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this film sucks
kingpin337 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
possible spoiler ahead...not that you would even care...what the hell is this film trying to be..Rocky or Bloodsport it isn't! the fighting and acting in this film is atrocious.there is a fight about half way in inside a taxi cab and the 2 idiots sit there and then out of the blue start attempting to fight,you can clearly see they miss each other by 5 miles and the actual way its put together is the funniest slapstick fighting I've ever seen to this date (Woodbine) is usually a good actor and can slip into a role but he is no martial artist or boxer so quite why he is portrayed as a good fighter is beyond me because he clearly this tripe if you need a good laugh because it made me sit there mouth to floor with how bad the whole experience is >>Laff at the Champion is a better name for it...arse
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For Deborah & Bokeem fans ONLY!
Sherazade30 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is hands down one of the worst and poorly made films I have ever seen in my life. I cannot tell you completely because the words haven't been invented yet to explain how bad this film is. As a loyal fan of Deborah Cox, who has been quite upset with the way her music career has been going the last few years; I spied a copy of this DVD (in which she plays the lead female) on the shelf at my local video club and picked it up in good faith. I had anticipated that this DVD would hold an explanation as to why Deborah has been ridiculously and inexplicably absent from the music scene of recent but boy was I in for a a shocker. Aside from looking good in the clothes provided to her and the great job she seems to be holding down, there is not much else to see here. With this film, I saw her act for the first time and the acting (even I have to say) was nothing to write home about. Even the normally stellar Bokeem Woodbine is wasted as Shadow, the just released from prison husband of Deborah's character, who comes home to find out that his wife has done so well for herself in the 10 years that he has been gone that he can barely find a place in her life. Once he arrives from prison, the films begins on an episodic trail of bickering, regret, redemption, hate, spite, envy and ultimately leading up to an inevitable tragedy when Shadow escapes to the world of illegal boxing, after feeling boxed in by the new life his successful entrepreneur wife now has. And Trust me, I am making this sound good. Watch at your own risk or avoid at all cost!
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Just bought it
daddy_d119 March 2006
Just watched this DVD. I was impressed at how even a cheesy story had two talented actors. Bokeem Woodbine is a Terence Howard in the rough. He needs that break out role! This movie was obviously super low budget. I kept wondering if I was watching video. The sets were extremely cheap looking. I want to see hood movies that are different. Character driven. I loved Deborah Cox. I don't understand how she to is not in more better quality juicy roles. Come on how can Craig Brewer get it perfect with hustle and flow and Directors from the hood can't? Cowboy director...keep trying. We need better quality stories! This story gets a D+ in my book.
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But the acting?
Yankee70114 December 2006
I saw the movie and although it's obvious that it is a super low budget project I can't say enough about actor playing the part of Vegas. IMDb says his name is John Sorrenti. This guy has to be a real wiseguy hired to do the flick. His comments and expressions come off so natural. Keep an eye out for this guy, he's going places. I've seen Bokeem Woodbine in better of course, for instance, there's "Dead Presidents". I actually felt bad for him in that when Chris Tuckers character punched him in the face as their sitting there counting their money. He needs that breakout role that a lot of guys are waiting for. Hopefully it will not only come to him, but John Sorrenti also. I think I may have seen him in an episode of the Sopranos.
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Blood of a Champion
riahj183 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
See, I agree that this movie is low budget, but I think it has less to do with who's in it and more to do with a rush job. If I'm not mistaken this movie is based on the times of a boxer who died just a year ago. I heard about it on the news, if this is the same guy. But I digress, I've seen both Woodbine and Cox in much better roles, I think it was just the timing factors of this movie. Maybe. I can't think of a role of Woodbine's (though I know I've seen them) but Deborah Cox is in the movie Love Come DOwn, and a David E. Talbert play called Love On Layaway, in which she does a phenomenal job on both, and they're both of better quality.
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