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"Fluffy" Takes a Stake at "Buffy"
RedSignal12 February 2006
To enjoy this fan film you must firstly be a fan of the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Written and directed by Henry Burrows, the 20-minute feature is similar to the series but with its own English twist. Fluffy the Vampire Slayer is faced with the 'evil' vampire Count Von Whedon whose got his hands on the Ring of Gellar, which grants invincibility. Along with her friends Ash, Alex, and Farmer, they'll attain all upcoming encounters. Some of the characters' counterparts very much parallel those of the series'. Fluffy, like Buffy, has witty lines when she fights, Ash, similar to Willow, knows her way though a computer (I totally love the "I pressed the OOPS key" tidbit) and Alex, akin to Xander, is very much the useless yet useful bloke. Unfortunately, Farmer is nothing like Giles. He does throw a one or two vampire trivia to Fluffy but spends more than half the film looking over Ash's shoulder while she's on the computer. But he wasn't as merely disappointing as the film's original villain: Count Von Whedon. The anonymous vampires in "Fluffy" very much look like those of "Buffy," from the latex vamp-face to the morphing of it. Yet Count Von Whedon looks NOTHING like the vampires in either mediums. He in fact looks like one of the vamp-wannabees in the "Buffy" episode 'Lie to Me.' I don't know why Burrows decided to have him look like a grown man trick-or-treating. He should've ditched the exaggerated white face and replaced with the infamous bumpies. At least he would've looked like all the other vampires, and not the stereo-typed ones the series avoided. All in all, this fan film, which was impressively films in seven days, will not be enjoyed by the non-"Buffy"-fan but might be by those that are. (Psst... Keep an eye on the wide shot of Fluffy and Alex walking across the graveyard -- beautiful cinematography there.)
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A Refreshing Reminder of What We Loved About the Buffyverse
angel_0f_music30 May 2007
This was the first Buffy fan-film to appear on the internet, and was made on a zero-budget.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's UK counterpart, Fluffy, foils vampires' plans with the help of her friends Alex and Ash, and her American Watcher Farmer.

OK, so it's no Hollywood blockbuster, but the acting is great, the script witty, with good fight sequences, and awesome special effects considering the technology available, including several vampire "dustings" and a Star Wars moment thrown in for good measure. The storyline is clearly taken from the Buffy episode The Harsh Light of Day, with the Ring of Gellar granting invulnerability, the conjuration of beer, and the power to bend spoons to the wearer, but it is different enough to make it fresh and fun.

This film shouldn't work, but it does. It's fun, light-hearted, and should be viewed for what it is: a comedic film by faithful fans of the Buffyverse.

All in all an enjoyable 20 minutes viewing, and a refreshing reminder of what we loved about the Buffyverse.
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A Must-See for Buffy fans
vmgirl2627 July 2006
Don't listen to the nay-sayers commenting on this. If you are a die-hard Buffy fan and have a sense of humor then I don't see what is so bad about this movie. It was hilarious. Seriously, I was rolling on the floor at times. It's one of those movies that is so bad that it is actually good.

I never comment on movies, but I couldn't resist when I saw all of the negativity this was receiving. Like I said earlier, if you have a sense of humor then you should love this movie.

It mocks Buffy extremely well. Sure, it has horrible acting and horrible writing, but that is what makes it worth your time. I repeat, it is so bad that it is good.
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pretty good
brdnofsacrifice1 January 2006
I thought it was pretty good. For a very low budget fan film it was well done. They even had special affects like vampires dusting and stakes going into people. I think for filming for 7 days with unknown actors with a low budget it was very good. I used to watch it all the time and wish they made at least another episode, but that's just me. I think some things were a little stupid, like the computer being able to control the powers of the ring, but I guess that was just them trying to be serious. It's obvious that this wasn't made to be serious or make profit, so when people criticize they have to take into consideration that this isn't some movie someone's trying to make money for. It would be interesting to see what they'd do now because according to Buffy Season 7 every potential slayer is a Slayer now. so that would make Fluffy a Slayer.
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movieman_kev6 October 2005
This 19 minute fan-film/ Spoof of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", aside from having most of the characters being English (aside from the Gile's counterpart who acts American), this really adds nothing and just wishes to get by on being an English version (oh and a really crappy Star Wars bit) Most of the cast is serviceable, except for Count Van Weldon who is hammy and awful throughout. I don't really have a clue why this was made. Obviously, the makers couldn't profit from it due to copyright. So I'm perplexed. Oh well, it woulda been 20 wasted minutes but it's 4 AM while I'm watching this, so I had nothing better to do.

My Grade: D
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