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A couple discovers there's something wrong in their new house
DemonioFlatline13 December 2006
This is NOT the typical old house horror movie.

A young couple with his kid (about 1 year old) moves to an old house. They soon realize there is something wrong in the house when they start using a baby listener (and wireless TV monitors later on). They think there is someone (a thief) trying to get a way into the house to do a further robbery or kidnapping of the kid, as it seems the most sensible explanation for the things that are happening. Juan starts to fear and can't sleep. This will affect their marriage as well as Juan's job. He will try to find out what it happening...

It doesn't take much to do a good terror movie, and this is a good example. A good idea, very real characters and reactions (they pass through different stages as they cannot understand what is going on), I found it really frightening despite (or due to) it's simplicity.
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disturbing and believable
me-lasierra29 October 2006
Alex de la Iglesia's contribution for the "Peliculas para no dormir" TV series is disturbing and, for a movie that dwells in the supernatural, well-explained and structured. The rhythm goes in crescendo and the end is really worth it. You're gonna discharge certain doses of adrenaline here, a lovable exercise for us, lovers of terror, in cinema, of course. The two main actors are not at their best, although the masculine one does nicely when in panic. Sancho Gracia, as usual, makes a very good performance, but old lady in the home is not convincing either. In spite of this regretful actors direction, I absolutely recommend its view, because, in addition to the entertainment, like good terror movies, reminds you of your own deep old fears. Good for you, Àlex!!
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Very decent mystery flick from Álex de la Iglesia
The_Void30 January 2008
The Baby's Room is Álex de la Iglesia's entry in the Spanish horror TV series "Films to keep you awake". I saw Iglesia's cult hit 'Day of the Beast' fairly recently and was thoroughly impressed by it. Obviously The Baby's Room is not of similar quality, but it's a more than interesting little story and better than the majority of the "Masters of Horror" episodes. If you were to pigeon hole this film, it would go into the 'haunted house' genre, and although there's haunted house themes; Iglesia makes more of it than just that. The plot focuses on a young couple with a baby that have just moved into a new home. After buying a baby monitor, the couple come to believe that somebody may be in the house with them; but the truth is something far more sinister. As a mystery film, this one works well. I can't say that the plot is completely original; though the film didn't turn out to be what I was expecting which is always a bonus. The central couple are both excellent, with Javier Gutiérrez particularly standing out. There are some good moments of suspense and the director does manage to keep us interested for the duration. It boils down to a decent twisted ending and I certainly recommend this film to anyone who can get their hands on it.
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Its Back!
Daniel Arco14 January 2007
This movie is the first one of a series of movies made for television which are supposed to revive the spirit of the TV - show "Historias Para No Dormir". The show was very successful at the time, each episode would be a scary or disturbing story with a twist at the end. I've watched very few of these episodes as well... i am young, i wasn't even born when the show was on. The few episodes i watched had in common that there was a basic story-line which was respected all way through, except the ending, which was twisted in some way and effectively left you sleepless (As the title would say). This movie brings back the spirit and man... it feels good.

The story is very simple. Couple moves in to this house with their new born baby. At night time they hear voices through the baby-speaker, and realize that there is someone else in the baby's room. Alex De La Iglesia is an amazing director (La Comunidad, Ferpect Crime or The Day Of The Beast have confirmed this) and in here we see how with all his experience he is capable of making a typical and simple story into an entertaining and almost scary story. The final scene is very effective thanks to, Leonor Watling. I am in love with this actress not only is she beautiful but in every role she is in, she just owns it and the film, I would watch anything just for her. She delivers an interesting performance and manages to add credibility to a very intense role. Javer Guiterrez also delivers a coherent performance and manages to convey the idea of madness and confusion. Those of you are thinking that the ending made no sense, or that there is lots of things which remain unexplained... well that is the point, this is a horror flick, its only pretension is to make you tense and make you nervous all way through. As in "Historias Para No Dormir" De La Iglesia manages this , with a great story and ending, and with the great Leonor Watling.

Best Bit: L. Watling and kick - ass ending. Worst Bit: The whole thing with that old lady seemed a little too cliché and unnecessary for the story.
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Schrodinger's Cat
Claudio Carvalho21 June 2009
In Spain, the journalist of sports Juan (Javier Gutiérrez) has a perfect life with his wife Sonia (Leonor Watling): they have just had a baby and moved to an old house that needs to be repaired in a fancy neighborhood. When Juan's sister and her husband visit the couple, they give an electronic nanny to monitor the baby's room. During the night, Juan and Sonia hear voices in the room but they do not find anybody. On the next day, Juan hires an alarm system for the house and a monitor to observe the baby's room. When Juan sees a man in the room, he gets a knife to protect his son; however, Sonia believes her husband is insane and moves to the house of her mother. Juan investigates the happening with the former journalist Domingo (Sancho Gracia), who explains him the paradoxical experiment Schrodinger's Cat and the existence of parallel worlds. Further, he advises the obsessed Juan to leave the house otherwise could be trapped in another world.

"La Habitación del Niño" is a great supernatural movie, with an original ghost story explained through the complex Schrödinger's thought experiment. The first half of the story is magnificent, with Juan and Sonia showing a deep love for each other; however, Sonia not believing on her husband contradicts their love and friendship and the madness and obsession of Juan recalls Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". Anyway it is a totally different tale of haunted house, with great acting, frightening atmosphere and beautiful cinematography. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Presença do Mal" ("Presence of the Evil")
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A Wild Ride
ShaolinMime18 October 2010
Unsatisfied after finishing a horror movie that we thought would scare us straight, a few friends and I looked for a movie On Demand. We were intent on ending the night terrified, but as the a.m. crept up on us, we decided to just settle for a laugh. And, upon reading the title of this movie, "The Baby's Room", as well as the comical synopsis On Demand provided, we thought that was exactly what we would get.

We started the movie and chatted through the first ten minutes or so. One friend refused to watch a movie with subtitles, but quickly noticed what they were saying and got interested. Five minutes later, everyone in the room was screaming.

That's one of my favorite things about this film. Typically, good horror movies start slow, build suspense, and end with a terrifying finale. "La habitación del niño", or "The Baby's Room", starts with a bang, leaving you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the movie. There are slow parts here and there, but the mystery of the plot and the knowledge that anything could jump out and scare you at any moment helps you through those patches and smoothly escorts you to the explosive climax.

In short, a man and his wife have moved into a new home with their newborn baby. Just as they begin to settle in, they start to hear noises on the baby monitor. Surprisingly, rather than passing it off as house sounds or coincidence, the protagonist believes that something fishy is going on. He buys a baby monitor with a video display, so he can see into his son's room at all times. The video monitor uncovers even more paranormal activity and therein lies the beauty of this film. The way they centralize all the horror around something as simple as a baby monitor is brilliant.

I understand that the title of the film, or the short description you may read for it On Demand, can easily warrant hesitation. But, I can assure you that this movie will suck you in early on, and keep raising your interest, slowly but surely, as the plot spirals into a complex, thrilling mystery, until you arrive at the ultimately satisfying and chilling ending.
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Haunted house with a witty twist
johnmec20038 May 2007
The movie is based in an episode popular old horror TV-series made by Narciso Ibañez Serrador for the Spanish national TV of the time. Considering that I would say that this is an enjoyable movie. There are some surprises as the story develops and it managed to keep me wondering about the end result. Acting is not too good but it is not horrible either, and the pace is just fine.

In case you are wondering, the horror you would be dealing with here is more of the psychological type. I think it can be interesting also for an American audience, because of the way it is shot. It contains elements that make it similar to the "The Shining".
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Terror movie about a couple who moves to an old house where happens fantastic as well as horrifying deeds
ma-cortes9 May 2013
Frightening and twisted film by the king of black comedy , Alex De La Iglesia . Outrageous movie with odd characters , surreal imagery and thrilling plot . Alex De la Iglesia is an excellent and outlandish Spanish director , he had much success as "Accion Mutante" , " El Dia De la Bestia" , "Perlita Durango" , ¨Crimen Ferpecto¨ , among others . Here deals with a young couple (Javier Gutierrez , Leonor Watling) with a recently born child arrive at their new home. It is a marvelous old house that has been utterly renovated and the ideal location to begin life as a family . The couple receives visits from his parents , sister and brother-in law (Eulalia Ramon , Ramon Barea) . Then , the couple go to bed after a tiring day , before going to bed, the couple go and check the child monitor , a very latest computer that has been installed in the baby's bedroom. It not only does it allow you to listen in while the baby is sleeping, it lets you watch the baby as well . Suspense gives way to terror when a strange presence can be felt every night, right beside their baby's cradle . It closely followed by embarrassing events that doesn't take long in coming to a head in undisguised pandemonium .

This is a full-on surreal terror movie that blends thrills , suspense , tension as well as an intriguing script full of horror , drama and exciting situations . The film belongs to a TV series titled ¨6 films to keep you awake¨ or ¨Historias Para No Dormir¨ presented by Narciso Ibañez Serrador who directed the classic series of the 60s. They are formed by the followings : Blame , Spectre , A real friend , Xmas tale , To let and The baby's room . Packed with scenes of fantastic nature , this story is a exciting as well as frightening , as we follow the strange situations of a young couple whose destination is dictated by terrible events . Good acting by the starring couple , Javier Gutierrez and Leonor Watling , who will soon discover that there is someone else living in this house and then forced to face dangerous happenings . The narration is so filled with interesting characters , crazy violence mixed with surreal elements and an underlying sense of horror , and it is so excessive and plenty of surprises, one can't help but keep watching, much as it is over the top in many an occasion. Alex De La Iglesia has created a good TV picture here that in all honesty is very difficult to categorize in terms of genre , as there's a little bit of gruesomeness , quite a lot of fantasy , a good deal of suspense and a host of extreme terror ; but it does not fit into any one genre very well at all, in truth this is one of the things that makes it nice . De La Iglesia reigns in his style this time around and gives an utterly watchable takedown of horror that certainly delivers a few madly inspired moments . Acting personnel all do excellent work in bizarre roles , but special notice needs to be made for Sancho Gracia as the previous reporter Domingo, who explains him the paradoxical experiment about the existence of parallel worlds . Excellent plethora of secondaries as Antonio Dechent , Eulalia Ramon , Ramon Barea , Maria Asquerino , Asuncion Balaguer and De La Iglesia usual's : Antonio De La Torre , Gracia Olayo , Manuel Tafalle , and Terele Pavez and many others . Interesting screenplay Alex De La Iglesia and Javier Guerricaechevarria who usually work united . Atmospheric as well as glamorous cinematography by Jose Luis Moreno with a good camera work . Suspenseful and thrilling musical score by Roque Baños , the soundtrack flows great with the film in every way, and creates fantastic atmospheres in every moment.

The motion picture was well directed by De La Iglesia . He's a cool director has got much success as ¨Accion Mutante¨ ,¨Dying of laughter¨ or ¨Muertos De Risa¨ , ¨Baby's room¨ , ¨Oxford murders¨ , ¨Balada Triste De Una Trompeta¨ and ¨Perdita Durango¨ is probably the weirdest Javier Bardem film ever made . And of course 'La Comunidad' obtained the unanimous praise of both the critics and the public and results to be a lot of fun, especially for those who enjoy surrealist humor .'La Comunidad' (2000) won several Goya prizes and a turning point in his meteoric career ; from then on he became his own producer, beginning with '800 bullets' (2002) through the Pánico Films company . Winner of several Goyas (Spanish Oscars), however his movies have not yet reached box office in USA, but he has strong followers , as his films have a kind of comic edge to them . Nonsense, ridicule , laughters , absurdity , disturbing scenes .. and many other issues ; you can find everything in this flick . ¨The baby's room¨ captures the essence of the best Álex De La Iglesia, a filmmaker who, at this point in his own story, is respected and admired worldwide and has the most committed fans in the film universe . This is without a doubt a thrilling and enjoyable movie to be enjoyed for terror buffs and Alex De Iglesia fans.
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Successful Spanish chiller with oodles of atmosphere
DVD_Connoisseur30 May 2008
"The Baby's Room", to use the episode's English translation, is a chilling tale of supernatural terror set in a creepy old house. Using modern day appliances to enhance the fear level, director Álex de la Iglesia really delivers the goods.

Unpredictable, spell-binding and more than a tad frightening, this is great television.

Javier Gutiérrez is top-notch as the man-on-the-edge, Juan, whose encounters with the "other side" are memorable and hair-standingly unsettling.

Recommended for fans of the macabre, "The Baby's Room" scores 7 out of 10.
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Worth seeing!
daggersineyes22 March 2014
The first half of this movie was excellent. Tightly directed, great scares, brilliant atmosphere etc. But it dragged in the middle and the characters started behaving too stupidly and arguing way too much. Instead of sympathizing with them I began to get annoyed and lost interest in what was going on because not a lot was happening anyway. And the explanation of the "paradox" & how it related to what was happening just left me scratching my head and thinking "say what?"

The ending made little sense especially since it wasn't clear what the motivations were behind it all. It just seemed completely random. But it was a good twist. Just needed something to explain it.

Good acting throughout and quality directing, camera work etc helps as well as some innovative use of baby monitoring technology. This movie is also a good one for people who don't like much violence or gore to watch because it focuses more on building tension (does this well) and suspense & scaring you than grossing viewers out with blood & guts. Probably only one vaguely gory scene in the whole movie. I also liked the fight scenes and thought they were well done and realistic. I think that's part of the main appeal of this movie. It's very convincing and genuine. It also feels like everyone involved was very committed to making it work. That's important to me in a movie. Too many flicks - especially horror movies - have that "phoning it in" feeling from certain actors or crew. This doesn't. I also liked the occasional injection of subtle humour. Not the slapstick or sledge-hammer stuff of some horror movies, just a little of it to spice it up and lull you into false sense of security.

Anyway - despite the problems with the second half & ending there's enough here to make this an interesting little flick, a cut above many of the horror flicks out there and worth watching.
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pretty satisfying
mereiriz20 January 2012
I'm a huge fan of horror. I've seen the classics (The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Shining, etc.) and I've seen the not-so-good offerings of today's cinema (The Haunting, Paranormal Activity, etc.). I wanted a change and I decided to look away from Hollywood for a time. I'm so glad I did! After discovering Rec, I decided to try other Spanish movies. I was hooked immediately with what I found.

One of my favorites out of all the Spanish movies is this one. The Baby's Room is everything a horror movie should be: creepy, intense, not too gimmicky. The tension builds slowly, but steadily. I found myself getting closer and closer to the TV to grasp every detail, only to retreat myself forcibly in one particular scene.

Spanish being my first language, I really enjoyed the dialogue. I don't know what will be people's reaction to the translation when watching it in English or with subtitles. Sometimes this can make a big difference. But, if you like horror and are in for something different, try this one!
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a different kind of haunting....
I started out liking this movie. It had a couple of good cheap frights in the early stages of the plot, and it was starting to go to different places than your usual haunted house flick.

But the characters made me want to cry with frustration. They are probably the worst written couple ever. All their dialogue is actually just arguing, they clearly hate each other, and they fly off the handle at every turn.

I felt that about half way through they ran out of steam, and the rest of the movie just spiraled out of control until the awkward and confusing ending.

The only scary thing about this movie is the high ranking it managed to get.
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One of the better entries, still nothing more than average though.
Paul Andrews28 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño is set in Sapin where Juan (Javier Gutiérrez) works as a sports writer on a local paper, together with his wife Sonia (Leonor Watling) & their seven moth old baby they have moved into a new big house. Juan brought it cheap because he soon finds out to his cost that it has a terrible history, he soon sees other people in his house who disappear as quickly as they appear & Juan fears for his family. Eventually Juan believes that his new house might be haunted but the truth is even more shocking than that...

Known amongst English speaking audiences as The Baby's Room this is yet another one of those made for Spanish telly Films to Keep You Awake which in my humble opinion have all but one been rubbish, Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño is the second best film out of the six. Co-written & directed by Álex de la Iglesia I really don't have much good to say about Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño. The script is a mess of ideas that don't work, at first it seems like a haunted house horror film but then changes direction into a parallel Universe tale with evil alter egos & neither particularly satisfy. There's some absurd & frankly ridiculous pseudo science explanations for the events in Juan's house but they have no real credibility in any sense. There's never any explanation as to why Juan can go back & forward between these parallel worlds, or why the kid at the start could either, there's no explanation or motivation as to why the Juan from the parallel world would want to come into ours if it's basically the same & I just didn't think Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño was very good. It tells an OK story but it never grabbed me or really entertained me, at a little over seventy odd minutes at least it's short but it does feel longer at times. I don't know, the film just didn't work for me & I really didn't like it that much.

Unlike most of the Fims to Keep You Awake at least Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño actually tries to be a straight horror themed story, that still doesn't make it any good but at least it's recognisable horror. I wouldn't say it's scary, it plays on our fears about not being able to protect our families but otherwise I wouldn't call it scary. Like the other Films to keep You Awake there's no gore either, a woman is stabbed in the neck but that's it. Shot in Spanish the film is subtitled, Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño is a fairly exposition heavy story & people talk very quickly so the subtitles don't stay on screen for long. I watched this on a big screen telly & your eyes are naturally drawn to the bottom of the screen & the subtitles which means the top half of the picture is out of your eye-line for the majority of the duration. Very annoying.

Technically Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño is alright, it's well made but hardly spectacular. Like the other Films to Keep You Awake this was shot in Spain. The acting seems OK but since everyone is speaking a different language they could be saying anything...

Películas Para no Dormir: La Habitación del Niño is the second best of the Films to Keep You Awake which really isn't saying much is it? I mean second is just the first loser. I am sure there are people out there who will like this but I am not one of them, it just didn't do anything for me at all.
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Don't ever watch- pathetic movie
Anirudh Prasanna3 December 2011
Worst horror movie ever!!! I was yawing throughout the movie. No story. No suspense and definitely no ghost!! The only thing that scared me in the movie was the phone ringing loudly at times! The couple in the movie were pathetic! And what was that beginning scene and the lady with the old radio for?? The only good actor was the 7 month old baby! It cried and laughed when it had to!! Definitely not a film that will keep you awake in the night! The director could have utilized the money he spent in making this movie for feeding all the starving children worldwide! Too many conversations happen in the movie, most of them totally irrelevant.
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The Baby Room
Scarecrow-8830 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine there's a paradox containing you in another world, a more frightening you that should remain locked in a box never to be opened or unleashed.

The Baby's Room, as part of the 6 Films to Keep You Awake series, a normal family will never recover after moving into a peculiar house which seems to house a dark history, ala The Grudge, where a man murders his wife and baby and this traumatic series of events can be seen on television baby monitors. Juan(Javier Gutiérrez), a soccer reporter for a newspaper, sees a man next to his baby's crib through a television monitor and, from this moment on, becomes obsessed with discovering not only who he is but how this pertains to the new house they are living in. As he searches for the truth, soon learning of the possible paradox, a scientific theory brought to his attention by a cynical recluse who knows a little about everything, Juan's wife Sonia(Leonor Watling)becomes increasingly worried of his worsening condition. Even when she moves out with the child when Juan nearly kills them with a kitchen knife, we ourselves witness his deterioration, although it's relayed to us what it is that is driving him mad. Despite warnings not to "enter the box once opened", Juan might've just allowed something evil to escape.

Álex de la Iglesia's The Baby's Room seems an awful lot like a "cursed house" movie at first, similar to The Amityville Horror or Ju-on:The Grudge, where a violent act relives over and over soon inflicting harm to those who inhabit an unfriendly abode. Juan, as portrayed by Gutiérrez, is incredibly concerned for his family and seemingly yearns to understand what the hell is going on in his house. In doing so, he learns of a disturbing truth which might've been better left a mystery. It's one of those tales where you just wish the family would leave the premises and never look back, knowing that this would not be the case and perhaps only terror lies in the future for them.

To Iglesia's credit, he could've easily ended this on a positive note, but as often is the case, if one pokes his nose too far it's liable to be bitten off. We also see how Juan's paranoia and fear affects his marriage with she wants to make the marriage work, yet always finds, in her eyes, that Juan can not remain civilized and sane. We can see from both points-of-view, which I think is a great thing for a terror tale such as this one, where we sympathize with both parties, and see that as long as Juan persists about some evil out to get them, Sonia will do whatever it takes to protect herself and the child from what might possibly be a hostile threat, her own husband. The twist is a shock to the system because Sonia realizes her error, and yet is in no position to correct it.
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worst horror movie ever
Frykan14 August 2010
I thought it was the worst peace of junk that i have ever seen!!. Whats wrong with the director? Lots of scenes didn't even make sense and you never got an explanation for anything. I HATE HTIS MOVIE! the acting sucked as well.

I don't know what more to say so i will just say that you should not waste your time watching this. Go play baseball or something instead.

Cam an it was really bad

I thought it was the worst peace of junk that i have ever seen!!. Whats wrong with the director? Lots of scenes didn't even make sense and you never got an explanation for anything. I HATE HTIS MOVIE! the acting sucked as well.

I don't know what more to say so i will just say that you should not waste your time watching this. Go play baseball or something instead.

Cam an it was really bad
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Not as polished as The Orphanage but still plenty suspenseful
Lawson27 May 2009
The Baby's Room was apparently released as a TV movie in Spain but deemed good enough for a limited international DVD release. And it is really good, for a TV movie that is. It's got a TV budget so it's a good thing that it's not a horror that's reliant on special effects.

The movie features a cool, creepy story about a couple with a newborn who move into a house. The couple start feeling something's odd about their new place but it's not until they set up a baby monitor that they realize what it is.

I'm quite fond of Spanish horrors, I find. They take time to establish the characters and suspense, and though this movie isn't as polished as say, The Orphanage, I think the director, Alex de la Iglesia, is still one to watch out for. Hopefully he gets a bigger budget with his next horror outing.
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High Rated, not that good.
Cristea Mihai9 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Well, the first half of the movie was so good, I was about to rate it 9/10, but then it started to suck so bad.

The whole action later on the movie, it has no sense, I mean everything went so well till the couple started to fight like some retards, without trying to explain the whole situation and everything, NO it has to be a dumb fight and ruin the film with that ridiculous dumb cheap scene.

The old lady had almost no impact on the movie, let's not talk about the "mailman" or what the hell was that, because for a second I really thought he would have some impact, but nope, nothing at all.

And when Domingo tells Juan to "throw the key and forget everything", he destroyed every single camera and suddenly forgets everything, like it really never happened, what? I mean come on, he was super scared and feared like hell, and after that boom, nothing happened, happy and forgot everything like he was so sure that worked, way too naive.

PS: Para Entrar a Virir was better, I still have 4 movies left of this trilogy, hope at least one of them is "good".
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Surprisingly restrained, old-fashioned ghost story
Leofwine_draca16 October 2015
THE BABY'S ROOM is another strong contender in the short series of Spanish made-for-TV ghost stories released under the banner of 'Films to Keep You Awake'. Previously I'd watched BLAME, a quite wonderful exploration of abortion, so I was looking forward to seeing this one. It's not quite up there with the standard of that movie, mainly thanks to the rather predictable storyline, but it IS still a good, well-made film, and far better than many American 'haunted house' movies of recent years.

The storyline starts off predictably enough: a young couple move into a creepy old house and strange events befall them. There are a combination of two factors here, one of which I liked, the other I didn't care for as much. The element I liked was that the ghostly events are played out from the past, and the only way to see them is through a baby monitor, which acts as some kind of 'gateway' between realities. This leads to plenty of creepy moments as the protagonist witnesses slayings and strangers on the tiny black-and-white monitor although the rooms are empty to his own eyes. It reminded me a lot of the THIRTEEN GHOSTS films, in which the characters could only see spirits through some special glasses; the idea is much the same and handled just as well on a much lower budget (in comparison with the Hollywood remake, at least).

The other plot strand involves nobody believing the protagonist. I found this pretty tired. There is one neat change, a role reversal which sees the husband dismissed as neurotic rather than the wife, but otherwise this is typical stuff we've seen done dozens of times before. Still, the film boasts good acting, from both the two lead actors and the amusing character actors who make up the supporting cast. The restrained direction from Alex de la Iglesia – the guy who made the outrageous DAY OF THE BEAST, of all things – also wins points and it's one of those films where the low budget works in its favour, adding to the mystery and atmosphere. Not a classic, by any means, but this has the same kind of style you'll find in bigger and better films like THE ORPHANAGE.
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