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3 Oct. 2004
TWA Flight 800
Eyewitness observations of the crash of TWA flight 800 off the coast of New York in 1996 suggest the plane was shot down by a surface launched missile. After an extensive investigation the FBI and NTSB conclude the most likely cause was a short circuit in a fuel tank but cannot provide definitive evidence. Alternative theories, which experienced investigators find plausible, abound.
10 Oct. 2004
Majestic 12: UFO Coverup
This program reviews the research of the more credible skeptics of the US Government's report on the incident at Roswell New Mexico in 1947 where many people believe an alien spacecraft was destroyed in a crash. The focus is on the Majestic 12 committee.
17 Oct. 2004
FDR and Pearl Harbor
Several theories surrounding the Roosevelt Administration's foreknowledge of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are explored; that they did not have prior intelligence, that they bungled the intelligence, that they had conclusive prior knowledge but chose not to alert forces at Pearl and that they deliberately provoked the attack.
31 Oct. 2004
Area 51
Program presents Robert Lazar's claim that he worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51 without delving into technical details. Lazar's critics contend he may be a cover to draw attention from the real activities at the site such as testing advanced military technology.
Who Killed Martin Luther King?
For those who believe James Earl Ray did not kill Martin Luther King or did not do so alone, the list of alternative conspirators is long and diverse. This program presents the preeminent theories that have enriched their proponents.
21 Nov. 2004
Conspiracy? Princess Diana
The senseless death of celebrity Diana, Princess of Wales, while being hounded by paparazzi when she could have been protected by a wall of security cries out to her fans and loved ones for an explanation. While there are clues that suggest someone is to blame for her death, no one has yet to piece it all together.
28 Nov. 2004
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
The leading alternative to the theory that John Wilkes Booth and a few others conspired to murder Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and William Seward is a Confederate conspiracy. The details, motivation and evidence for such a conspiracy are presented along with the evidence that challenges the theory.
12 Dec. 2004
The Oklahoma City Bombing
Program presents evidence, both plausible and speculative, that Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building was supported at some level by Islamic terrorists.
19 Dec. 2004
The CIA and the Nazis
Following the surrender of Germany after World War Two, United States intelligence services courted Germans who could provide intelligence or technology that would be valuable in the coming Cold War with the Soviets. Many of these people acquired their expertise through war crimes which made them potentially unreliable should their past actions become public. But the United States had little choice but to deal with them and live with the eventual consequences.
2 Jan. 2005
Jack Ruby
This program reviews the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited by organized crime leaders to murder President John Kennedy based on the crack down on crime by Bobby Kennedy (the President's brother and Attorney General) and Oswald's murder by mob associate Jack Ruby.
10 Jan. 2005
RFK Assassination
Despite pressure to conduct a solid inquiry of the Robert Kennedy assassination to avoid the controversy following his brother's murder, there are various unexplained details in Los Angeles Police investigation which concluded Sirhan Sirhan was a lone shooter. Two alternative theories are reviewed along with claims that important evidence was altered and destroyed over the years; that Sirhan was acting under hypnosis and that there was a second shooter.
6 Mar. 2005
Kecksburg UFO
With no physical or documentary evidence and few willing witnesses, curious investigators futilely struggle to determine what, if anything, happened the night of December 9, 1965 in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

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