Rites of Spring Movie Review

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Rites of Spring Movie Review
Title: Rites of Spring Director: Padraig Reynolds (‘Green Arrow Fan Film,’ ‘The Election’) Starring: Aj Bowen (‘The Signal,’ ‘The House of the Devil’), Anessa Ramsey (‘The Signal,’ ‘Footloose (2011)’) and Marco St. John (‘The Campaign,’ ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans’) The best horror and thriller films are often believed to be those with larger budgets that feature multiple, daring action sequences and stunts. The genres, which both feature movies that have garnered critical and box office acclaim, are rarely combined, as their elements are so drastically different. But the new film ‘Rites of Spring,’ which hits select theaters and IFC Midnight Cable VOD and Digital Outlets tomorrow, not [ Read More ]
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