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Truly Excellent!
jazzysoo6 March 2005
This is one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure to experience. The theater was packed and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! Even though I knew the story already, I found the film absolutely riveting from beginning to end. I have never seen my husband cry at a movie before...ever. Everyone who worked on Looking for Angelina should be applauded for this wonderful film -- it was a gift. The actors who played Angelina and Pietro were truly magnificent in the way they brought these characters to life. The film was extremely well directed and written, and made a hundred year-old story relevant to a modern audience. I recommend it to anyone.
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Looking for Angelina- powerful film
cristianscott_618 April 2006
As a male, I found myself extremely taken into the world of the male character and when he spirals downwards, I went with him. It is powerful to experience that with the main character and realize any of us could potentially go down that road. The direction was very interesting and well crafted as a whole. The acting was also strong. The movie had a lot of heart and....well yes I admit I cried too at the end. I have never seen so many men wiping their tears after a movie. I am a fan of the group Quartetto Gelato and was pleasantly surprised to see that they contributed to the soundtrack for the film. Well done...2 big thumbs up.
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A sad reflection on our times
seadevil-130-7568113 August 2013
I had never heard of this movie until I found the DVD in our local library and took it home to view. What an incredibly powerful and wonderful film, superb acting and direction, and a story that brought tears to these old eyes. I find it unbelievable that in an industry burdened with an endless array vampire movies, zombie drivel and ceaseless computer graphics of monsters of various types, this movie was never listed in any movie house anywhere near where I live in in Canada. I guess it speaks volumes of what the movie industry thinks of the film goers who are little bit older, a little more mature and who wish to see something more than most of the current movie fare.
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Very good movie!
snow_n_alberta13 November 2006
I think the real story here was of the twelve men that found her guilty ,but;changed the face of the Canadian Law system by finding that there was reasonable cause for leniency and should be granted some type of immunity. I was taken by the way the fledgling actor John Jackson said so much without saying a word! This man was exceptional in his showing the Juries indifference towards Angelina in silence.Then finding they have made an error and trying to change the judges decision. I find Angelina to be so heart warming and think she deserved a medal of some sort. Maybe the People of Sault Ste. Marie should rally around and maybe make some type of memoriam for her? Angelina Napolitano....The forerunner of womens rights........Three cheers!!!
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Looking For Angelina
toocheepu5 April 2006
This film was a pleasure to watch and I feel much more pride in my ancestry than ever before. My father always talked about how rough life was for him growing up,and now I truly have an idea of what it must have been like for the Italian community early on. This film shows how social injustice and pure ignorance can ruin lives and break spirits. It is heartbreaking to see the Napolitano family break down and ultimately fail completely. The message, murder is a terrible crime, the battery of woman is unacceptable, but the most terrifying thought is of a family in need and an entire community not there to help. We have misplaced the line between personal privacy and love and compassion for our neighbors. This movie shows how sometimes keeping your nose clean can turn family into tragedy. It's a great film that brings hope to woman and communities all over the world. In my opinion, thats a must see.
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Based on the 1911 murder trial of Angelina Napolitano. Set in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
shaylan_543 April 2006
This was such an amazing movie. I've seen it three times now and it brings me to tears every time! It's amazing to see how someone's life can be buried for so long and have so much to tell. You'll be glued to the screen the entire time. You can see the hard work and dedication put into this film and I can only imagine what it would have been like trying piece together this woman's history. I'm so glad that it has made it to the big screen so that people will know her story! It reflects on sensitive issues in society and it will really make you think about the issues that were around years ago and how they are still commonly present in people's lives today. Please go see the movie... I can hardly put into words the feelings that it evokes!
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Moving, with a soft touch
maria555_2918 March 2005
I saw Looking for Angelina at a packed sneak peek screening last month and was pleasantly surprised. The story of this woman was told with such reverence, as if we were viewing her life from a distance. At the same time, the performances were so poignant that you could not help but be drawn in and captivated. It was almost haunting, and it seemed like everybody present was deeply affected. Although I live in the city where it was shot, Looking for Angelina is a story of personal struggle and the struggle of a community that everybody can relate to.

The director obviously had a clear vision for the way he told this story, and it is clear to me that he understood the culture and circumstances of this woman's life. I learned a lot about history, too. I can't wait to see it again. Bravo!
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Good Film
apple_corps22 January 2006
I enjoyed the movie very much. There were some technical things that I found distracting. I wonder why the director chose to record the courtroom scenes in video and converting it to black and white with digital effects to make it look like old footage. Since it was shot on 16mm why not just get some black and white film stock? Also, there were a couple of sound sync issues.

I wonder if the entire film could have been given more drama by it being shot entirely in black and white.

Over all the story moved well. The lead actors did a great job. It appears to be a first effort, according to IMDb, for director Sergio Navarretta.

I like stories that wrap things up at the end. This didn't leave me wanting. It had a great epilogue.
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