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Milania Giudice Turns 11: Her 11 Best Moments on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Milania Giudice Turns 11: Her 11 Best Moments on Real Housewives of New Jersey
As all true Bravo-holics know, there is only one true star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey--and no, we're not talking about Teresa Giudice. (Sorry, Tre!) We're referring to her hilarious daughter Milania, of course. There is no one funnier or quicker with a quip than the precocious pre-teen. Her every waking moment on the show is somehow Gif-worthy. Seriously, her one-of-a-kind demand for pizza will go down in Real Housewives history as one of the franchise's most hysterical moments. As our queen turns 11 today, we're celebrating by taking a look back on her 11 greatest Rhonj moments--one for every year of her hilarious little life. 11. Milania, the Short Order Cook You want...
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Natalie Dormer Will Co-Write And Star In Revenge Thriller In Darkness

In what can only be described as an incredibly smart career move, Game Of Thrones star Natalie Dormer is moving into the realm of generating her own material, as it’s been announced that her new movie project In Darkness is being packaged for sale at the American Film Market, by Xyz Films. With Dormer attached to the lead role, the film boasts the return to the big screen of writer-director Anthony Byrne (Short Order), who has been focusing on directing television drama in recent years.

With apparent, distant echoes of Terence Young’s 1967 film Wait Until Dark, In Darkness features a blind musician who finds herself dragged into the darker corners of London when she hears a brutal murder being committed in a neighbouring property. Though it initially appears that she is very much out of her depth, we soon discover that her pursuit of revenge has a greater
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Recap: 'Looking' - 'Looking for Results' aka old habits die hard

  • Hitfix
Recap: 'Looking' - 'Looking for Results' aka old habits die hard
If last week's season premiere was a refuge from the reality of our character's lives, "Looking for Results" was almost a jarring reminder of where they really are all in their lives back in S.F. At the forefront is the blatant fact that Patrick ("American Sniper" star Jonathan Groff!) and Kevin ("Pride" cameo star Russell Tovey!) are both having awkward realizations about what they have been up to. And then there's good ol' Augustin, but we'll get to him in a minute. First, it might have made you cringe, but Groff was slyly perfect this episode playing that friend we all have who is so passionately into whomever he or she is dating that they are completely missing all the major red flags in the relationship (obviously, as viewers we've never been this naive ourselves). Of course, in this case it's the fact that Kevin is actually already in
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Jill Zarin on Looking Sexy, Life After "Housewives" and Her Reality TV Crush

  • TooFab
We just got our first glimpse of the new "Real Housewives of New York," but former "housewife" Jill Zarin proves fame (and fortune) can be found after the cameras stop rolling.The reality TV star/entrepreneur -- who was featured on today's episode of "The View" -- has become a name in the world of fashion, thanks to her shapewear line called Skweez Couture. Her namesake jewelry collection is available online and launches in department stores this fall.toofab recently caught up with Jill, and she talked candidly about life after "Housewives," whether or not she'll be watching Season 5, and even revealed her reality TV crush! Plus, check for a special surprise at the end of her interview.toofab: Of all the products out there, why did you decide on a shapewear?Jill: I felt that there was a gap missing in the shapewear market. I wanted to design a
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The Eat Sheet: Hot New Restaurant -- Short Order

Gary Baum

The Quick Pitch: Mozza maven Nancy Silverton conquered L.A.’s posh pizza scene several years ago with her hit wood-burning oven pies. Now she’s taking on an even more crowded local nouveau-comfort-fare genre, the gourmet burger shack, with this throwback nexus, where the patties are grass-fed beef and the bacon exclusively artisan. Story: The Five Hottest Restaurants in L.A. The Insider’s Dish: Silverton’s longtime friend and creative partner on the project, Amy Pressman (who founded Old Town Bakery in Pasadena), passed away in early October. The Must-Order Item: The namesake Short Order Spuds side -- not so much

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Super (Jason’s Take) – Review

No one can deny that since Bryan Singer’s X-Men and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, comic book adaptions have been the most profitable source of business in the entertainment world. I never thought I would see the day where almost every notable superhero would be transformed into a feature length film, and in some cases, they have been sequelized and are on the table to be rebooted. Talk about revenge of the nerds!

It has been a decade since Stan Lee’s mutants and webslinger mounted a turnaround after Joel Schumacher nearly killed it with his two cinematic abortions: Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Like any genre of cinema, the bad will always outweigh the good, and the time for deconstructing the norm will be at hand.

What works best is taking the fantastic element of heroics out the door and replace it with gritty realism about bringing in
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Ryan Leach: Long Distance Scoring

Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to work with many talented filmmakers from across the country and around the world. Like in so many other fields, today's technology has made it possible to score a project with just about anyone no matter where they're located. Although I'm grateful that all I need is a cell phone and an internet connection to collaborate with such a diverse group of filmmakers, long distance scoring does come with plenty of challenges.

DemoingOne of the most frightening aspects of long distance scoring is that once you send off a demo, it's out of your hands. You relinquish all control over what type of system they are listening on, how loud they are listening, whether or not they've lined your cue up to the video in the right place, and so on. This is scary stuff, enough to make some composers not
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Irish/Czech Co-Production for Venice Critics Week

The 24th edition of the Venice Critics' Week has unveiled 'Little Foxes', the Irish Czech Slovakian co-production, as one of their ten world premiere first features to be presented at the 66th edition of the Venice Film Festival (Sept 2-12). A co-production between Dublin based Samson Films, Cineart TV in Prague and Miras Sro in Slovakia, the film was shot on location in Bray Co. Wicklow over a five week period during July 2008. Written and directed by Mira Fornayova, the film tells the story of a Slovakian au pair who comes to live in Dublin on the insistence of her sister, who has married an Irishman. The two sisters carry a dark secret from their home country, which manifests itself in the form of a strange new friend in Dublin. 'Little Foxes' was produced by Brian Willis (Short Order), David Collins (Samson Films), Juraj Buzalka (Miras
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Transmedia picks up high-profile titles

Transmedia picks up high-profile titles
LONDON -- Startup British indie distributor Transmedia Pictures said Monday it has picked up all U.K. and Ireland rights to a pair of high-profile titles for its fledgling theatrical distribution arm including the Juliette Binoche starrer A Few Days In September, directed by Santiago Amigorena. Established by chairman and CEO Simon Caplan less than two years ago, Transmedia also has secured all U.K. and Ireland rights to Anthony Byrne's feature writing and directorial debut Short Order, which Caplan says will be released under the title Life Is a Buffet. Caplan secured the rights to September from French production and sales house Gemini Films, and says he plans to roll it out across the U.K. "early next year." The Weinstein Co. has U.S. rights to the picture that also stars Nick Nolte and John Turturro and details the story of a rogue CIA agent trying to protect his son and estranged daughter.

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