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Hank Azaria: Whit



  • Dennis : Excuse me, can I just stop you there.

    Whit : Yes...?

    Dennis : Oh, I don't have anything to say... I just wanted to stop you there.

  • [during the race] 

    Dennis : Isn't it enough?

    Whit : What?

    Dennis : You got the girl, all right? Isn't it enough?

    Whit : I just think it's high time you realized that it's over, sir! Otherwise, it's gonna be very tough for you when we move to Chicago!

    Dennis : What?

    Whit : [off their pace, trying to discourage Dennis]  You'd better slow down there, chief! You've got a long way to go!

    Dennis : Yeah, well - so have you!

    [Dennis accelerates past Whit] 

    Whit : Oh, yeah! Yes, I like it! Run, fatboy, run!

    [Whit takes his lead back, but as Dennis passes him one more time... ] 

    Dennis : I can lose weight... but you'll always be an arsehole!

  • Whit : I mean, you can see my point can't you?

    Dennis : Yes, yes I can.

  • Whit : Where you goin, where you going? You gotta be kiddin me, Dennis? You can't be serious! The guy left you at the alter, pregnant!

    Libby : [Puts Whit's wedding ring on the table]  Nobody's perfect.

    Whit : Libby, Libby...

    Jake : What a shithead.

  • Whit : [At the hospital, after Jake plays with the hospital bed causing it to fall backwards]  God dam it WILL YOU STOP MESSING AROUND WITH THE BED YA LITTLE SHIT?

  • Whit : I actually ran the London Marathon

    Dennis : Oh that's a coincidence.

    Whit : Why's that?

    Dennis : Oh, I watched it on the tele... well... the last hour... I sleep in on Sundays.

  • Whit : Jake, buddy, can I control the bed please?

    Jake : No, but you can watch me control it.

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