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Spielberg on TV
Michael_Elliott31 March 2012
Steven Spielberg and the Small Screen (2004)

*** (out of 4)

Fun nine-minute featurette has Steven Spielberg talking about his time working on television. He admits that at first he was a snob and didn't want to have anything to do with TV because he wanted to do feature films. He starts off talking about how he got a job on Night Gallery, which then led to Columbo, The Name of the Game and The Psychiatrist. This is a pretty good featurette with Spielberg telling some great stories about his days on television. He talks about being a snob and quickly realizing that he could use his style on television and actually make something good. He tells some nice stories about being so young when most crew members were in their 50s and from the "golden era" of television. He talks about thinking of these shows as movies and trying to make them look as impressive as he could. Fans of Spielberg will certainly enjoy hearing these stories and he makes it clear that this early work not only kept food on his table but also helped prepare him for future projects.
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