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How refreshing - a movie that actually exceeded my expectations!
TheMovieMark12 August 2005
If you had ever told me that I would end up really liking a movie starring Marky Mark from the Funky Bunch and the lead singer of Outkast (the perpetrators of one of the most annoying songs in recent history - Hey Ya) then I would've laughed right in your face. Come on, a movie with three rappers (Tyrese throws down the rhymes also, yo!)? There's no way I would've expected that to satisfy my entertainment needs. But I'm man enough to admit that I would've been wrong.

Four Brothers is a gritty, testosterone-fueled crowd pleaser that mixes drama, action, and humor. If you're looking for something light and fluffy then keep on looking because you won't find it here. But if you're in the mood to see some bad guys get pumped full of bullets and fists then this will put a smile on your face. The audience at the screening I attended was clapping and cheering throughout the movie. You'd have thought we were at a wrestling match.

This plays out a bit like a Western. A wrong is done, a posse seeks to get revenge against the wrongdoers, and the wrongdoers are painted in such an unlikable fashion that you're just begging for them to taste a little vigilante justice.

As for the good guys, well, they fall under the "anti-hero" moniker. They aren't scared to sidestep the law in order to get what they're after. But within the context of the movie you can't really blame their motives. Their mother adopted them when nobody else wanted anything to do with them. They were considered lost causes, yet she took them in, gave them a family, and put her faith in them.

They didn't turn out to be saints, but as one cop says, "They're Congressmen compared to what they would've been." Now their mother, just an old lady always trying to do good, is dead and the cops don't seem to be doing anything about it. Wrongs have to be made right, and the brothers decide they're the ones that have to make it right.

This is one of those movies that I figured I'd somewhat enjoy, but I walked out of the theater thinking, "Man, I didn't expect it to be THAT good!" It's rare that I find such a diamond in the rough, so I savor it as if I'm Rob Schneider at a stupid movie convention.

One reason I had my doubts going in was I feared it might be drowned in loud, annoying hip-hop stylings. Plus, every Outkast song I've ever heard has made me want to gouge my eardrums with a letter opener, so I feared the worst from Andre Benjamin. "How annoying is this guy going to be?" I asked myself. But all my fears were unfounded. Instead, we're surrounded by a world of crooked cops, bad guys who wear man-furs, surprisingly good acting, believable chemistry, a couple of subtle twists, and a really cool car chase on ice. I'm always up for a good revenge flick, and I'm happy to report that this one exceeded my expectations.


Are you easily offended by violent revenge flicks? Then use your common sense and skip out on Four Brothers. But if that sounds like your kind of movie then I think you'll find this one works great within the genre.
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Fun 60-70's like movie. Revenge is sweet.
siderite25 October 2005
I was ready to bet that this was a remake after an older movie. Great 60's and 70's music, the endless theme of the small town terrorized by a villain and the rise to justice of the people involved, Mark Wahlberg... ;)

OK, I am unfair to the man, but it's true isn't it? He is always cast into old looking movies or remakes. I actually like how he is playing. I think that he is a reasonable actor and has potential beyond the action movies in which we've become accustomed to seeing him.

The plot is quite simple: adoptive mother of four and town saint gets killed by thugs. The four brothers kick ass accordingly. But beyond the obvious cliché, the movie was quite good. The actors played well, the feelings were nicely transmitted to the audience and the details were realistic enough and emotion conveying. Actually, for this kind of movie, I am ready to grade high.

The bad thing about this film were the villains. Unconvincing small time crooks that suddenly have the power to hire people with Steyr Augur rifles and other high power weapons. Unconvincing crooked cop who has no motive for actually being corrupt. In the end, the movie is rather relaxing, considering we never meet anything unexpected.

Worth a watch, although I would rate it as a TV movie, to watch in bed, rather than a cinema thing.
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Well Crafted Revenge Film
LAKERS3412 August 2005
I'm drawn to movies whose trailers inspire a visceral reaction...This one's is so clichéd...Poor old Mom gets whacked and her adopted sons go after the crooks...Still, the action in the trailer inspired me...gave me that feeling of wanting to see the bad guys get it, and after seeing the film, I can say I was not disappointed. The story moves along and does not step outside of itself. There are some intriguing plot twists, but the goal of revenge always remains. The performances are solid; we have experienced film actors and a director here who know what they're doing. Even the newer actors settle into their respective roles...

John Singleton stated he wanted to do something with a "western edge" and in this film he has done just that. The story could be transplanted 100 years back and still work. While there is a great deal of action, violence, and bloodshed, it is not shot with an abundance of CGI or special that end, the action looks and feels more realistic. The film pulls you in and takes you for a nice ride, which is more than can be said of a lot of recent releases...It's not going to win Oscars, but it should be a hit. It's definitely worth a look!
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This movie will get your attention and hold it
krorie13 August 2005
One good thing Steven Spielberg has done for 21th century movies is to show the importance of starting things off with a bang rather than a whimper, something he learned from the old grade B films of the 30's, 40's, and 50's. So when director John Singleton begins "Four Brothers" he doesn't dwell on background material about how mom came to be the shining star for her boys. Singleton goes right for the jugular by showing mom's demise--I say showing, the viewer doesn't actually see the killing in the beginning. Singleton builds up the relationship between mom and the brothers step by step, letting a Detroit policeman, Lt. Green (Terrence Howard), introduce the four brothers as they show up for the funeral and become reacquainted. Not to give away the story, one heavy leads to another until the whole city of Detroit becomes a personification of corruption and evil. I loved the Motown music played throughout the film which was very apropos for the setting.

Even though the acting was first-rate throughout, I especially liked the performances given by Josh Charles as Detective Fowler and by Garrett Hedlund as Jack Mercer. I know Josh Charles has appeared in movies I have seen but I don't remember his acting standing out as it does in this film. Also Chiwetel Ejiofor was just right as the slimy egomaniac Victor Sweet--and what a name for a character this egregious.

The action is first rate and there is plenty of it from start to finish. Hold on to your seats for the scary gun battle between mom's boys hold up in her old house and Sweet's hired thugs. You won't be able to get out of your seat during this shoot-out.

I highly recommend this movie for fans of the genre. Others should enjoy it too.
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A refreshing change to what is normally coming out today
roddick-126 November 2005
I had been scoping this movie since it was called "Untitled Mark Wahlberg Project'. Being directed by John Singleton and starring Mark Wahlberg it looked promising. I knew I wanted to see it after reading 5/5 reviews and seeing entertaining trailers of it. Eventually I saw it for a friends's birthday party, and I was impressed!

A standout thing in this movie is that it perfectly combines the action, comedy and drama genres together. At times it can have you laughing out loud, others it can have you quite sad and on the edge of your seat in excitement viewing the great action scenes.

The four lead actors do a great job. Mark Wahlberg plays a character which is different from what he normally plays and he pulls it off well. Andre Benjamin (or Andre 3000 from OutKast) does a great job too. He is definitely much better than just the usual rapper turned actor.

The story is great. It has a much thicker plot than what would be expected from a revenge movie. In fact, that is another standout thing, the original storyline.

Overall this is definitely a movie you should see. A refreshing change from the comedy remakes we normally see coming out of the theater. One that will be on my to buy list.
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Four Brothers Gets 4 Stars In My Book
bstarter2920 August 2005
As the Summer is winding down that means a couple things. One is that Fall/Winter feel-good, and more animated movies than you can count are coming to theaters. Also, it also means that the Summer Movies of 05 are closing. HOO-RAYYY!!! But wait hold on, before it is gone one of few good movies sneaks in. It is the new John Singleton movie Four Brothers, and what a good one it is.

Four Brothers is about four adopted degenerates whose mom is murdered and they come back to their old camping ground to, one bury her, and the other, to look for her killers and bury them as well. It starts out fantastic, then loses a little steam, and at the end comes together perfectly to have you talking about it at the water cooler the next day.

Mark Walbergh, Garrett Hedlund, Andre 3000, and Tyrese Gibson play the four brothers and do a fantastic job as playing the delinquents. They really look like they're right out of the mean streets of Michigan. They also act and speak like it as well. So if you're thinking about taking little kiddies (5-12) you might want to make sure they can handle it because there is enough profanity and shooting to go around. So, if you are looking for a good film this Summer, check one out you might pass over called Four Brothers.
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Like revenge flicks?
forhall13 August 2005
I've always loved revenge movies, and this one fits the bill because it has four brothers trying to find out the truth of their mother's murder. The four brothers are all superb in their roles, as adopted brothers from foster care that went their separate ways, who come home to find out who killed their mother and why. The 8 minute AOL trailer on the movies sold me. Also superb is Terrence Howard as a Detroit cop who doesn't trust his own who is desperately trying to find out what happened himself. The plot is well executed through twists and turns. Mark Wahlberg just gets better and better. He was great in "Three Kings," and he is better here.
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Four Brothers = EXCELLENT
rockprincess17313 August 2005
OK, I'm a girl who normally loves "chick flicks" and comedies, so when I had nothing to do this evening and decided to go see a movie with my parents, (I thought they were seeing "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo"...but alas I was incorrect.) and discovered we were going to see "Four Brothers", I was a little upset. I'm normally not one for movies that are seemingly all about people getting revenge and lots of killing and fighting. I dunno..I'm not one for the action/drama type...unless it's a horror movie, and then I'm definitely there. Anyways, I was genuinely surprised at how good this movie ended up being. Each of the four brothers gave an amazing performance. Andre Benjamin showed that he's not only a talented singer, but a talented actor as well.

The movie was much better than I had expected. I laughed, and I (almost) cried. It went through a range of so many different emotions and events in the lives of the four troubled men, all adopted when they were children by one amazing woman who became their world. I don't really know what else to say without spoiling the movie, so I'm going to just leave you with all of what I've said, and the fact that I would most definitely recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.
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Very well done action/drama.
sthapns24713 August 2005
I remember first seeing the trailer for this movie about a year ago before a movie I watched last summer and thought it looked very promising. A year later I had almost forgot about it until I started seeing commercials on TV and I got my hopes high. To be honest, this is probably the first movie that met my expectations.

I didn't go in expecting the greatest movie ever, I mean it does have Marky Mark in it and I'd hate to think he's be the start of my favorite movie of all time. But I did expect it to be exciting, emotional, and engaging... And it was.

One of the things this movie does best is show the love and commitment between the brothers. The chemistry between the actors was excellent and really added to the feel of the film. It takes a lot to get emotion out of me in a movie, I'm talking the beginning of Saving Private Ryan a lot, so I unfortunately didn't feel as much as some of the other people in the theater, but you know something is right when people cheer when the main characters kill bad guys and yell "NO!" when things don't go right. The emotions between the brothers also led to many very funny comic moments, which I did not expect to see as many as I did. I laughed many times.

Singleton is probably a better write than director, but he does a decent job through out. Most of the film is simple camera angles and what not, but there were a few moments, specifically a car chase, that was shot really well. It was all done in a manor that kept it realistic while keeping it interesting. It should also be noted that this movie had the SECOND most intense shoot out I've ever seen in a movie. Second only to, of course, the LA streets shoot out in Heat which, in my opinion, is the most intense 15 minutes ever filmed.

Acting was decent. Like mentioned before, the chemistry between the brothers was great, but there were many simple one-liners and Mark Wahlberg seems to play the same character way too often. Not really acting so much as reading lines in a tough way.

While this isn't the #1 movie of the year it definitely met my expectations and is a very, very good summer action flick of not more.
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Great film, recommend it to just about anyone.
Tristan (xiomar___)13 August 2005
I went to see the movie last night and I really wasn't sure what to expect going in, and I must say I'm very impressed with the results. Despite a few hitches (how cliché this movie really is, I.E. revenge), it really did deliver. All four of the brothers delivered the flavor that this movie probably would have needed and I must say that the screenplay must have been superb. This movie pays the obvious homage to Death Wish and it's been quite overdone, but not without receiving the credit it deserves.

If you like action drama, then I'd recommend you go out and pay the $8 to see it. I don't think you'll be too disappointed.
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A confused, mediocre effort
michael h27 April 2008
I didn't find this movie to be unwatchable or one of the worst I've seen, as many have commented on here. It's also not a brilliant piece of film making.

The characters were so stereotypical and predictable (cookie-cutter gangster, generic tough guys with hearts of gold, good cop, bad cop, crooked politician, kind old lady, fiery Latina, etc...), it was hard to develop much serious interest in any of them. I found a lot of scenes highly comical; the problem is, I wasn't sure I was supposed to be laughing. When the movie obviously tried for comic relief, I just sighed. It was during the highly "dramatic" or heart-felt scenes where I found myself laughing hysterically. The dinner table scene where each of the four brothers remembers "Mom" was so bad, it made me cringe and laugh out loud at the same time. I think this confusion persists throughout the movie. It's never clear how seriously we're supposed to take any of this.

The plot is full of gigantic holes and leaps in logic. However, movies do require a certain suspension of disbelief, so I'll let most of it slide. The characters are mere cartoons, so nothing feels real anyway. The most real thing here is the setting in Detroit. It looks gritty, cold, abandoned and dangerous. I'm sure Detroit residents weren't thrilled by the city's portrayal in this movie (although it may be at least somewhat accurate).

It's hard to judge any of the acting, because the writing and direction are so uneven and mediocre. Overall, this felt like a decent made-for-TV movie. The plot, direction and acting were on par with a predictable TV crime drama.

5 out of 10 from me. It didn't make me snooze, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this to anyone either.
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Awesome movie, did expect it to be as good as it was.
sweetmik22 July 2005
Went to see a preview of it two nights ago, and was presently surprised with it.

Very good movie. Despite the fact that it's about four brothers avenging their mothers death, there is a lot of humor in it. The brothers give each other sh*t all the time, but you can tell they love each other. Mark Whalberg (sp?) did a good job, but i think my favorite character was Jackie, played by Garrett Hedlund. There was a lot of action, a lot of violence, very graphic, but it was well done and believable. Not exactly a movie for children, but it's a family movie. All in all, it's very funny and uplifting (towards the end), but very sad.
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A tragedy
jot200418 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This film only has a handful of main problems, which I shall outline below:

1) Terrible storyline 2) Terrible script 3) Terrible acting

Overall, the film was utterly abysmal, but there were a few scenes that were particularly vomit inducing. If I didn't live on the ground floor, I probably would have thrown myself out of a window whilst watching this film. Here are a few of the worst scenes:

When the brothers find out that it was an execution, and they march off down the street, with macho swinging arms. Pathetic.

All of the "dream" sequences with their mother talking to them. Cringe inducing. I almost cried for the actors having to do these scenes.

Any scene containing Marky Mark.

The fist fight at the end was embarrassing. Neither character kept their hands up, they both should have been knocked out.

The car chase. Terrible. Most cars, let alone automatics, couldn't do any of that stuff on ice.

Overall, I hated all the characters, they were terribly acted, terribly written parts, and they were all thugs.

Worst film ever (even more so than Lawnmower Man 2).
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Four times the mayhem in "Four Brothers"
dee.reid2 September 2005
I have to admit "Four Brothers" is not a movie I was giddy about seeing. I didn't have really high expectations and why should I, much less you? Well, if you do have high expectations, you better lower them, because "Four Brothers" is not a deep and involving picture but is really more of a straight-forward action flick with a few sly one-liners thrown in for good measure.

There's not a single wince of brain activity throughout it, though the four "brothers" of the title (Mark Wahlberg, Andre Benjamin, Tyrese Gibson, Garrett Hedlund), explained by one character as being "total f**k-ups," do express a convincing degree of unity in that you actually believe they're related through their deceased, adopted mother Evelyn Mercer (Fionnula Flanagan).

Wahlberg is Bobby Mercer, the courageous tough-talking eldest brother and the one with a chip on his shoulder. Not surprisingly, he does the most talking and is the obvious leader. Benjamin is Jeremiah Mercer, the only one of the four to really make something of himself in that he has a legitimate business, a wife (Taraji P. Henson) and children, and the closest ties to their mother. Gibson is Angel Mercer, a (former) soldier of fortune who has the ladies (including feisty Latina Sofia Vergara), the bragging rights, and the connections. Lastly, Hedlund is Jack Mercer, the youngest and grungiest of the four who's also a wannabe rocker and had the most troublesome childhood of them all.

The four are reunited at the funeral of their dear mom, who was viciously slain in a liquor store robbery. The brothers suspect that because of the particularly heinous nature of the crime, their mother may not have been some innocent bystander but was really executed, and the robbery itself was just there to throw off the cops.

After much contemplation and not even bothering to heed the warnings of two flaky detectives (played by Terrence Howard and Josh Charles), the four go after their mom's killer. It shouldn't be any surprise that they find their mother had been inadvertently drawn into the middle of some big insurance scheme or something along those lines (it's not really all that well explained), so the brothers look to settle the score with anyone - everyone.

As directed by John Singleton (whose outstanding landmark 1991 debut "Boyz N the Hood" remains the pinnacle of his career), "Four Brothers" is loud, dumb, and violent. The plot does a little more than resemble "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965), which I haven't seen, but I doubt it was as lacking in intelligence as "Four Brothers."

However, the movie should be praised because it is strangely appealing (the totally PC leads notwithstanding), and the action is fast and furious, culminating in an impossible car chase through the ice-slicked Detroit streets during a snowstorm. And Singleton shows he hasn't completely lost my respect in that he's a good director during these scenes and succeeds in creating a believable atmosphere of unity amongst the four brothers.

I expect this movie to be a success, since it's the last week of the summer and the August season of blockbusters has passed. But hey, it's the last week of the summer, "Four Brothers" is playing, and so don't everybody rush to the theaters. OK?

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The Four Brothers get their revenge for a price Warning: Spoilers
(Synopsis) Four adopted brothers come together to bury their mother (Fionnula Flanagan) who was killed during a grocery store robbery in Detroit. The brothers see the video tape of the robbery and believe that she was marked for death and murdered by the two thieves. The four brothers Bobby (Mark Wahlberg), Jack (Garrett Hedlund), Angel (Tyese Gibson) and Jeremiah (Andre Benjamin) want revenge. They don't think the police will find the murderers, so they start looking into the crime themselves.

(Comment) The film shows that the children of a murder victim suffer greatly after losing a loved one, and their first thought and reaction is for revenge against the criminal. You feel the chemistry and connection that these four actors have in playing their parts. Even though the four men were adopted and are of different races, you will see their love and interaction as brothers. This is an adult family movie with a lot of humor, action and realistic brutality. The storyline has it all, a crime boss, hired killers, good and bad cops, corrupt politicians, and victims. The ending is heartening, but sad. This is a must see. (Paramount, Run time 1:48, Rated R) (8/10)
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They came home to bury mom... and her killer
Jessica Carvalho2 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''Four Brothers ''is an awesome movie who has a mixed genre: lots of Action,Drama and Thriller all together, makes a delicious movie to watch. I like Mark Wahlberg very much, so it was a pleasure to see him here,and I liked the other actors who played the other ''Mercers'' as well. (Garrett Hedlund is a cutie! And I am happy to see, here in IMDb, that he is one of the actors who are going to be present in the Eragon's movie!)

The story is quite simple: Four brothers are reunited after their mother is murdered. But they are not simple people: they are delinquents, each one having worst qualities or problems then the other. When they discover that their mother's death had more things behind that what was said, a lot of actions starts to happen!
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the four horsemen of....
pookey5622 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
when John Singleton released Boyz n the Hood, i thought wow, a young, brilliant director with a future full of potential; a young genius with more exquisite films to come. Four Brothers could be the best film he's made since then, pulling great performances from Mark Wahlberg who surprised me so much in Boogie Nights, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund, and Terence Howard, who is always so good. And the score in his films is usually so fine. i didn't know rap qualified as music until i heard it in Boyz. And it's great here too. this film is stylish, poignant, active, and has some very clever moments. I don't think it's fair to compare this film to his others, but it is in stark contrast to the message he portrayed in his first film, that violence begets violence, that violence solves nothing, and that the worst in us has a chance at redemption. his themes of poverty, hopelessness, misdirection, and role models aren't really here. ironic, since their kindly and compassionate foster mother mentored a sense of safety, love, and acceptance in their make-shift family. instead, what we have here is a revenge film, vigilante justice, well-constructed scenes of brutality and violence. the background details were just fine, with it's fargoesque winter scenes, flash-backs, chases, and personalities, unexpected turns of events. Four Brothers is an entertaining film for adult audiences and worth a watch. but i am still waiting for Mr Singleton to make another masterpiece. This isn't it, but i'm still hoping that it's coming.
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Nice action movie with tension, intrigue and violence
ma-cortes1 July 2008
This film deals with four brothers (Mark Wahlberg , Andre Benjamin, Garret Hedlund and Tyrese Gibson) . They reunite one time their mother (Fionnula Flanagan) has been murdered into a grocery store hold-up . But the happenings aren't as predictable as they might understand . Then , they come to revenge and take the law on their own hands . Meanwhile , Lieutenant Green (Terence Howard) and Lt Detective Towler (Josh Charles) are attempting to resolve the case and track down the killers and the four brothers . The investigation of the killing reveals many suspects and dark activities involving to criminal mobster (Chiwetel Esbofor) and Detroit Councilman (Barry Shakaba ), among others.

The picture packs action-packed , intrigue, thrills , and lots of violence and blood . It's an entertaining and suspenseful story, plenty of twists and unexpected turns . Excellent action scenes with noisy shoot-outs and spectacular car races . Interesting and thrilling script based on Haenry Hathaway's ¨The sons of Katie Elder¨. Cool performances by Mark Wahlberg as tough and hard-edged brother and Terence Howard as good police inspector, among them . Almost all of Mark Wahlberg's lines were improvised , Garrett Hedlund had difficulty improvising his lines, so John Singleton and Mark Wahlberg helped him through it . Furthermore , magnificent secondary cast , such as Sofia Vergara , Kenneth Welsh and Barry Shakaba . Glamorous cinematography by Peter Menzies Jr. and stirring musical score fitting to action by David Arnold . The motion picture was well directed by John Singleton . He's a nice director , his first movies were quite thoughtful and brooding (Boyz in the Hood , Poetic justice , Higher learning), but today he usually makes intelligent action films (Fast and Furious 2 , Baby boy , Shaft). The film will appeal to action lovers buffs and Mark Wahlberg fans . Rating : Better than average . Well catching .
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the soundtrack is by far the best part of this film
jeckets25 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was definitely looking forward to this movie, which is not hard to imagine for a John Singleton movie, especially with the cast its got. I love Mark Wahlburg, and couldn't wait to see Andre Benjamin's big screen debut, bla, bla, bla, BUT what a total disappointment! Actually those two were good, Tyrese too, but the story and dialogue were weak at best. I spent most of the movie wondering why people were doing what they were doing, why I should care about these thinly drawn, backgroundless and insubstantial characters, and who wrote that weak and chiche' dialogue that started out bad, oversimplified, and patronizing, and stayed that way. I kept wanting it to get better, and that was all that kept me from walking out before it was over.

This movie is sloppy...for example...

The opening scene in the store, does anyone find the mother's scolding words to the shoplifter believable at all? As if he'd be in there stealing one Tootsie Roll! What kid from Detroit that age would be duped by that "I'm on hold with the police" act? Why do they continue to allude to the youngest brother's "bad things in his past" but never resolve it. And for that matter they make it seem like it was some sort of sexual abuse but the guy is comfortable enough to shower in the open bathroom with people walking in and out? And if all four of them were such "lost causes" and "bad kids" and whatnot, don't they all have big issues in their pasts, why just make us aware of the one and none of the others? Where did the gun go when Tyrese goes to the cop's house, he answers the door with a gun behind his back and then when they get into the fight, he never even raises the hand where the gun is. Why? Where did it go? At the end when they're on the frozen river, driving on fresh snow in one shot and then following multiple car tracks in the next. AND when they're all standing around and the camera goes to a wide shot, WHY do you see all of those rectangular melted spots in the ice where there were obviously other vehicles parked. (production vehicles perhaps?) WHY SO THOUGHTLESS AND SLOPPY from such an otherwise quality filmmaker?
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not worth a dime
nereidon21 August 2008
have seen this one the other night and i'm very disappointed to say the least. according to IMDb votes and reviews this should be at least beyond average with fine acting and a nice story. Now as i find, this movie has so many holes in its plot, one might assume the script got shot during one of the action scenes. ridiculous twists in the story, very very VERY bad sequences that are simply unbelievable and that do not make much sense in the course of action (sometimes it is like Charles Bronson's Disney) and a cast that doesn't fit together at all. Now i realize that this is an adaption of Katie Elder and that it might not be that easy to transform a wild west story into today's world, but still as a writer/director you have to take care that the story conveys some realism, otherwise it gets laughable/boring and you as a viewer can't care less for what happens to the characters. unfortunately the filmmakers failed big time here and all their trying to give their characters a life and the storyline a ground was heavily countered by their sledgehammer-style in every way. not to mention the unreflected use of violence against ANYBODY with a big smile on the face which makes the major premise of the film that the old lady did a good job raising problematic boys and changing their life to the better, a big fat lie. just do not waste your time.
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Waste of time
swILLIAMS551010 February 2007
Some marginal actors got coaxed into this nothing-but-violence waste of time. Bunch of unruly people with guns shooting at each other (and the bad guys are the worst marksmen). Cars chase each other, crash but still keep going. They crash again and still keep going. A few more times, crash, BANG. Nobody is around to see or hear what must have been a loud chase although it is in the middle of a city. And how convenient for nobody else to be on the road. Bad guys, good guys. Bad cops, good cops. And more stuff you've never seen before. The real victims in this one were the people who wasted money to watch it.

The end (thought it would never get there)
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Kwangshin8 March 2006
This is an awful movie. I really don't know where to start but maybe it should be the actors. Actors are often called talent but sadly looking at this pile of steaming manure it is hard to see why. Marky Mark possesses all the subtlety of a skunk's fart. His kid brother played by Garrett Hedlund looks like he had a rancid burger a while back and still hasn't recovered. Andre 3000bc should stick to being an average musician and not try to be a below par actor. And as for the other one, Tyrese Gibson - he should go back to appearing on Moesha. The script is ludicrous, the dialogue laughable and in charge of this whole quagmire of idiocy is John Singleton who has directed a decent film since Boyz n the Hood. Honestly don't even bother. Unless you like your movies loud, dumb and pointless you should spend 90 minutes starring at the wall; you mightn't learn much but at least it won't insult you.
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Poor acting and a stupid story
tupolevs2 August 2007
Pretty often a bad movie has a bad rating on this site after enough people have seen it. This is not the case with some of the really bad action movies, especially the ones that contain some decent action but besides from that are completely worthless.

This is the case with Four brothers, the story makes no sense, and the acting is very poor. Usually I am one of those that has to finish watching a movie no matter how bad it is, just to see if it might not improve somewhat, but this movie was so bad that I actually had to turn it of halfway in. And no, I am pretty sure it did not get any better.

(For the record, I did not even turn of "the stone merchant" (for those of you who have seen it), but painfully watched the full movie the other day. Something which surely must tell you how bad a movie must be before I turn it off.
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A turkey with all the trimmings!
BA_Harrison31 March 2006
In the same way that the titular 'four brothers' of this movie demand justice and attempt to bring down the bad guys, so I demand justice and attempt to bring down the ridiculously high rating (6.8) that this corny revenge actioner currently enjoys on IMDb.

Mark Wahlberg turns in yet another dreadful performance as Bobby Mercer, one of four delinquents adopted by a saintly old woman. When she is killed in a store robbery, it is up to Bobby and his 'brothers' (played by Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund) to hunt down those responsible. Cue car chases, shootouts and punch-ups.

What could have been a gritty tale of revenge is spoilt by ham-fisted direction from John Singleton, some awful performances and a terrible script loaded with stereotypes and clichés.

There are so many reasons to hate this film, but if I have to choose the one that nailed it for me, it has to be the spectre of dear old Mom present at the Thanksgiving dinner. As this scene unfolds, I dare you not to feel embarrassed for all involved.
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Did Singleton have a big credit card payment to make?
jfalkine13 September 2005
I think John Singleton got himself into debt, and needed to pay some bills quickly.

As one of my fellow movie patrons said "I think John Singleton took a crap on a piece of film and this is the result"

The acting was junk. The shoot-out was just unbelievable. "Someone call 911!" at the end? If people out front of MY house were using automatic weapons, I don't think we would need to call 911 at the end of it. On top of all this, acting? Stunk. Script? Stunk more.

The "plot" "turns" were like driving down a straight road. You could see what was coming from a mile away. Besides special effects and car chases, I think a 4th grader could have written a more compelling script, and certainly got his/her friends to act better than various characters in this heap. Specifically, the youngest brother, and every single cop in this movie.

Save your money! Only watch this movie if you are stuck on a long flight, can't sleep, and didn't bring something to read.
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