Run, Fatboy, Run (2007) Poster

Dylan Moran: Gordon



  • Gordon : Hey I've got you those tickets you wanted...

    Dennis : They were for yesterday!

    Gordon : Oh so NOW you don't want them?

    Dennis : Why would I want them?

    Gordon : You could... sell them on e-bay.

    Dennis : Who would buy tickets for an event which happened yesterday?

    Gordon : ...Time Travellers.

  • Gordon : The only serious relationship I've been in ended in a broken collarbone and a dead meerkat.

  • Gordon : Go on then, run!

    Dennis : Isn't there some kind of like... special technique?

    Gordon : Well... yeah... you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast.

  • Gordon : I got you a present

    Libby : Aww thanks

    Gordon : It's a CD, I hope you haven't got it. Because I don't have a receipt and I didn't exactly buy it.

  • Dennis : We should set the alarm for about 7 o'clock.

    Gordon : I don't have an alarm clock.

    Dennis : Why not?

    Gordon : I never need to be anywhere.

  • Gordon : Dennis, you're my best friend, I'm not going to bet against you. Not with these odds.

  • Gordon : Hey do you think it would be weird if I took a bath?


    Gordon : Yeah... that would be weird.

  • Gordon : That was the second most disgusting fluid I've ever had in my eye.

  • [Mr. Ghoshtashtidar has just stopped Vincent from smashing Gordon's fingers in a piano] 

    Gordon : Thanks for that, Mr. G!

    Mr. Ghoshdashtidar : Your friend is a man of honor.

    Gordon : What, Vincent?

    Mr. Ghoshdashtidar : Yes! He said he's going to kick shit out of you later instead!

  • Gordon : Women remember that stuff.

  • Dennis : Peter Perfect's perfect palace.

    Gordon : Try saying that when you're smashed.

    Dennis : I will.

  • Gordon : Well come on up!

  • Gordon : Hey, maybe there's a little man in there who looks just like you but he's really good at running.

    Dennis : What are you talking about?

    Gordon : Just a thought.

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