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Worth my time in front of the "Idiot Box"
vadmal125 November 2004
This is one of the most moving TV series I have seen. Its another thing to have reality shows that offer plastic surgeries to people with a bad self image, or to have people tough it out in jungles, or to have them snap at each other for money/top-jobs, but it is totally another thing to be able to help people and families overcome a hurdle that is so REAL.

I don't know if the people were making it all up. If they were, they deserve Oscars. But if you are in doubt that its all fake and a total debauchery of human emotions, then do take a second look. GOD, I'm so praying that reality TV has finally come of some use. I just hope that they keep finding more deserving people, people in need of help, people who don't have means of getting that help because of the sorry state of their (or their family's) finances. This TV show makes me go out and give to needy people what ever I can. :) It makes me happy !!!
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Obviously planned Deliveries...bad acting...and in some cases a tear jerker
YourFakePlasticLove18 July 2005
Home Delivery is one of those shows that you love or hate, Home Delivery (through a letter or other means) are contacted and the hosts surprise either the one that wrote the letter or the person or people mentioned in the letter and help them somehow. Through watching a few episodes i found that i was annoyed by the hosts. I'm not sure who had the worst acting...the hosts or the people being dealt with. The everyday folk that are being featured are one thing. But over dramatic hosting is so "REALITY TV"..OK OK i know its supposed to be reality TV. But it would of been refreshing to see a reality based show...be? I dunno real. This like its counterparts are great to watch when nothings on. I was touched by some of the episodes...a girl gets a new glass eye because it keeps falling out...to a young mother getting her sauce marketed so she can further help to raise her kids.A young boy gets a new ear because he was born without one.Such sad stories with what seems to be happy outcomes.
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