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One of the Most Brilliant Comedies I've Ever Seen
jzappa30 April 2007
Hot Fuzz satirizes American action films in a way that an American satire would not. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg don't simply spoof the plot threads and the car chases. They know the smaller details of Hollywood's formula, as they exemplify with its continuous references to the scene in Point Break where Keanu Reeves fires his gun into the sky in anger and the scene in Bad Boys II where Martin Lawrence, in a circling tracking shot, says, "S*** just got real." Not only do they tackle those less clear characteristics of Hollywood, they also perfectly portray people who talk about awesome scenes in action movies, hilariously by Nick Frost. The film is brilliantly in precise tune with the American mainstream action adventure.

The irony in this film is that it takes place in the serenely beautiful English countryside. In some ways, the film is very important for Americans to see. It delves very deeply into the conscious social mannerisms of the English, and parodies the timid insular English village life. Perhaps the most brilliant element of Hot Fuzz is the intertwining of a big-budget action film with gimmicks and a desperately fast pace and a quaint, atmospheric English village given the secrets-of-its-own flavor and a Agatha Christie-style expository structure.

The film-making style in and of itself is complicit in the satire. The cinematography and editing is a product of the school of Tony Scott and Guy Ritchie. It's filled with jump cuts accompanied by loud and constantly changing sound effects, occasional strobe, and montages of grainy, bleached out, extravagantly lit shots edited together at machine gun speed. The soundtrack is that of any super-cool action film from Hollywood. This works so well not only as a dead-on impression of Hollywood film-making but also as a hilarious opposition to the English countryside.

Simon Pegg's performance is a work of comic genius. His character is so well-developed as a man of invincible and authentic confidence and incredible drive, a workaholic, a zealot, and also an action hero stereotype. Nick Frost is a great second banana because not only is he the punchline to Pegg's straight line, he's also funny in such a direct, adolescent way, an unlikely comic relief sidekick.

The film's great surprise is a comeback performance from Timothy Dalton. Not only is it a reappearance from the abyss he's been lost in since his two-year stint as James Bond, but also a vindication against all who've continually dismissed his credibility as an actor and doubted his comic ability. He's very funny and one of the film's great highlights.

I've rarely seen a comedy so cleverly written, beautifully directed, atmospheric, or intelligently ridiculous.
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Most fun in a cinema since....forever
dgraham-16 February 2007
Saw this last night at a special screening followed by a Q&A with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I liked "Shaun of the Dead" but wasn't a huge fan but I liked what I'd heard about "Hot Fuzz". I still wasn't prepared to be quite as blown away by it as I was.

This film works both as an out-and-out comedy but also as a high paced action film and also manages to showcase the directing talents of Edgar Wright and the acting of Simon Pegg (who can really *act*) The first half is a gentle build up but is generally and genuinely amusing, but once we put the pedal to the floor for the second half the pace is relentless.

The plot is substantial enough but isn't really what we've all come to see - it's about the snappy dialogue and the gags. To describe it as a spoof is unfair - they just corrupt the genre a little and turn up the comedy.

Great fun from start to finish.
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How you Top Shaun of The Dead
Ryan Eames24 December 2006
I was lucky enough to see a preview of this film for free after I attended a random screening of Scorcese's the Departed. Naturally hearing that the makers of Shaun of the Dead were behind this I had to go see it - if a group of people can make a romantic comedy with zombies, then a buddy cop film HAD to inventive and original.

I can safely say that it was. I haven't laughed as hard in a film as I did with Hot Fuzz. The parts are all cast brilliantly - in particular Pegg and Frost as the two lead police officers.

Pegg bringing the smart, intelligent, action hardened London cop to the sleep north England village works in a classic fish out of water scenario. It surprised me with it's direction and I will confess I couldn't have predicted how everything would pan out.

When this is fully released I urge you to go and see it.
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Mike Keating28 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hot Fuzz is the story of Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), hardboiled super-cop. Intimidated by his arrest record, his cameo-appearance superior officers (Martin Freeman, Steven Coogan, and Bill Nighy) transfer him from the busy streets of London to the sleepy village of Sandford to keep him out of the way and balance the books, because, to be honest, he's making the rest of them look bad. A big cop in a small town, Angel sees murders and conspiracies where the cameo cast of cops and locals see accidents, but, with the help of his partner Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), it's not long before he discovers that not everything in Sandford is quite what it seems.

Sound clichéd? Good. That's the point. Once settled in Sandford, Hot Fuzz becomes a vehicle designed to send up every action film that has ever taken itself even slightly seriously from Police Story to Point Break, and it does this brilliantly by simply taking everything from these films and pushing them that bit further, making them appear both ridiculous and awesome at the same time. The characters are massively exaggerated (especially Pegg's super-cop and Timothy Dalton's fantastically over-the-top super-villain). The action sequences are outrageous, exciting, and feature a surprising degree of rough justice, perhaps most notably in the form of an old woman getting karate-kicked in the face (or maybe a pub landlord getting his head bear-trapped…). The dialogue ranges from obvious parody ("Did you tell him to cool off?") to clever Pegg-Frost exchanges, and even the music is perfectly balanced between action-scene rock songs and mock-epic slow guitar pieces.

However, that's not to say that Hot Fuzz is non-stop comic action. The first half an hour or so seems a little slow, but there's no reason to worry; the cast are simply setting up jokes to be knocked down later on, and it is definitely worth the brief wait for the well-paced comic-action masterpiece that's lying just around the corner. As with Shaun of the Dead, the people behind Hot Fuzz are affectionately poking fun at a genre that they clearly love, creating a film that embraces its genre's inherent ridiculousness, and is all the better for it.
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baz_trinity19 February 2007
Hot Fuzz: The story tells us of an over-active 'policeman officer', Nicholas Angel (Played by the co-star of Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg) who is sent to work his duties out in the countryside, to avoid his use of excessive arrests. Suspicions arrive in the town however, as people start getting killed 'accidentally'. Coupled with his rather unprofessional partner Danny Butterman (Similiarily played by Shaun of the Dead star Nick Frost) they get themselves into suspicious circumstances Nicholas Angel fails to ignore.

But what can I say? It's just hilarious! An incredibly funny, witty, intelligent British comedy that manages to bring you to tears with laughter and also offers extremely well directed and executed action scenes! If you liked the likes of Shaun of the Dead, you'll love this, simple as that. I was oddly surprised to find that it was incredibly violent, albeit, in a cartoony way, but it will definitely make you squint. Plenty of cameo's by the likes of the hilarious Bill Bailey and a great cast will make this a action/thriller/comedy hard to forget! Excellent.
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-:::::HOT FUZZ:::::- Don't Have High Expectations & Come Out Laughing!!!
oooMILESooo2 April 2007
Hot Fuzz is a brilliant new Britsh comedy that really hits its mark!!! Hands down this fantastic film is the new benchmark in British comedies!

Simon Pegg throws you into the extremely tongue in cheek narrative with its quick pace edits, booming sounds and terrific camera work that we have come to expect from Edgar Wright since Shaun of the Dead. Simon Pegg has really exceeded my expectations and credit must also go to Nick Frost who plays the classic sidekick which he accomplishes so well. The aforementioned crafty work by Edgar Wright proves that his style creates some of the best action sequences in the business. Whether it be the shoot'em ups, chase scenes or the jump out of your seat surprises, Wright can really make a film move and does this one ever!!!

This is definitely one of those films you have to watch at least twice to come close to getting every single joke, because they come so hard and fast it is sometimes hard to stop laughing at the previous one in time to hear the next.

Even though the film does take a lot of twists and turns there isn't really a moment where it lacks energy. Sure there are parts that slow it down, but it needs this to build momentum to one of the most climactic and hysterical pieces in film history.

Speed is the key! It keeps this insanely funny narrative flowing while at the same time giving a huge insight into the extremely detailed characters. Each character brings something to the table. It is an inventive yet classic comedy that reaches most audiences with its tongue in cheek and witty humour.

People who thought the cop-comedy genre was finished should definitely see this creative film which will pluck those heart strings and have you slapping that knee while feasting your eyes on the adrenaline fueled action!!!
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In a Nutshell - Don't Miss It!
mjw230511 October 2007
After Shaun of the Dead, this second pairing of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost was very high on my wanted list, and it didn't disappoint in the least.

Hot Fuzz is crammed full of excellent characters, ranging from the eccentric to the diabolical, and every one gets at least one laugh during the course of the movie and most of them get many more. I don't mean to suggest that this film is wall to wall gags; in fact it is far from it, instead it is just very clever and often very subtle humour that runs continuously throughout the film.

Another pleasant surprise was the wonderfully impressive murder scenes, which were pretty gruesome and definitely stood out from the general vibe of the film, which made them far more involving. As well as the comedy and the murders, there is also a genuine sense of mystery surrounding these events and it definitely makes for compulsive viewing.

Just in case all that wasn't enough to satisfy you, there is a very action packed and explosive end sequence that is so out of place and ludicrous it works like a charm, and simply caps the film off in style superbly.

For me this film was every bit as good as Shaun of the Dead, and its definitely one of the best comedies ever made.

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Watch it 'for the greater good'
phil_stretch_armstrong24 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky enough to see an early preview. I am a big fan of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, but wow!!!. I have never laughed so much at a film. Even colleagues that weren't that impressed with Shaun of the Dead loved Fuzz.

It was non stop comedy, with some action and a little gore but only for comic effect.

Essentially a spoof of big action American cop films set in a small sleepy village in Somerset, UK.

Nicholas Angel (Pegg) is a top cop transferred from London to a place where finding a missing swan is about as exiting as it gets. However, things are about to change as there are a few 'accidents'. Can Angel and his new partner local boy Danny (Frost) find out what's happening.

It's got a start studded cast who all add to the sheer brilliance of the script.

There are so many memorable bits that keep me giggle to myself as I recall them. I cannot wait until it gets general release so I can see it again. I'm sure I missed a few visual gags and film references.

Having it introduced by the stars Simon & Nick was a real bonus. Thanks guys a comic classic.
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Caught by the Fuzz
Gareth Hacking10 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So here we have it, the eagerly awaited follow-up from the same team that brought us Shaun of the Dead. But whereas Shaun (hereafter shortened to SOTD) drew its inspiration primarily from zombie films (more specifically, George Romero's "Dead" films), Hot Fuzz throws its net a bit wider, taking in every buddy-buddy cop action film made in the last 20 odd years and combining it with a very British perspective. Think Midsummer Murder spliced with Bad Boys 2 and you should have the rough idea.

Through a series of quick cuts we are introduced to Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), an outstanding officer in the London police force, a super cop with an arrest record 400% higher than anyone else. In fact he's so good, he makes everyone else look bad. So Angel is packed off to the picture-perfect village of Sandford, alone save for his beloved Japanese Peace Lilly. On arrival Angel finds it difficult to adjust to village life, constantly on the look out for crime in a place where there hasn't been a murder for over 20 years and the police station is so quiet that the staff spend most of their time eating cake and ice-cream. He also finds himself partnered with over-eager constable Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), the son of amiable Police Chief Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent). Danny is obsessed with action films and believe's that Angel is his chance to live out his dreams of car chases and gunfights.

With the set-up completed within the first 15 minutes it's on with the plot as people start to die in a series of grisly "accidents". Angel is suspicious but no-one believes him apart from Danny. With the body count rising though, the two need to work together to find out what's going on or could it be that Angel is just wound too tightly for country living? Pegg and Frost have been doing their double act for so long it's become second nature and it's nice to see them playing (slightly) different roles. Just like SOTD, they are ably supported by a cast of familiar faces from British film and TV. It's good to see Timothy Dalton having so much fun, playing the sinister Mr Skinner with a moustache-twirling relish. Other standouts include Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall as the Andy's, two detectives who spend most of their time verbally abusing Angel and Danny.

The film is packed full of references, which I'm sure will take multiple viewings to catch. There's some inventively gory scenes which are sure to make everyone a bit more careful around churches and model villages, though they are a bit too obviously CGI. It's a shame that the action doesn't kick into high gear until the final third but with the plot not going down the most obvious of routes and since I was laughing all the way through I can't really complain. The film is a success in it's attempt to create a "British" action film, combining adrenaline-fuelled action with the mundane and everyday.
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A Nutshell Review: Hot Fuzz
DICK STEEL19 May 2007
I will say it out clear and upfront - I love this movie, and without a doubt, a definite contender for my movie of the year. By the filmmakers of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz has everything that makes great entertainment, laced with wry Brit wit, and while it contains plenty of references from their earlier movie, it never bores, and for cinephiles, you're in for one heck of a time identifying the countless of movie references within. If anything, I can't wait to get my hands on their earlier efforts in order not to shortchange myself in missing out on the gems by director Edgar Wright and collaborating writer Simon Pegg.

Hot Fuzz follows a typical buddy-cop genre, except that these two are so much more diverse from each other than the conventional cop movies of late milking the obvious race and cultural differences, beaten to death by the Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour films. Here we have the city versus country policeman officers buddying up, each with work ethics belonging to opposite ends. Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is your no-nonsense, straight laced, focused, top supercop who aces everything in his field of work, apprehending felons who fail to follow the law. And with being the top police officer on the beat, the powers that be deem him to be a threat (in making them look inept), and got him posted from Metropolitan London to the countryside of Sandford.

And Sandford is your typical small lazy town, where nothing much happens, and everyone knows everyone else. If a missing swan is a great deal, then you'll know there's pretty nothing much to sustain our supercop's interest, especially so when the station he's assigned to have officers which are extremely laid back, which makes him get off on the wrong footing with partner PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). Danny's the anti-thesis of Nicholas, and spends much of his days daydreaming what a top city cop would be like, and lives out his dreams through his collection of DVD movies like Bad Boys II and Point Break. But the idyllic life of the country gets interrupted with a series of murders (frequently brushed aside as accidents) just as our friends are about to get chummy, and here's where the fun kicks in at top gear.

There are so many things to like about the movie. The violence is one, though I'm unsure if the commercial release here will keep scenes unscathed by the editing scissors. Featuring some of the most gruesome ways to die, it's a blood splattering fest worthy of any serial killer movie. The movie too rewards the attentive viewer, because while the filmmakers load the movie with plenty of easter eggs, minute details, red herrings and the likes, everything will count for something as they come together on the way to the finale, so keep your eyes wide open and your ears peeled. The dialogue is full of wit, with loads of movie references, direct and indirect, and its run up to the end is one of the most adrenaline pumping in recent times, you can't help but to cheer as you lap up the high octane action. Action fans will not be disappointed.

Some may not like its editing style, which is quick, sudden, loud, and at times repetitive, but that's just a minor blip. There are enough positives here to satisfy almost everyone, and one that will definitely bring on a smile by the time the end credits roll. A definite must watch! Don't miss this when it screens commercially!
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Even better than Shaun of the dead
chrichtonsworld2 May 2007
"Hot Fuzz" is brilliant! People who like British humor will love this one! It is really funny! It manages to make fun of ridiculous plots used in action movies and at the same time entertain you with their own ridiculous plot which is quite thrilling! Even when you don't get the subtle humor there are more than enough visual jokes to be enjoyed! I thought it was a stroke of genius to use some serious actors like Edward Woodward,Stuart Wilson and Timothy Dalton! (Timothy Dalton was accused of playing a much too serious James Bond! Well,in "Hot Fuzz" he shows that he can be dangerously funny!) As a parody on action movies this movie succeeds where others have failed! I think the credit has to go to the whole team who made this and "Shaun of the dead" including the actors! It shows that they actually like the movies they make fun of! That is essential for the the jokes to work! I thought "Hot Fuzz" is hilarious and very entertaining! It certainly is one of the funniest movies at the moment! Go check it out!
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"The Fuzz" Keeps Black Comedies Alive!
Dan Vale18 February 2007
"Shaun of the Dead" was probably one of the funniest (if not the best) British black comedy that had been released in 2004. With gritty violence that made you squirm, innocent humour (Nick Frost) with blaspheming insults that just made you laugh out loud, and the quick wit of Simon Pegg with some great fun and horror mixed together, "Hot Fuzz" had a huge task of competing with the sheer greatness, of which was "Shaun of the Dead".

After much keen excitement upon seeing the teaser trailers of Hot Fuzz last year, my stomach churned as if to say "At god damn last, a film I can look forward to in the new year!" I felt as though it was best however, to go in with an open-neutral-mind, as I didn't want to spoil the film with high expectations.

I actually was starting to get worried into the first segments of the film, the humour wasn't as sharp as SOTD's first 20 minutes, and there were so many characters to remember, most of whom didn't make sense for a while. It wasn't till Nick Frost was introduced - that the film started picking up its pace and then decided to grab me by the throat. The film from then, was so funny, action packed, gruesome and dark! You just do not expect anything which was what made SOTD so great. The spontaneous actions and humour just kept the film's pace fantastically back on track.

The great thing about Hot Fuzz was just how original it was, and the ending (no spoilers here) just gave itself the stamp of "Most Exciting & Fun Ending In British Comedy".

The mystery and murder factor was well done as well, leaving me guessing "who did it" all the way through the film, but as with SOTD, the dark and grotesque violence kept its mature rating of 15, very enjoyable, yet very squirming to watch.

I highly recommend this film for anyone who just wants a good laugh and likes simple great black comedies. If you loved Shaun of the Dead, you will love this film. Just go in with an open-mind and have fun. Definitely worth the £6.50 (and the £15 when it comes out on DVD)!
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Hot Fuzz
Maka862 February 2007
I was Lucky enough to be invited to a special trade show of Hot Fuzz and there is little to say that could begin to describe it, awesome is a first step.

Thankfully the majority of trailer material happens in the first 15 minutes so you get the bits you know out of the way. i cant really say a lot as it may spoil the film. but if you loved Shaun of the dead you should certainly want to see this.

if you have seen spaced and Shaun of the dead you will appreciate the handywork of Edgar Wright. and you will see the return of some of the of the old faces such as spaced landlady Marsha

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost both fit into the roles of policemen, sorry officers, well, and Pegg is the usual High Flying guy who is too good for his job, While Frost plays that tag-along soon to become sidekick who doesn't really know uite why he's there.

This is totally one you have to see or you will be missing out. if comedy is your thing, this is your film.
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A fun-filled, hilarious, joyride of an action film
hnt_dnl10 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
HOT FUZZ is one the most entertaining film experiences that I've had in YEARS! This is probably the most enjoyable film I've seen since COLLATERAL. And it's a British film, most of which I find heavy-handed and boring! But not this one! It's actually extremely difficult to put this film into just one category: cop film, action, mystery, comedy, drama, parody, homage? It's actually all of these things and much more. As parody/homage, it definitely has elements of a lot of other 'old' action movies in it: LETHAL WEAPON, DIE HARD, BAD BOYS II (they constantly reference this film along with POINT BREAK), and guess what? There's also a big-time homage to A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS at the beginning of the film's spectacular climax!

HOT FUZZ tells the story of London supercop Constable Nicholas Angel (played brilliantly by Simon Pegg). Angel is one baaaad man! He has a ridiculously high arrest rate and is in top physical and mental shape. But his cronies in the London police are jealous of his success b/c he is as the London Chief Inspector says 'making them all look bad'. So Angel is transferred to the small, quiet English burg of Sandford. The head of Sandford's police force, Inspector Frank Butterman (played by Jim Broadbent in a lively, funny performance) assures Angel that nothing ever goes on in Sandford and that there hasn't been a murder or major case in 20 years! Of course, Angel, ever the suspicious and dedicated cop, immediately finds trouble in virtually EVERY situation. There are times in the film where you actually believe that Angel is actually paranoid b/c of his anal personality, even though you know that he is indeed right: there's SOMETHING wrong in Sandford! We constantly see right before several 'accidents' a mysterious hooded figure murdering prominent town citizens.

Angel's partner is Constable Danny Butterman (played by Nick Frost in a hilarious and moving performance). Danny is the Inspector's son and is only interested in screwing off watching action movies and eating ice cream and cake! Angel and Danny's relationship is at the core of the film and is truly one of the best buddy relationships that I've ever seen in film. They are complete opposites, yet they complement each other to perfection. And both men learn things from each other. Danny learns how to be a much better cop and Angel learns how to take it down a notch and appreciate the finer things in life. Angel and Danny's police cohorts are Constables Tony Fisher, Doris Thatcher, Bob Walker, Sergeant Turner, and the 2 Andys (played hilariously by Kevin Eldon, Olivia Colman, Karl Johnson, Bill Bailey, Paddy Considine, and Rafe Spall). They are all just as apathetic to what is going on in Sandford as Danny.

The film sports a great cast of quirky characters that, along with Inspector Butterman, comprise the town's NWA (for Neighborhood Watch Alliance) played brilliantly by veteran actors: grocery store magnate Simon Skinner (one of the former JAMES BONDs Timothy Dalton), surveillance expert Tom Weaver (THE EQUALIZER Edward Woodward), the bicycling schoolmarm Amanda Paver (Lorraine Hilton), Dr. Hatcher (Stuart Wilson), hotel owner Joyce Cooper (Billie Whitelaw), pub owners Roy and Mary Porter (Peter Wright and Julia Deakin), Rev. Shooter (Paul Freeman), candy shop owner Annette Roper (Patricia Franklin), local farmer James Reaper (Kenneth Cranham), and flower shop owner Leslie Tiller (Anne Reid).

I accidentally came across HOT FUZZ while channel-flipping and luckily caught essentially the first 10 minutes of real dialogue of the film (the part right after the obligatory opening introduction and backstory of our hero Angel that I saw upon 2nd viewing). This 10-minute pair of scenes in the London police station where Angel's superiors are telling him they are transferring him and Angel at the crime scene with his ex-girlfriend Jeanine (who I later found out was Cate Blanchett in that body-covering getup) had me laughing hysterically and so I thought I'd stick around to see how this movie was going to turn out. I was sure the film was a comedy by this first 10 minutes, but when I checked the menu description of it, it said it was Action/Adventure and I went 'Huh?' I don't think the real action came until the last 30 minutes of the film, but along the way, I was laughing constantly and thoroughly engaged also by the mystery element and quirkiness of the film. I think that there were at least 5 or 6 times where I was sure that they were at the end of the film and I was completely fooled and then there was another hitch. And it was all worth it! For me, this film is really a great tip-of-the-hat to all the over-the-top action movies of the past 20 years or so. It simultaneously mocks those films while paying playful homage to them. And the key word is FUNNY. You will laugh throughout! This is truly one of the very few films in this decade of the 2000s (came out in 2007) that I've enjoyed from beginning to end! A great achievement!
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Amazingly awesome 😂
amybk9 August 2017
This So original, so crazy, so weird, so funny. I had no idea what I was getting into when I watched this. I think this is the most interestingly odd movie I've ever seen, in such a great way. A definite must see. Too many movies nowadays suck. They lack comedy, true comedy. This movie...awesome. Now go watch it.
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ianharb30 March 2008
While this movie is a poke at the big budget action flick, it doesn't fall into the naked gun style of spoof. It comes off as if it is being serious, which makes it all the more funny. The first thing that strikes you is the editing. The quick jump cuts used in action films to make them seem edgier, suggesting a frenetic, tension filled pace, are used through out this film, giving any serious action films editing a run for its money. At first, it seemed a little obvious and contrived, maybe, but as the humor started to offset the serious tone being set forth, the movie really started taking shape. In the end, the editing made this film even more brilliant. The acting was terrific. The Shaun of the Dead stars really proved that they were not just one hit wonders. I now think Simon Pegg is one of the more brilliant comedic writers and actors of our time. His stone faced, serious main character sets a tone that made this spoof. I will now be sure to see ANY movie these guys make. This is one of the few movies I'd like to play again after having just watched it. It was just that funny.
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How to make a real parody, not package pop culture regurgitation into commodity
Polaris_DiB4 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Genre parody is running rampant currently, probably because Hollywood is so out of ideas at this point that they've gone down to the level of making fun of their own crap with even more crap that basically every year we get another slew of pop culture regurgitation in the form of Genre Movie and kids films like Shrek, Happily N'Ever After, and Hoodwinked to make sure nothing worth seeing doesn't have its hilarious counterpart. That is why we need people like Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

The thing about Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz is that both of them manage to make fun of, respect, AND transcend their own genres. Shaun of the Dead isn't just a funny reworking of zombie horror flicks, its a damn good zombie horror flick in its own right, and also breaks new ground with the genre. The exact same thing is true with Hot Fuzz. Where any sarcastic Hollywood genre satire would try to show how dumb a cliché is by making it even more outrageous, Edgar Wright simply has the characters say, "But that would create a lot of paperwork." Where a lesser parody would make an obvious twist as a nod to obvious twists, Simon Pegg finds out that the motivations for the recent crimes is really much simpler.

But beyond that, these films are good films, removed from genre, in their own right. Hot Fuzz uses a style of quick-cut editing to match the ridiculous quick-cut editing that's become popular in such ridiculous nonsensical films as Domino and Walking Tall, but they don't over extend it to show how ridiculous it can get... rather, they learn something about the form and most importantly make the editing extremely, extremely good. Hot Fuzz has quick saturated action film editing, but it does it in a way that leads the eye gracefully through the action, thus one upping every other bad action flick being ground out by Hollywood.

But the best part is that these films don't need prior knowledge of other films in order to get the joke. A more underhanded reason so many Scary Movie sequels keep coming out is that they directly make fun of recent horror films one-to-one, meaning one must actually see those terrible movies in order to get the jokes. Hot Fuzz stands alone. Even if you haven't seen Bad Boys II or Point Break, you can still follow this movie because it has engaging and colorful characters, good action, and most importantly--CREATIVITY. And even though it provides constant nods to pop culture, it also has its own quirky form of English humor to basically make everybody laugh. Not only does Hot Fuzz transcend buddy cop movies and slasher flicks (with a hint of Westerns, too!), it also transcends spoof genre. Take that, Hollywood! I figured Shaun of the Dead was a one-time deal, but now I hope Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright continue to craft even more genres into actually skillful and fun movies for years to come.

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Didn't think it was possible to top Shaun of the Dead, but they've done it!
vikingvampireparrot6 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Hot Fuzz marks the long awaited return of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's partnership to the big screen. Shaun of the Dead left them with a very hard act to follow but Hot Fuzz easily achieves expectations and possibly even exceeds its predecessor. And the team stay close to their roots with plenty of in jokes and sly nods to other films to keep their core fan base happy. And of course there is the inevitable who's who of British comedy showing up in various roles throughout the film, most memorably Bill Bailey. Although I have to say I was sad to see that Dylan Moran and Jessica Stevenson were absent.

The film tells the story of Nicholas Angel, an overachieving supercop from London who is making the rest of his department look bad through his diligent dedication to the job. Cue him being shipped off to a quiet Gloucestershire village, Sandford. Angel does not fit in with the local constabulary, who prefer to eat cake and drink excessively rather than do any police work. When lots of 'accidents' start happening around the village they are dismissive of Angel's claims that there is more to them than meets the eye and leave him to investigate and piece together the details on his own.

The story works well, slowly piecing together what's going on and there are various twists and turns along the way, if nothing too extravagant. The action set-pieces also work well, carefully treading that thin line between comic and just plain ridiculous. There are one-liners aplenty, as to be expected, and this will be another endlessly quoted film I'm sure (not that I can remember any at this point in time, I'm useless like that!). There is also an inspired take on THAT fence jumping scene from Shaun of the Dead.

Some brilliant characters are introduced in Hot Fuzz. Olivia Colman's character PC Doris has to be one of the highlights, every time she speaks it raises a laugh. It is also good to see Simon Pegg playing a different character from his usual geeky, lovable layabout. Nick Frost again proves his worth as PC Danny, who is more concerned with cop movies than actual police work. Other classics are the proper Gloucestershire copper who needs translating into English, the sly Andy's detectives and a recurring swan…………..

All-in-all hats off to Simon, Edgar and team for managing to keep the standard up with their second film, especially with it not being as obvious a target for them as the zombie movie. I wasn't sure how it was going to work them tackling this genre but they have done an excellent job. Let's hope they continue their magic with other themes, maybe a revenge movie? Or a Western?
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A little bit of everything
lithuanian-dude12 March 2008
I didn't see Shaun of the Dead prior to the release of this movie. I didn't even know about Hot Fuzz when it came to theaters. I watched this movie when it came to Comcast On Demand and it looked like it was gonna be a pretty funny movie. I got so, so much more than that.

Hot Fuzz is a parody of action movies, and a good action movie by itself. It is really a 3 in 1 movie. It is a slasher, comedy, and an action movie at the same time. The action does take to get going for a good 30/40 minutes, but during that time we are exposed to some really great British humor (which not all Americans like) and witty fast paced scenes.

The plot isn't a bad one either. An overachieving cop is sent to a small rural town where a murder hasn't occurred in many years because he was making his fellow police officers "look bad". The cop (played by Simon Pegg) is having boring days at the town until some strange deaths occur. The town thinks they're accidents, but Simon thinks there is a murderous lunatic on the loose. That is the plot synopsis, and while it may seem a little bland it is executed masterfully with a lot of humor and movie references along the way.

Hot Fuzz was a very pleasant surprise for me. It is now among my favorite movies and I can truly say it is a masterpiece.
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Alright....not as good as Shaun of the Dead
Sian Gregory20 June 2007
I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, i think they are really hilarious and really show typical British men.

However i was quite disappointed with this film. Although there were some chuckly bits in it, there wasn't that many "lol" parts which really upset me because Shaun of the Dead was so funny.

One thing that was great were the action sequences they were comedic and fast paced which really added to the films entertainment value.

Also the storyline was pretty funny...not the best but still OK - of a typically nosy countryside village, everyone in England must know people who live in a village and knows everyone else business - i certainly do!! So it was good to actually poke fun at that.

I gave it 7/10

-Some laughs -ok story -Great action sequences -brilliant outtakes :)
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Homage or parody, Hot Fuzz is the best of modern British comedy.
Spikeopath7 June 2008
Police Constable Nicholas Angel is the pride of the London Service, trouble is is that he is making everybody else look bad, so much so his superiors promote him to Sergeant in the sleepy village of Sandford, Gloucestershire. Yet all is not right with Sandford as the locals start meeting grizzly deaths, thus thrusting Angel into his biggest case so far.

The biggest question on most film goers lips was could the pairing of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg triumphantly follow the monster cult success of Shaun Of The Dead? Well the plot premise for Hot Fuzz hardly leaps out as something to grab the attention span of many, but they have crafted a tremendously funny film that winks at the action genre with genuine love and admiration.

Simon Pegg and his trusty sidekick, Nick Frost, clearly have an earthbound appeal that many {even outside of Britain} can warm too, not pretty or over svelt, these guys are fans of movies making movies purely for the fans, and it shows. Neither Pegg or Frost try to steal scenes from each other, both men after over a decade of working together are clearly comfortable with their coupling and thus manage to fine tune their working chemistry.

Once Angel {Pegg} lands at Sandford Village we are introduced to a ream of British Village stereotypes {archetypes actually}, all characters ripe for hilarious scenarios that our fish out water {big city cop} Sergeant struggles to comprehend. We observe as he is dumb struck at the ineptitude of the Village Police Force {erm service actually} and is then forced to work alongside dough eyed Constable Butterman {a film stealing Frost}. Angel's exasperation at where he finds himself is mirthful joy to us the viewers. The dialogue is priceless, one liners and hat tipping nods to the action genre come thick and fast, in fact you can watch Hot Fuzz repeatedly and play spot the homage each time. I mean come on people, we got both James Bond {a delicious turn from Timothy Dalton} and Belloq in here strutting their stuff. The action set pieces are not found wanting either, director Wright having the time of his life with the crash bang wallop that flows in the final third.

The test of a great comedy is how it stands up to repeat viewings, to me Hot Fuzz delivers no matter how many times it is viewed. For even when you know what is coming up next, the smile on your face is already there before the event, wonderful, wonderful film made by guys who love movies as much as ourselves. 10/10
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A smart, entertaining, and tightly written, edited, and acted film.
Adam Creighton3 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I had low expectations for a funny, but throw-away film, based on the U.S. trailers.

Turns out the trailers I've seen are selling the film at a disservice, because this is one hip, hilarious, smart, and tightly acted / written / edited film.

Simon Pegg (Sergeant Nicholas Angel) is top-notch, and is a prolific writer / actor the likes of to which to aspire. He plays a believable hard-nosed / -assed officer, and rarely can be seen wearing "look how funny my writing is" on his sleeve.

Nick Frost (PC Danny Butterman), Pegg's rotund subtly faux bumbling partner in the sleepy hamlet to which Angel's been reassigned, is so amazingly committed to his character and actions, he's a real joy to watch.

And Timothy Dalton gives probably my favorite performance of his since "The Rocketeer". The way this guy can act and have fun with himself is impressive.

Perhaps the strength of the film is its ability to pull off the ludicrous, making me laugh because it's ludicrous, but it doesn't feel unreal. That and being able to pull off the humor and the grotesque side-by-side.

Not to give anything away, but the plot twists in the film feel organic to the genre; the "genre" being an Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg film. Almost reverse Scooby-Doo, in a way. Whatever. Brass tacks: I didn't feel jerked around by the plot.

I heartily recommend the film. It's a tight, hilarious, surprisingly high-caliber offering for action and comedy fans.
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Funny Fuzz
Jon Ochiai6 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Hot Fuzz" a few weeks ago before the big budget summer movies opened in May. Director and Writer Edgar Wright's "Hot Fuzz" cost a lot less than "Pirates 3", "Spider-Man 3", or "Shrek 3", but is by far the most entertaining and best written movie. "Hot Fuzz" was apparently this independent British film written by Wright and star Simon Pegg that became a hit in England and Europe. With its wry and clever English humor, and spot on farce of American action movies, this ad hoc dark comedy is outlandishly funny. Part of the genius of Wright and Pegg lulls the audience in the idyllic setting of the English town of Sanford, only to vector into faux satanic cults, mass destruction, and mayhem. A signature moment has Sgt. Nicholas Angel drop kicking shotgun toting grandma in the teeth. "Hot Fuzz" is admirable in its blindness to taste.

Simon Pegg plays Sgt. Nicholas Angel, the London Police Force's decorated super cop. He is so good; he puts the rest of the officers to shame. Consequently, his superiors assign Angel to the quiet town of Sanford which has the distinction of being England's most livable town—something its township cherishes dearly. Very dearly. No longer in London, Nick no longer makes the rest of the police force look bad. At the same time Nick discovers that his girlfriend has left him for another man. Alone and in culture shock Nick arrives in the sleepy town of Sanford. Nick partners up with Danny Butterman (innocent funny Nick Frost), who is the son of Inspector Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent). Danny is excited to pair up with real-life action hero Nick. Danny is also a fan of the movies "Point Break" and "Bad Boys II"—an amazing narrative touch. Danny inquires of Nick, "Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, 'Aaaaahhh!'?" Suddenly, Sanford experiences particularly grisly deaths (all darkly comic) in rapid succession. One is a ridiculously inspired impaling at a church. Sgt. Nick Angel suspects murder and focuses his attention on slick super market king, Simon Skinner (the great Timothy Dalton). Apparently, all is not what it seems in idyllic Sanford. Nick unveils a bizarre cult conspiracy. This soon escalates to automatic weapons mayhem in an action movie satire of "Die Hard"-like proportions.

Along the way, Director Wright provides some wacky touches. There is a great sequence in which Nick clears a bar of drinking minors. And Nick and Danny actually watch "Point Break" and "Bad Boys II" during a sleep over which is hilarious. The fact that this foreshadows events to come is either sheer genius or just plain disturbing. Simon Pegg is awesome. Even in the abounding chaos Pegg maintains his English reserve and dry wits about himself as Nick Angel. Pegg is so deft at providing a light comic air in the most droll and most distressing moments of his character. Ultimately, this is a parody and Pegg is the believable noble hero. Nick Frost is sidekick genius. As Danny he is the kid on the bench yearning to be the hero. To the movie's credit he is allowed. Timothy Dalton almost steals the movie as the evil Simon Skinner. The former James Bond is such a versatile and talented actor. Here Dalton revels in the role and has so much fun with the over the top villain.

"Hot Fuzz" is a great dark comedy. It is well written, clever, and deadly funny. "Hot Fuzz" is a classic send up of all high decibel action buddy movies. It comically nails all the clichés, and creates some new ones. Simon Pegg is a star. He and Edgar Wright have made a great and entertaining movie for a lot less money than the big summer movies thus far. Someone should take note of this accomplishment.
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Dry, over-the-top, in your face parody.
MOOVYZ4 January 2008
I watched this on DVD last night. Immediately after the movie, I watched the DVD extras, which are normally boring but in this case, you get a lot of extras. And they are great. You get to go along with the director and 2 main characters on a media junket through the U.S. Don't miss this trip. It's great, in some ways better than the movie.

After that, I got on IMDb to give the movie an 8. But I realized that an 8 would be based on the combined movie and DVD extras. Many will only see the movie so I settled on a 7.

The movie starts a bit slow, working at the humor. It's actually more of a drama at this point. But once Nick (Simon Pegg) gets to his new assignment, things get better and funnier.

I'm not going to do a review of specifics, others have given you plenty. I will only say that the movie is fun. The writing is excellent, and was hard thought. This movie was not thrown together in a few weeks. The acting is, well, what can you say... it's a comedy and all the players add their parts well.

But know this... this is a dark comedy. It's not all gross-out, potty humor. It is in your face, but as a parody of big budget action films. There is a lot of subtlety going on here. What "Shaun of the Dead" did for zombie movies, this one does for cop buddy pictures.

I read many of the "hated it" comments here and in almost ALL cases, the complainers admitted to falling asleep or turning it off. Well, no wonder they didn't like it. This is a movie that has to be watched from beginning to end, and you should be paying attention. There's a lot to see and absorb. I watched it with sub-titles on (as I do for many British films) as it helps decipher some of the humor and language quirks. It's also a movie that can be watched more than once. There is real style and effort in this 2 hours and much will be missed the first time through.

So, if you liked "Shaun of the Dead" or "The Full Monty" you should enjoy this send up. And if you like it once, you'll love it more 6 months from now. There is genius in the work. If you're not fond of British humor or dark, edgy comedy, you'll likely not laugh. I actually only remember laughing once or twice, but I had a smile on my face all the way through.

This is an over the top (and under your normal view), in your face (and work your mind) comedy. There's a lot to appreciate. But please pay attention. Otherwise, you will miss the fun and give it a horrible score like those who slept through it. I don't feel anyone should be qualified to vote if they never really saw the movie, do you?

And don't miss the extras on the DVD. Pure fun!
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Hotly hilarious, leaves a Fuzzy glow
mgruebel2 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A friend told me that I would be amused by this film, and I was!

It took me about a minute at the beginning to realize that I was going to be in for some deep satire, as the cop played by Simon Pegg works up the ladder of his superiors to find out that he's "too good to be kept on staff because he makes everyone else look bad." I had previously seen Pegg only in a Star Trek cameo, where his talents were wasted at the hands of JJ Abrams. Here, he shines.

As he is reassigned to a quaint British village, it slowly dawns on him that not all is as it seems, and that mysterious deaths are a grand collusion of the villagers. His sidekick is a naive but eager learner, and the two work off each other really well. The quips are hilarious.

The British villager characters are drawn wonderfully, even the little lady with her crossword puzzles is really a demonic killer. The plot proceeds from more of a cop mystery-and-detective story to outrageous action set pieces as we approach the climax.

In a way, the structure of this film is a little like Blues Brothers, an equally quirky movie: things start out reasonably normal, but by the end, things are so over-the-top that you're not quite sure where it transited from improbable to impossible.

I'll have to go see Shaun of the Dead now, even though the title did not sound very inspiring!
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