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The Frightening Truth About Steven Seagal's Career

Steven Seagal has made only one horror movie to date, and that was 2009's Against the Dark, in which he had a cameo that found him beating off vampires. Yet, here at Dread Central we've been known to cover the world of the bizarre and the paranormal. You're about to learn something about Seagal that is beyond bizarre...

Did you ever notice the strangest thing about Seagal movie titles is that they tell a story in order of their release? No? Check IMDb if you don't believe. Sit back, dear reader, and allow me to take you on a strange trip filled with action, madmen, and revenge.

Steven Seagal was Above The Law, but he was too Hard To Kill so now he's been Marked For Death by Jamaicans who are Out For Justice. Can he live while Under Siege and On Deadly Ground? Could you survive while Under Siege
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Ring in the New Year With 8 Hours of Steven Seagal Movies and Gear Up for the Lost Season of Steven Seagal: Lawman

Kick the holiday blues and start off the new year with a bang with one of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes!

The holiday season is supposed to be a joyous time, even for those who don’t celebrate any particular holiday. It’s a time when we are all reminded to be a little kinder, a little gentler, a little more filled with the spirit of giving. But, the sluggish traffic, packed store aisles, and constant cacophony of carols and jingles during the holiday season is enough to make even the most festive among us get a little stressed out. If you’re feeling that way, even if only a little, we have the cure for you: eight hours of finger-breaking, head-smashing, body-cleaving, shotgun-blasting action from Hollywood’s hardest zen warrior, Steven Seagal!

After you've kicked the crap out of the holiday blues with the high-octane action contained in this movie marathon,
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Chloë Moretz Looks to Join Charlize Theron in Dark Places

  • Vulture
Chloë Moretz Looks to Join Charlize Theron in Dark Places
Chloë Moretz, at just 16 years old, has already participated in a bevy of thematically grim and/or bleakly titled work — films like Today You Die, The Amityville Horror, Wicked Little Things, Kick-Ass, Texas Killing Fields, Let Me In, Dark Shadows, and the upcoming Carrie remake. It stands to reason she'll sign on to join Charlize Theron in an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Dark Places. If you've read the novel, Moretz is eyeing the role of Diondra. If you haven't read the novel, Moretz is still eyeing that same role.
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Check-In to the Gratitude with Attitude Action Movie Marathon and Get Turkinated

"I'll be back [for leftovers]."

Unless you're a Black Friday, stand-in-line-before-dawn sorta person, than you probably rolled out of bed considerably later than you normally do for a Friday and immediately began plotting your first leftover turkey sandwich. Well, we've got just the thing to help keep you energized as you once again do battle with the sleep-inducing tryptophan in those turkey sandwiches — an entire day of adrenaline-fueled movie mayhem featuring six of the greatest action heroes in the history of cinema. Watch the Gratitude with Attitude Action Movie Marathon on ReelzChannel and then check-in on GetGlue to receive a limited edition sticker featuring...the Turkinator!

action movie marathon

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ReelzChannel Primetime Movie | The Terminator | Today You Die | The Glimmer Man | In Hell | The Bank Job | Universal Soldier
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'The Expendables 2' Stars' Unmanliest Movie Roles

Manly men like action movies. And steak. And watching oiled-up gym rats wrestle until one is pinned down and submits to the other's brawny powers. (We'd say that men "love" these things, but manly men find that word too submissive.)

So, when Sylvester Stallone gathered some of the biggest names (and biceps) of the action star pantheon together for an epic ensemble piece entitled "The Expendables" back in 2010, he forged the manliest merger since the X chromosome collided with the Y. And on the heels of that triumph, "The Expendables 2" will be flooding theaters with testosterone yet again on Aug. 17.

However, lest they get too big for their camouflaged britches, we'd like to point out that these seemingly stoic statues of resolve and fortitude have some, how shall we say, "sissy" moments in their cinematic closets. How about we take a once-over of their most unmanly moments, just for funsies?
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Book Review: ‘Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal’

Chicago – Vern started his career as one of those snarky critics who wrote in to Harry Knowles’ landmark and influential movie website Ain’t It Cool News. He became a regular writer for the site and his work there turned him into a very unorthodox author. His first book was a fantastic examination of, believe it or not, the career of Steven Seagal. Newly updated with a dozen new chapters about the recent adventures of his subject matter (the first printing was in 2008), “Seagalogy: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal” is a funny, clever read for fans of the unusual action star and those who have never seen one of his movies. Vern’s movie-loving, smart, enjoyable writing makes this a more entertaining experience than Seagal himself has ever produced.

Don’t worry. This is not tongue-in-cheek nonsense. To say that Vern takes his subject matter seriously would be a Massive understatement.
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Steven Seagal Movie Madness: Tonight's Double Feature Plus Vote for Your Top 10

The countdown to our first original scripted series, True Justice starring Steven Seagal, has begun. Starting tonight, we'll be playing a pair of Seagal movies every Friday night until True Justice premieres on March 30 at 9 Pm Et and 9 Pm Pt.

Tonight's Steven Seagal Movie Madness double feature begins with Above the Law at 9 Pm Et / 6 Pm Pt, followed by Today You Die at 11 Pm Et / 8 Pm Pt. Where do these movies rank in your personal Top 10 Seagal Movies?

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True Justice Trailer - Starring Steven Seagal

Premieres Friday, March 30th on Reelz

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True Justice | Steven Seagal | Today You Die | Above The Law
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Netflix Isn't Giving Up on First-Run Films Yet

A few months back, word came out that Netflix was wheeling and dealing behind the scenes to build up its young streaming video catalog. But given the relatively low revenue from the streaming catalog, content providers (movie studios) were reluctant to offer much in the way of content--so Netflix made them an offer.

Other venues, including the likely bankrupt BlockBbuster, would have exclusive access to movies in their first 28 days (at least from Warner Bros.). In exchange, Netflix would be able to secure a larger, deeper catalog to entice more customers and offer an improved service.

Despite a few scattered protests, the public has generally agreed that Netflix made the right decision. But the decision isn't exactly final--the relationship between Netflix and the studios is fluid, ebbing and flowing with changes in technology and consumer taste, and nothing's written in stone. That's why it's not totally surprising that Netflix negotiated
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Alt.TV – 3/8/10

Are you bored of the same old TV shows? Tired of the mainstream? Then check out this round-up of alternative movies and series showing on UK television tonight…

8.00pm Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists (Syfy)

The ancient Greek hero returns home from the Trojan War, only to end up drawn into a perilous journey through the land of the dead, where the vampiric queen of the underworld harbours a sinister plot to take over the mortal world. Mythological adventure starring Arnold Vosloo.

9.00pm Surviving Evil (Horror Channel)

documentary crew lands on a remote island to make a wilderness survival film – but they are unprepared for the terrifying fate that awaits them.

10.00pm Today You Die (FiveUSA)

Action thriller starring Steven Seagal in which an honourable thief is jailed for a crime he did not commit. Languishing in a high-security prison alongside tough criminals, the thief resolves to organise and lead a daring escape.
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Steven Seagal Fires Back at Kayden Nguyen

The nasty court battle between Steven Seagal and former model Kayden Nguyen just got nastier.

The "Today You Die" actor's attorney says that Nguyen’s allegations are “ridiculous and absurd,” and without a “scintilla of truth.” In a statement, Marty Singer says he is “extremely confident this merit-less lawsuit will be dismissed.”

The encounter with Nguyen happened after Seagal hired her as an executive assistant in February. She filed a lawsuit that stated the actor “had been keeping two young female Russian ‘Attendants’ on staff who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” and that he wanted her to replace one of the girls.

The lawsuit also claimed that Steven not only put his hands under Nguyen’s skirt but apparently tried to touch her breasts,, as well, on her first day of work. Singer says these claims are a “complete fabrication” planned by a “disgruntled” ex employee.
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Steven Seagal has been a cop for 20 years?!?

  • Aol TV.
The world has officially been turned upside down for me.

Apparently when he's not making bad-ass movies like Under Siege, Exit Wounds, or my personal favorite, Today You Die, Steven Seagal is a Deputy Sheriff in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and he's been doing it for 20 years.

Can it get better? Yes. Starting in December, A&E is sending cameras along with him.

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Which Actors Turned Down The Expendables?

Moviehole is reporting that Sylvester Stallone tried to get many other actors for his "The Expendables" film, who ended up declining his offers. According to the site, Jackie Chan was asked to be in the movie and so was Wesley Snipes. And everyone knows that Jean Claude Van-Damme turned down the chance to be in "The Expendables" in favor of some straight-to-dvd flicks. But did you know that Steven Seagal was incredibly close to being cast. Apparently, Seagal was ripped off by producer Avi Lerner a few years back and Seagal now doesn't want to work with the man again. The two previously made "Mercenary for Justice," "Today You Die" and "Kill Switch" and if "The Expendables" went into development a year ago, Seagal would definitely have been on board. Finally, Bruce Willis was approached to appear in the film as well. And he accepted. Willis is now trying to
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'Whitechapel' holds steady audience

ITV drama Whitechapel held on to a decent chunk of its audience on Monday, with over 7 million viewers tuning in. The three-parter, about a serial killer replicating the Jack The Ripper murders, began last week with more than 8 million. This week the second episode was seen by 7.14m (28.3%), a comfortable winner in the 9pm slot. BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are? - this week featuring Fiona Bruce - had a respectable 5.83m (23.2%) over the same period. Channel 4 documentary The Princess and The Gangster, recounting Princess Margaret's association with notorious '70s criminal John Bindon, had 1.73m (6.9%), while BBC Two crime drama Moses Jones picked up just 1.22m (4.8%). Five's screening of Steven Seagal actioner Today You Die averaged 1.12m (5.2%) between 9pm and 10.55pm. The latest University Challenge semi was seen by (more)
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It's Seagal vs. Vamps in Against the Dark

You see now This ... this is what I'm talking about! Never mind the comeback movies of Stallone or even Jcvd ... When Steven Seagal makes his comeback he's gonna be kicking the shit out of vampires! Can I get an Amen?!?

Sony Pictures' upcoming release of Against the Dark (formerly called Last Night) will find Seagal amidst all manner of toothy mayhem.

From the official synopsis:

"Katana master Tao (Steven Seagal) leads a special ops squad of ex-military vigilantes on a massacre mission, their target: vampires. On the post apocalyptic globe, sucked dry by bloodthirsty vampires, a few remaining survivors are trapped in an infected hospital. Tao is their only hope and he knows the only cure is execution. Now it’s time for the last stand against the flesh-eating vampires and there’s nothing left to lose but the last of humanity."

The DVD will feature one featurette entitled "Fighting
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Hasselhoff vs. Anaconda This Saturday Night

Under normal circumstances an Anaconda sequel made for the Sci-Fi Channel would not elicit any degree of excitement of my part but when the sequel stars David Hasselhoff and the prospect of seeing "The Hoff" fight and possibly get eaten by a huge snake looms on the horizon, yeah, consider me officially interested.

Anaconda 3: The Offspring premieres this Saturday night on the Sci-Fi Channel (9/8 Central with the usual repeat four hours later) starring David Hasselhoff as a mercenary-for-hire who accepts a mission from a billionaire (John Rhys-Davies, a man's gotta eat) to capture a dangerous snake that could possibly help cure a terminal illness. Rounding out the cast are Crystal Allen, Patrick Regis, and Anthony Green in the prerequisite attractive female, token black, and handsome riverboat captain roles.

This installment in the Anaconda franchise is directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy. He knows something about dealing with coldblooded creatures having
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Seagal Fights Lawsuit

Martial arts movie star Steven Seagal is fighting back after being sued for allegedly delaying the production of two action movies - by countersuing the production team. The Exit Wounds actor has been accused of arriving late to film sets, and then leaving early, as well as interfering with scripts and movie crews while shooting Today You Die and Mercenary by producers at Nu Image, Inc and Kill Master Productions. But Seagal is disputing the $14 million lawsuit, insisting he's the one who has been wronged. His attorneys have filed a fraud and breach of contract lawsuit against the producers, claiming the actor is owed $835,000 for his services. Seagal claims producers fabricated their claims against him to avoid paying him what he's owed.

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