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Great Show
This was a great show all round with a couple of minor exceptions.

Shane, Kazarian and Daniels vs 3LK: Awesomely Hot Opener which had the crowd really fired up and i dig Kazarian and Shane as a team. ***1/4 Elix Skipper vs Sonjay Dutt: Great Highflying spot fest, Skipper Is a fantastic worker and is on par with Daniels at certain times. ***3/4 Kid Kash vs Dustin Rhodes: I have always been a fan of Kash's work and he carried Rhodes here. Good Little Match *** Erik Watts vs Raven: I didn't like this one at all although i am a huge raven fan. He should be battling with AJ Styles and the like. ?* Jeff Hardy vs Scott Hall: Comedy match and people can't expect WWE caliber performances from hardy anymore. No Rating Monty Brown vs DDP vs Kevin Nash: Meh. * Team Canada vs AMW: Brutal Match AMW can do no wrong in the tag ranks and God bless the awesomeness of team Canada. **** Ultimate X: Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams vs Aj Styles: Brutal, Exciting and just CRAZY! Sabin deserves a better push and Williams is a great all rounder and well Styles is Styles. ****3/4 Monty Brown vs Jeff Jarret: Overbooked but fun. Brown has mad potential. ***
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gallant45524 March 2006
When I rented this DVD, I was hoping for a great show like other TNA PPV's I've watched, but to tell you the truth, I was a little let-down. Here's a recap of the matches on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (*****).

Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, and Chritopher Daniels vs. 3-Live Crew: Decent opener, some good spots. ** ½

Elix Skipper vs. SonjayDutt: Good high flying exciting contest. ***

Kid Kash vs. DustinRhodes: Not as good as I thought. **

Eric Watts vs. Raven: Slow paced,with some OK spots. **

Jeff Hardy vs. Scott Hall (Guest Referee: RoddyPiper): I was expecting better from two veterans, but I was let down. *½

No.1 Contender's Match: Monty Brown vs. Kevin Nash vs. DDP: The last few matches haven't been the best, and this one follows. **

NWA TagTeam Championships: Team Canada (Bobby Rude & Eric Young) (champions)w/ Scott D'Amore vs. America's Most Wanted: Wow! After the last below-average matches, this one really turned it up. Very exciting, dramatic false finishes, possibly the best match of the night. **** ½

Ultimate X Match for X-Division Championship: AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams (champion) vs. Chris Sabin: Two great matches in a row, the first time on the card. Very exciting, fast paced. Lots of high spots. **** ½

NWA Championship: Jeff Jarrett (champion) vs. Monty Brown: OK match, not as good as the last two, but still OK. ***

OK ppv, I was expecting a little better, but I still enjoyed it. If your looking for a good TNA PPV, watch Destination X 2005.

Overall Grade: ** ½
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