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Awesome as all hell
masterchieffan212 March 2016
If you know anything about Masami Obari, then you know that the man doesn't specialize in deep characters, themes or story, which is the mans specialty if you ask me and it doesn't detract from the fun of this truly underrated gem at all. The original series and this are basically pro to Gurren Lagann, with even more fan service, a whole bunch of adorable and naughty maids, and also shares a profoundly awesome transformation scene for the main robot, Gravion. Many people in the deepest corners of the anime Fandom like to insult Obari for his reliance on fan service and ridiculous body proportions, but most of his work, regardless of objective quality is massively enjoyable. If you want to see some awesome action with simple but likable characters where you don't need to think much, check Gravion and Gravion Zwei out.
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