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A great adventure film
jc-18521 November 2005
A great film (documentary) about Jon Muir's incredible solo trip across Australia. ...he not only encounters dead bovines, but eats from the rotting carcass! Throughout the film there are things that amaze, surprise and inspire. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in the outdoors and/or the resilience of people undertaking extreme endeavour(and perhaps dog owners who can take a knock). Some of the shots were apparently recorded after he had completed his journey, but they don't stand out and undoubtedly complement the film by showing him lost in the vast landscapes.

(see also: Berserk in Antarctica, an altogether different but perhaps equally dangerous journey)
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One of the best Man vs. Nature tales
trojannate3 October 2006
The documentary genre is so flooded with personal memoirs and private adventures these days, it's hard to see a film like this without already being numbed by Discovery Channel and the like.

But this film will creep into your soul, whether you are an outdoorsman or not. I saw this when I drifted into Telluride on a trip home from California. I decided to view it during a free afternoon at the Mountain Film Festival, and it hasn't left me since. What an amazing story! I'm looking for it on DVD, but the film seems to have disappeared. I do hope there are plans for a U.S./Netflix release. I know American audiences would love it.

All the best to you John!
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5 Stars
ookeen-116 January 2005
I saw this movie at the banff film festival and absolutely loved it. I think that this film will more be appreciated by the climbing and backpacking community, as its plot could be called, by some 'absurd'. The story of a man, who in his own words,( I got to see him!) "IS a simple man who walked his dog." hiking across Austrlia. Encountering, partially decomposing cows, dingoes, camel hoof-prints and many other simply unimaginable encounters! I would give it a 10! This is a movie about the human soul, and the tale of a man who overcame the physiological need of human companion ship, and other needs such as food, water.... I found it most intriguing that after this movie he lost 1/3 of his body weight, suffered from metal and physical exhaustion and malnutrition, yet went on to climb in the North Pole 4 months later. This man is an inspiration to us all!
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Must-See Documentary
alisonlshaw12 November 2006
I saw this documentary during the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC during Feb. 2005 at the Embassy of Australia (the perfect backdrop). This is not just a story about "a man who takes his dog for a walk..." This is a story about one man's journey through the harshest of terrains who, left (by choice) practically to his devices, persists one step at a time to reach a seemingly insurmountable personal goal - - to walk across Australia completely unassisted. Living entirely off the land like the Aborigines once did, Jon Muir is constantly tested by the elements and in spite of all the trials and tribulations, Muir manages to delight and captivate the audience with his own brand of natural charm and humor. His story is remarkable!!! A must-see!! His jack Russell terrior, Seraphine, Muir's reliable confidante, is to be credited, too.
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