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  • The newly promoted Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), the Metropolitan Police Service's top police officer is transferred to the quiet village of Sanford, because his superiors feel that his achievements as a police officer is making them look bad. Nicholas discovers Sanford has no crime, the local police is lazy and don't do their jobs and everyone in the town is quirky. But, for Angel, it gets much worse because Chief Inspector Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent) has partnered him up with his son, the fat and incompetent Danny (Nick Frost) who is obsessed with action movies. But, things start to get worse. As Sanford is up for the "Village of the Year" award, various members of the community are being murdered. With Sanford police officers refusing to help investigate and dismissing the violent deaths of the victims as only actions. Angel and Danny set out to find the killer, but Angel soon uncovers a conspiracy behind the victim's murders, which concerns the "Village of the Year" award. Angel soon becomes suspicious of supermarket manager Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton) and members of the NWA and Angel sets out to convince Danny and other officers to help him put a stop to the murders and foil the mastermind's scheme and expose the truth. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Hot Fuzz is based on a screenplay by director Edgar Wright and principal actor Simon Pegg. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "The fuzz" is a slang term for the police. The title was seemingly chosen to sound like a typical action movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Here's a few...

    "Bugger" is a general expletive or is used to refer to someone negatively.

    "Collar match the cuff" refers to the color of someone's pubic hair being the same as the hair on their head. This is similar to the American phrase "carpet matches the drapes."

    "Jog on" means "Move on" (or "fuck off" / "get lost"). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A solicitor is a term used in common law practicing countries, such as England, where such a person practices aspects of law for a client. More commonly known as a lawyer. Although the terms are occasionally used interchangeably, "barrister" refers to a lawyer who represents clients in court, while "solicitor" refers to a lawyer who represents clients in non-litigation matters, such as wills and real estate transactions. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The name on the grave was "Irene Butterman," Danny's mother. She killed herself by driving her car off a cliff after gypsies moved into a field and destroyed any chances of the village winning the "Village of the Year" competition. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Here are some (and still counting):

    "For the greater good"—said by most of the characters. "It was an accident"—said by the two Andys; also said by Danny. "By the power of Greyskull"—said by Danny then by Angel. "You're a doctor, deal with it"—said by Angel both times. "It weren't me"—said by Danny both times. "A great big bushy beard"—said by Frank Butterman. It can be heard again through voice over when Angel sees the dead bodies in the cellar. "Yes he is" or "Yes they are"—said by the Andys. "Very good.. what he said"—Sgt. Fisher spoke about Angel's plans, then said by Angel about Fisher's plan. "Nasty way to go!" "Fascist" "Hag" "Swan" "Crusty jugglers" "I didn't know nothing 'bout no 'skellingtons'!" "Nobody tells me nothin'." "Sergeant. Angel! Somebody from London called for you." "My perfect Sunday is..." "Hello Nicholas! How's the hand?" "It's still a bit stiff." ws raspberry accompanied by vulgar hand gesture] "Jog on!" "Roger that!" "You don't know how to switch off!" "Her horticultural expertise helped put Sandford on the map!" "Oh, she is/was ever so good."—said by Joyce about Leslie Tiller, before and after Leslie's death. "Big 'un" "Yarp" "Greg...was an extra in Straw Dogs, and Sheri played a cadaver in Prime Suspects." "...listed her age as 55" , "When I'm/she's actually 53!","53!" "...three hours of so-called acting last night, and the kiss was the only convincing moment in it." "Aaron A. Aaronson." "It's a Japanese Peace Lily." "Pub?" "I suppose."   Here are some almost-repeats:

    Angel: "We can't accept gifts from someone we've officially rebuked"; then Danny: We can't accept gifts from someone we've officially 'reviewed'."

    Angel: "He's appointed himself Judge, jury, and executioner"; then Danny: "He is not Judge Judy and executioner!"

    "No luck finding them swans, then?" "It's just the one swan actually"; followed by "No luck finding them killers, then?" "It's just the one killer actually." "That Sergeant Angel's in your shop...check out his arse..." "That Sergeant Angel's back...check out his horse..." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was "bonum commune communitatis", Latin for "the common good of the community". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to Arthur Webley, he just "found them." Given how well armed the NWA were in the final shootout, it seems likely that the guns belonged to them and that Webley either stumbled across them or was given them for safekeeping. Edit (Coming Soon)


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