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Sex & Nudity

  • A female-voiced baseball bat talks about a male bat admiring her.
  • Women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage, bare shoulders and backs.

Violence & Gore

  • A boy runs along railroad tracks, while a man on a pump car chases him; a train approaches them, the boy jumps clear, but the man is struck by the train (we hear the man scream and the collision, but do not see it).
  • A boy runs from a man who's chasing him, and runs through a train and out onto the back landing, then jumps out of one train and onto another that's speeding next to it, and the man reaches across and crashes into a post marker (we see the man with a black eye later).
  • A man and a boy struggle over a baseball bat, the man is struck in the head by the bat, and then a girl throws an apple hitting him in the head and he is knocked out.
  • A boy chases a car, jumps in the window, struggles with a man over a bat, and the man pulls the boy inside the car and they speed away.
  • A boy runs from a man who's chasing him, he runs onto a fire escape, slides down and nearly lands on his head, on the sidewalk.
  • A boy runs onto a roof, a man follows him, the man falls, bounces off a laundry line and lands hard on the ground.
  • A boy and a girl throw apples at two boys, who throw apples back at them.
  • Two boys shove and tease another boy a couple of times and he falls to the ground.
  • A man is struck by lightning (we see him light up and he is jolted, but seems fine later).
  • A man pulls apart and otherwise destroys bobble heads resembling a particular baseball player (one is tied with string and a firecracker is attached to it, one has a pencil sticking through its head, etc.).
  • A boy throws a ball at a window (it bounces off), and then throws it again and the window shatters.
  • A baseball bounces down stairs and complains about each collision with a step.


  • 3 mild anatomical terms.
  • Name-calling (loser, you stink, leather face, scar face, square, fat, 2x4, hard-hearted.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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