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MPAA Rated PG for some mild rude humor and action

Sex & Nudity

  • When Lucas is first shrunken, he is completely nude. If you look closely, you can see that he has no genitalia whatsoever.
  • A boy appears completely naked near the end of the film. His butt is shown.
  • An ant asks if the female ant finds him attractive and then he makes a suggestive barking sound. Some suggestive tension is seen throughout the film between these two characters.
  • After having been nude (from being shrunken out of his clothes), Lucas has some material around his waist. Then, when he's trying to hide from Hova, she asks if he's a male or female, wonders how you tell the difference, and then says, "Oh, that's how" as she gazes down at his male genitalia (which she sees, but WE DON'T).
  • Some insects fly up Stan's pants, hoping to find a way to stop him. As they get toward his crotch, one says, "That looks vulnerable" (obviously the testicles) and one bites or stings him there. They then fly out from his butt crack as his pants ride a bit low.
  • The boy is half nude throughout most of the film, and he wears skimpy material.

Violence & Gore

  • As Zoc tries to remove some crystals from a cliff-face, small rocks fall down and land on sleeping ants below him. One of them kicks another to wake him up, followed by more rocks falling, one of which knocks one of those ants out of the camera shot.
  • Lucas fires his squirt gun at the ant colony with those streams being like rivers of water blasting their mound and washing away various ants (that panic and try to flee). He then kicks the mound, causing more panicking and damage and nearly steps down on Hova with his gargantuan (to them) foot (seen from their POV), but Zoc saves her.
  • After being swallowed by the giant frog, Lucas ends up in the stomach along with several bugs and a gooey liquid all around them (all played for comedy, but at one point, one bug sees a friend bug and goes to lift him up from the liquid, but all he retrieves is the bug's severed head).
  • Stan (the Exterminator) kills some wasps by flicking them. He flicks some ants, who are flying on them, and they end up violently falling on the ground.


  • At least 1 crap and 4 uses of the ant profanity (or colorful phrase) "kraznock."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • None

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Large, menacing looking wasps attack the ants and lift several of their domesticated caterpillars. Soldier ants fire rocks back at them (hitting some), while one wasp comes after an ant with its large stinger and Zoc saves that ant. Other ants spit out some sort of substance that hits some wasps, while one of them comes after Hova with its large stinger and then lifts off with her (she's later dropped and is okay). Lucas then tries to hide and then run away, as one or more menacing wasps slowly search for him (and he must avoid shafts of sunlight that will incinerate him). As one comes after him with its stinger jabbing around him, he lights a firecracker in which the wasp's stinger gets stuck. The resultant explosion is seen from a distance in the yard where it appears as nothing more than a slight poof.
  • As Lucas wanders through a swampy area (where he's still miniature), a bug he meets is suddenly gone. Lucas suspiciously eyes the pond in front of him and then tries to run away from a huge frog that leaps after him, trying to seize him with its tongue. Lucas runs and eventually encounters some ants who also then run from the frog. They scale up a vertical surface, but Lucas can't and the frog snatches and eats him (but everything turns out okay).
  • Stan, the exterminator comes and destroys the ants with a pesticide. A lot flee and run, and are scared.


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Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Antagonist smoking cigar.

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