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Why John Goodman’s Howard is the real victim in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Before you go any further, this article contains multiple spoilers for 10 Cloverfield Lane. It’s a film best seen with as little prior knowledge as possible. So, in the spirit of the movie, hole yourself up in a bunker until you’ve seen it.

Here comes the spoilers.

In Defence of Howard’s Actions in 10 Cloverfield Lane

John Goodman’s Howard is the violent, unpredictable core of 10 Cloverfield Lane. He’s the inciting incident (running Michelle’s car off the road), the source of all conflict, and the dominator of every scene (a credit to Goodman’s performance). He’s a man of grunts, sighs and exhales, and is, arguably, the physical embodiment of the bunker itself, with its mechanical whirs, bubbling fish tank and compartmentalised chambers.

He’s the film’s antagonist. He bears uncomfortably over Michelle as though she’s his estranged daughter; and bullies Emmett, the builder
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Texas Now Casting ‘The Second Chance’ and Other Auditions

Talent is currently being sought out of Texas for the independent short film “The Second Chance.” The film follows Lauren, a woman being continuously followed by a mysterious man. Although her husband dismisses the situation, their lives are changed when they have an unexpected run in with the stranger. One supporting role is being cast for the film, which shoots October 23–25 in Houston. For more details, check out the full casting notice here, and check out the rest of our Texas audition listings!
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Teresa Giudice -- Prosecutors Say No Way You Louse ... To Half Way House

  • TMZ
Teresa Giudice wants to go only half way when it comes to serving her prison sentence ... but prosecutors are now saying over their dead bodies.Giudice is asking the judge for mercy -- to allow her to serve most of her sentence in a half way house. But we just obtained a letter prosecutors sent to the judge ... vehemently objecting ... claiming the judge made it clear she needed prison punishment, and nothing less.Teresa had
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X Factor's Top 6 Overs revealed: Who should make the Live Shows?

Even he found it difficult, but while he might wish he could start the whole thing all over again, Simon Cowell has finally named his Top 6 Boys.

But now we want to know who you think should make it through to the Live Shows, so imagine you're Sinitta at the Judges' Houses (if you don't already) and let us know which three you would put through.

Here's a reminder of Simon Cowell's top six picks:

1. Jay James

The Ex-Navy One

Jay James won over all the judges with his Navy background and his adorable daughter when he tried out in the Room auditions. He even made Mel B cry when he sang 'Say Something', and then he blazed through 'Fix You' in the arenas. But with rumblings that he's already had a record deal, will he be worth the controversy?

2. Ben Haenow

The Van Driver One

For one thing,
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X Factor's Top 6 Boys revealed: Who should make the Live Shows?

It was a Scary decision, but someone had to do it - and Mel B has now chosen her Top 6 Boys after the brutal six-chair challenge.

But of course, even after all that drama, only three of the men can make it through to the all-important Live Shows - and we want to know who you want to see get there.

Here's a reminder of the lucky six that made it to Judges' Houses:

1. Jake Quickenden

The Heartbreaker

Jake's been here before - he got to Judges' Houses with Nicole Scherzinger, but no further. After speaking emotionally about the loss of his brother - all the while saying he doesn't want pity - he has left us feeling quite emotional, and there's no doubt he's a brilliant singer. We'd be very surprised not to see him in the Live Shows, but does Mel feel differently?

2. Jordan Morris

The Full Circle
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Megan Thomason's Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘daynight’ Optioned by Pathbender (Exclusive)

Megan Thomason's Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘daynight’ Optioned by Pathbender (Exclusive)
Production company Pathbender has optioned the Ya sci-fi trilogy “daynight” from San Diego-based author Megan Thomason, TheWrap has learned. “daynight” tells the modern-day story of three young adults, each trapped in a web of lies and deceit cast by The Second Chance Institute, a non-profit front for a totalitarian regime. Kira joins the Sci after her boyfriend, best friend and classmates die in an explosion that she narrowly escapes — an “accident” that she learns may have been orchestrated by the Sci. Blake and Ethan were born in opposition; one in Exile and trained from an early age to destroy...
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Jane By Design Review: A Fresh Start All Around

  • TVfanatic
A mother who abandoned you as a child returns, how do you react? Like Jane with open arms? Or like Ben with skepticism?

For me, I would definitely have been more like Ben. While I enjoyed "The Second Chance" overall, I had a difficult time believing that Jane would be so welcoming of her mother. Their conversation on the way to school and their later snuggling seemed too familiar and chummy given their separation. Yes, Jane had questions, but her lack of any anger was difficult to believe.

I've mentioned in my reviews that since Jane By Design has returned there has been a more serious tone to the show. Given the addition of Eli and Zoe, have the writers decided they need to change up the characters too? Is Jeremy gone now? Plus, we haven't seen much of Lulu and now with Nick's shoulder injury will he also be sidelined?
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'Jane By Design' star Erica Dasher previews final five episodes of season 1

'Jane By Design' star Erica Dasher previews final five episodes of season 1
Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher just showed up at the end of last week’s episode of ABC Family’s drama Jane By Design as Jane’s until-now-mia mother, Kate Quimby. What else does the frothy fashion show have up its well-hemmed sleeves? EW recently pressed star Erica Dasher — she plays the show’s title character, an underage assistant to Andie MacDowell’s demanding fashionista Gray Chandler Murray — about what we have to look forward to in the season’s final five episodes, which begin tonight with “The Second Chance,” at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

1. More Teri Hatcher drama is coming.
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Roadside Acquires 'Blue Like Jazz' Before SXSW Premiere

  • Indiewire
Roadside Acquires 'Blue Like Jazz' Before SXSW Premiere
Roadside Attractions has acquired U.S. rights to "Blue Like Jazz," prior to its world premiere in the Narrative Spotlight section at the upcoming 2012 South-by-Southwest Film Festival. The film, directed by Steve Taylor ("The Second Chance") and based on the hit semi-autobiography by Donald Miller, will open theatrically on April 13. Lionsgate will handle DVD, VOD and TV releases. "Blue Like Jazz" stars "True Blood" star Marshall Allman as Don, a 19-year-old sophomore in Texas, who decides to escape his religious upbringing. Here's a teaser: Full release below: For Immediate Release Roadside Attractions Set To Release Blue Like Jazz, The Much-anticipated Film Adaptation Of Donald Miller’S New York Times Best-selling Book Among the first high-profile fan-financed films; Extensive grassroots campaign in place leading up to an April theatrical release Los Angeles, CA (February 21,...
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Raising Hope - Episode 1.16 - Cultish Personality - Recap

  • SpoilerTV - Recaps
The Second Chance

Jimmy's cousin Mike (Skyler Stone) is back. After taking off with like-minded individuals six months ago, he comes back in an Rv married to Tanya. Not only did he have a wife now, he also got three brother-husbands, Jeff, Chester, and Rodney. He's now in a reverse gender polygamist relationship. Neat. It's not the first time he belonged to a cult or a religion. Except his new partners were leaving him. Not neat. Mike's brother-husbands realize that he was really not that into them; he only had eyes for Tanya. Mike failed to understand that their relationship is a five-way intersection, not a two-way street.

The polygamists stick around for one more day to fix their Rv.

Virginia had no intention of letting Mike live in a pup tent while listening to Richard Marx. He was invading her laundry room slash chick cave. Seeing how quickly Jimmy
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Cyndi Lauper, Lance Bass reach out to gay teens

  • Pop2it
Lance Bass and Cyndi Lauper are continuing their tireless support of Lgbt youth in their home states.

Lauper can currently be seen competing on "The Celebrity Apprentice" to earn money for the True Colors fund, the foundation she started to inspire the straight community to get involved in advancing Lgbt equality. Raised in Queens, Lauper is now opening the very first shelter for Lgbt youth in Manhattan according to Tonic.

The True Colors residence will be an $11 million dollar 6-story building which will "contain 30 studio apartments, communal space, a library and a computer room." It will provide shelter to youths between 18 and 24 years old, while most gay-friendly youth shelters only provide for young people until they're 21.

"Kids are coming out in greater numbers as they see themselves accepted and represented on TV and in movies," Lauper says, "but they're still being kicked out of their homes or running away and living on the streets.
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