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If you run out of blockbusters, check it out.
ThomDerd19 December 2020
Action packed film dedicated to the original TV series with the same name. Interesting at first because of its cast (Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlito Copley) and because of the very fast pace right from the beginning of the film. The action sequences are messy but deliver entertainment throughout the movie and that overruns the sometimes flawed script and the plot holes. Acting is ok; the performance of Sharlito Copley is hilarious. He is spicing up the boring in between conversations of the characters and the things he says or does are very funny. Overall, entertaining blockbuster which still stands its ground. 7/10
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The best film you could ask for from an "A-Team" adaptation
Rick_Gershman8 June 2010
If any film demands to be graded on a curve, it's The A-Team.

Simply consider the notion of making a big-budget summer movie from of one of the cheesiest television shows of a cheesy TV era.

It's a crafty plan to lower your expectations. As long the movie isn't two hours of punching grandmothers and kicking puppies, you're likely to leave the theater saying, "That was better than I expected."

Guess what? It works like a charm.

The A-Team, against all odds, is one extremely entertaining film. It puts pedal to metal about 90 seconds in and never lets up. That's also savvy because it's also kind of a mess that would collapse under its own weight if it slowed down for more than two minutes.

Director Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces, Narc) isn't taking that chance. Action scenes come flying at you hard and heavy from start to finish. The results are mixed: Some sequences are choppy and confusing, others thrilling. But like a comedy that never stops pitching jokes, content if only half of them stick, The A-Team pitches action, action, action, with a side of action and a little action to wash it down.

The plot follows the general concept of the TV series with a few tweaks. A (very) lengthy credits sequence set in Mexico shows us how the team of former Army Rangers comes together: Leader John "Hannibal" Smith (Liam Neeson), his right-hand man Templeton "Face" Peck (Bradley Cooper), powerful Bosco "B.A." Baracus (Quinton "Rampage" Jackson) and loony pilot James "Howling Mad" Murdock (Sharlto Copley).

We jump ahead several years, where the A-Team is now an Army covert operations crew with dozens of successful missions under their belts. But when they're set up for a fall by a variety of villainous forces, the boys have to break out of jail and fight to clear their names.

That's pretty much all you wanted to know about the plot, right? Because it gets pretty confusing from there and doesn't matter in the slightest anyway. It's only there to support – that's right – action.

Before I tell you why A-Team is worth your hard-earned cash, I should lay out its many faults.

Though Carnahan directed, it's not surprising to see director Tony Scott was one of the producers. Too many scenes evince Scott's "look" – the camera shoved in way too tight on the actors, so you can't tell what the hell's going on in fight scenes or big gun battles.

The special effects are wildly uneven too, especially in the climax. It looks like the usual Hollywood problem of the CGI being "just good enough" to make a locked-in release date. This time, it's nowhere near good enough.

But then, The A-Team is a nitpicker's dream, if you really want to go there. Jessica Biel's casting seems like an inside joke – "we're not taking this seriously, and neither should you, so let's cast a gorgeous but astonishingly wooden actor in this role."

Maybe you're wondering whether she's really that bad. Look at it this way: This is the first major film role for "Rampage" Jackson, an MMA fighter. He's not great, but he's not too bad – and that's high praise for a non-actor stepping into the iconic role. Yet he's a good bit more believable than Biel.

So with those issues, what makes The A-Team so entertaining? The rest of the cast, actually. If you can look past Biel (actually, look right at her, that's what she's there for), the film is jam-packed with colorful, charismatic performances.

Neeson seems a bit odd at first stepping into George Peppard's shoes as Hannibal, being considerably taller, leaner and tougher. But that's appropriate for the movie, which is basically the TV show on (lots and lots of) steroids. No attempt is made to explain his Irish accent, nor that of Copley, who is South African. It doesn't matter: Somehow in this film, it works.

But the film decides early on to focus on Cooper, hot off his success in The Hangover, and it's the right choice. You'd never have guessed the guy who played eighth fiddle on Alias would be front-and-center for a star-making performance, but it's true.

The A-Team shows off Cooper's buffed-up physique almost to the point of absurdity – he's shirtless on screen more than Mark Wahlberg in Date Night – but Cooper's charisma carries the day throughout.

A well-rounded supporting cast also delivers. Patrick Wilson and Brian Bloom, as potentially shady characters related to the A-Team's troubles, steal every scene they're in. (It probably doesn't hurt that Bloom, a veteran actor mostly relegated to TV work, gets co-writing credit.) Their wonderfully brash characters bring welcome levity to the pounding machine of gunfights and explosions that propels The A-Team.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't note the drinking game that by all rights should be born from this film: Drink whenever a guy with icy blue eyes is on screen. You'd pass out halfway through the film.

There's Cooper and Neeson alone, plus Bloom and Wilson, with a little Gerald McRaney – yes, Major Dad himself – thrown in for good measure.

If you're really into dudes with bright blue eyes, The A-Team is like porn. If you're into nonstop action and lots of male bonding, The A-Team is like porn. If you're into deep, fully-realized female characters – well, look elsewhere.

But if you had to ask me what I would want a big-screen take on a really silly TV show to be, The A-Team more than fits the bill. It's ridiculous, sure. But it's also a ridiculous amount of fun.
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The A-Team in 1,000 words: overkill is underrated
Robert_Nijman8 June 2010
Overkill is underrated. One of the many mottoes Colonel John Hannibal Smith throws around whilst hatching his brilliant plans, dispensing them like his insightful wisdom increases the chances of success. A motto director Joe Carnahan has taken to heart in making 'The A-Team'. A smart move, as complete and uncompromising exaggeration appears to be exactly what the format asked for. Especially since the translation of TV shows to the big screen has proved to be no easy task. Just look at 'Miami Vice', which pretty much bombed despite the presence of Michael Mann, the director/producer who created the original series. Or the near criminal trashing überhobbyist MacGuyver recently received by the hands of questionable farce 'MacGruber'. In a world so significantly different from the mid-eighties, the severely underpaid and hopelessly dated missions of the four fugitives could have very much been out of place as well.

The reincarnation by the hands of Carnahan however, avoids many of the pitfalls that the outdated format has to offer. For one, the director has brought the well known premise of the series to the present. Vietnam has been replaced by Iraq and the bad attitude of Bosco Baracus is not the only thing that makes the foursome dangerous: the happy-go-lucky stance of a team that rarely asked for enemy casualties has been replaced by an attitude that better suits a group of elite soldiers. What is especially striking is how well the cast handle their roles, and how much fun they have doing so. Understandable, since the characters in Carnahan's installment have been blown up as well. Hannibal in the hands of Liam Neeson, although not as charismatic as George Peppard, is equally complacently on the jazz whenever a dangerous situation can be even remotely relished. Templeton "Faceman" Peck in the version of Bradley Cooper enjoys the swindling of both women and all sorts of tools even more than his predecessor Dirk Benedict and the script provides Quinton "Rampage" Jackson with a philosophical depth to his distinctive character - and evolution thereof - in the BA 2.0 version. The acting skills of the professional wrestler are up for debate, but then again you never questioned Mr. T. either. Even though he played the bejeweled, Mohawk sporting powerhouse with an acute fear of flying as an overly enthusiastic pupil in a school musical, always staring at the next person to speak his lines way long before they had the floor. The biggest fun, however, comes from Howling Mad Murdock in the interpretation of 'District 9'-phenomenon Sharlto Copley, who occupies the crazy pilot with both a zest for life and an absolute fearlessness of death – cue the suicidal midair antics. His inimitable flying skills, Murdockian features (sock puppets and his interaction with BA for example) and especially his imitation of Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart' - including stick horse - make him the movies' main asset.

The script then. The plot, pretty much a side issue, continuously serves up action excesses – equally incredible and entertaining – but yields more than a whipped episode of the series stretched to a playing time of two hours. You could say the plot is kind of a cross section of the five years the series ran, if you omit the recurring missions the mercenaries entered into. There is plenty of borrowing from existing story lines, more or less adapted to the new universe of Carnahan. The film opens with a spectacular introduction of the four veterans some years ago - only Hannibal and Face are trusted comrades, BA and Murdock have still to cross their paths - setting up the Alpha team that started it all. Included of course, is a supporting role for the black GMC Van, which can impossibly be disregarded as the fifth member. Cut to eight years and eighty successful missions later, to the operation that sees the team become the proverbial scapegoat the series theme credits were based on – something to do with a crime they didn't commit. The bank robbery in Hanoi has been replaced by the hijacking of a truckload of counterfeit money in Baghdad, commanding General Morrison is still here. The CIA is present as well, in a possible set-up for a sequel in which Hannibal's outfit will be contracted by the organization in a reference to Stockwell (Robert Vaughn) of the fifth season of the series. The plot is driven by the aftermath of the robbery, offering supporting roles for Captain Charisa Sosa (the distractingly attractive Jessica Biel) and CIA man Lynch (Patrick Wilson, 'Watchmen'), but it's all a mere hook for ridiculous set pieces and extravagant action to be towed on.

Hannibal's crack commando unit must pull out all the stops in order to clear its name, in an adventure that at times offers absolute top entertainment. That is, if you're willing to believe that a parachute suspended tank (as seen in the trailer), wherein the fearless foursome escape from an exploding plane, can be easily maneuvered in midair using the inboard cannon, simultaneously discarding enemy aircraft like it's a game of Duck Hunt. There are enough sequences that ask more than a lot of your ability to shut off your brain, but as said that exaggeration is exactly what this film needed. 'The A-Team' is simply a masterful popcorn spectacle par excellence, offering high-level action entertainment and jokes that are more often than not very decently set up. The cast has great fun working with the pleasantly unlikely adventures and the story is – in good tradition - full of references to the 80's hit series it is based on. The plot falters a bit left and right and the credo overkill is underrated is at times perhaps taken a little too far, but that is merely an expected consequence of handing control over to the man behind 'Smokin' Aces'. Regardless, the oncoming release might well feature a well-deserved 'to be continued' by the time the end credits start rolling.
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I love it when a plan comes together! A Simple, short review.
The A-Team is easily one of the best summer movies made (It knows what it is, and what it isn't - It doesn't try to be anything else), and some of the most fun I've had at the movies in a long time.

On top of some great action sequences that left people cheering, the crowd also laughed non-stop. Bradly Cooper's comedic timing is excellent!

This one is worth checking out. Bring your friends! They did the show justice, and will introduce a younger generation to a great show. Carnahan put together a great movie, which easily could have gone the way of Starsky & Hutch, or Charlies Angels.

Have fun!
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A film well worth watching
Seialeir10 June 2010
I just returned from watching this movie, and frankly, I didn't even know it was a story taken from an earlier series until I wikipedia-ed it just now. That being said, the expectations and sensitivities in a fan of the original series is non-existent in me, so this is purely based on what I felt about the movie itself.

First off, the casting is near perfect. Everyone had a role that they played very well, and while Rampage Jackson's acting could have been a little better, his presence and screen time were downplayed to perhaps make up for it. But that's what I'm talking about, it was a very good balance of characters that was consistently carried throughout the movie. Who really stood out for me was Sharlto Copley. For someone who wasn't professionally trained as an actor, he portrayed the crazy Murdoch flawlessly. I brought my parents to watch the show and they loved his performance, with mom going as far to say the movie worked because everything funny came from him. I have to agree, I was certainly very entertained for the whole duration of the movie largely due to him.

What I didn't particularly like were the computer generated effects. They looked quite fake at times, and it hints at a rushed job by animators. While the first three quarters of the film had a fairly consistent amount of action, the last quarter was overkill. Spoilt the movie a little for me, but the overall experience was a good one. Movies are meant to entertain and I most definitely was, much more than I expected for the price I paid for my ticket. Word of warning though - you really shouldn't think too deeply about the story when you're watching this. There are unresolved plot holes and some people have expressed upset at this, but the film was never marketed as a 'story' kind of film in any way so they really should've known better.

This movie is not for movie buffs who look for the meaning of life in films, but if a hilarious, well-acted, action-packed movie is your thing? I say go watch this now.

Story : Okay

Acting : Ranging from awesome to not bad

Cast dynamics :Brilliant

Hilarity factor : Totally

Special Effects : Acceptable to meh at times

Duration : Long but I didn't feel it

Would watch again : YEAH.
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Face, you have nothing to worry about
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews11 June 2010
I remember first hearing about this. Cautious optimism was among my immediate reactions. Later, I caught a trailer(on that, do not think for a second that you saw all the good stuff, there's plenty they didn't give away). I was still not sure what to think. Then I watched it tonight. I enjoyed every single frame. No, I'm not kidding, this works from the very start and never loses you. I love the show, and this pays a lot of respect to it(at times, a tad much... early on, Neeson's every other line contains the word "plan"), and this not only nails the four characters(who all get an unforgettable introduction each, and several individual heroic moments), it doesn't merely imitate, but builds and slightly reinterprets to update them. They are played rather well; Liam looks like he was born with that cigar in his mouth, Bradley genuinely is charming and suave, Sharlto(from District 9; he reverts to his dialect here and there) comes across as a lunatic without that making us dislike him, and Jackson... well, he looks cool, he's not asked to do anything he can't handle, and he's certainly got more charisma than any other wrestlers on the silver screen(or Vin Diesel). The acting is in general marvelous, and every role is well-cast. Everybody is a bad-ass in this(on/off at least), and that does get old every now and then. Biel is largely eye-candy(as is all other females in this), though we know that she can do this kind of thing, and she doesn't let us down. The dialog wants to be as clever and full of banter as 2008's Iron Man, and this leads to it trying too hard some(with that said, two thirds of it works perfectly, and it's not a complete buzz-kill when it doesn't). It is hilarious a lot of the time, and the half-full theater I was in all clearly got a kick out of it. This is two hours of pure fun with non-stop, awesome action that doesn't repeat itself, with shoot-outs, chases and fights. It's not realistic, and it's not meant to be. The plans are *brilliant* and seeing them gather materials for them is a blast. This keeps to an immensely fast pace, without overwhelming us, and it fits in plenty of well-thought out plot(that doesn't confuse, in spite of twists and such, that hold up). The script is by the guy who did Wolverine, Swordfish and Hit-man and a rookie; however, maybe because of help from the director(who I've only seen one other thing by, his outstanding The Hire short), they turn in something magnificent. FX are plentiful(occasionally overshadowing the people... be careful, Carnahan), and excellent with a few brief poor bits. The editing is tight, cinematography stylish. While it's black and white, switch-off-your-brain-at-the-door, Hollywood popcorn flick, it doesn't claim or attempt to be anything else, and it's an utterly well-made and re-watchable one at that. There is a little strong language and brutality to the violence in this(no blood). I recommend this to fans of the television series who don't have impossible-to-reach expectations, and everyone who can get into a movie that just entertains you for a solid 120 minutes. 8/10
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Mash-the-stampede21 June 2010
Being a fan of the 80's television series as a child, naturally I was pretty excited 3 or 4 years ago when i heard about a possible 'A-Team' feature film. Back then, I believe the rumoured cast included Bruce Willis and possibly Jim Carrey??? The years went by until about a year ago I saw a picture of the current A-team cast in "EMPIRE" magazine....what - no Mr T????? OUTRAGE!!!

I was disappointed in the least and my eagerness and enthusiasm for an "up-dated' version of a beloved classic jumped out the window and died! Then, 2010 roles upon us and the trailers for the film hit the internet and cinemas but still - it didn't grab me. It looked tacky, un-original(well it's Hollywood and a re-make so it still kind of is), with totally over-the-top and overblown Micheal Bay-style action sequences and not a single trace of any whit or plot visible!

If it was not for my Dad (also an avid fan of the show) offering to pay for me, I probably would not have bothered seeing the film. Well...not at the cinemas anyway.

We watched the film last night and i have to say, it was definitely better than I was expecting. It was actually and surprisingly very good! I was fearing all my fond memories of my favourite characters such as 'B.A. Barachus' and 'Mad Murdoch' would be spat on and watered-down into ironic cliché versions of what they originally were - instead, I was treated to a clever and accurate modernisation of one of the best T.V. shows of the 80's!

The main concept for A-team to work is all about a successful interpretation of the characters. If the characters aren't right - the film will fall flat and will only be branded as A-team by name alone, nothing more than a cash-in on the name. Fortunetly the characters, although played by different actors - are successfully updated and portrayed and still somehow feel the same as the originals with the humour and witty dialogue still there in spades!

The cast did a fine job in their respective roles especially South African actor Sharlto Copley as 'Howling mad Murdoch'! He was hilarious and out of all the cast - resembled his 80's counterpart most accurately in his appearance. Quinton Jackson, although not quite Mr T - still managed to portray a descent portrayal of 'B.A' and although I don't recall him saying his famous catch-phrase more than once, he made up for it with his witty tattoos! I thoroughly enjoyed the back-story to his fear of flying!!!

The action scenes (as obvious from the trailers) are pretty big and impressive which is normal by today's standards. Lot's of explosions, gun/fist fights and airplane chases a-plenty fill the plot (yes...there is actually a plot) in nicely. None of the action sequences are drawn out too long and although some of the scenes suffer a bit from a little too much CGI, shaky-cam and quick cuts making visibility difficult and a bit muddled, still doesn't take away from the film's overall entertainment value.

The plot is not overly complicated but it IS there and it is not completely dumbed-down and insulting to the viewers intellect. A perfect balance of action, story and humour make A-team a brilliant and successful up-dated film adaption that successfully brings The A-team into the new millennium yet doesn't tread over the original.

Thankfully the best bits aren't shown in the trailers and the film is most deserving of at least one more sequel!

I pity the fool who doesn't enjoy this film!
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The A-Team: a very good B-movie
samvanraalte10 June 2010
If you are looking for a light, funny and action packed movie, it doesn't get much better than this. The A-Team is very, very easy too take in, but never boring, has action-scenes that will blow you out of your seat and is stuffed with plenty of damn funny moments.

Also very nice for a change: this action/comedy film doesn't take itself too seriously. Which is quite refreshing if you take a look at all the 'comedy with a message' crap Hollywood produces these days.

The new B.A. (Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson), Murdock (Sharlto Copley), Hannibal (Liam Neeson) and Face (Bradley Cooper) are all great at their roles. Props for Patrick Wilson as the slick C.I.A. agent Lynch and Jessica Biel is lovely as always. Joe Carnahan, who wrote and directed this movie, simply did a great job and gives the audience exactly what it needs.

I'd say it was definitely worth my money.
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Pity the fool who doesn't enjoy this film
intern-8822 June 2012
When I heard that they were making a movie of The A-Team, I fully expected a Thanksgiving-size turkey. I was never a massive fan of the TV series, which despite the running theme of good guys versus the government always felt like a smug, popular-culture expression of Ronald Reagan's politics. Just because you can remember the catchphrases doesn't mean it was any good.

The TV show was formulaic down to having exactly the same stunt - a car spinning over sideways - in every episode. Why bother making a film of it? Since there have been few enjoyable remakes of old American TV shows - only the Ben Stiller / Owen Wilson parody of Starsky and Hutch springs to mind - the omens were not good.

The film version of The A-Team is not merely over-the-top. It's in a geostationary orbit 22,000 miles above over-the-top. Ridiculous does not even begin to describe it.

There's the way 'Hannibal' Smith (Liam Neeson), having been beaten half to death by crooked Mexican cops, avoids being shot with his own gun by the forward thinking of taking the firing pin out - and then uses said firing pin to free himself from his handcuffs which he then puts on the two nasty-looking dogs sent to finish him off. And then says 'I love it when a plan comes together!'

Then there's the way Smith randomly chances upon another former US Army Ranger, BA Baracus (played by cage-fighting star Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson) - who has just had to beat up an entire gang of Mexican smugglers to get his beloved GMC van back - in the middle of the Mexican desert. The two of them go off to rescue Smith's partner, 'Faceman' Peck (Bradley Cooper), crashing into the gang's camp just as 'Face' is about to be burned alive (although he's still laughing and joking about it all, naturally).

The crew then dash off to a local mental asylum where they are told that the best pilot (and biggest lunatic ever), Captain HM 'Howling Mad' Murdock, can be found. Having sprung Murdock, the four make their escape in a hospital chopper which is then chased by the nutty Mexicans in a helicopter gunship. Having used a variety of ludicrous means to evade the gunship's missiles - including stalling their chopper to avoid heatseekers - the fearless four cross into US airspace where a jet fighter is conveniently ready to shoot down the Mexicans.

None of these facts are spoilers. All of these things happen before the opening titles.

The A-Team is like Hollywood Action Movie Lasagne: it's a layer of cliché, followed by a layer of implausibility, followed by another layer of cliché and so on, with the whole lot finished off with a sickly rich layer of computer-generated special effects. There's one spectacular set-piece after another. If anything, The A-Team tries just too damned hard to blow us away, to the point where the possibility that anything that is displayed on screen could actually happen becomes inconceivable.

While they were blowing all that money on CGI, they clearly didn't bother spending much on make-up. Liam Neeson's grey hair looks like it was done by the people responsible for the 'before' shots on those Just For Men adverts. In other words, it's every bit as implausible as the rest of the film.

And just when the implausibility ratings couldn't get any higher, the woman pursuing our friendly rogues, far from looking like The Freak from Prisoner Cell Block H (as you might expect a ball-breaking military chick to look), wears high heels, a sleek black leather coat and looks like Jessica Biel. (Oh, hang on, it is Jessica Biel.)

And yet, after watching half an hour of this utter nonsense, I noticed something else: I hadn't stopped smiling.

As one high-octane, tongue-in-cheek incident followed another, I found myself muttering 'No way!' as frequently as BA Baracus was grunting 'This is bullshit, man!'. In other words, a lot. Because the truth is that The A-Team is fun. Just leave your reality check at the door.

Not that action movies should ever try to be kitchen-sink dramas. In fact, this is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink drama. So it's one 'gag' - in the old Hollywood sense - after another. It's as much an homage to Buster Keaton, albeit a very loud, violent homage, as it is to the original A-Team TV show. And at least it doesn't take itself as seriously as Mission Impossible.

It's also got 'FRANCHISE' stamped all over it. At the very least, expect a sequel. For those familiar with the TV series, where Hannibal, Face, BA and Murdock are soldiers of fortune in the Los Angeles underground, this film is like a prequel: it ends where the TV series begins.

And don't worry if don't catch it at the cinema. If you've got a problem, and you know where to find a Blockbuster, you can hire The A- Team. On DVD, in a month or two, at least.
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Fun , entertainment , comedy and noisy action with the nostalgic team
ma-cortes21 August 2010
Amusing return to the classic series created by Stephen J Cannell , also here as producer along with Ridley Scott , with an appropriate cast and overwhelming C.G. special effects . Excellent homage to the entertaining episodes with a complex intrigue but following the canon and overemphasis on usual characterization and special effects . A new entry of the mythical series of ¨A Team¨ , this time written and directed by Joe Carnahan , the creator of the successful film titled "Smokin's aces" and many others ; here is developed the first meeting between Annibal Smith , and his pals . While on the lam, they became heroes for hire, working as good-guy vigilantes around the US or the world . At the end of their stint in Irak Col. John "Hannibal" Smith ( Liam Neeson in the role of the deceased George Peppard) and his team were framed for stealing some plates (which they had done, but under orders). The operative group is sent on an assignment to recover plates for printing 100 dollar bills that were utilized to print a billion dollars. After making the mission and returning to the base their commanding General (Gerald McRaney) is murdered in a blow up and the plates are robbed and they are condemned to an US and Germany military prison . They escaped and went on the run, pursued by Captain , later degraded Lieutenant Sosa (Jessica Biel). Hannibal Smith was their chief and an expert at disguises . Templeton Faceman (Bradley Cooper substituting Dirk Benedict) was the team's con artist and lady's man . M.A. Baracus (Quinton Rampage Jackson replacing Mr T) with extreme panic to flight , he was their mechanic , but also took care of mayhem and intimidation . The final member of the Team , "Howling Mad" Murdock (Sharlto Copley similar role to Dwight Schulz), was an expert but nutty pilot, and a certified lunatic , but they broke him out of a mental hospital whenever they needed him for a dangerous mission.

This entertaining story is concentrated on known characters as well as thrill-packed action and special effects although there're numerous of that too . The movie has unstopped ,tension, comedy , emotion, suspense and sensational scenarios like is customary development of the franchise . Spectacular , exciting , fast-paced , thrilling this is the description of this new cinematic outing of ¨A Team¨ , film that reinvents the saga through a perfect pulse narrative that does not give a second of rest to the spectator who is trapped for two hours approx. in a genuine visual spectacle . Humor , thrills , several agreeable characters and trademark effects abound and will please the series enthusiasts such as the neophyte .

The agreeable acting convinces , especially the leader Liam Neeson , the sympathetic Bradley Cooper and Brian Bloom in a super-villain role , while other players also make a nice work as Patrick Wilson and the gorgeous Jessica Biel. And of course , special appearance in brief cameos from Dwight Schulz and Dirk Benedict , though doesn't appear Mr. T. The moving final amazing the spectator , in which the stirring and spectacular scenes create a perfect union that terminates with an ending that leaves you stuck in the armchair facing the formidable spectacle as a privileged witness . It is the rebirth of the series, an enjoyable homage , the start of a new scenario . Fans of the series may find much to love , but others will be bewildered by excessive and breathtaking situations . Thrilling soundtrack by Alan Silvestri , he composes an impressive musical accompaniment to the film . Furthermore a colorful and glimmer cinematography by Mario Fiore . Suitable for family viewing , it's an entertaining adventure which young and old men will enjoy . Fans of the series will find very bemusing and fun . It is amusing to watch and aficionados are sure to love it , resulting to be one of the best adaptations based on TV series of the last times.
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Wild, Sharp and Action-Fun Packed!!
roboperson9 June 2010
Just came back from a 11 o'clock session of The A-Team and heres what i think.

Actors: Bradely Cooper (The Hangover) plays Face Liam Nesson (Taken, Chronicles of Narnia) plays Hannibal Quinton 'Ramage' Jackson (UFC) plays B.A. Baracus Sharlto Copley (District 9) plays Murdock

With most of the audiences being pleased about the film, The A-Team may look like a ridiculous, broken and edgy film that is just full of CGI garbage and failed actors... NO, that is not true. It may be ridiculous to think about the idea, such as the new G.I. Joe movie, which currently isn't a total pleaser but it does help for other audiences alike.

The CGI effects itself were brilliant, the actors performance were at some stages exciting and with some help of music composer 'Alan Silvestri' who also did other epic titles such as Forest Gump, Eraser, Cast Away, Back to the Future and The Long Kiss Goodnight. The Film ultimately comes out as a rough and tough, action-adventure ride from start to finish.

So, grab your friends and have a fantastic time! If you agree...
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More like the D-team
MovieProductions30 June 2010
* out of (****)

I typically enjoy mindless action movies that have a paper-thin plot and usually nothing else to offer. Albeit, the A team is a mindless summer blockbuster and has a paper-thin plot, but it just isn't fun. Not only isn't it interesting but it also suffers from an abysmal script, a poor direction, and very average performances. The major issue is not that I didn't like The A-team, I hated it. And the strange thing is, I had no expectations. I wasn't expecting anything because I didn't even want to see it that much. Moreover, you know how many summer blockbusters have high production values? Wow. Here, production values have been tossed out the window. Is this what Hollywood has resort to? Films with big explosions and zero fun? Wow, I never thought you could screw up a simple, mindless action flick, but I guess the impossible just turned into the improbable.

I'd speak about the plot, but most of you know it by now, and it's as thin as a cardboard cut- out. Well, I'll talk about the positives, which are very scarce. First of all, I thought Liam Nesson's performance was pretty good. Second of all, I thought the action was slick. That's about it.

Now, let's head to the negatives, which are very overbearing. First off, I thought this movie was unnecessarily boring and just a chore to sit through. From the very beginning of this movie, I was not hooked at all with what I was seeing. The running time is just shy of two hours, but it feels like an hour and a half longer. Second of all, I thought the performances were bland. I did not care about any of the characters, with the exception of Liam Nesson. They were obnoxious, rebellious, and unintelligent in every sense. To add to that, I thought the direction was lousy. This movie was just all over the place, lacking coherency. Additionally, I thought this movie had way too much action. I understand it's an action movie, but is it really necessary to have explosions every two minutes? Come on now, that's a bit inane. Moreover, I thought this movie was heavily nonsensical. Nothing made sense and the holes in the script were the size of Texas. To put the icing on the cake, I thought the dialog was just awful. Every time a joke came on-screen my laughs resorted to sighs and then inevitably to yawns. And every time a touching speech appeared, I cringed rather than felt inspired.

Overall, The A-Team basically just stinks. The dialog, performances, script, direction, and writing are just so unnecessarily bland. This is coming from a man who likes mindless action pictures and things that go "boom" in the night. I had zero expectations and went in with an open mind, and I basically just hated this movie. To be honest, I don't understand the appreciation and love for this movie. What was so great about? Yeah, the action set pieces were pretty slick, but that's the only plausible thing about the movie. The fun factor was lacking, and it was lacking big time. Chances are, you're most likely to disagree with me, but the A-team, I believe, is one of the worst movies I've seen this year. Such a huge disappointment.
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A-Team: a defining moment in crap
MovieZoo11 June 2010
It wasn't until I saw A-Team that I realized I never bothered to actually define what a movie is. So I went to Merram Webster online and found this: "a sequence of consecutive pictures of objects photographed in motion by a specially designed camera (motion-picture camera) and thrown on a screen by a projector (motion-picture projector) in such rapid succession as to give the illusion of natural movement." That was a perfect definition and exactly what I felt about A-Team. It was nothing but that. Someone threw images on a screen. There was sound, color, plenty of sensation and exaggeration, absurdity and nonsense. Amid all this I found several delightful performers who had the misfortune of having to portray characters who were forced to fit into a mess of "tossed-salad editing". I really did like the characters. But they could not rise above the crap all around them. Character development was horrible, story development was horrible, and having to change focus on highspeed mood shifts and plot shifts just became way too much of an intrusion on my intelligence. Sorry, I am not going to allow myself to give this trash any respect if I cannot get it from people who don't know how to make movies.

2 out of 10 out of sympathy and sorrow for a missed opportunity
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So much fun!
jamwest118 July 2010
My favourite film of the year, remember the series when I was kid, and thought this was a a great take on the series.

The guy from District 9,Sharlto Copley played Murdoch, was funny as hell, and Face played by Bradley Cooper was perfectly cast. Quinton Jackson was a good choice as BA, had never heard of him till this film) , and thought Liam Neeson was fantastic as Hannibal. I really hope that they will make future A Team films with this same cast, because I thought this film was spot on for A team film.

Funny, full of action, and slick, Definitely will add this to my DVD collection as soon as it comes out
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A fun and silly TV showed turned into an awful movie
EvilKiwi6 August 2010
Let me get this out there straight off the bat. I loved the TV show. It was fun and silly and knew what it was about. I know there is a lot of expectation when a famous and much loved TV show is adapted into a two hour feature film. Especially when it is 25 years later. But how Joe Carnahan turned it into (to borrow a quote from Roger Ebert) an incomprehensible mess, I'll never know. Forget the lame script, there is much bigger bones to pick. I don't even know where to start so in no particular order: Music. Apart from a few chords here and there, where the hell was the theme music? (Apart from the credits). BA's GMC had a cameo then got smashed to bits? Casting: Liam Neeson as Hannibal. Great. No problems. Bradley Cooper as Face. Great. No problems. Quinten "Rampage" Jackson. Mixed. But I still think Mr T could and should have reprised the part. Sharlto Copley as Murdoch. I tried very hard to like him but he just didn't do it for me.

When I wasn't trying to figure out who was in what country at any given time, I was trying to make sense of the mess of the script in between all of the non-stop action sequences. Structure was a complete mess.

I am trying to remember the last time I actually sat in a movie theatre watching a full on action sequence with explosions and the like thinking how bored I was.

And at the end of all of this, a disrespectful and tacky add on at the end of the credits with Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz which made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It's like it was filmed to maybe go into the main picture at some point but was ultimately tagged on at the end. Mr Carnahan, I just don't see the point in involving a couple of members from the original TV show just to have used their footage in this way. In fact, in the ten seconds that he was on screen, Dwight Schultz did more to show why he was much loved as Murdoch and as to why the TV show was the hit that it was and as to why it was everything this movie isn't. Something just gave me the impression that Mr Carnahan got to the editing suite and suddenly realised that Dwight Schultz was so good it showed up the crap he had actually made and so relegated it to the post credits sequence.

All in all I really think the filmmakers missed a trick here and have made a bland and convoluted no brainer for 13 year olds rather than for the legions of devoted fans that loved the TV show so much.

Even after all these years, there was something inside me that just thought it would have worked better to bring back the original cast (with Liam Neeson as Hannibal in the place of the deceased George Peppard) and just update everything to the present day and see what happened to this crack commando team after 20 or 30 years on the run.
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a very bad movie based on a very good TV series
abc_ca200212 June 2010
I loved the A-team TV series but this movie is an unsuccessful attempt, it is super noisy,pointless,very confusing and over crowded ...up to 20 minutes through the movie still you will read titles and credit texts.the story starts with so called Hollywood labelled bad guys,in this case a few Latinos that in spite of their greater number they are defeated by 2 guys,then all of sudden they are talking about going Baghdad and talking to go to Kabul too and so on,I think movie making in Holiwood hit the bottom with this one. dialogues are suppressed with a load soundtrack and lots of human ah & ooh,& machine noises,Everybody's yelling,shouting and speaking in the same time please don't waste your money and time to see this movie. Thanks
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I want those 2 hours of my life back.
drigmy1119 June 2010
This was one of the worst movies that I've seen in years. I like action movies and usually have no problem with mindless plots and violence but this movie made Steven Seagal movies look Oscar worthy. The actors were fine and there were plenty of funny one liners. The plot was nothing special but I can accept that. The problem was that the movie was carried out with such a lack of cohesion that everything just fell to crap. I just did not give a damn what happened in the movie after the first 30 minutes and to tell the truth I just wanted it to end. My advice is to save your money and more importantly to save your time. Remember this is your life and you can never get those hours back.
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The A team - Must watch movie flick
revezer14 June 2010
After Hangover and Taken - Bradley and Liam are back with a bang… gonna watch it again in theater…. The A Team --- watch out for the best action flick -- Q.R.Jackson still remains the Man of the movie :) can give 9 for the action and 10 for the style. well this movie kinda started without any great events as every movie would have however when it gradually picked up, thriller entered the movie and there it went on. there was some scene which really made every one laugh though it was still a thriller and action flick. Awesome acting by all the four hero's and good supporting role for the villain. i was actually wondering how would they end the story as in all the movies where at the end of the movie we would have the bad boys caught but it had good real turns:) thanks to the director for giving such a good flick :) cheers for The A Team.

I would give 4/5 and 2 thumbs up for this movie!
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What a blast from the past!
Akira-366 November 2010
I remember watching repeat runs of the 80's TV series this movie is based on. Love it as a kid and then as a teenager. This movie version is such a blast from the past.

It's fun, silly and out of this world. Much more entertaining that Mission Impossible or other team-based movies of recent years. Carnahan and his crew have done a top notch job in delivering this baby to us. The casting and acting were terrific, the chemistry between the characters is half of the fun, and I'm glad they decided to approach this movie from a tongue-in-cheek angle. It was the right choice.

A thoroughly engaging and fun romp that stays true to the original series and such a treat for fans!
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Missing The Goofball Charm
bkoganbing11 June 2010
One of the absolute worst television series ever to succeed was the original A-Team. It was dumb and vacuous, these four guys with all their weaponry and you can count the number of actual fatalities on the show with the fingers of one hand for the run of the series. Yet it had a certain goofball charm to it with very well defined characters, the head of the team and planner George Peppard, the conman and scammer Dirk Benedict, the crazy pilot Dwight Schultz and finally the team's mechanic and muscle Mr. T.

Although it has a few laughs in it, this version of The A-Team with Liam Neeson now in charge is strictly serious. It certainly made up for all the lack of fatalities, there were more computer graphic generated deaths here than in the entire run of the TV show. The story is also updated to modern times, these guys are soldiers serving in Iraq and not Vietnam veterans.

General Gerald McRaney recruits Neeson and the team to stop a convoy of former Saddam loyalists from stealing the plates to make counterfeit USA currency. Involved also are the CIA as represented by Patrick Wilson and a group of mercenaries led by Brian Bloom. In this crowd no one trusts the others and as the film unfolds they all have good reason.

Jessica Biel is in this as well as a captain then lieutenant then captain again of Army Intelligence. She provides the love interest for Face played here by Bradley Cooper. As he's the charmer, he's the one who competes for the leading lady.

Sharlito Copley is Murdock and rap star Quenton 'Rampage' Jackson is BA Baracus and neither come close to Dwight Schultz or Mr. T. In fact The A-Team big screen version is a reasonably competently made action film, but nothing more.
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I'm not at all surprised that this film flopped
joshwinkler8727 June 2010
Not just because it isn't really that great of a film, it was based on a TV show that ran from 1983 to 1987 and I can assume a good major of moviegoers (myself included) probably hadn't even been born yet when The A-Team TV show was popular. Not to mention this film was based on a TV show that was likely considered pretty cheesy even in it's prime.

The 2000 film Charlie's Angels was based on a TV show that was equally as cheesy as The A-Team but it does help when you have some really hot sexy women in the main role. It's rather obvious by the film posters and the trailers that The A-Team is mostly comprised of middle aged men. Even with the hot women in the main roles, Charlie's Angels only grossed about $125 million and made it to #14 in the highest grossing films in 2000. Perhaps people always associated with the campy TV show.

Getting back to the film, there isn't really a lot here. If you have ever watched a full episode of the TV show than you have a good idea of what you are going to see her except that it is pretty well stretched over two hours here. Given it's due the film does stay pretty loyal to the show and if that's all you are expecting that is basically what you are going to get. This is kind of one of those films where you just need to 'turn off your brain' for two hours and just appreciate the pointless action and special effects. And if you're not expecting any more than that, The A-Team will not disappoint.
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What was this?
Luigi Di Pilla6 December 2019
Jeez, was I wrong with this movie. I don't know what happened here but it didn't deliver the needed adrenaline kick for me. It's a complete mess and the quality of the pictures are really bad. I am surprised how Liam Neeson could accept this role in this C-movie and the A-Team is for sure not so dangerous as it want to be. Okay, I have to admit that the cargo action scenes looked pretty good. The story itself looses more and more the point and gets ridiculous. Finally I was so bored that I nearly felt asleep. Then, after an hour I switched off. Stay away. I cannot understand the positive reviews but the ratings are no doubt too high. Stay away you won't regret. 1/10
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A-Team features no ghosts or wizards
jessegehrig26 August 2014
Mirthless, dead-eyed movie, propelled forward through space and time by money alone. That defenders of this movie always frame their argument within the phrase "I know what kind of movie this is..." it's like saying ' I know this movie is a piece of sh*t but also it's not half bad '. The movie is going to be one or the other, never both. Fine, movie's problem is that it's not a comedy. A-Team as an awful 80's TV show is hilarious, everything is impossible and the plot is moronic and something blows up every episode. This movie takes itself way too serious, just a humorless bore full of sad machismo. We can't blame everything on cocaine, so what is this movie's excuse?
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I Pity The Fool
vampyrecowboy29 September 2010
Stupid stupid, stupid.

Hollywood had to Holllywoodize it and bastardize this.

Gone is the funny and now comes the stupid and absurd.

Back in the 80's the A-team were mellow and sarcastic.

They had no money, they all drove in a black van and they basically did charity work.

They didn't talk trashy, they didn't kill anybody, they didn't go overboard like in this movie.

The entire concept of the 80's TV show and this movie are far between each other.

The TV show was fun to watch...this was just really "effin" boring and dismal.

I had a small role in this movie and I saw it for the first time last night. I saw it for free and I was really upset that the result was this overblown piece of crap.

It's pathetic from so many ways to even consider that this was an A-Team movie - based from the series.

The characters were horrible developed, unfit for their characters and had no charming personalities.

Their dialog was absolutely horrible and the action was overdone.

The story in all capacity was just too damn Hollywoodized like some bad version on a Schwarzenegger movie - without the funny and it was just wrecked on all levels.

I didn't pay to see this and I'm very glad...because it just sucked...

Event he popular lines weren't used...what gives.

A waste of my film viewing experience.
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The new Alpha Team cannot even be an Omega Team for good. Even so i liked its entertaining manner.
CihanVercan16 July 2010
The Alpha Team, the heroes for hire, are back. But whom are they hired by? Nobody. This time they keep running away from the U.S. Military army justice, while trying to justify themselves. To beat the rap, to be cleared of blame they need to put the blame on someone else, right? And who is gonna that? CIA does. SuperMan, the flying guy from Krypton story with a family of Gods and Goddesses, has more brains than this.

Well, it's an action film, who cares about the concept? OK. If so.

All the critics and complaints were about the shaky camera technique, the quick-cut editing style when it comes to action. I'm not gonna say everyone's right, but they are not totally wrong either. The main issue is Director of Photography and Visual Effects. If you are not able to frame a good action scene in choosing the camera distance, zoom and aperture ; in the fear of looking so fake, then you can only be annoying. I'm repeating: Because of the effort of Visual Effects to be seen more realistic, the perfection of eye-view is being taken away. This is not new. It was just like the same issue with Quantum of Solace of James Bond. This only fits well with high-budget FPS action games on play-station(e.g. Call of Duty).

Well, it's a character-driven fun and exciting mob movie, who cares if the action is only good as play-station games? OK. If so.

The characters. Who can say Hannibal, Murdock, Faceman or B.A. is better than the original? One of the few things I liked about this remake is the characters are introduced in a very cool way, instead of the opening credits. Best of all is the B.A's intro, with his tattoos on his body, Quinton Jackson brought about an entertaining "voila!" and kept the entertainment at high. Quinton was the only one I liked from the cast. Liam Neeson as Hannibal is trying to give a new dimension to the big shot character, his Hannibal Smith turned out to be a tasteless watermelon as Annabell Smith. Faceman is down too, but Bradley Cooper had nothing less than Dirk Benedict to play Faceman; sadly the script messes up with him. I want to add a big major complaint here: Originally Faceman is never ever became the leader of the crew, nor ever his ideas been appreciated by Hannibal. Hannibal had always thought that Faceman is just a great diplomat. But in the film we never saw Faceman's diplomatic success. Murdock as District 9's Sharlto Copley, he killed the good out of Murdock, the "Howling Mad" Dwight Schultz character must have been as cool and as funny as Jim Carrey. Original Howling Mad has very unique skills, other than operating helicopters, he is a great way to distract the enemy. In war, the key for victory lies in the ways of distracting the enemy. But who is aware of that? They talk about M.Gandhi, but they got no any idea about war strategies. Supposedly they are the best Iraq war vets. It was a promising film, but sadly it's a failure. Finally, I tell you the worst part: Jessica Biel as army general. When she shouts to order her subordinates, and even yells at somebody; everyone just chops her off. What a commander out of blue!

It's easy to find a remake annoying with holding a candle to its original. But looking at all those remakes of this summer, this year, and the recent years; A-Team 2010 is one step before most of them. It's a visual fest, full of action sequences, just between your breathes and blinking. But again, just don't call them A-Team, these new guys can only be an O-Team. It's not Alpha Team; it's Omega Team.
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