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Panties with a plot
davek2830 March 2006
Okay, I have to admit that I was intrigued by the concept of a female spy who flashed her panties a lot while gunning down the bad guys - er - girls. But having watched all twelve episodes I kinda miss it and want more. A second series would be nice.

The animation is superb and the music is good. The plot takes a while to get going, but you become attached to the main characters (Nagica and Lila) and become intrigued by the artificial humans and Nagica's missions to retrieve them.

This series has a distinct personality which encompasses the style of the animation together with the personalities of all the characters. It becomes almost like watching a soap. You know exactly where you are and you can just turn off your brain and enjoy the action.

I just attempted to watch Akira and gave up on it as impenetrable and extremely irritating. By comparison, Najica is light, entertaining fluff. It helps if you're male and enjoy lots of crotch shots of young girls, but there's a lot more to it than that.

As an aside, listen to the commentary from the American voice artistes. They say very little about the animation, but they're a scream.
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Attention grabber a bit over done...but holds that attention
William Dwyer15 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I took a chance on watching this, I got to see all 12 episodes.

It's immediately known from the first episode that all the plots are gonna be mostly a "Villian-Of-The-Week" type of series. Basically all 12 are of the same plot, Najica gets an assignment, she shoots, shows a lot of panty shots, shoots some more, more panties...panties...another shot, more panties...she gets the "bad-guy". That's pretty much the gist of it.

It's mind-less fun. Plain and simple. If your looking for plot, or deep stories. This is not for you. There are only a handful of "guy" characters throughout the series. You get mostly girls in tight and very short skirts doing everything from sniping to going all out psycho.

There are a few stories within the series that have some feeling in them. Some that are down right weird...and others that just don't make sense. On a personal note, the "mindless-fun" could have been achieved without the hundred panty shots per joke. There is a panty shot (some down right uncomfortable) in nearly EVERY scene of the series. You can count on ONE hand how many scenes DO NOT have them.

Nothing "crosses the line", but after awhile (maybe halfway through the second episode), it starts to get annoying. When every female in every scene has to show her panties. The scene that takes the cake is when "Toni aka. WWW" is introduced (Episode 8). She is one of the "Triple Series Humaritts". She is the strong arm for one of the "Villian-Of-The-Week" bad-guys. She kidnaps another girl and steals a high-tech plane. She jumps into the cockpit, with the unconscious girl in her lap, with her butt up in the air. Right in front of her face while she's flying. It's not so subtle.

Like I said, it's "mindless-fun". Watch it for the entertainment, the shooting, the action...among other things. You have to gloss over the "Villian-Of-The-Week" syndrome the series does suffer through. But since there is only 12 episodes, it's doesn't and shouldn't bother you. There really is no concrete direction from episode to episode. There is some dialog that does connect a few episode.

To be honest, the ending seemed to be a bit rushed. IMHO, they could have used a previous character for the ending, but didn't. While they tied the final "villian" into the plot about Liela, which at least was a decent way to end it, the final "villain" was still a "Villian-Of-The-Week" type-of-character. More could have definitely been done.

That all aside, if you like action, shooting, car chases, airplane chases, explosions, beautiful women, and of course lots of panty shots. Definitely watch this series.
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Nice action with much Fan Serivce
Vogler26 December 2004
Najica Blitz Tatics is funny mix of an action Anime, a good story and pure Fan Service. The Fan Service (namely masses of panty shots) might offend some people, but nevertheless, Najica is well entertaining.

Najica Hiragi is a secret service agent who gets involved in finding "Humarits", artificial made humans. She partners up with Lila, who's a Humarit herself, and who has to learn her life from Najica. Although one wouldn't expect to find a Blade Runner like story among all those panty shots, there're really is quite a meaning in the relationship between humans and Humarits.

Concentrating on fast paced action scenes, beautiful girl with guns and the relationship between Najica and Lila, Najica Bitz Tactics features quite a deeper sense than Aika, it's predecessor.
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I feel strange
Alan Deikman (Alan-40)25 March 2006
The biggest problem with this series is not the wildly overdone and seemingly endless series of money shots of female nether-parts. That part is weird to watch at first, perhaps titillating perhaps not, but eventually it hardly even registers any more. Almost all the action figures in the story are female, without exception all nude from the crotch down and wearing oft-exposed flimsy hiked up panties. If this happens to be your fetish you are reading about the mother lode here.

Once you get used to -- if "used to" is the word for it -- the heroines and all the other female characters falling or getting knocked to the ground in sexually suggestive positions, with the camera positioned at knee level looking upwards of course, there is a story hidden back there. The biggest problem is that story always has potential but never develops very well. It has to do with artificial humans coming out of a secret lab causing trouble. It has to do with Najica, the heroine secret agent, and her forced relationship with one of the artificial humans, Lila, who becomes her slave and partner.

A bigger problem is the cheap and trite dialog. When Najica enters her office building all the girls watching her pass coo "she's so cool" and other fawning statements. The dialog with her superior, with whom she is inexplicably submissive, is also too heavily clichéd. Never is there a conversation that gives any clue as to what moves Najica, and why she does what she does.

So Najica herself is oddly aloof throughout the whole series. She has no personal interest in anyone, least of all the irredeemably cheesy Gento who is always hitting on her. The exception is with Lila, and the only storyline worth mentioning in the series is how Najica's feelings for Lila move from indifference and annoyance to true affection -- strictly maternal in nature. No "fan service" there.

I almost turned it off halfway through the first episode. There was just barely enough plot to keep me going to the the next episode to the last one. It was sort of like having one last quarter that you put into the slot machine on impulse, then winning a few each time to keep you going. The artwork at least is first rate, the action is above par, and that makes up for a lot.
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Very Entertaining & Lots of Fun.......& Pantalooms!
fluna103024 August 2005
If your an individual who likes a strong female lead, & lots and lots (.....& lots) of female "Pantalooms", then, by all means you'll really like Najica. By day, she (Najica) works for a cosmetic firm, CRI. By night, she's a top-notch spy that can hold her own. ....kinda like 007, only she is tougher. The first 4 episodes (Disc 1), pretty much lays the foundation for the series & later episodes. In the 1st. episode (Mission 001), Najica rescues a young girl, only to find out she is a "Hummarite" & becomes Najica's partner at the behest of her superiors. Together, Najica & "Lila" (ZZZ) go after various villains, recover other Hummarites, & Najica schools Lila about life, & it's do's & don'ts. I found the storyline to be very good & easy to follow. And, in the mix of things,....lots & lots of female "pantaloom" shots.....from various angles (I estimate a pantie picture every 20 seconds). In spite of all the "pantalooms", I found Najica to be "Very Entertaining & lots of fun".
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Fun but too much fan service
Tweekums26 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Najica is rather a strange anime, on the on hand it is an enjoyable action/comedy show with stories that would be suitable for children to watch, on the other there are so many shots of female characters' underwear that the show isn't suitable for children.

Najica; the heroine of the series makes perfume for her main job but also finds time to work as a secret agent capturing escaped Humaritts. These Humaritts are artificial people who are almost impossible to tell from real people without cutting them or seeing the ID tattoo which can only be seen with a UV light and is just above their backsides... presumably it is there as an excuse to not only show their underwear but to pull it down a bit. Najica is assisted by one such Humaritt. She is called Lila and like all such Humaritts she is totally loyal to her master.

The episodes are stand alone villain of the week type stories although there is some development in the relationship between Najica and Lila so it is a good idea to watch them in the correct order although this is less important than it is with many series. If you can get past the excessive amount of panty-shots this is a fun series with decent enough animation and a fun sound track. I think the later episodes were better so it is worth sticking with the series, I also suspect they toned down the number of shots of undies later on... although it is possible I was just getting immune to them. I wouldn't recommend buying it unless it is cheap but it is worth watching once for a laugh.

These comments were made after watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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Some decent action, but too much underwear!!
anxietyresister24 May 2005
A lot of anime can be classified as strange, but this one really takes the biscuit. A young lady who is a perfumer by day, but a top secret agent at night is forced to take on an artificial lifeform as a partner. Together they must protect the free world from such menaces as bikini clad assassins, city-destroying satellites and brainwashing pop groups. (So THAT'S how Westlife were so popular !!) All this however, takes second place to the extraordinary amount of pantie shots of the main female characters throughout the series, we literally get one every 20 seconds. You really start to wonder about the state of mind of the directors, as they rarely miss a chance to go upskirt even in the middle of an totally unrelated scene. This quickly becomes very obtrusive, and detracts from what is otherwise a well animated and entertaining production. The voiceovers are perfect, and there is a quirky underlying humour that makes the whole thing very appealing. I have the first DVD of the starter four episodes in this series and will probably have a look at the others.. but please lads, a bit less lingerie next time! 6/10
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Gratuitous panty shots.
gelidsilence16 October 2015
Why I didn't like it: This is a collection of panty shot videos; Some guy took every opportunity to shoot up girl's skirts while they were minding their own business and put the shots in the form of a tough female spy story so he could justify his actions and perhaps you would not see him for what he really was...

It was difficult to enjoy the story when the view seemed to focus upon particular parts of the female anatomy, albeit covered. I personally do not want to be subjected the view of women's panties/crotches. If this is "fan service", it's mostly to please those who like to peek up skirt. Ugh, count me out.

The final pun ishment: on the upside, at least the art was descent...
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