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Westworld Actress Thandie Newton In Talks To Join The Cast Of The Young Han Solo Movie

Coming off her critically acclaimed and SAG/Golden Globe nominated turn as Maeve in HBO's Westworld, Variety reports that Thandie Newton is in negotiations to join the upcoming Han Solo spinoff in an undisclosed role. This follows the news that Fleabag actress Pheobe Waller-Bridge has also signed on to play a filly CG character, who is actually said to be the franchise's first female droid. Newton shot to fame after a brief appearance in Interview with The Vampire, and has since appeared in the likes of Crash, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Run Fatboy Run. The still untitled Han Solo movie recently commenced production and is set to hit theaters on May 25, 2018. The film will also star Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke and Alden Ehrenreich as the budding space smuggler of the title.
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Watch a clip from the British horror Survivors

Following its premiere on Sunday night at the Horror in the Hills Film Festival, a clip has arrived online from the micro-budget British horror Survivors, which we have for you here after the official synopsis…

Kate Meadows (Joanne Gale) and her cameraman Duke (Simon Burbage) embark on a mission to uncover whether or not a government weapons contractor has secretly been using humans as their test subjects. As they dig deeper, they realise the brutal reality…

The test subjects have escaped and are carrying a deadly new contagion meant for use in biological war. They soon find themselves in a race for their own survival as the military lose the fight against the infected and those responsible for the outbreak stop at nothing to prevent the truth being revealed…

In a world without laws, without order and with nobody watching, how far would you go to survive?

Survivors stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X,
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‘Survivors’ – HorrorCon Trailer

First shown at last weekend’s HorrorCon, here’s the new trailer for director Adam J Spinks (Extinction) new film Survivors, which stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X, Run FatBoy Run), Simon Burbage (Extinction, Pulp: The Movie. Hollyoaks), David Anderson (How To Live Yours, 3some), Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Eva’s Diamond), alongside Vanessa Mayfield (Outside The Box), Lydia Kay (Christmas Slay) and Rich Keeble (Birds Of A Feather, The Addicted)

A story about the depth of human courage in the face of an enemy unleashed by the authorities who are meant to keep us safe. In a world without laws, without order and with nobody watching, how far would you go to survive?

Survivors is out in the UK 26th October. Find out more at
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Lake Bell falls for Simon Pegg in the trailer for romantic comedy Man Up

  • JoBlo
If you have to sit through a romantic comedy, the least the producers could do would be cast Simon Pegg. I have been a fan of Pegg's going back to his sitcom Spaced and the films of Edgar Wright. I sat through Run Fatboy Run and How To Lose Friends And Alienate People just because Pegg was in them. So, while I would likely pass the trailer for Man Up, seeing Pegg's name gave me reason to check it out. Man Up starts out like Bridget Jones' Diary with Lake Bell (doing an awful English...
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Watch Simon Pegg And Lake Bell In First Trailer For Romantic Comedy Man Up

Following his success in the wonderfully wacky British TV series Spaced, Simon Pegg’s leap to the big screen has seen him catapulted into mega-franchises like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible (and possibly even Star Wars). One step of that journey involved dabbling in a few rom-coms which landed with mixed results (Run Fatboy Run, Hector and the Search For Happiness). While he’s switching up the material for the forthcoming assassin comedy Kill Me Three Times, which is getting a Us release next month, he hasn’t quite abandoned the romance oeuvre just yet.

In Man Up, Pegg joins Lake Bell as a couple who inadvertently share a romantic evening together. His hopeless singleton initiates a date with a prospective partner he recently met online. In a twist of incident, however, as is often the case in the world of rom-com matchmaking, he doesn’t meet who he’s
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Beam Us Up, Scotty: Simon Pegg Set To Co-Write Star Trek 3

Following the abrupt departure of writer-director Roberto Orci, many wondered who would be drafted in to help with the script for Star Trek 3. Granted, Fast & Furious helmer Justin Lin picked up the megaphone and stepped into the director’s chair, but today we’ve learned that Simon Pegg himself will serve as co-writer on the screenplay.

News comes to us via Deadline, after the outlet revealed that the actor — who plays Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the sci-fi films — will work in tandem with fellow screenwriter Doug Jung in shepherding the upcoming threequel to the silver screen. Though it may seem like an odd decision, don’t forget that Pegg had an integral role in scripting Edgar Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, not to mention Run Fatboy Run, so the actor is well versed in working in behind and in front of the camera simultaneously.

Additionally, Pegg’s involvement
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Simon Pegg and Doug Jung to co-write Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg and Doug Jung to co-write Star Trek 3
Simon Pegg and Doug Jung have been hired to write the script for Star Trek 3.

The pair will take over from previous writers Roberto Orci, Patrick McKay and John D Payne, who departed the project after Orci left as director.

Pegg stars as Enterprise engineer Scotty in the Star Trek movies, but has penned Cornetto Trilogy films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End as well as Run Fatboy Run and Paul.

Jung co-created the TNT cop series Dark Blue and won the Trek job after impressing producer Jj Abrams's Bad Robot company and Paramount with his script Diamonds, according to Deadline.

Fast & Furious's Justin Lin is on board to direct the latest Star Trek instalment.

The film is reportedly being lined up for release in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's science fiction series. Watch the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness
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David Schwimmer To Be A Friend To Matt LeBlanc In ‘Episodes’

Larry David recently rewrote the rulebook on TV reunions when he staged a comeback for Seinfeld within Curb Your Enthusiasm. That idea seems to have rubbed off on the Friends personnel – ironic really, as David has accused them of plundering his sitcom in the past. With the 20th anniversary of the mates-based smash in peoples’ minds we’ve seen Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow reconvene on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now David Schwimmer has reportedly signed up to appear as himself in Episodes. The fish-out-of-water BBC comedy, created by the Friends team of David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik and starring Matt LeBlanc, is entering its fourth series and it seems they are celebrating the Big Two Oh by getting Schwimmer back to reminisce about Ross.

The source for this sensational story? Erm, The Sun. But it’s a likely bet that Schwimmer would be amenable to the idea. He
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First Look at Survivors Wonders How Far You Would Go

When dealing with death staring you in the face, one question always pops up: How far would you go to survive? If you're anything like the folks in the new indie horror fear fest Survivors, the answer would be pretty damned far. Read on for your first look!

From the Press Release

How far would you go to survive? That’s the question at the heart of the upcoming feature film Survivors from Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Film.

Produced by award-winning filmmaker Michael Beddoes and directed by Adam J. Spinks (The Expedition), Survivors stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X, Run Fatboy Run), Simon Burbage (Pulp: The Movie, Hollyoaks, The Expedition), and Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Art of Darkness) alongside David Anderson and Lydia Kay (Christmas Slay).

“We wanted to take a genre movie and really push the boundaries of that kind of storytelling”, says director Spinks.
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Kem Nunn Inks With Wme; India de Beaufort Joins Gersh

Kem Nunn has signed with Wme. He is a writer/co-executive producer on FX’s Sons Of Anarchy and also co-created and wrote HBO’s surfer series John From Cincinnati. Nunn also is the author of books including Pomona Queen, Unassigned Territory, Tijuana Straits, Chance and such “surf noir” novels as Tapping The Source and Dogs Of Winter. He continues to be repped by Echo Lake Entertainment. India de Beaufort has inked with Gersh. She was a regular on ABC Family’s Jane By Design and starred in Comedy Central’s series Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. She also has appeared in episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Necessary Roughness and One Tree Hill and had a role in the feature Run Fatboy Run. De Beaufort remains with Think Tank Management.
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Cuban Fury Review

  • TheMovieBit
Mostly known for forming the second part of the Cornetto Trilogy double act with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost steps up with his first leading role in Cuban Fury, a romantic comedy which takes us inside the heady world of salsa dancing. Frost plays Bruce Garrett a former salsa child prodigy who has let himself seriously go in later life. When he discovers his new boss (Rashida Jones) has taken up salsa dancing, he decides to brush off his sequin shirts and dancing shoes in order to win her heart. There is nothing in Cuban Fury we haven't seen before (comparison's to Simon Pegg's Run Fatboy Run will no doubt run thorough peoples heads when watching this), but director James Griffiths, making his feature debut after working on t.v. shows Episodes and Up all Night, keeps proceeding endlessly charming and entertaining. It does recycle some old romantic comedy cliches,
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Cuban Fury Review

  • HeyUGuys
Dancing in Great Britain has come a long way since Billy Elliott. Popularised on national television with a wealth of talent shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, you could even go as far as calling it fashionable. Director James Griffiths, alongside writer Jon Brown, are seemingly aware of that fact – as they present their respective cinematic debut, Cuban Fury, starring Nick Frost in his very first leading role without his longstanding collaborator, Simon Pegg.

Frost plays Bruce Garrett, a former Salsa champion who gave up the sport when he was attacked on his way to the national championships as a youngster. Insisting that dancing is for sissies, Bruce is lured back on to the dance floor when he discovers that his new boss (Rashida Jones) harbours a compulsion for the art form. However the dormant fire in Bruce’s heels will take some reigniting, as both his friends, and former
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Irish Comic Dylan Moran Inks Pilot Script Deal With ABC Studios

  • Deadline TV
Exclusive: There probably won’t be as much drinking and smoking as he’s done on UK TV, but Dylan Moran has closed a deal that could see him on American TV in the not-to-distant future. The BAFTA-winning Irish comic has signed an agreement with ABC Studios to create and write a pilot for him to star in for ABC, Deadline has learned. This would be Moran’s inaugural move into television on this side of the Atlantic. The details of the deal also have Moran producing the half hour pilot and series if they are ordered. The star and co-writer of the 2000-04 Channel 4 series Black Books in the UK, Moran has also appeared in the 2004 Edgar Wright-directed Shaun of the Dead and with Shaun star Simon Pegg again in 2007’s Run Fatboy Run. He’ll next be seen in the John Michael McDonagh-directed upcoming black
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Exclusive: New Poster for British-Asian Comedy Jadoo

Making its world debut out in Berlin back in the spring, Jadoo is just a few weeks away from arriving on our shores, and has its sights on becoming the best British-Asian comedy since Four Lions.

With its 6th September release date on our shores very much on the horizon, we’ve exclusively got the film’s new poster to share, which will hopefully be arriving on the Underground and in bus shelters soon.

Jadoo, in cinemas, 6th Sept, is a British-made film set in Leicester, and tells the story of two brothers, Raja (Harish PatelRun Fatboy Run) and Jagi (Kulvinder GhirBend it Like Beckham). Both wonderful chefs, who fall out so catastrophically that in the climax of their dispute they rip the family recipe book in half: one brother gets the starters and the other gets the main courses. They set up rival restaurants, on opposite sides
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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: the triumph of the nerds

Shortly to be reunited onscreen in The World's End, and with a host of solo TV and film projects in the works, the comic boy-man duo seem to be going from strength to strength

What a pleasure, what a sugar rush, giddy-kipper joy it is to watch Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together in a film by Edgar Wright. I went to see a preview of The World's End, the final part of the Pegg/Frost/Wright "three flavours Cornetto" trilogy, and I laughed and laughed for three-quarters of an hour. Then I stopped, as we were only allowed to see the first 45 minutes of the film, for some reason. Either the special effects people were still cranking out the CGI, or the last hour is Really Bad (not so, according to those who have now seen it).

Anyway, the part I saw zipped by, a slick, high-spirited blast of jokes and small-town action,
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Simon Pegg To Star In Brit List Romantic Comedy 'Man Up'

For the most part, Simon Pegg has traversed the comfortable milieu of genre films. Making his mark with Edgar Wright and Nick Frost on their Cornetto films, he's dipped into the blockbuster world with the "Star Trek," "Tintin" and "Mission: Impossible" franchises, while doing one off stuff like "Fantastic Fear Or Everything" or "Burke And Hare" that are still very much in his wheelhouse. However, he has taken strides before into more mainstream, less fantastical fare with stuff like "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" and "Run Fatboy Run," but yeah, they weren't that successful. But he'll give it another go. In the pages of the most recent issue of Empire, it's revealed in a profile of Pegg that he's attached to star in "Man Up." Penned by Tess Morris, the script made the 2011 Brit List, there are few details on it except that it's a romantic comedy, but we're
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New trailer for Belfast music biopic Good Vibrations

Ahead of its cinema release this month, The Works has released a brand new trailer for Good Vibrations, the latest film from Cherrybomb directing duo Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn, which you can check it out right here.

Good Vibrations tells the real life story of Belfast music legend Terri Hooley, the man responsible for discovering The Undertones and recording Teenage Kicks, and sees Richard Dormer (Five Minutes of Heaven) leading the cast alongside Jodie Whittaker (Attack The Block, Venus), Liam Cunningham (The Guard, Clash of the Titans), Adrian Dunbar (Ashes to Ashes, Mo), Dylan Moran (Run Fatboy Run, Shaun of the Dead), Andrew Simpson (Notes on a Scandal), Mark Ryder (Albatross) and Kerr Logan (Game of Thrones).

Here's the official synopsis, followed by the new trailer below:

"Terri Hooley is a radical, rebel and music-lover in 1970s Belfast, when the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city.
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Band of Brothers – Where are they now?

Twelve years ago, HBO put to screen a miniseries that was one part Television event, one part historical drama, which had the considerable backing of executive producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks and the hype of being something of a spiritual successor to their highly acclaimed war film Saving Private Ryan. Through ten one hour long episodes, essentially using TV as a medium to explore a vast and epic journey through the Second World War that would simply be impossible to map on the big screen, and with Stephen E Ambrose’s critically acclaimed non-fiction book as source material and a huge cast representing a collective of real world heroes, one of the most ambitious storytelling exercises the small screen has ever mounted was brought to life. The result was much fanfare, both critically and among the masses, a recurring trope that continues to this day, and the fledgling start
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Ten of the best running movies

From Marathon Man to Forrest Gump, we complete a circuit of the best running-themed films. What's your favourite? Let us know below

Since the moment Eadweard Muybridge captured a man sprinting in 1887 runners have worn a path across the cinematic landscape. Whether on the pristine oval of an Olympic running track, a dusty patch in a prison rec yard or the damp tarmac of a rural country road, film has documented the sweat and solitude of running in all its pain and glory.

Here are 10 of the best.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

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Opening with the sound of Tom Courtenay's feet thudding against a bleak rural lane, Tony Richardson and Alan Sillitoe's 1962 British New Wave classic is one of the most poetic running films in cinematic history. As Colin Smith, a petty delinquent, Courtenay gives a
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The Ultimate Movie Training Montage

The best part of many epic action sagas is the training montage. My favorite ones are in Rocky and The Karate Kid. The team over at SlackStory put together this epic montage of montages. 

Here are the movies they used for the video:

Rocky I, II, III, IV, Bloodsport, Bring It On, Chariots of Fire, Cool Runnings, The Cutting Edge, Footloose, Full Metal Jacket, Highlander, Snake in Eagle's Shadow, Kill Bill (vol. 2), Mulan, No Retreat No Surrender, Ratatouille, Regular Show (Ep. 4 "Death Punchies"), Run Fatboy Run, Step Up Revolution, Team America: World Police, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The Incredibles, and X-Men: First Class.

Watch the video and see the awesomeness for yourself:

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