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Patrick Warburton: Hymie



  • Larabee : Hey, new guy. Hold up a second. Welcome to CONTROL. We have a tradition called "Pick on the new guy." Here's how it works. We pick on the new guy.

    Agent 91 : And you can't do anything about it.

    Larabee : Let's try one. You dropped your pencil.

    Agent 91 : Did you hear the man!

    Hymie : I don't see a man, I see two little girls. I think I'll call you Maureen, and you Brittany.

    Agent 91 : New guy did not.

    Larabee : New guy did.

    Agent 91 : OK, new guy...

    Larabee : I got this. And I'm going to enjoy it.

    Hymie : That will make me happy, Maureen.

    Larabee : Ho ho ho. Maureen...

    [Larabee punches Hymie in the stomach- loud metallic sound is heard] 

    Larabee : OW! What's in there? Oh. Oh.

    Hymie : And just for the record.

    Larabee : Oh. Oh. What's in there?

    [Hymie staples paper to Larabee's forehead. Larabee screams] 

    Hymie : My name is not "new guy". My name is Hymie. Now, if you ladies will excuse me.

    [Hymie walks away] 

    Bruce : [Bruce and Lloyd hiding off to the side]  This is going to be so fun.

    Lloyd : Make him high five me.

    [Hymie high fives Lloyd] 

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