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The Great British Bake Off 2017, episode six – as it happened

Pastry week. Who was puffed with success and who was too flaky to make it?

9.17pm BST

Another unexpectedly emotional climax, at least for me. Boy wonder takes the crown, but we lose wonderful, adorable Julia. She was too good. Like a mad pony no one can ride, but can’t bear to get rid of. But get rid they have.

Thanks very much for your vigorous activity below the line, and your tips on the best bakeries in town. (Nandos, apparently.) I’ll be back next week and hope you will too? In the meantime come say hello on twitter, facebook and Instagram. Or release a trio of winged monkeys to hunt me down. It’s just nice to be thought of.

9.13pm BST

She’s only 21, as well! How are these people so talented? It’s actually making me angry and confused.

Oh Julia, we will miss you.
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Mindhorn review: Dir. Sean Foley (2017)

Mindhorn review: Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby bring their dry and silly humour to the big screen.

Mindhorn review by Luke Ryan Baldock.

British comedy always tends to do one character correctly, and that is the deluded narcissist. It’s been pointed out before that British comedy likes to laugh at people, especially those with ideas above their station, and with all the Blackadders, David Brents, Alan Partridges, and Garth Marenghis, is there room for any more? Writers/actors Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby certainly seem to think so with their pastiche of small town police procedurals, 1980s cop dramas, and that delightfully quirky cliche of having somebody completely unskilled and untrained solving a crime.

The Mighty Boosh’s Barratt stars as Richard Thorncroft, an out of work actor struggling to make it. He spends his time between his flat in Walthamstow, and mistakenly being put forward to play Jamaicans
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Julian Barratt's Mindhorn Squares Off Against Kenneth Branagh In New Clip

Starring Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh, Nathan Barley), and featuring a host of British comedy favourites, including the film's co-writer Simon Farnaby (Horrible Histories, Yonderland) and Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), anarchic comedy Mindhorn follows a broken down former TV detective as he's drawn into a real-life murder case. With its uniquely British style and play on the dated quirks of vintage television, the film is reminiscent of cult favorites like Garth Merenghi's Darkplace. Washed-up Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) peaked with hit 1980s detective show Mindhorn, playing the titular Isle of Man sleuth with a robotic eye that allowed him to literally “see the truth”. Decades later, when a deranged Manx criminal demands Mindhorn as his nemesis, Thorncroft returns to the scene of his greatest triumphs...

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Mindhorn star Julian Barratt: ‘I love squalid sadness’

The Mighty Boosh man is a crime-fighting ham actor in his and Simon Farnaby’s new comedy. Ridiculous, but that’s nothing compared with his acid jazz years

Julian Barratt, star of Nathan Barley and one half of the Mighty Boosh, is known for playing mopey misanthropes with raging pretentious streaks. These days, though, he is an action hero. He is in an extremely posh hotel in central London to promote his new movie Mindhorn, where, propped up on an easel, there is a large poster of his character doing a high kick against a fiery explosion. But look a little closer, and you can see a pot belly sticking out of Barratt’s camel polo neck, hanging slightly over his grey polyester slacks. This is not your regular action movie. This is Mindhorn: the story of a past-it actor who may just hold the key to a murder.
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Mindhorn: Julian Barratt Can See The Truth In Trailer For UK Cult Comedy

The Mighty Boosh and Nathan Barley star Julian Barratt stars as the greatest detective who has never actually existed in upcoming UK comedy Mindhorn. Barratt and his former Boosh cohort Simon Farnaby wrote the screenplay for this one and their very odd stamp is evident throughout the tale of a washed up actor called in by police to take on his most famous role - a television detective with a bionic eye that enables him to see the truth - when a serial killer preying on the Isle Of Man insists on speaking only to the fictional character. Washed-up Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) peaked with hit 1980s detective show Mindhorn, playing the titular Isle of Man sleuth with a robotic eye that allowed him to...

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Ranking All 13 Episodes Of ‘Black Mirror’ So Far

The rise of “Black Mirror” has been a fascinating thing to watch. It first aired fairly quietly in the fall of 2011 on the U.K.’s Channel 4, with a short run of three episodes. It hailed from creator Charlie Brooker who, though he had a couple of TV series behind him (hipster satire “Nathan Barley,” co-created with “Four Lions” helmer Chris Morris, and zombie-reality-tv miniseries “Dead Set”), was best known as a TV critic and on-air personality.

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Got a question for Charlie Brooker? We want to hear it

Ahead of the third series of Black Mirror, Charlie is returning to the Guardian to answer readers’ questions

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian technology series Black Mirror comes to Netflix for its third series at the end of this month.

To celebrate, Charlie is returning to the Guardian – home of Screen Burn and his beloved G2 column – to answers questions from readers. They could be about how it feels to see elements of Black Mirror playing out in real life. They could be about hanging around in the green room with Screen Wipe’s Barry Shitpeas and Philomena Cunk. They could be about Nathan Barley, Big Brother or what he had for breakfast.

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Game of Thrones to Sherlock – your most overrated TV shows

Is Game of Thrones simply ‘Coronation Street with swords and nudity’? Our readers on the programmes that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

Monkey Dust to Nathan Barley – your most underrated TV shows

Readers reacted with fury, trolling and occasional agreement when we published an article about overrated television shows last week.

Thousands of commenters took to our threads to argue whether Seinfeld was overrated, underrated or just terrible; and whether Mad Men was one of the most profound series of our time or a big ol’ waste of the precious hours of human existence.

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Flowers: Channel 4's peculiar, poetic comedy treat




Sad, strange and very funny comedy drama Flowers, feat. Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt, starts tonight on Channel 4

Julian Barratt has news for you: “We’re all going to die.”

“Spoiler!” says Will Sharpe.

“We’re all in a bit of a horrifying situation” continues Barratt. “The reality of our predicament on the planet is…” he laughs, “quite bleak.”

We’re discussing death and new six-part comedy drama Flowers, written and directed by Sharpe, starring Barratt and Olivia Colman as Maurice and Deborah, heads of the dysfunctional Flowers family. The subject becomes relevant once you see the opening seconds of episode one.

“I used to really like and still do, The Odd Couple, the film with Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau” says Barratt. “It starts with him wandering about trying to kill himself and he puts his back out. I always find that funny, sort of
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NBC’s Streaming Comedy Service Seeso Gets Launch Date

Seeso is slated to have you laughing into the New Year. The new ad-free streaming comedy service will launch Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016, NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises announced this morning. “We think the world needs more laughter, so we put together what we think is the best collection of comedy in one place,” NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises executive vice president Evan Shapiro said in a statement. “Come, seeso for yourself.” In addition to fan favorites (“30 Rock”), cult classics (“Nathan Barley”), curated films ("Monty Python"), and late-night talkies (“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”), the streaming service is rolling out 2,000 hours of original content. For $3.99 per month, subscribers will get daily Seeso-exclusive content with five original series like “The Cyanide & Happiness Show” and “The Ucb Show” (from hosts, creators, and Upright Citizens Brigade founders Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh), two standup specials, and—in a push for live content via streaming
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Richard Ayoade to Host 2015 British Independent Film Awards.

Bifa-winning writer, director, presenter and actor Richard Ayoade will host the 2015 Moët British Independent Film Awards. Richard was nominated for two BIFAs and a BAFTA for his debut film "Submarine" and won the Bifa for Best Screenplay. He starred in "The Watch" with Jonah Hill and co-wrote and directed "The Double," starring Jesse Eisenberg. He won a BAFTA for playing Moss in "The It Crowd" and featured in "Nathan Barley," "Time Trumpet" and "The Mighty Boosh," as well as Garth Marenghi’s "Dark Place," which he also co-wrote and directed. His first book, "Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic...
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Richard Ayoade to host BIFAs

  • ScreenDaily
Richard Ayoade to host BIFAs
Director and comic actor to take over hosting duties for the 2015 Moët British Independent Film Awards.

Bifa-winning writer, director, presenter and actor Richard Ayoade is to host the 2015 Moët British Independent Film Awards, set to take place on Dec 6 at Old Billingsgate in London.

Ayoade was nominated for two BIFAs and a BAFTA for his debut film Submarine and won the Bifa for Best Screenplay.

He starred in The Watch with Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill, and co-wrote and directed The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Ayoade won a BAFTA for playing Moss in The It Crowd and featured in TV comedies Nathan Barley, Time Trumpet and The Mighty Boosh, as well as Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place, which he also wrote and directed.

His first book, Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey, was published by Faber & Faber in 2014.

Ayoade said: “I have come to accept that I am now contracted to host this year’s Moët
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On my radar: Ben Whishaw’s cultural highlights

The actor on a lost classic by novelist Elizabeth Harrower, Todd Haynes’s Carol, the punk spirit of artist Maria Lassnig and the dirty, energising energy of Captain Beefheart’s Clear Spot

Ben Whishaw was raised in Clifton, Bedfordshire, and graduated from Rada in 2003. After playing Hamlet in Trevor Nunn’s 2004 Old Vic production, he starred in a number of TV, film and stage roles, including Nathan Barley, Bright Star and Paddington. This year, he has co-starred in new the Bond movie Spectre, Suffragette, romantic science-fiction thriller The Lobster and portrayed Dionysos in Bakkhai at the Almeida theatre. Next, Whishaw stars in London Spy, a five-part BBC2 series that starts on Monday 9 November at 9pm, in which he plays a young, down-at-heel Londoner who forms a relationship with a mysterious investment banker.

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The Gamechangers review

Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton star in The Gamechangers, a drama about the making of the Grand Theft Auto series. Any good? Not exactly...

Nb: The following contains spoilers.

How do you make an interesting film about coding a videogame? It sounds like a difficult subject to dramatise on the face of it. But ultimately, all great stories are more about the relationships between characters than what they do for a living. A movie that contained nothing but boxing matches for 100 continuous minutes would leave audiences reeling. The Rocky movies were approximately 90 percent drama to 10 percent boxing, and audiences, for the most part, flocked to see them.

BBC's The Gamechangers takes the Rocky approach to Grand Theft Auto - specifically, the making of 2004's hit sequel San Andreas, the controversy surrounding a hidden sex scene on the disc, and the legal tussle that followed. In its dramatisation of real events,
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FrightFest announces launch titles for FrightFest Presents

Icon Film Distribution and FrightFest, the UK’s leading horror fantasy film festival, have announced the first films which will be released under the curated banner ‘FrightFest Presents’. The seven titles – Aaaaaaaah!, The Sand, Afterdeath, Landmine Goes Click, Emelie, The Lesson and Estranged – will all have their UK theatrical premieres at the FrightFest five day festival in August, before being released across the UK and Ireland via the distributor’s digital partners including iTunes, Virgin Movies, Sky, Google Amazon, Xbox , Blinkbox, Google, Wuaki, TalkTalk and Volta.

Here are the seven titles, from the official press release…

Aaaaaaaah!, the world premiere and feature directorial debut of Steve Oram, co-writer of Ben Wheatley’s cult UK hit and British Independent Film Award-winning and Cannes selection feature Sightseers. Oram also stars with Noel Fielding (The It Crowd, The Mighty Boosh), Alice Lowe (Sightseers), Lucy Honnigman (The Ex-pm), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy), Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh,
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W1A premiere review: BBC's self-flagellating satire finally hits its stride

When held up to the heady heights of its BAFTA-winning spiritual predecessor Twenty Twelve, the first series of W1A fell short on occasions.

But with a new series opener in which a high-level management power struggle starts simmering alongside the usual japes, hi-jinks and gaffes at Broadcasting House, the BBC's self-flagellating satire is at last hitting its stride.

Hugh Bonneville's still the star of the show as Ian Fletcher, keeping a sharp focus on charter renewal as his contemporaries in the Way Ahead Task Force fall over themselves (almost literally at one point) to get one over on their professional rivals. There's whispers of a new senior post at stake, and everyone seems to have their eye on it.

Following his fall from grace at the end of the last series after a newspaper sting exposing both his handsome salary and close relationship with his former Olympic Deliverance Commission Pa Sally,
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TV comedy’s top 10 jargon abusers

To celebrate the return of W1A, we salute the top 10 comedy characters who talk absolute mother-thumping rubbish…

Yesnobrilliantverygoodverystrong. As satirical BBC mockumentary W1A returns tonight for a triumphant second series, we celebrate TV comedy’s rich lineage of jargon fans.

Drawn from across the political spectrum and from TV’s most biting depictions of the worlds of business, government, technology and the media, these guys are master obfuscators. They're neologism-coiners and proponents of the kind of abuses to the English language that, in a just world, would see them locked up and force fed copies of The Elements Of Style.

From The Thick Of It to Peep Show, Yes Minister, The Office, Nathan Barley, The Day Today, and Drop The Dead Donkey, across the Pond to 30 Rock and Silicon Valley, we present TV comedy's top ten full-of-it jargon-meisters.

Stewart Pearson - The Thick Of It

Who is he?
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Indie Spotlight: The Void, Hayride 2, Paralysis

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes screening details on Avenged and Serpent's Lullaby, a new Hayride 2 trailer, concept teaser and production details for The Void, first details on short film Paralysis, and more:

Details on Q&A Screenings of Avenged: "Avenged is showing at the Arena Cinemas in Hollywood from March 6. Uncork’d Entertainment will release the critically acclaimed Avenged at Arena Cinemas Hollywood on March 6, 2015.

As part of the opening night celebrations, the 10:15 Pm screening on Friday March 6 will be followed by a Q&A with cast and crew - including star Amanda Adrienne and director Michael S. Ojeda.

A second Q&A session will be held after the Sunday March 8 6:30 Pm screening.

These two Q&A sessions are Exclusive to Los Angeles. A lethal injection of scares, thrills, romance,
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Nathan Barley is 10: Looking back at Charlie Brooker's debut TV series

Originally published two years ago, we re-present our look back at Nathan Barley to mark its 10-year anniversary

10 years since Channel 4 aired Nathan Barley, Charlie Brooker's "self-facilitating media node" has gone from absurdist parody to frightening reality.

A flop when it originally aired, but a cult hit on DVD, Nathan Barley is love-it-or-hate it telly. From Brass Eye creator Chris Morris, it was edgy, raw and often hilarious.

Brimming with up-and-coming talent like Brooker (Dead Set), Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), and fellow Booshers Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade, as well as some blink-and-you'll-miss-'em cameos from Stephen Mangan (Episodes), Mat Horne (Gavin & Stacey) and Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch, we think it's time Nathan Barley was given the praise it deserved.

Inspired by a mock TV show called C**t from Brooker's satirical TVGoHome website, the show follows two East Londoners: Nathan Barley (Nicholas Burns), the "self facilitating media
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Totally Mexico! How the Nathan Barley nightmare came true

Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris’s 2005 TV series was a comedy about a ludicrous ‘self-facilitating media node’ in east London. But 10 years on, it looks more like a documentary about the future

At the end of last year, inboxes pinged with news of a person called Shingy, AOL’s new “digital prophet” who travels the world litmus-testing the future, rebooting the CEO’s office by taking out all the chairs and adding a special fragrance called London, and handing out a business card with a microchip in it. In an excruciatingly well-observed – and much-forwarded – New Yorker piece, writer Andrew Marantz detailed Shingy’s comedy haircut, gnomic prescriptions for online success and overcomplicated post-hip-hop handshakes. To American readers he appeared to be only the latest evidence of decadent capitalism’s journey to hell in a handcart powered by bullshit. How is drawing a bear in zebra-print pants worth a six-figure salary?
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