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witty, fast fasted, stylishly interesting
marc-79930 May 2007
I've never been motivated to leave a review here based on reading others, but the slamming of LNS is beyond accepting. The movie has a style that may, if fact, be borrowed from many other sources, but when it's on the screen, it feels complete as its' own. While the connections are not as surprising as some may say, they are certainly not spelled out for the viewer.

The dialog is a bit kitchy, but there in lies the movies' charm. Reviewers stuck on the believability factor of such dialog seem to be limiting themselves to one cine-style that we'd be limiting ourselves to only 5% (I'm making up that number) of accessible films.

LNS is a fun thinking mans' thriller that is witty, fast fasted, stylishly interesting and ENTERTAINING!!! That's what I want out of a movie, entertainment.... for those who are looking for reality, read the papers, watch CNN, take a walk in somebody else's' neighborhood. For those who like slick mysteries with interesting dialog rent or buy Lucky Number Sleven
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Absolutely Amazing Film
sweethoneyhan3 March 2006
I really felt i needed to write this comment, because the one just before made me so angry. If the prior user had paid a little more attention to this film he would have noticed how intricate and brilliant the plot was. I don't want to give anything away of this film, but i strongly recommend this film to anyone. I would agree that you spend the first 20 minutes in confusion because of its fast paced plot, but by the end, your sympathies for individual characters are all over the place. ALl i can say is go and see it, and give it your full attention, then you wouldn't be on this website, saying "it doesn't make sense". Enjoy the film, 10/10
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A welcome surprise, Slevin has appeared as if from nowhere.
Youkilledmypine2 March 2006
Bruce Willis, Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci and Josh Hartnett fill a cast line up every bit as impressive as say, Sin City. Leaving behind the sour taste of Wicker Park, Scottish McGuigan follows the likes of his own Gangster Number 1 with this incredibly cool, at times funny thriller that has somehow sneaked into the cinemas without much of a fuss. Supporting cast includes a very welcome cameo from a Jackie Brown star and a bunch of UK actors imitating their US counterpart's accents to perfection. The pairing of Sir Ben and Freeman alone is worth the price of admission, but this is Hartnett(as Slevin)'s film and perhaps it should not be too surprising that he carries it off effectively. In fact, none of the cast really put a foot wrong and even Lucy Liu is pretty adorable (against type if you believe the all the press).

Despite a reasonably confusing series of opening events, Slevin is essentially a straight forward, neat black comedy of errors(mistaken identity for one). The dialogue is at times razor sharp and the action is well shot. The body count climbs steadily as the movie progresses at a cracking pace that never becomes dull. Slevin is thematically similar to a few other choice stories, but like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Slevin should be enjoyed more for the ride and the audience should try not to guess ahead of the plot and let it unfold naturally. There will still be some surprises appearing even for the most avid film fans but like so many thrillers Slevin could be ruined from word of mouth. If it weren't for the warm, familiar feel of similar films, this little gem would be rated higher. Unfairly dismissed by some as confusing, wrongly compared to the legendary Usual Suspects - it's a league apart from the mess that was Revolver and doesn't outstay a welcome.

Oh, and Willis gets to call someone a 'f*** head'. Great stuff.
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Wow! Great Noir Caper Flick
wmjaho22 January 2006
2006 Sundance Film Festival From the opening scene in Lucky Number Slevin, you will be straining to keep up. People are getting killed left and right, and it's never clear until the end of the movie how they are all connected. But you know it fits somehow and Scottish director Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park) manages to keep you guessing while firmly grabbing your attention and holding it with hardly a second to take a breath.

In the film noir tradition, but with the intense and graphic violence of the Lock Stock and Layer Cake genre, Slevin is really a caper movie, and frankly reminded me more of The Sting than anything else. It dances nimbly from grisly stomach-churning action to clever and light-hearted banter. This could only be accomplished by a truly incredible cast, led by Josh Hartnett in an outstanding performance, great work by Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis doing his thing, and supported by the always excellent Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley. There's even a little time for Stanley Tucci.

Liu plays Lindsay, the next-door-neighbor/natural sleuth/coroner/love interest who discovers Slevin in her neighbor Nick's apartment. They mystery that immediately engages her is what happened to Nick, who never shows up. However, plenty of people do show up, mistaking Slevin for Nick, and before long he is neck deep in murder contracts, called debts and warring gang factions. Hartnett plays the role to perfection. I've never seen him this good. He is both convincing and empathetic as a glib, fearless victim of mistaken identity, yet filled with confidence that he can make his plan work.

This is a terrific film, assuming you can stomach the bloody violence. The pieces fit neatly together (well, I have one bone to pick with the scriptwriter, but it would be revealing too much to share it). I highly recommend Lucky Number Slevin.
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Lucky Number Slevin An Impressive Action Crime Thriller
tburke8517 June 2009
Lucky Number Slevin is an impressive action crime thriller with some flaws but the good outweighs the bad in this one. Director Paul McGuigan is admirable in making this movie about a guy named Slevin who after a case of mistake identity finds himself caught in the middle of a war between two rival crime bosses known as The Rabbi and The Boss. Josh Hartnett is good as Slevin who may know more about his situation than he's letting on or maybe not. Hartnett proves to be effective in the role. Morgan Freeman is great as The Boss but he isn't given much to do. The same can go for Ben Kinsgley as The Rabbi but he like Freeman still make the best of their villain roles. The rest of the cast including Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci, and Bruce Willis as a hit-man are solid as the supporting characters in their limited screen time. The few action sequences are well executed and the intricate but not too complicated plot keeps your interest. Despite some flaws with character development, this movie was better than expected. Overall Lucky Number Sleven is a good action crime thriller with an interesting premise and exceptional performances by the cast who making it a movie worth the time to watch.
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A Very Twisted Revenge Thriller
seymourblack-18 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Lucky Number Slevin" is a stylish revenge thriller with an incredible number of twists, a high body count and a collection of characters who are almost all totally amoral. Its strongest feature is its script which is sharp, witty and extremely funny with lots of quick-fire dialogue that perfectly complements the fast-moving pace of this highly entertaining movie. The Hitchcock and Tarantino influences are very apparent throughout and the combination of a mistaken identity story with colourful anecdotes and amusing banter provides plenty of humour, suspense and intrigue.

When two strangers meet in an almost deserted airport waiting area, the man in a wheelchair tells a younger man a story about an ordinary guy at a racetrack, twenty years earlier, whose decision to put money on a horse which was supposed to be a sure-fire winner, led to his own violent demise and the deaths of his immediate family. After completing the story, the wheelchair-bound raconteur suddenly gets up and kills the younger man.

A short time later in New York City, Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) is staying at his friend's apartment because, after having come to visit Nick Fisher, he'd found the door unlocked and Fisher had disappeared. In a conversation with Nick's neighbour Lindsey (Lucy Liu), he explains how recently, he'd experienced a lot of bad luck, including losing his job, finding his girlfriend in the act of cheating on him and getting mugged. More bad luck then follows when a couple of heavies who mistake him for Fisher, take him to meet a gangster called The Boss (Morgan Freeman) who demands that he repay a huge gambling debt. The Boss then explains that his son had recently been killed and as he believes that his rival The Rabbi (Ben Kingsley) was responsible, he would be prepared to overlook the gambling debt if Slevin would agree to assassinate his rival's son.

Slevin's decision about what to do next is made easier shortly after when a couple of The Rabbi's heavies (who also mistake him for Fisher) take him to their boss who demands repayment of another large gambling debt. Slevin agrees to carry out the hit for The Boss but there's also a hit-man called Mr Goodkat (Bruce Willis) who strangely seems to be working for both gangsters and is under orders to eliminate Slevin after he's killed The Rabbi's son. When Slevin subsequently carries out his contract for The Boss, a connection between Slevin and Goodkat is revealed and the two men surprisingly go on to capture the two gangsters before a series of additional twists and revelations (including the relevance of the anecdote that was told at the airport) follow.

A wonderful cast of very talented actors who genuinely seem to be having a great time add enormously to the enjoyment of watching this movie. Josh Hartnett perfectly displays the reactions of a man who's faced with some terrifying situations but also weirdly suffers from a condition which leaves him free from worry or any other troubling preoccupations and Bruce Willis is great as the mysterious, smirking hit-man. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley are on form as the crime lords who used to be partners and Lucy Liu is scintillating in her supporting role as a funny James Bond fan who also works in a mortuary.

Considering the convoluted nature of the plot , director Paul McGuigan also merits recognition for the slick way in which the action is presented and the level of clarity that's brought to a tale that, in the wrong hands, could so easily have degenerated into a confusing mess.
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Why people don't like this movie is beyond me...
energyman-speed28 April 2007
The subject says it all...

This is a good, fast paced thriller... It would have been a really good thriller if it were not for the graphic scenes at the start of the movie, but once you get through that and a little bit of the confusion, this movie picks up very well...

I don't want to mention any thing about the story, I think there is enough mentioned already at the plot summary and that's all you need to know.

But trust me, do not believe people that say this is a bad movie... it is better than the many garbage movies that come out nowadays.. the acting and suspense is solid across the board. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley are good, but the trump has to be Josh Harnett. He was good.

Like I said, the only bad point of this movie are the graphic scenes at the start.. If you approach this movie looking for entertainment, you will enjoy it.
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Nice one Bruce. And the rest.
mikehammond817 July 2006
Impressively cast, well acted, funny and cleverly written dark comedy that is definitely worth a look. Keeping company with legends such as Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Bruce Willis (who has been taking more and more great roles recently), Josh Hartnett takes the lead in the title role and plays it well. Freeman and Kingsley are as ever faultless and brilliant. Willis is fantastic in this kind of role. The dark, understated, non-action-blockbuster, big cast thrillers suit him well. Keep it up Bruce. To top off this top-notcher, Lucy Lui is looking gorgeous in her role as the love interest. I look forward to watching more films by Paul McGuigan, a director I'd previously been unaware of. Rent it as soon as you can.
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Slick, Fun and Very entertaining!!! 10 / 10
lprice090130 June 2006
This has to be one of the most enjoyable movies to come out of Hollywood for years. It wasn't any of this Arty-farty crap(like the tragic "Revolver").

Its slick, very well acted and great direction. Sharp, funny dialogue that keeps you smiling (think Guy Ritchie, could learn a few things from this movie). Morgan Freeman was great, along with Sir Ben Kingsley. It was great to see Josh Hartnet get a good interesting role for a change. Bruce Willis was, well, just another great performance from him!!.

I wont give any thing away about the story.. just watch it and let the Film do the talking, Fans of the Gangster genre will love it!!.
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keeps you guessing
bigstuff202012 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you like movies that make you think you will enjoy this film. Josh Hartnett stars as "Slevin" a guy who is down on his luck and gets mistaken for someone else, or does he...from the moment that the mob bosses get a hold of Slevin the movie turns into one big guessing game. If you are like me you will find yourself thinking and trying to figure out what exactly is going on, but you probably will never understand until all is explained in the brilliant climax ending of the film. I honestly can say that when you walk out of the theater you can say to whomever it is that you went to see this movie with that it was truly a great movie. Now I was lucky enough to have seen this at a screening back in December, and the entire theater started to applaud at the conclusion of the film. If you like mysteries definitely check this one out...and just by the slim chance that the reviews are mixed or not that great I will at least tell you from an avid movie lover to give this a chance and you will not regret it
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" Danger can arise from any Bad Dog, but mostly from the one you created "
thinker16916 September 2012
Our story began in the mind of writer Jason Smilovic and later directed well in the movie called " Lucky Number Slevin " by Paul McGuigan. It relates the story apparently initiated through mistaken identity. A traveler visiting a friend accepts an invitation to stay at an apartment in another city. Once there however, he meets Lindsey (Lucy Liu) a sexy next door neighbor, is slugged and mugged in broad daylight just before he is kidnapped and threatened with death if he doesn't pay a great debt and do a favor for The 'Boss', a local Godfather (Morgan Freeman). However, he also realizes, in order to fulfill the command, he must kill a total stranger for 'The Rabbi' a rival Godfather (Ben Kingsley). The reason for the duel threat dates back some twenty years and involves a professional Hit-man named Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis). The film is briefly confusing and further muddled if the audience doesn't pay close attention to the interesting players. Although a serious feature, the inclusion of dark comedy makes for a black situation which is flavored with fast action and hard hitting excitement. Josh Hartnett, plays Slevin Kelevra and holds his own against the heavyweight stars of the movie. All in all, an unexpected and wonderful movie recommended for the thinking audience. The result, . . . a Classic in the making. ****
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Another case of Usual Suspects Syndrome
maxwellsmart11 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Lucky Number Slevin is the latest in a long line of movies that try to outdo everything else out there in the cleverness department and as a result, seems overdone. Ever since The Usual Suspects, it seems that more and more movies have become too desperate to trick or mislead the audience, and it seems that the people making these movies usually fail to realize what made the movies they're trying to emulate effective in the first place. The Usual Suspects was effective in misleading the audience because the plot is free of holes, and there is one well thought out twist that is believable and makes for a great ending. What happens in Lucky Number Slevin is that the twists are too plentiful, and the ones that aren't predictable are often trivial; they end up having very little impact and aren't satisfying.

The ending to Lucky Number Slevin is given away very early on. An astute viewer who has become used to seeing this type of movie will pick up on it right away. All that's left to us is to figure out which piece of the convoluted puzzle will be laid down next.

The dialogue tries relentlessly to be witty, to varying degrees of success. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's downright tedious. The first scene in which Slevin meets the Rabbi is an example of the high, the first scene with Slevin meeting Lindsey is the low.

Director Paul McGuigan emulates Guy Ritchie's stylish visuals to some success, and guides the film about as well as the material allows. The saving grace here is the characters. Slevin, The Rabbi, The Boss and Goodkat all stand out, and Hartnett, Kingsley, Freeman and Willis all turn in commendable and charismatic performances. But by the end, particularly if you've figured out the scam from early on, the movie becomes a bit tiresome, not offering up any real surprises. While Lucky Number Slevin is not without its good points, at the end it seems like another case of a movie trying to be too clever for its own good, another movie with multiple twists that fail to result in any real surprises, and that just aren't that satisfying. As a viewer, the final result is "a been there, done that too many times" feeling, even though the film is not without its moments
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brl2526 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie last night with two friends. One hated it and the other deemed it "just okay." Unfortunately, my opinion of "Lucky Number Slevin" is not much more esteemed.

Personally, I found the entire first hour to be a snooze fest; a bore that is plagued by, as my friend said, "cheesy turns of phrase and plays on words." Loved the comment one user made about how the dialogue in this movie is comparable to that in "Gilmore Girls." The script is cringe-worthy, which for me, was enough alone to dislike this movie.

However, I will give kudos to the actors. They did the best they could with such boring, one-dimensional characters. I feel the only people who changed at all by movie's end were Freeman and Kingsley--and they end up dead! That's also assuming their characters learned the error of their ways right before Slevin kills them, and even that assumption is probably a stretch.

This A-list cast was wasted. I felt no emotion toward anyone involved and was relieved when the movie finally reached its only somewhat unexpected conclusion.

I give this movie three out of ten stars, for a script that is borderline insulting and for a typical, not-so-memorable-or-exciting story of revenge.

To its credit, it is mildly entertaining and worth at least some of your time and money. We saw it at the dollar theater last night, if that says anything.
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Josh Harnett vs The New Trend
arichmondfwc8 April 2006
"Lucky Number Slevin" feels like the thesis of a promising film student from the P T Anderson/ Quentin Tarantino school of smart ass film-making. To tell you the truth, I'm getting a bit too tired of this clever, oh so clever style of narration. The dialog, coming out of Freeman and Kingsley mouth is as fun as it is meaningless. Absurd without being Ionesco absurd. Absurd but self consciously so. After a little while you're way ahead of the characters - not plot wise naturally, but style wise. You know is going to be one of those movies trying to be those other movies. That in itself makes the experience rather frustrating. Thank God for Josh Harnett. He is an actor that manages to remind you of all those greats icons of the past and at the same time he's an original. The fact that I could actually see this movie again just to look at him, makes me think he'll be a huge star. The kind of star the people remember and loves, generation after generation. I wish he manages to find his Elia Kazan.
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A very good Crime Mystery
willcundallreview13 May 2014

Lucky Number Slevin is a film that contains a bunch of elements that a gangster film needs, and also a dash of comedy that brings it all well together. With a big cast of familiar faces and performances to match really, I really would recommend this, if not only to prove the critics wrong who don't like this film. I felt this film was safely very good, and here is why below.

The story is serious at most times but also doesn't mind being comedic and this makes it much more fun as you really get more interested in the plot. It starts to get complicated towards the end but in a good way actually as the whole mystery and shocks that go on are revealed in a simple and easy way. It contains fun moments too, unpredictable and throws a few curveballs it just makes a very good piece of entertainment.

Joh Hartnell in the main role is good, maybe not the best that could have been done of this role but he works it well, Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley as the two mob bosses are good as well but yet again they never seem to do the role as well as it COULD be done, although it is steady going by all three. I did however think Lucy Liu fitted her role very well and portrayed a character that you didn't know much about really.

It is written well and the script is the probably the strongest thing about this entire project. Directed well too the more technical side of this deals it's strongest cards and is why I rate as I have, the sets though are dizzying and never seem to fit what is going on, or any serious note the film is trying to find, but they don't ruin this films credibility.

Apart from the sets the main problem with the movie is that It wraps itself around itself in a sense and becomes very confusing at times, mostly is isn't but it happens at certain parts which niggle down it's rating. I said about the acting which I did say wasn't bad but what I will say is that Bruce Willis completely wastes his talent in this with a bad performance that somehow never fits in with this piece.

Those who like a good old action and mysterious plot should enjoy this as that is exactly what it turns out to be by the end and can be hugely enjoyable. It isn't the best of gangster film but could serve to please a fan of that type of film with it's two rival crime families, although the comedy may take some gangster film fans away from this one.

Overall I give this an 8/10, it is a Safely Very Good movie but maybe not quite enough to be rated as Great. With this you seriously have to ignore the critics who don't like this because it is hugely enjoyable if you just watch it straight, enjoy the curves it throws at you and you will pleased by it hugely, If you start to look into this well then you may feel it isn't quite up to scratch with others like this movie.
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Behind the fancy dialogs
werewolf96627 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Behind the fancy dialogs and fascinating cast ,unfortunately there is an ordinary vengeance story.Despite of the wrong place,wrong time cliché , you don't need to be movie freak to figure out Slevin is the little boy at the beginning of the film. The only thing that may surprise you is the partnership between Mr. Goodkat and Slevin which can also predicted. The scriptwriters should have noticed the ordinariness of the plot and decided to sweeten it with clever-riddled like dialogs.I admit that at the beginning I enjoyed the way the dialogs progress but after I while I find myself saying enough already.

The best thing about this movie is its fascinating cast.Morgan Freeman,Sir Ben Kingsley,Bruce Willis,Josh Hartnett and Lucy Lui.All of them did a very good job.Especially I really enjoy seeing Ben Kingsley because I haven't watched one of his movies since the performed in Sexy Beast in year 2000.Also I think Paul McGuigan did a satisfying job.And I almost forgot the music of the movie is also quite entertaining.

To wrap up, Lucky Number Slevin is nothing more than a typical vengeance movie and if you don't have better things to do give it change not for the plot but for the stars in its cast.
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Connecting the Dots
tributarystu29 June 2006
Like any sweet, short story about murder and revenge, "LNS" likes to connect the dots. It's a healthy principle in screen writing (and in the writing of any sort of story) as long as one knows how to achieve a desired effect. And the desired effect is generally the long lasting effect.

LNS is a cool little joint of a movie, studded with stars galore. Which, of course, makes it a pleasurable view. Or at least for me it always does; how else could you define a film with Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsly and (the ever present, if I may say so) Morgan Freeman? Yeah, sure, stars generally ruin movies by being a part of them. But that's only the case if the movie tries to be a serious lesson of morale and virtue. Which LNS does not.

And that's why it's cool. A very well conceived popcorn flick, which connects all the dots in their eternal shallowness in the way it should. Nothing too fancy, nothing too subtle. Just enough for a good time. That is, if you enjoy having a good time without thinking too much about it and if you don't let yourself distracted by the twinkling bloody frames.
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The Kansas City Shuffle.
Angelus213 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I admit I was turned away from this film simply because it didn't look that interesting with the trailers, and seeing Bruce Willis play yet another Hit-man.

But finally I decided to watch this simply because Josh Hartnett was in it and Lucy Liu.

I expected a comedy.

The opening story about the 'The Kansas Shuffle' was an eye-opener. It tells the tale of a man who makes a bet which he cannot pay off, if he was to lose. In return the gangsters he owes money to, kill his whole family.

Josh Hartnett seemingly plays the friend of 'Nick' and finds himself in a case of mistaken identity where Nick owes money to, two very dangerous criminals. The Boss and the Rabbi.

Josh's character Slevin begins to fall for Nick's neighbour Lindsey (Lucy Liu) and so he must find a way to play the two gangsters and a mysterious hit-man known only as the "GoodKat".

The film has some great lines and plays on words perfectly. Josh Hartnett plays his part well. While Bruce Willis plays the silent hit-man. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley shine more then ever while Lucy Liu plays an adorable and bubbly character who sizzles sexy in every scene.

The films is full of comedy yet it has a surprising element of action and keeps audience members on the edge of their seat. Bits are complicated but the characters take their time to explain what is going on.

The best scene in my opinion was the bed scene were Lindey and Slevin talk about Bond. Just a great moment were nothing else matters, no gangsters no debts or deaths.

A great movie.
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So script and logic are no more issues in film-making
noodles-1329 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Slevin sets a new landmark in tasteless film-making, being a foolish mix of tones and genres which actually leads nowhere. Within the frame of a tragic bloody revenge, the movies gives us a pointless love story, ultraviolent pulpfiction-like gangsters, corrupted cops, an ironic international killer who is eventually discovered to be happy at playing the father figure. The story starts as a tragedy, the climax scene (which is not the real end, of course: plenty of endings in this movie) ends it as a tragedy. In the middle we have all the above and maybe more, without a choice of style and taste. I rated it 3, but it is hard to rate a movie which is completely wrong.
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Slevin vs. Suspects
barrettashby28 June 2010
(one quick thing when watching: don't make the same huge mistake Roger Ebert did and expect Lucky Number Slevin to be a serious movie, the triviality of the characters is meant to be that way)

Almost every thriller is set up so you know there is a twist coming. What makes a thriller stand out is when you forget it's a thriller. Fight Club is just an epic fighting movie. Memento makes you concerned with figuring out what's going on, much like he is trying to do. The Usual Suspects has you guessing at how the boat incident came to be and who Keyser Soze is. All of them make you forget you're watching a thriller, and just leave you concerned with what is happening instead of what will end up happening. Lucky Number Slevin does this brilliantly. With one of the best scripts I've ever heard (the film style and transitions are just as poetic), a very unique and entertaining set up for a story, and a constant introduction of interesting characters, it makes you forget why any of it is related to the opening scenes. Whether or not you love the movie, you must respect what a masterpiece it is, the amount of thought that went into every line and transition is impressive and if you consider yourself a critic in any sense you won't be let down.

Now as far as Lucky Number Slevin being compared to The Usual Suspects, I think Slevin trumps. If any comparison is to be made, it's that Slevin fixed all the problems with Suspects. In the first five minutes I knew who the mastermind was because they showed him and had him talk, one of the most obvious things I've ever seen. Slevin doesn't do that, only one face is shown and that's because he is telling the story. Also, Suspects doesn't have anything really unique to it, the structure isn't that special, and besides a few good quotes it can't compare to Slevin. Slevin and Suspects are completely different, and I would never think judge one from the other. If you want to see a pioneer for thrillers, see Suspects. If you want to experience a script, story, and film style come together virtually flawlessly, see Slevin.
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dhlough23 June 2006
Lucky Number Slevin – no, that's not a typo – will easily be dismissed as Tarantino-esquire. Starring Josh Hartnett as the unlucky title character, the film has more twists and turns than a high-tech roller-coaster, but it's just as much fun (and almost as immediately forgettable).

Directed with breakneck technique by Paul McGuigan from a clever though highly implausible script by Jason Slimovic, the film is cast, with one minor exception, impeccably. It marks the first role that justifies Josh Hartnett's hype, and bestows Lucy Liu the most normal – and incandescent – part of her career. It's a bonus that they have palpable on-screen chemistry, as well as great foils in the guise of Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman (though Ben Kingsley's high-strung performance as The Rabbi is a miscalculation). The film itself is stylized – written in high gumshoe/screwball mode, with a guided tour of ugly wallpapers throughout history as part of its hard-boiled milieu – though the actors' convictions root the topsy-turvy narrative in recognizable human terrain.

At its best, Lucky Number Slevin has the feel of a minor John Huston caper directed, with prankish glee, by Brian DePalma. It's a blood-revenge thriller with no depth, though there are reservoirs of feeling in Hartnett's and Liu's performances, as well as wit. Liu seems to the screwball manor born. And Hartnett prances around for nearly 30 minutes of screen time in nothing more than a long purple towel and a quizzical expression. He's such a game actor that his performance is both a put-on and homage to the long line of Macguffins in film noir. With, of course, a twist.
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Pulp Suspects: The Usual Fiction
Jonny_Numb8 December 2006
John Hartnett secures the record for Longest Period of Time Wearing a Towel and Nothing Else in "Lucky Number Slevin," a groan-inducing title for a groan-inducing movie. After what seemed like at least a good half-decade of hibernation, yet another hack filmmaker has emerged from the bushes and taken his suck-pump to dredge the remaining puddles of silt at the bottom of the now-drained Tarantino Lake; Jason Smilovic penned this too-familiar tale of criminals with oh-so-enigmatic names (The Boss, The Rabbi, Slevin) speaking in a torrent of pop-culture clichés (James Bond, Norman Rockwell, Andy Griffith, and Alfred Hitchcock get shout-outs), involved in some oh-so-wacky, oh-so-ironic, oh-so-postmodern shenanigans, and director Paul McGuigan put the frantically-edited mess up on screen for all to see. When you notice the missed beats in the dialog between Bruce Willis (whose persistent smirk seems to be holding back laughter) and another character during the opening scene, it doesn't bode well for the remainder of the film...and "Slevin" just gets progressively worse. The characters are a collection of pretentiously self-aware ciphers, and following the plot is pointless, since the film uses the LAST 30 MINUTES to tell us what the hell is going on (via dialog and flashbacks where--yup--information that was withheld is now revealed!), because its structure is so tediously contrived. In any other case, "Slevin"'s unusually excellent cast would (at least somewhat) redeem the film, but veterans like Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Willis seem to be going through the motions of a flat, unmemorable script; meanwhile, Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett radiate youthful cuteness, but precious little sympathy. Actually, the one smidgen of talent on display in "Slevin" might be McGuigan's ability to squander a cast most directors would kill for--now THAT is a true achievement. For those who have never seen a good crime thriller and would like to look 'hip' and 'with it,' have a ball with "Lucky Number Slevin"; the rest of us will be re-watching "The Usual Suspects" and "Pulp Fiction."
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A Stylish Flick!!!
wajidburki25 June 2006
I just saw the film and I must say this is the best movie of 2006.A case of mistaken identity lands Slevin(Josh Hartnett)with the job of killing The Rabbi's(Ben Kingsley) son.The Rabbi is The Boss's(Morgan Freeman)gangster rival while he owes The Rabbi $ 33000.He is also being pursued by GudKat(Bruce Willis) and he is also under watch by Detective Brikowski(Stanley Tucci) while helping him along is Lindsey(Lucy Liu).Directed by Paul McGuigan whose previous movie Wicker Park was no where as good as this one.Josh Hartnett is brilliant in his role promising more movies for him.Bruce Willis as usual was brilliant so was Stanley Tucci.Ben Kingsley did his thing.Morgan Freeman for me was not up to the mark,he was just OK.Otherwise its a brilliant film.Fast paced,edgy,slick,stylish.You name it.A must see movie.
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double disappointment
niuqniuq17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I must say that I am doubly deceived by this movie: first, by the movie itself, with a plot that could be good but in the end gets too uselessly complicated and "Tarantinian" to satisfy, and secondly because of the very high rating this movie has received by the voters of the IMDb. In fact, I think that the "moral" level (please don't misunderstand me, I'm not a moralist, but I think that a movie should be a bit careful in presenting as a positive character a man who is such a complete monster as the main character of this one) is alarming, to say the least. And what is worse this movie presents the most brutal vengeance as a perfectly justified and empathic reaction (weren't we supposed, after Eschylus, to think that the strong man is the one who resists the temptation to repay an eye for an eye?). So I could hardly believe my eyes when I watched the happy ending, where the guy gets the girl and lives happily ever after, in the most traditional and soppy happy ending one could imagine, as if he were an ordinary movie hero and not a (very improbable, by the way) cold-blooded and almost superman-like killer. In fact, he not only finishes off the two men against whom he has to avenge his father, but also (and this is the thing that has disturbed me most) the son of one of these two killers, a perfectly innocent guy who hasn't done anything except being gay! and making him a gay character, I sadly suspect, was a genial solution on the part of the writers not to make the public too sorry for him... yes, b-series human beings may well be killed without too many compliments, who cares after all? the important thing is that the gloriously heterosexual hero may get the girl, and live happily ever after? I have to admit that I am a bit disgusted.
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Lucky Number Stupid
usual2005-123 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Lucky Number Slevin was another nail in the coffin for my cinema going life. It was the last in a long list of 'whack' movies that i wasted my money on. Admittedly, i am very bad at choosing which movies to go and see, a trait i attribute to my eternal optimism ("Posioden? well, the original was a classic... so the remake must be good then...right? Wrong! Apparently i never learn) but i think its fair to expect that when u get a group of good actors together and a bunch of professional filmmakers and millions of dollars that they'd manage to make something at least a little bit good. But they consistently don't. Lucky Number Slevin is, i think, a classic case of style over content. The poster promised so much - slightly obscure title, Bruce with not 1 but 2 guns, all star cast. Actually, if the poster hadn't looked like so much fun maybe i wouldn't have been so disappointed that the film was so pointless - but it looked like it might be a cheeky little surprise of a movie that all these great actors signed onto because the script was just so gosh-darned good! And the annoying thing was that it kept threatening to suddenly make sense. When all was revealed - the moment we had all been inexpertly manipulated into waiting for - it was just so ridiculous that it was hard for me not to scream "What?!?!!!?! he was the son of the man who... and now you get revenge on... by waiting 20 years ....and killing the guy who get to the bosses of ....whaaaa....?" just way too far fetched and stupid. its just stupid. the writer is stupid. the director is stupid. they are all stupid! except Lucy Liu. I think probably in her case her agent made her do it against her will and she kept trying to tell them where they were getting it wrong but nobody would listen! I know it wasn't your fault Lucy. The point at which i could take no more and walked out of the cinema? When - oh dear - she gets shot and - wait for it -it turns out she's wearing - did u guess yet? - a bullet proof vest! i felt i had to leave then on principal. i'm thinking of starting an Anti-Bullet Proof Vest Coalition and making a blacklist of movies where this happens and scribbling on the front of the DVD covers in the shops - Don't Worry - They're not really dead! they're wearing a bullet proof vest!

if you like this movie its because a)have a mental age of 14 and thought this one was really clever and twisty b)have recently woken up from a coma and are still in that 'everything is wonderful because i'm alive' phase c) are as stupid as they say you are. to all the people who gave this a high vote - Shame on you! because you're only encouraging them.
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