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Season 1

Jul. 2006
Eien no raibaru
Twelve-year old Hikaru Shindo finds a old Go board with an hidden surprise. Trapped inside is Fujiwara-no-Sai, the ghost of a ancient Go master...
17 Oct. 2001
Minukareta kyûsho!!
After defeating Go prodigy Akira Toya with the help of Sai, Hikaru starts to get a better understanding of the game through classes with a local Go tutor. While learning the fine points of the game from Shirakawa-sensei, Hikaru is thrown out for disruptive behavior. He then makes his way to a local Children's Go Tournament. Meanwhile Akira is still pained by his loss to Hikaru and will do anything to face him once again.
24 Oct. 2001
Kiba wo muku akira
Going on instinct, Akira finds Hikaru at Children's Go Tournament and demands to know about more about this Go-playing upstart. They face each other in the Go Salon and sensing Akira's desire to win, Sai plays mercilessly, defeating Akira. As news spreads of Hikaru's win over Akira, he is spotted by the curious Ogata, a professional Go player, and dragged in to face the legendary Toya Meijin, a Go playing champion and Akira's father.
31 Oct. 2001
Shôgi bu no kaga
Initially rebuffing Akari's invitation to the Haze Junior High festival, Hikaru decides to attend only to be stood up. As he walks through the festival grounds, he spots a Go demonstration, much to the delight of Sai.
7 Nov. 2001
Kakusei no yokan
In a game of Go that could go either way, Kaga defeats Hikaru. But instead of making him jump into a freezing cold pool, Kaga recruits Hikaru to join he and Kimihiro to play in an upcoming Go tournament at rival Kaio Middle. The only problem is Hikaru isn't even old enough to play! As he keeps playing, Hikaru finds that Go has opened up a whole new universe for him.
14 Nov. 2001
Utsukushii ikkyoku
As if the pressure of getting caught for playing in the Go tournament, Akira Toya is touring the grounds of Kaio Middle, a school with a powerful Go team. Can Hikaru and his teammates win it all before their cover is blown?
21 Nov. 2001
Omae to ha utanai
With the Go Tournament behind them, Hikaru is now an official student at Haze Middle school and is eager to start a Go team with Kimihiro. It's just too bad that Kaga has quit to rejoin the Shogi Club. Meanwhile, Akira has entered Kaio Middle and joined the infamous Kaio Go Club. However, he has only one opponent on his mind, Hikaru! Will they play another match?
28 Nov. 2001
Ame no naka no sakuryaku
Akira Toya's presence on the Kaio Go Club has made him the most hated member of the team. Not only is he a Go master in the making, but he beats everyone who dares to face him. In the midst of a springtime downpour, three fellow Kaio teammates devise a plan to knock the mighty Toya off his perch.
6 Dec. 2001
Me zawari na yatsu!!
As the newest member of the Kaio Go Club, Akira must clean an old classroom to be used by the Girls' Go Team. But as soon as he starts to clean and look through old books of Go Strategy, Kojima and Ito, two Kaio teammates, trick him into playing Go without looking at the board. Can he win these games blind and prove he belongs in the Kaio Go Club?
13 Dec. 2001
San nin me no menbâ
Still looking for that elusive third player, Akari tells Hikaru and Kimihiro about Yuki Mitani, a fellow classmate who can play a mean game of go. The only problem is that he wants nothing to do with amateur tournaments. After overhearing about a match with a middle schooler in a nearby Go Salon, Hikaru and Sai discover Yuki playing not for the love of the game, but for the love of money.
20 Dec. 2001
Motto mo hikyô na kôi
Hikaru discovers Yuki secret to winning at Go...Cheating! When Hikaru returns to the Go Salon, it appears that the Shu, the Go Salon keeper, has brought in a ringer to stop Yuki and his hustling. Taken for all his money by his heartless opponent, Sai vows revenge and he and Hikaru take on the ringer for all that he's worth!
27 Dec. 2001
Sanshô ha dare da
In a token of thanks for defeating the ringer at the Go Salon, Yuki joins the Go Club and gives his word not to cheat. Over at Kaio Middle, Akira plots his next move in trying to face Hikaru once again. When he discovers that Hikaru will be playing in the weaker third position, Akira begs to be removed from the dominant first position so he can have the rematch he so desperately craves.
9 Jan. 2002
Sore zore no ketsui
Now that Haze Middle can "officially" enter school tournaments, Hikaru, Yuki and Kimihiro are ready to win it all. First up is Iwana Middle, whom they beat in a sweep. After a quick lunch break, It's time for Akira to face the opponent he's been waiting for: Hikaru!
16 Jan. 2002
Sando me no taikyoku
It's Kaio Middle School versus Haze Middle School. Yuki faces off against Kaio's captain, the arrogant Kishimoto while Hikaru takes on Akira for the third time. Who will win in this do-or-die Go Tournament?
23 Jan. 2002
Netto ni hisomu kishi
With summertime around the corner, Hikaru and Akira find themselves traveling new paths on their journeys. Akira gives up the Kaio Go Club and decides to take the Pro Exam while Hikaru introduced to the world of Internet Go. With his newfound appreciation for online Go, Hikaru gives Sai a new outlet for playing the game he loves so much.
30 Jan. 2002
Sai ha dare da
Between Hikaru's novice computer skills and Sai's strength at playing Go, they become the most unbeatable player in the world of Internet Go. From New York to the Netherlands, Sai's has players from all around the globe wondering who is this amazing player!
6 Feb. 2002
Tsuioku no ikkyoku
At the World Amateur Championship, the air is abuzz with interest in Sai whom some of the participants have played online at one time or another. While some think he's a pro, others feel that he might just be the ghost of famed Go master Hon'inbo Shusaku, who Sai taught many years ago. But when Akira's name shows up onscreen, Hikaru gets ready for another rematch.
13 Feb. 2002
Akira tai sai
Eager to take on Sai, Akira doesn't even bother to show up for his first pro exam match. But Sai defeats him, leaving Akira to wonder if it's Hikaru on the other side of the board. When Ms. Ichikawa tells Akira that she spotted Hikaru at an internet café, his instinct turns to intense suspicion.
20 Feb. 2002
Hikaru no jitsuryoku
Summer's winding down and thanks to all his internet playing with Sai, his game has gotten stronger. But there's no time to play at the internet café and with Sai's help, takes on Hikaru's grandfather so he can get the premium Go board and stones he desires.
27 Feb. 2002
Puro he no michi
After a chance meeting in a bookstore, Kishimoto, the captain of the Kaio Go Club, takes Hikaru to a Go Salon to see what kind of player he truly is. Over a game of Go, Kishimoto tells him about Akira's goal of turning pro, sparking Hikaru's interest in chasing and catching up to Akira.
6 Mar. 2002
Hase chû igo bu
Hikaru returns to the Go club to announce his intentions on becoming an Insei, which angers Yuki Mitani and disappoints the rest of the Haze Middle Go Club. As he breaks the news to the club, Kaga enters the room in an attempt to evade one of the teachers. Upon hearing Hikaru's new goal, Kaga forces him into a Go match that also includes Kimihiro and Yuki!
13 Mar. 2002
Insei shiken
Even with his new-found love for the game of Go, Hikaru finds it nearly impossible to sit comfortably, let alone beat his opponent during the test. Luckily for him, he discovers that the game is not being decided on wins and losses, but on strength and is accepted as an insei. After the test, he reveals his rivalry with Akira Toya to a pair of skeptical insei, competitively friendly Waya and the contemplative Isumi.
20 Mar. 2002
Yûgen no ma
Now that he's an insei, Hikaru's finding that winning is hard to come by. Starting off with six straight losses, Hikaru's at the bottom of the B-league with little hope in sight. Meanwhile, Akira has just become a pro and is gearing up for the Shinshodan Series, where newly-turned pros take on established veterans of the game.
27 Mar. 2002
Ôza vs Akira
As the Shinshodan Series starts up, the Oza is taken aback by Akira's seemingly easy rise to the pros. Instead of playing a simple exhibition match against the young prodigy, he's going to challenge Akira with everything he's got. Since he's never seen Akira play anyone other than himself, Hikaru can't wait to see this match, if only he can finish up his own match first!
10 Apr. 2002
Tsuki tsuke rareta satame no ha
Waya invites Hikaru to a study session with his teacher, Morishita-sensei. Hikaru learns about the Young Lions Tournament, where only the top 16 Insei in the A-league get to compete against newly crowned pros. Eager to face Akira once again, Hikaru vows to make it into the A-league and the Young Lions Tournament!
10 Apr. 2002
Hikaru saidai no kabe
It hasn't been easy, but Hikaru's moved up the ranks and out of the B-league. Now he's taking on a tougher group of opponents, including the mistake-prone Fuku, Waya's toughest opponent. In a discussion about Internet Go with Waya, Hikaru lets his tongue slip when he reveals a bit too much about Sai.
17 Apr. 2002
Tokidoki modoritai basho
Feeling a bit nostalgic, Hikaru comes back to visit to Haze Middle Go Club, where things have gone from bad to worse. Since Yuki quit, the club cannot participate in school tournaments. Now no wants Hikaru around, fearing that his presence will push Yuki away even further away from rejoining the Go Club.
24 Apr. 2002
Waka shishi sen
It's time for the Young Lions Tournament, where 16 newly crowned pros take on the Top 16 Insei in the A-League. While his other fellow Insei keep falling to the pros, Isumi takes on obnoxiously boastful Mashiba, a former Insei who never ceases to brag about his life as a pro. Will Isumi knock off him off his pedestal or continue to fall victim to his endless taunts?
1 May 2002
Kuwabara honin bô
As the Young Lions Tournament winds down, Hikaru loses his match to Murakami 2 -Dan. Anxious to know about how the entire match progressed, Akira presses Ogata Sensei, one of the spectators at the tournament, for answers. But Ogata's got more important things on his mind, such as dethroning Kuwabara-sensei for the Hon'inbo title.
8 May 2002
Ogata vs honin bô
In the lobby of the Go Association building, Kadowaki, a top College player, is looking to brush up on his game before taking the Pro Exam. Enter Hikaru, who with Sai's help, teaches this amateur how the game of Go is truly played. Meanwhile, the battle for the Hon'inbo title continues as Ogata and Kuwabara trade moves, as well as words, in order to psych each other out.
15 May 2002
Puro shiken kaishi
The Prelims for the Pro Exams are about to start! Hikaru starts off on an unlucky streak when he draws Tsubaki, a loud and overbearing biker who uses his time to think about his moves...on the back of his motorcycle. Will Hikaru let this boorish and ill-mannered opponent intimidate him into losing?
22 May 2002
Yosen saishûbi
After losing two games in a row, Hikaru's self-confidence is shaken. Does he have what it takes to make out of the prelims or will be eliminated from participating in the Pro Exam?
29 May 2002
Chîmu kessei!
In the hopes of helping Hikaru get over his fear of playing adults, Waya and Isumi take him to a Go Salon to take on opponents of a more mature nature. The three of them sit down for a team game and at Waya's urging, makes a bet to clean every stone if they lose. But when Kawai, a bushy-haired cab driver, discovers that Waya, Hikaru and Isumi are all insei, he decides to face Hikaru and see how strong a player he truly is.
5 Jun. 2002
Katte ha naranai
At a local festival Akira is asked to play 4 players simultaneously including Kurimoto, a boorish and rude city councilman. To make matter worse, he's been asked by the festival organizers to let Kurimoto win. Meanwhile back at the Go Salon, Kawai and Fukawa, the Go Salon owner, have given Hikaru the task of playing his opponent to a draw!
12 Jun. 2002
Shôbi ha hitori
On the recommedation of a fellow Go player, Hikaru, Waya and Isumi try out a new Go Salon that's different from the rest. There, Hikaru's ignorance about the strength of Korean Go Players is discovered. Insulted by that fact, Su-yong, a Korean insei, challenges Hikaru.
19 Jun. 2002
Ore no na ha
After a contemptuous and intense battle, Hikaru triumphs over Su-yong, leaving his Korean opponent more determined than ever to take on Hikaru once again. At the end of the match, a face from the past lavishes praise on Hikaru, leaving Sai to feel apprehensive and unwanted.
26 Jun. 2002
Honsen kaishi
It's time for the Pro Exam and Hikaru's starting off with six straight wins in a row. Can he keep his winning streak going or will his fellow insei knock him off his undefeated pedestal? Akira accepts an offer to tutor Ochi, an arrogant insei who's taking the pro exam with Hikaru.
3 Jul. 2002
Chôsensha tachi
As the Pro Exam continues, Hikaru learns from his fellow opponents that the road to turning pro isn't as easy as it appears to be. Meanwhile, Ochi starts to get suspicious about Akira Toya's true intentions for tutoring him.
10 Jul. 2002
Ma no isshun
Ready to take on an undefeated Isumi, Hikaru knows he's in for a tough match. But as the match progresses, it starts to look like Isumi's the one who's on the ropes. Can he beat Hikaru or will the pressure finally get to Isumi?
17 Jul. 2002
Shiroboshi no yukue
With the pressure mounting, Isumi makes a wrong move forcing him to resign and forfeit the match. As a result of how the match ended, both Isumi and Hikaru's game head downhill as they both run right into a losing streak.
24 Jul. 2002
San shû de ha osoi!
Determined to get his game back on track, Isumi takes on Ochi with a vengeance. But Ochi is more concerned with his final opponent: Hikaru. With only three weeks left until his match with Hikaru, he seeks some assistance from a particular source: Akira Toya.
31 Jul. 2002
Hitori me no gôkakusha
Now that the Pro Exam is winding down, the stronger players are beginning to distinguish themselves from the weaker ones. The gruff Tsubaki gives his Hikaru a ride on a motorcycle, as well as his dying dream of becoming a pro. Meanwhile, Akira continues to tutor Ochi on how to beat Hikaru.
7 Aug. 2002
Hikaru vs yazuya
Now that Ochi has passed the Pro Exam, there are only two spots remaining. With only two games left in the exam, Hikaru faces off against Waya. Can Waya overcome both the pressure of passing and from Morishita Sensei and defeat Hikaru?
14 Aug. 2002
Kishi kaisei
As Hikaru takes on Waya to advance towards the pros, Waya notices that his opponent's game bears a interesting resemblance to Sai. Meanwhile, Ochi's confidence cause Akira Toya much worry as Ochi has yet to face Hikaru.
21 Aug. 2002
Hikaru vs ochi
Gearing up for the match, Ochi reveals to Hikaru that he has been studying with Akira Toya in the hopes of learning how to beat him in the pro exam. Does Hikaru have what it takes to beat Ochi or will Akira look to his bespectacled pupil as his new rival?
28 Aug. 2002
Puro shiken saishûbi
It's down to the wire as to who will make it into the world of the pros. Will Hikaru upset Ochi, the newly crowned pro, or will Isumi sneak by with his four losses? As word spreads about the pro exam results throughout Haze Middle School, Hikaru eavesdrops on the Go Club and starts to feel left out.
4 Sep. 2002
Puro no sekai he
Now that Hikaru's gone pro, he can't wait to play all the top pros, including Akira Toya and his father, Toya Meijin. On the flip side, Sai begins to sense that he's no longer needed by Hikaru.
11 Sep. 2002
Satame vs meijin
The ever-busy Toya Meijin has finally decided to participate in the Shinshodan Series on one condition: his opponent must be Hikaru Shindo. But Sai sees this match as his only opportunity to take on Toya Meijin. Will Hikaru give up the chance of a lifetime so Sai can play in the match of a lifetime?
18 Sep. 2002
Sutemi no ikkyoku
From newly-turned pros Ochi and Waya to Go-playing veterans Ogata and Kuwabaru Hon'inbo, everyone's got their eye on this match between Hikaru and Toya Meijin. But little do they know that it's really Sai playing as if he were behind by 15 points.
25 Sep. 2002
Fujiwara satame?
In order to better understand why the spirits of Go have kept his soul on the planet, Sai reflects upon his life during the Heian Period as well as when he met Hikaru and faced Akira Toya.
2 Oct. 2002
Kurada rokudan
Feeling the need to cheer up a depressed Sai, Hikaru takes him to an Amateur Go Festival, where they expose a local merchant selling counterfeit Go merchandise and meet Atsushi Kurata, a friendly, but overconfident pro who delights at giving by signing fans for his most devoted fans.
9 Oct. 2002
Hikaru vs akira
All dressed up to receive his 1-dan certificate, Hikaru learns about the Oteai, a series of games that determine a player's ranking as well as who his first opponent will be...
16 Oct. 2002
Sai no kokuhaku
Toya Meijin falls victim to a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Hikaru goes to visit him and discovers that he's supplementing his recuperation by playing Go on the internet. As a result, Hikaru begs Toya Meijin to play Sai on the internet which he reluctantly agrees to on one condition...
23 Oct. 2002
Takaburu kokoro
Now that Toya Meijin is playing Internet Go, the world is abuzz with excitements, watching a professional champion play online. But little do they know, that a challenger of exceptional strength waits in the shadows...
30 Oct. 2002
Sai vs Toya Koyo
The wait is over! Sai and Toya Meijin face off in a match that has the entire world glued to their computer screens. Who will triumph and discover the Divine Move?
6 Nov. 2002
Sennen no kotae
7.0 (10)