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Simon Pegg: Dennis



  • Dennis : Excuse me, can I just stop you there.

    Whit : Yes...?

    Dennis : Oh, I don't have anything to say... I just wanted to stop you there.

  • Dennis : You know, I mean, I didn't do you any favours on that day, ok? I did a stupid, stupid thing. But it was only because I thought spoiling your day was better than ruining your life. Does that make any sense?

  • Dennis : As you get older, you're gonna realize there are a lot of things that you don't like. Things much worse than this. And when those things happen, you can't just run away.

    Jake : why not?

    Dennis : Because it doesn't solve the problem. The problem's still there. You've got to stick at it, and then figure out a way to solve the problem, even if it's really really hard.

    Jake : Is that what you do, Dad?

    Dennis : [just looking helpless and speechless... ] 

    Jake : Dad?

  • Gordon : Hey I've got you those tickets you wanted...

    Dennis : They were for yesterday!

    Gordon : Oh so NOW you don't want them?

    Dennis : Why would I want them?

    Gordon : You could... sell them on e-bay.

    Dennis : Who would buy tickets for an event which happened yesterday?

    Gordon : ...Time Travellers.

  • Gordon : Go on then, run!

    Dennis : Isn't there some kind of like... special technique?

    Gordon : Well... yeah... you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast.

  • Dennis : [surprised]  What are you doing here?

    Mr. Ghoshdashtidar : I'm the assistant coach.

    Dennis : How'd you get to be assistant coach?

    Mr. Ghoshdashtidar : Because I have the spatula!

    [whacks Dennis with it] 

  • Dennis : We should set the alarm for about 7 o'clock.

    Gordon : I don't have an alarm clock.

    Dennis : Why not?

    Gordon : I never need to be anywhere.

  • Maya : I saw your friend Gordon this morning

    Dennis : I'll replace anything he stole.

  • Dennis : I thought it would be a good chance for me to get to know Whit a little better, so...

    Libby : Well, maybe we should all go out to dinner then?

    Dennis : Really?

    Libby : Yeah, and then we could go dancing...

    Dennis : You're joking...?

    Libby : No, not at all. And afterwards we could come back here and have a threesome.

    Dennis : [thinks it over]  You *are* joking.

    Libby : Of course, I am!

  • Mr. Ghoshdashtidar : I've got a surprise for you!

    Dennis : Oh!... it's not a spatula is it?

  • Reporter : Mr Doyle, how do you feel?

    Dennis : [exasperated]  How the fuck do you think I feel?

  • Man in Bakery : I would settle for something shaped like a fish.

    Dennis : Go to a fishmonger!

    Man in Bakery : I'm a vegetarian.

  • [during the race] 

    Dennis : Isn't it enough?

    Whit : What?

    Dennis : You got the girl, all right? Isn't it enough?

    Whit : I just think it's high time you realized that it's over, sir! Otherwise, it's gonna be very tough for you when we move to Chicago!

    Dennis : What?

    Whit : [off their pace, trying to discourage Dennis]  You'd better slow down there, chief! You've got a long way to go!

    Dennis : Yeah, well - so have you!

    [Dennis accelerates past Whit] 

    Whit : Oh, yeah! Yes, I like it! Run, fatboy, run!

    [Whit takes his lead back, but as Dennis passes him one more time... ] 

    Dennis : I can lose weight... but you'll always be an arsehole!

  • Dennis : Peter Perfect's perfect palace.

    Gordon : Try saying that when you're smashed.

    Dennis : I will.

  • Dennis : I know doing this thing isn't going to change anything or make anything better but um. I would just settle for your respect. I'd settle for you smiling about the time we had together and not think it was a waste of time.

  • Whit : I mean, you can see my point can't you?

    Dennis : Yes, yes I can.

  • Gordon : Hey, maybe there's a little man in there who looks just like you but he's really good at running.

    Dennis : What are you talking about?

    Gordon : Just a thought.

  • Undercover Officer : You want your son to love you? Don't break the law!

    Dennis : Hey! That's entrapment!

    [gets pushed to the ground] 

    Dennis : And that's brutality!

  • Whit : I actually ran the London Marathon

    Dennis : Oh that's a coincidence.

    Whit : Why's that?

    Dennis : Oh, I watched it on the tele... well... the last hour... I sleep in on Sundays.

  • Libby : You can't even finish your sentence!

    Dennis : Oh... don't... don't... don't be... what's the word?

    Old Lady : Prick.

    [in the English version: "Cock."] 

  • Dennis : I went for a bit of a run this morning and I think I've got a bit of a... rash...

    [indicates downwards] 

    Claire : Yes...

    Dennis : Y'know... Down in the...

    Claire : [agitated]  Yes, yes, I understand.

    Dennis : Scrotal Zone.

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