice," says Jane Adams about Selleck before they try offing him. The killers are complete blanks here. They have no backgrounds and no discernible motives. (Selleck tells his subordinate to check every detail of their background but nothing comes of it. No results, and no LACK of results, is even brought up again.) Overall, what a comment on human nature -- and climate.
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OK if nothing else is on
Nordicnorn28 October 2007
Tom Selleck does a great job playing an alcoholic former LA Detective who is now the sheriff of a small Massachusetts town. Everything else about the movie was stupid. The portrayal of the serial killers was ludicrous. If you are a fan of cheesy TV murder mysteries like "Murder She Wrote", then you may like this. The over the top characterizations/portrayals of the Rape Victim, the rape victim's mother, the rapists, and the rapists parents, were all so bad it was painful to watch. Mimi Rogers was so voraciously sexual (as are all women in Selleck's adopted town) I felt like a voyeur watching the scene. I never read the book, but I hope the characters were more realistic than the TV movie. Clearly, the teleplay writers (or perhaps the novel's author) simply collected all the small town stereotypes in one place and inserted them - "insert stereotype A into Scene 2".

No matter how good any of the actors are, they can only do so much with such ridiculous dialog.
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Excellent surprise!!!
francoismequer17 June 2007
Well, I was expecting a pretty usual and in some way disappointing TV movie. I didn't know the book (the fourth one from the series I believe). It was a very nice surprise since the movie is really good, the characters are well built and the whole place kind of grows on you as you get to know the town. The plot doesn't bring anything new but the acting and the interaction between the characters are very interesting... It brings a lot of tension as Stone knows from the beginning who the killer(s) is. He plays along with the killer no matter how hard it is on him. The dialogues are just perfect: dark, sarcastic and also funny at the same time. Tom Selleck gives a great performance as a lost and tortured police chief...

I just received the next DVD: "Jesse Stone: night passage" which is a prequel to "Stone cold" since it must be an adaptation of the first book. We learn How Jesse Stone arrived in the town.
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Sellick becomes an actor
Billygoat9 July 2005
Stone Cold is fun to watch not so much for the story as it is for the performances of the ensemble cast. Everyone is good in this. Mimi Rogers was definitely a lot of fun as the older seductress. But most surprising for me is Tom Sellick's transformation into a real actor.

In the 80's he was always Sellick being Sellick - much like Tom Cruise is always Tom Cruise pretending to be a vampire, a fighter pilot, etc. I first saw Sellick's transformation in "Ike" (or was it "Eisenhower"?). Gone was the high pitched tones at the end of his lines so typical and annoying in Magnum PI and his films from the 80's. In Ike and in Stone Cold it's as if you're watching a different person.

(Coincidentally, Tom Cruise's work in War of the Worlds also struck me as a breakthrough - something about his performance was more polished and less of the hysterical Cruise mannerisms that irritated me in all of his other movies.) I used to avoid Tom Sellick flicks, but after his last couple of performances, including the brooding old school cop in Stone Cold, I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of him.
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another winner from Tom Selleck
orsino446 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched this on DVD. Along with 12 Mile Road, this is some of Selleck's best recent work. He supposedly has a new TNT western in development based on L'Amour but I haven't heard anything about it for 2 years. Stone Cold is an adaptation of Robert Parker's new series about character Jesse Stone. Stone, as played by Selleck, is a very appealing character and I hope Tom will make a few more telefilms based on this series. Well done thriller in the old Columbo mold of "we know who the killer is, how will the cops catch him/her?" A few surprises along the way, some good Parkeresque dialogue, Selleck in an appealing performance with excellent support (especially Mimi Rogers) and a few crowd pleasing scenes, ie the arrest in the high school bathroom and the subsequent rhubarb in the police station. What more could you ask? (A sequel to Quigley Down Under? A feature film of Magnum PI? Okay, but what else?) Great TV night flick.
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Great acting, photography, pity about the story
bridget-1325 February 2005
Tom Selleck once again proves his strength as an actor in this TV-movie. He is ably supported by the rest of the cast, and the photography and direction create the small town atmosphere very well. However, the story does not match up - a simplistic tale with so many unreal features as to make it annoying. There is very little gritty and explicit violence in this movie, but much of the tale fails to make sense. It seems improbable to me that a small town police chief would not get some help from state police when confronted with a serial killer. A teenage girl who has been assaulted as badly as the story says would be far more affected than the sunny girl we see here. The final scene and its set up are ridiculous. That said, it's an easy watch for a Sunday movie, the music is pleasant and atmospheric, and the acting is a joy to watch.
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Jesse Stone is "Stone Cold"
blanche-220 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Of the Jesse Stone films I've seen, I have to say I liked this one the best. Even though it had sad moments, Selleck was able to show his humorous side a bit, thanks to the script, and he even smiled once.

Jesse is trying to find a killer - the body that's found is of a man, and his dog is sitting with the body. The killer is unable to kill a dog and admits it. Just people. Jesse takes the dog home. This is how we are introduced to Reggie.

When another body is discovered with the same MO, Jesse realizes he's dealing with a serial killer. He figures out the identity of the killers with little problem, but tragedy awaits him when he becomes the killers' focus.

In a subplot, a young girl (Alexis Dziena) is raped by three guys at her school. They have photos and use them to threaten her. Her mother doesn't want a scandal so after telling Jesse the girl's story, she declines to go further with an investigation. Jesse sends Molly (Viola Davis) to the high school to hang around and investigate.

Good script with very satisfying resolutions. The exquisite Abby Taylor is on hand at Jesse's "pal" and Mimi Rogers, who goes way back with Selleck, shows up as the attorney of one of the high schoolers. Alexis Dziena, who played the girl who was raped, has matured into a knockout.

I really enjoyed this one.
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Stone Cold is a little of exactly that...
Robert_duder16 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've never read the books but I do know that mystery lovers will adore Stone Cold. Tom Selleck creates a real marketable character in Chief Jesse Stone. I think a TV Series would have probably been a better vehicle for the characters and story in Stone Cold but we'll see I suppose for even as I write this a sequel to this film is airing on CBS. I waited a very long time to see this film, it was always out at my local video store and the back of it sounded great. I love the small town New England mystery type stories, something of a Stephen King flair to them and it was exactly that. Tom Selleck is terrific as the tough, rather unemotional, torrid past, quiet, strong willed Jesse Stone. He's the Chief of a small New England Town which suddenly has two big cases on it's hands and it's up to him to figure both out.

I like Selleck, always have, he has a movie star, tough guy quality to him and this character is well done and has loads of back story and plenty more to do with and I think Selleck plays it perfectly. There really is some stand out performances in this movie. Alexis Dziena who I've gotten to know through the new TV Series invasion is terrific as the victim of a horrible gang rape. Viola Davis as Selleck's second in command Molly, Ralph Small as the Father of the girl who is raped, everyone plays a role no matter how big or small and does it very well. My only disappointment with the roles in the film were that of the serial killers played by Jane Adams and Reg Rogers. Their roles seem campy and forced and almost humoristic which doesn't make sense for such a dark, moody film. The one thing about Stone Cold that stands out is that it feels like there should be so much more and I know they are now serializing it and I hope they do more of a back story and explore the characters more because certainly it feels more like a TV Series than a feature film.

It's a little slow moving but it definitely has it's moments of intensity and I think fans of the old detective series (Murder She Wrote, RockFord Files, Columbo) shows like that will really cling on to Stone Cold and if you really enjoy watching a good detective pick apart the mystery than you may enjoy Stone Cold. Certainly I think it has it's drawbacks and could have been done much, much better but for what it is, it was worth watching. 7/10
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Buy a cheap bottle of wine and watch TV instead
insect-124 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie as I enjoyed Tom Selleck's character in Magnum (many moons ago) and was curious about him playing the stern looking person shown on the front cover of the DVD.

Whilst I didn't expect a big production thriller, I didn't expect the plot to be as two dimensional and disjointed as it was. This film about a flawed police chief solving crimes in small town America used well trodden themes (serial killers, rapists, unsympathetic parents) to get an emotional response from the audience but fell short with plots having little complexity and the cast being portrayed as either good, bad or love interest for Selleck's rather self pitying character. The one issue which did give me jolt was the lenient treatment of the culprits in the gang rape case who were let off with community service and allowed back to their victims college (!!!) with what seemed like little irony. The 'arty type' killers were laughable especially as their evil ways appeared to have been propagated through having too much time on their hands - a moral lesson for us all! Though Selleck's acting was fine, I was disappointed that he hadn't chosen a more demanding role for a DVD release. OK OK!, straight to DVD, you should be wary, but the Magnum plot lines were better than this.
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Filmed in Canada
deram-7796323 July 2018
All of the series are great. Filmed in Canada because the liberals in Hollywood hate conservative thinking actors
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Very well crafted movie.
balderdash3313 November 2006
Being a long time Selleck fan, I bought the DVD at the local wallyworld without having heard anything about it. (I watch no TV whatsoever). I enjoyed the movie so much that I promptly ordered all of Robert Parker's Jesse Stone novels and read them. I had never read any of his work except one of the Spenser novels some years ago. I have to say, I enjoyed the movie much more than I did the novels. Generally, my experience has been the obverse. I think they were wise to delete what I felt was an excessive dwelling on the main character's drinking and obsessing over his ex-wife. In fact, in the novels he is a virtual doormat to her, and enters into a number of sexual liaisons that would be extremely risky for any investigator, and particularly for a police chief. Selleck does a great job as the generally unflappable but internally tormented Jesse Stone. Kudos for the casting. The two villains, Jane Adams and Reg Rodgers, do a great job although their screen time is relatively limited. Excellent directing, photography and musical score, too.
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Well done, the Jesse Stone character is most believable
headhunter4621 January 2018
It this first episode of the Jesse Stone series Tom Selleck portrays a small town cop who is forced to deal with killings that seem to keep piling up. He had been a big town cop so he had more experience than the average small town cop which proved to he his edge in this intriguing TV movie. It looked might good to have been made specifically for TV.

I like the pace this and all of the Jesse Stone series move at. I bit slow for those who like to see cars flying through the air and buildings exploding. With Jesse Stone it is ninety percent mind work. We get to see his facial expressions, watch his actions as a gateway to what his thoughts are. He speaks only when he needs to, He is a straight shooter, no games, no politics. He truly is a sensible, good cop kind of guy.

I saw this a few years ago and recently when I watched another I decided it was time to come and post a comment. I'm going to start on the rest of the series. The DVD rental store nearest me told me it is hard to keep the Jesse Stone movies on the shelf. They have a way of disappearing. Evidently people like them so well they keep them and offer to pay for them.
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Laid Back
brislack11 December 2014
I think that the whole Jesse Stones series has been really excellent entertainment, and the best thing Tom Selleck has ever done. It's a shame there are no more episodes on the way.

The 'New England' locations (actually filmed in Canada, I believe), show a laid-back region of the US where everything is not how it seems. As a Limey, I can appreciate how New England got its name - it's always raining!

The plots are ingenious, and full of surprises but hardly any gun-play, which is how I prefer my drama to be. The cast is excellent - even the dog looks mournful on cue (!), and the women are beautiful. What more could a man want?
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