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Season 2

10 Jun. 2006
Bring It On
Three sisters who once controlled the world are released from stone and wish to rule again. They can hypnotize and even trap magical creatures in stone. Who can stop them?
24 Jun. 2006
Half Baked
Jake must bake cupcakes for extra credit in his Home Eq class, but he accidentally includes a magical venom in the recipe.
1 Jul. 2006
The Academy
Spud breaks the HuntsClan encryption code and two trainees are captured. Jake and Spud replace them and go to the training facility to try to uncover another evil plot. What if Jake is caught? And who are the girls in Kara's vision who are fighting over Spud?
15 Jul. 2006
Something Fishy This Way Comes
Jake's principal is not what she appears to be.
12 Aug. 2006
Hero of the Hourglass
After successfully keeping a time traveling amulet out of the clutches of the Huntsclan, and getting grounded by his father in the process, Jake decided to use the amulet to go back to 1986 in order to reveal the existence of Dragons and other magical creatures to him. The trouble is, the shock of this revelation ends up breaking his parents up before he was even born, and now he has no other choice but to find a way to get them back together again.
19 Aug. 2006
With the help of a dream charm from Rose, Jake tries to enter the subconscious of Rotwood in order to pass his mysterious test. During this effort, he accidentally release a Chimera from Rotwood's dream into everybody else's, and has to summon Spud and Trixie to defeat it. In the process of doing so, Jake finds out about his friends and foes, Trixie find out something about herself, and Rose discovers something new about her past, that may further diminish her loyalty to the Huntsclan.
9 Sep. 2006
A Befuddled Mind
Spud ends up in genius school.
16 Sep. 2006
Fool's Gold
In gratitude for rescuing them from some trolls, two leprechauns offer Jake a part-time job as security duty at a pawn shop they own, and the greed goes to his head as well as the heads of his friends... that is until the shop makes a deal with the huntsclan that could doom the entire magical wold.
23 Sep. 2006
Feeding Frenzy
Jake must protect the trident while competing with his cousin.
30 Sep. 2006
Haley Gone Wild
When dad says don't watch a TV show.
18 Nov. 2006
The Rotwood Files
Jake plays a trick on Principal Rotwood, making him leave, only to have an even tougher principal take his place.
16 Dec. 2006
Hairy Christmas
Desperate to get out of his family's lame Christmas rituals, Jake uses his dragon duties to try to find a baby sasquatch and return him to his tribe before they go on a rampage throughout New York City. The only people who make this job harder than it already is are Professor Rotwood, and two flunkies from the Huntsclan.
3 Feb. 2007
The Love Cruise
While Jake guards Cupid's arrows, he obsesses over Rose and decides to use the arrows on his school's Love Cruise dance.
18 Feb. 2007
Year of the Jake
When Jake is asked to watch over his Grandpa's shop, he accidentally curses it. Can he eliminate the curse before his Grandpa returns?
10 Mar. 2007
Jake and Rose come to a crossroads, as the Huntsclan achieve the power to eliminate all magical creatures.
17 Jun. 2007
Bite Father, Bite Son
The type of Vampire that feeds on Dragon blood is in NYC. They want the American Dragon. Jake has a secret weapon but so do they! How can he defeat them at night and when he is too weak to blow fire?
7 Jul. 2007
Furious Jealousy
Spud is after Stacey the cheerleader again, but his love can lead to great dangers.
4 Aug. 2007
Being Human
Jake takes a break from being the American Dragon and lets Haley take over, but an old enemy returns.
1 Sep. 2007
Hong Kong Longs
Jake Long's family tours Hong Kong, actually for a special meeting of Dragons. Grandpa is abducted. In an effort to rescue him, Jake and his close friends use their extreme-sport skills but enter a trap. With grandpa hostage and the Dark Dragon so powerful, who can avert the capture of the entire Magical world?

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