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surprisingly good
tomntempe23 October 2011
I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie was way better then I expected. Some of the humor is a little subtle for what you might expect. One scene I liked was toward the end when the box boy gang is coming down the main aisle with Zack next to the Andy Dick character who can barely see thru his coke bottle glasses. Dick starts veering off to the side and Zack puts his arm out and pulls him back and they continue on as if realigning someones walk is a normal event. The movie isn't intended to reinvent Shakespeare but some of the harsher reviewers seem to judge it in that light. I thought Jessica Simpson was a good choice for her part. Any lack of acting ability fit the part just fine and works. It was a pleasant and funny movie to watch and never resorted to throwing in four letter words just to do it like so many movies will do.
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I wasn't expecting much...
aalexakisfan14 January 2007
I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed at several witty lines, especially one where Zach corrected Vince's grammar, but Vince didn't get it. Even Jessica Simpson didn't bother me because they didn't try to inflate her intelligence; they just made her a rather bland character.

The plot isn't original, but watching Vince pretend he was Tom Cruise from Cocktail made me laugh. When I watch this sort of movie I want to laugh and I did just that. Dane Cook was a pleasant surprise too. I had never seen anything with him. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie even though I didn't think that I would.
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Are you kidding?? GREAT MOVIE
SpidermanPez6 January 2007
I was hardly amused when I saw the previews for this movie. It didn't look that good, I'm not that big of a Dane Cook fan (and in no way a Jessica Simpson fan), and I didn't enjoy "Waiting" too much (though I'm not sure how much that relates). This movie has more wit than it knows what to do with, and I laughed out loud numerous times. All the acting was spectacular and I was surprised to find that the writing had equal amounts of humor and heart.

To come into it thinking it was going to be terrible and coming out thinking it was one of the better movies I've seen in a while, I'd say that's an accomplishment. Though its only my opinion of course, check it out if your curious.
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this movie is actually good!
chubbycat1228 July 2006
I gotta be honest. I didn't expect much from this movie for about 1000 reasons but it really took me by surprise. It's HILARIOUS! I loved it so much that, by the end, I wanted to work in the Costco with all of them. The entire cast is solid - my favorite being Dax Sheppard. He is a comedic genius! I don't know how the makers were able to do it but they even managed to get a good performance from Jessica Simpson. I wanted to hate her but I just couldn't. She's very likable and genuine in this movie. And the best part is - they don't have any of her songs on the soundtrack. Employee of the Month is a quirky comedy with a substantial story and charming characters. Definitely a movie worth checking out!
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saraseanez1 October 2006
I saw this too at a sneak preview and I was not disappointed. Dane Cook is a really funny guy and this movie showed it. I liked the story line and their characters. I noticed that Jessica Simpson only had like 20 lines and they probably just used her to sell the movie with the posters. Dax was funny as the bitter rival for Dane Cook's Zack. Andy Dick was refreshing as was the rest of the supporting cast. The Napoleon Dynamite dynasty keeps expanding with Efren's take on Vince's sidekick. The story was great and there are many funny scenes in this movie that makes it cool to work at one of those stores. Great movie, good laughs! I'd watch it again. There are some little twists to some parts of the movies and the end is alright, could be better though. Over all, good movie, great laughs, fun time! I'd watch it again.
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You've Already Seen This Movie.
dltabor7 October 2006
I went in hoping for something that was like Clerks or Office Space, What I received was unfortunately this piece of crap.

Employee of the Month could have been funny or decent, but like most comedies made in the last decade, all of the characters and situations are unbelievably over the top. The characters are all unsympathetic caricatures with no depth and one joke apiece that they tell over and over again. Many of the remaining jokes don't even make any sense. The thing that always makes workplace comedy the funniest is the truth of the situations the characters find themselves in. Instead what was presented is a series of contrived plot points pulled from every teen movie and apparently written by a twelve year old imagining what it would be like to have a job.

There was a chuckle or two and Jessica Simpsons breasts gave a stunning cameo as themselves, otherwise this movie is just another poorly written, directed, and acted cliché fest with no heart, truth or humor.
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It sounds like a good movie, but you would be wrong
the-movie-guy12 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(Synopsis) Vince Downey (Dax Shepard) is the head cashier and winner of 17 consecutive Employee of the Month awards at Super Club. If he wins one more Employee of the Month, he will be put in the Super Club's Hall of Fame and win a new car. Zack Bradley (Dane Cook), who is the ultimate slacker, has been working at the Super Club for 10 years, and is still at the bottom job, working as a box boy. Then Amy (Jessica Simpson) enters the picture; she is a new cashier transferring in from another Super Club store. Amy has a reputation of dating men who have won Employee of the Month at the other store, so Vince and Zack want to date Amy. The fight is on to win Employee of the Month!

(My Comment) Well it sounds like it could be a good movie, but you would be wrong. This film's stupid humor is crude and silly and to that end, it was made to please the young crowd. By the TV commercials, you would think that Jessica Simpson had a major role in the movie, again you would be wrong. Jessica had about 6 scenes in the whole movie, and those were not very impressive. The film did not capitalize on the rivalry between Zack and Vince to a point where it was real. You knew the story before it happened and who was going to get the girl. You can skip this, because it isn't worth the ticket price. (Lionsgate, Run time 1:43, Rated PG-13)(3/10)
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Employees, Stars and Cleavages
Chrysanthepop15 October 2012
On face value, 'Employee of the Month' looks pretty bad and after seeing it, it's not that great of a movie by any means but it isn't as terrible as it looked. It doesn't have anything new to offer but some of the jokes work well and the sequences with Cook and Shepard competing against each other do make one chuckle. It's certainly forgettable but can be enjoyed in parts (for a one time watch). The actors playing Zack's friends were very annoying especially Andy Dick. It doesn't help that they're given terrible lines. Zack's grandma is the funniest character. Dane Cook is quite likable as the competing employee but it is Dax Shepard who steals the show as the obnoxious arrogant employee of the month who takes an awful lot of pride in himself. Jessica Simpson's role doesn't require much except for her to look good. She seems to compensate for any shortcomings by giving the viewer more than a glimpse of cleavage...on multiple occasions throughout the film. Tim Bagley is funny as the boss. Overall, it's a silly film that doesn't require more than a one time watch.
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Silly and funny spoof, much better than I thought it would be.
TxMike17 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It was a free loan from my library, and it is just over 90 minutes, a perfect time-killer for a Friday. And it does have cute and stacked Jessica Simpson. With a very low IMDb rating (5.0 right now) I didn't expect too much. The movie makes fun of the gangs of misfits that run big warehouse stores like Sam's and Costco. In fact one shot showed Kirkland merchandise which is a Costco brand.

Dane Cook plays Zack, a classic underachiever who just wants to hang onto his job and content to be a box boy -- the one who gets empty boxes and brings them to the check-out area. If he can come in late by having a co-worker punch in his time clock, so much the better.

Dax Shepard plays Vince who is just the opposite. He is the number 1 checker, famous for the "show" he puts on for customers, and has set the record for fastest checker in the SW. He has won 'employee of the month' for 17 straight months and, if he accomplished an 18 straight, he wins a 'newish' 2002 car on display. He would love to replace his 1981 Honda with 230,000+ miles.

The comedy arises because Zack and Vince are each other's nemesis. Vince is stuck on himself, is sure he will win the car, and Zack wants to thwart that. Plus, a new checker shows up. Jessica Simpson is Amy the new checker and Zack finds out from her confidential personal folder that she goes for 'employee of the month' types. He is smitten with her and now has two reasons to win, so he decides he will win for the current month. It isn't easy, but he starts to make progress in his goal, to the consternation of Vince who does what he can to prevent it. Plus, Zack and Amy start to get friendly.

Efren Ramirez who was great as Pedro in 'Napoleon Dynamite' is Jorge, a bagger who works with Vince. Andy Dick is funny as Lon, who can hardly see but runs the eye department.

SPOILERS. The info on Amy was not right, her former boyfriend had been employee of the month at a former store, but she was just a normal person. In a final show-down in the store, after Zack and Vince had tied, each with 15 stars for daily achievement, Vince beat Zack by a second or two. But at the awards ceremony, the security guard came up with a videotape that showed Vince was passing some items behind his back to the bagger/boxer, meaning it wasn't scanned. Not only was he cheating in the contest, he was giving away merchandise, and had been for months. He was fired, Zack won, got the girl, and 6 months later we see Vince on parole, with an ankle monitoring device. Funniest scene, Vince and Jorge in a car at night, putting pantyhose over their heads before breaking into Zack's home to change his clocks, Vince comments on a bad odor. "Where did you get these, Jorge?" The answer, "From my mother's gym bag." A bit crude, but very funny.
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A Decent,Funny Movie with a good cast
joecantongamingguru9 June 2007
I know Jessica Simpson was horrible in this movie,but hey! What movie was she ever good in? Dane Cook does a good role,and Dax Shepard was what made me love this movie. He was hilarious,and the only movie i saw with him before Employee of the Month was Without A Paddle. Overall,a good movie suitable for at least six stars. I wonder why Dax didn't win a award for this movie. I also thought Efren Ramirez was hysterical. The movie is lacking some key elements of a good movie,but people take this movie too seriously....i mean,come on. Its just another PG-13 movie with a lot of rude remarks. But if you want to see a good movie with Dane Cook, Dax Shepard, Andy Dick and Harland Williams watch this movie.....you cant be disappointed.
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A bearable comedy thanks to Dax Shepard and Efren Ramirez
christian12315 March 2007
Zack Bradley and Vince Downey (Dane Cook, Dax Shepard) are employees of the Super Club retail chain who already don't get along, except that Zack is a slacker box boy, while Vince is the chain's star cashier who has been Employee of the Month for 17 years straight. When a pretty cashier named Amy (Jessica Simpson) shows up at the store, the competition heats up as Zack is hell-bent on beating Vince to win the coveted award and the heart of Amy.

Employee of the Month turned out to be a lot better than the preview promised although it's still a bland comedy with only a few funny characters and moments. The biggest problem is the staleness of the script. It is best described as hit or miss. Some of the jokes were pretty funny while some jokes felt like a cheap move for laughs and felt quite short at being funny. While the plot was a little inventive, the scenario started to run out of steam because there are only so many laughs you can get out of this type of premise. It would have worked better as a shorter skit because an hour and forty minutes felt too long at times. Also as a romantic comedy, the film completely failed. If you do give it a shot, treat it as a simple comedy with a romantic subplot or else you may be wondering who's in the real relationship.

Dane Cook gave an okay performance. He had a few funny scenes and then he failed to show charisma in a few other ones. Jessica Simpson was awful and she showed no character. Her performance was very blah and she made the romance between her and Dane appear very weak. There was no chemistry between them and once you get past Jessica's looks, you don't get much. Dax Shepard was pretty good and he did a lot with generic material. His sidekick, Efren Ramirez was also pretty good and he had some great scenes with Dax. Andy Dick was incredibly unfunny and annoying. Harland Williams was equally bad although not as annoying. Overall, Employee of the Month is a bland and harmless comedy that's only worth checking out if you're a huge fan of Dax Shepard or Dane Cook. Rating 5/10
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If you must see it wait for the DVD, don't waste your money on tickets!
amy-parker-19 October 2006
Although, I am a big Dane Cook fan, I was very disappointed in this movie. A former warehouse store employee during my college years, I was able to relate to the movie a little more than some people. I think it would have been a much better movie with some small story line changes and most of all...if they had another actress...any other actress...playing the role of Amy. I was somewhat shocked that a "superstar" like Jessica Simpson, could be so horrible in a movie. I mean any other actress that is that bad would never get any type of role. She was bland, boring, not funny and even unattractive in this movie. Although I am a "former" Jessica Simpson fan, I am embarrassed that I even wanted to see this movie. She has disappointed once again. Let's all hope Hollywood wakes up and realizes that "tabloid star" does not equal "movie star".
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This is funny!
StanMakitadonuts22 January 2007
Anyone who doesn't find this movie hilarious is stepping out of there own taste and into the wrong genre.

I've been coming to IMDb for a long time now to get a heads up on movies before I see them, but only recently have I been leaving my comments on films. I have definitely learned that people are really opinionated and when they really hate a movie, it's more than likely because they are watching the wrong movie to begin with. Any fan of this type of movie knows what they are getting when they step into it, a goofy plot with a lot of silly moments, I'm curious, for the people that hated this movie, what did they expect from it.... what do they feel is missing.... people need to understand and respect what all genres intents are.

This is exactly the type of movie I like to see, and a few times over. I recommend it to anyone who likes stoner/comfort movies. The cast is excellent! also....I actually didn't mind Jessica Simpson in this, Andy Dick as well, I'm not really into either of them, but I am able to put my grudges aside if they deserve it.

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pretty cool and under-rated
Ralf_Solo4 June 2007
I have watch this movie last Saturday in a friend place and I liked it very much, I don't understand the under-rate of this movie in IMDb. I was not so happy when my friend announce the title of the movie and tell is a romance/comedy, I was afraid because you can expect the worse in this movie category, so I was ready in the conception of a complain to skip it and move for the next movie of our evening show.

Surprisly I get hook from the start, the movie is light and entertaining, the story is good ,the acting is good, the humor is good.

What is wrong with you people ? Are you "epic movie" fans ? It is a excellent light comedy/romance movie, I give a 8, it deserves it, best comedy with IDIOCRACY for the year 2006.
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It is a funny, relaxing comedy that's worth seeing with your friends...
boboscooter12 March 2007
I think the movie was excellent, Dane Cook is a good actor and a very good comedian. It is a good and relaxing comedy, it wasn't that great, however there were a few original things like the secret hiding place in the mall...who would of thought this could exist in a store or supermarket...whatever u wanna' call it... The casting is good. Jessica is just playing her role, but it isn't that spectacular, she doesn't appear as much as many of you would of thought, but anyway she does her job well enough. She smiles, giggles and looks hot... Dane is the character that makes the movie worth while and i loved the employee of the month stars ... it was a bit predictable that he would win, even if in the end the ,,bad guy'' was actually the winner... but the guard seeing the video tape...you knew that something suspicious would come up... Anyway...a nice comedy with plenty of laughter...I saw it with my friends and you should to, it is well-worth seeing and most of all it is good because i love Dane and his ideas and also I enjoyed the fact that Andy Dick was in the cast...i like him very much from Radio News...so...u should see this flick...I'd give it a solid 7.5 for effort and comic moments and the plot, original as well... Go Dane Go !!!
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Cliché, stupidity, bad acting....
evantheraider057 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a complete waste of time. Jessica Simpson is a terrible actress; she sounds like a little girl throughout the whole movie.

For some reason, girls in this movie get-off on men who can swipe groceries fast. (?) Winning employee of the month is like being crowned king in this town. The store throws a huge banquet every time there is an employee of the month election... As most of you probably know, Zack (Dane Cook) only tries to win employee of the month to hook up with Amy(Jessica Simpson). In one scene, the most cliché thing happens. Lan(Andy Dick) gets mad because Zack neglects his friends and focuses mainly on winning employee of the month, so Lan says "the only reason you want to win employee of the month is to sleep with Amy!" OOPS!!! who should be standing behind Zack but Amy!! "Is that true? You wanna know if I slept with the last employee of the month at my last job? Yes, I did. He was my boyfriend, and he was a self centered, arrogant ass just like you! You employees of the month are all the same!!!" I covered my eyes in disappointment. However, somehow he does wind up getting her at the end and Vince (Dax Shepard) fails...cliché?

The upside for us guys is that there is not one scene where Jessica Simpson's shirt does not show a massive amount of cleavage... ;-) But it's not worth going to see....
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Love at the local Costco
SamsMom8259 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If my son didn't have to review this movie for his high school newspaper, I definitely would not have seen it. As I have, here goes: Boy meets girl at Costco, boy loses girl, boy redeems self, boy wins girl back. In between are some minor minor laughs and sight gags, a promising leading man in Dane Cook (and not bad to look at), and Jessica Simpson saying, thankfully, very little. Dane Cook is personable and hopefully this will serve as a jumping board to bigger and better things. And Dax Shepard was, believe it or not, pretty decent as Villain Vince. Cook is a former dot com-mer who has become a professional slacker at the local Costco/Super Store and lives with his grandmother. At his place of employment is a professional jerk named Vince who is on target (no pun intended) to win his 18th employee of the month award. Jessica Simpson walks in and both vie to get in her pants, um I mean vie for her affections. And both try to do this by winning the next employee of the month award. Not even a good date movie. (If that's your goal, save some money and rent "Meet Joe Black.")
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Honestly? It has it's moments here and there, but it's one of those films that are so stupid that it's funny
Smells_Like_Cheese10 February 2007
I had absolutely no interest what so ever in seeing Employee of the Month, let's face it, Jessica Simpson does not equal movie of the year. But my friends and I were stuck inside yesterday and my friend's brother rented Employee of the Month and said that it was pretty funny, so we decided to watch it. While I admit there were a few funny moments, it's the same pointless humor that you see in an average comedy. Jessica, well, even though she wasn't horrible, she wasn't that much of an addition to the cast, her part was just smiles and giggles, so it wasn't that much of a part.

Basically, Guy is an employee at a "Sam's Club" sort of speak, only he doesn't take his work very seriously, Vince is the only employee who goes above and beyond his work making employee of the month for 17 months in a row and is about to win a car if he wins employee of the month once again. But all that changes when a new girl, Amy, starts working with them and now Guy and Vince are competing for employee of the month since they heard about Amy only liking the best workers. But Guy is about to... you guessed it... loose touch with who he really is and same with loosing his friends.

While it's a pretty stupid movie, I have to admit that I had a few laughs here and there, it's silly humor, but it's all good. But I'm very serious and not just saying this, Jessica really needs to stay away from film because she doesn't add much to the screen besides incredibly low cut tops for the teenage boys. But this is one of those movies you have to decide for yourself, because if I actually had a few laughs, I'm not sure if my brain is functioning correctly.

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Great Fun
bobster9926 September 2006
I saw this as a sneak preview and I thought it was great. The crowd in the theater seemed to agree with me. It won't win an Oscar but it was a lot of fun. Jessica isn't the greatest actress but she fit the part well, an attractive blonde with a nice personality. She was showing her... um... assets a bit but it wasn't gratuitous. You could actually take the kids to this one and not be afraid that they might see something they shouldn't. I was very disappointed with the "40 year old virgin" because they took a great idea and drug it through the gutter where as this one was a cute idea and kept it mostly clean. I am surprised that they paid for Jessica Simpson... the movie has the feeling like an independent production... which is a good thing.
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An awesome flick if you've ever worked years in retail.
mrsstiffy33 November 2010
The movie Employee of the month is absolutely fantastic. I myself have been in retail for 19 years this movie pegs some of what employees go through on a day to day basis. Dane cook was awesome, Dax Shepard was great and so was Jessica Simpson. There couldn't have been a better cast of characters, they all played their rolls well. I'm addicted to this movie for the retail part of it and for the hilarious story line. Everyone needs to give it a chance especially if you've ever worked in a retail store. The more I watch it, the more I fall in love with this movie. Once again this movie deserves way more credit than what people are giving it. You probably won't understand so well if you have not ever worked in retail. I met my husband through my job at a retail store. This movie is definitely under rated.
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that wasn't Dane Cook
AlyssaMC058 October 2006
I saw this movie expecting to see Dane Cook at his finest, but instead got a pathetic shadow of what he once was. Basically, his character in no way reflected Dane's persona and could have been played by any actor. I was extremely disappointed and now have to convince myself that Dane hasn't gone soft, but instead did this movie to make money and bang Jessica Simpson. This way I can remain a fan of his stand-up. The only thing funny about this movie was Andy Dick, the relationship between Dax and Pedro, and Jessica Simpson's horrible acting abilities. Honestly I never let out more then a closed-mouth chuckle throughout the entire film. I beg of you, unless you enjoy paying for crap, don't see this movie.
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No great shakes
carthik_s24 July 2007
The movie is about competition between two guys for the employee of the month. Plus to sleep with Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson is a horrible actress. She looks blank; she does not show any expression at all. She's just in the movie for her cleavage show, but it is not worth it.

Dax Shepard is real good and brings up a few laughs with Efren Ramirez. Apart from them, there is not much to laugh. Humor is just so blank. Dane somehow looks lost and frustrated and does not look like a part of the movie.

There is not much spend on the movie, expect probably renting a Costco.

The story might have been interesting if Dane tried to win the Employee of the month in his own 'box boy' way. And probably losing it narrowly to Dax, after he realizes what are important to him. Also, there is not much scene to show that he is close with his three friends and so it does not make sense when he feels terrible, at their anger. Poor story writing in this part.

This movie tried to a feel good movie, but fails miserably. You will feel empty at the end of this movie, but won't regret watching it. (4/10)
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Good DVD Rental
fishbaskets-115 June 2006
This film is not to be confused with the other films entitled "Employee of the Month". It was a bit raunchy with some examples of stupid humor for me. Some of the problems that arose with the characters were never resolved at the end, so the audience has questions. The only female character was Jessica Simpson and her role was limited. Unfortunately, they could not use the name "Costco" and it is not really about working at a super club but about the old storyline about two guys trying to get a date with a pretty lady. Their are a few laughs and a good bit of interesting dialogue, but it is very predictable. It definitely rates a good DVD rental with a groups of friends getting together. Some characters that did not have lines, wished they did and some who had lines wished they didn't. If you get woozy from camera movements, some of the camera movements and set ups will make you dizzy. So, to recap, definitely a good DVD rental - but would not spend more than $5.00 to see this film, only because I hate when the dialogue gives away the story, which happens repeatedly in this film.
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The Most Clichéd Movie I Have Ever Seen
rrbartels6 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie about five hours ago, and during this entire time I tried to think a worse movie that I had seen in my fourteen years of life. This took a lot out of me, but it was all for the sake of protecting you, and i hope you heed my warnings.

Anyway, my results: nothing. And i've seen A LOT of movies. Let me break this down. In my mind Employee of the Month was worse than: Ocean's Twelve, Paparazzi, and Little Nicky. Which were the worst movies i could come up with in five hours. Now when another reviewer would give up or go on a flaming assault, using the beep button, i shall persist. No lie, i laughed more during March of the Penguins (which i watched in school). Seriously, i would probably recommend this under even, Date Movie because they at least tried a stab at comedy. In conclusion, please, stay away; it honestly didn't seem like the actors knew that they were in a comedic role (especially Dane). Oh and by the way **Spoiler** incredibly predictable fart/ sex jokes and horrible romantic scenes.
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Was a great satire completely out of the question?
DonFishies19 August 2007
Dane Cook is a bit of a mystery to me. Despite my insistence of more than a few of my friends, I never quite got into any of his stand-up material, and would never recognize him as the minor or cameo character in any comedy. So it catches me as a bit of a surprise to see him in so many more films now, as he has slowly risen to being the main character in films like Employee of the Month. But despite his now obvious appeal as a comic actor, I think he still needs to realize what movie choices are good, and which are bad.

Employee of the Month, simply put, is a movie that set itself up for satiric greatness by taking place in a Costco/Sam's Club/WalMart hybrid, but just does not bother mining for any comedic gold. Instead, it grounds itself as a competition for slacker box-boy Jack (Cook) to overtake the titular position from conceited cashier Vince (Dax Shepard). And the reasoning you might ask? Because Zack found out that the new cashier, Amy (the obviously attractive Jessica Simpson), only dates those high-calibre employees.

Instead of mining, the film's writers have basically taken every cliché of every movie with a slacker pining for something more just because of the possible prize at the end, and mixed them into becoming something that is barely their own. The mere word cliché does not even do this movie justice, as it seems to go above and beyond the obvious nature of films that resemble this scheme, and seems to just revel in being just like every other movie like it. Originality seems to be the least of anyone's worries here. Thankfully, even at its worst times, the film's story is watchable and mildly enjoyable. It just has a feeling of regurgitation throughout that the viewer either lives with, or gives up on quickly.

What the writers also miss out on are the hilariously crude jokes Cook is known for. From the little stand-up I did here, I know that Cook's material is deeply invested in R-rated territory. But for some inexplicable reason, he is starring in this barely PG-13 rated travesty. Right from his first scene, you can tell the man is holding back his best jokes, and is forced to stay in tune with his rating (although his many jokes about being 'anal' seem to be about the only thing that could cross over into his more explicit side). So instead of getting some gut-busting one-liners, we are stuck listening to one-note half-baked unmemorable lines. Yes, he does have quite a few very funny lines, but the majority just fails to stick. What is even worse is, it is his supporting cast that actually gets to swear.

Yes, the likes of his character's friends which include Andy Dick, Harland Williams and Brian George, all seem to get to swear, and all seem to get the memorably funny one-liners. How can a funny stand-up comedian really break out in the film world if he is being overshadowed by a normally very unfunny supporting cast? That thought crossed my mind more than once as the film progressed, and really bogs my mind down now as I write this. Did the filmmakers not realize their grave mistake, or did they just hope no one noticed? Shepard, although I have yet to see him in a role I like, does alright here. His timing is a lot better perfected than the majority of the cast, and much like Cook, gets a few funny lines. Most of them involve his sidekick Jorge, played by everyone's favourite Napoleon Dynamite actor, Efren Ramirez. And just like he did in Dynamite, Ramirez does nothing but stare baffled at his co-stars, delivering ridiculous lines about nothing. They were not funny in then, and they are not funny now. I can only hope he stops riding the wave of fame fast, or at least come up with some new shtick soon.

But of course, the film's letdowns would not be complete without the inclusion of Ms. Simpson. Clearly she still has yet to learn how to act in a movie, and clearly, she has yet to learn how to not be attractive. So, as anyone could predict, she spends the entirety of the movie looking gorgeous and delivering lines with such stupidity that you wonder why Cook or Shepard did not bother quiting the film because of how shallow and ridiculous their co-star is. Eye candy can only go so far. It takes any kind of good looking actress to pull off a role like this, and Simpson continues to prove just how easy it is to continue making money and being popular, even if you do give the blonde stereotype a bad rep. The sooner this girl gives up the spotlight in general and just retires herself to her multi-millions in her home in the South, the better.

In the end, Employee of the Month is overly average, with minuscule amounts of wit that could have been better used had it truly been the satire it initially sets itself up to be. How anyone in their right mind could ignore the potential for brilliant satire by setting the action up in a Costco wannabe is beyond me. How anyone could watch this movie and not think of every comedy that has come before it, is an even bigger wonder that I have. And even bigger than that is, why cast a potentially R-rated comedic star in something that barely cracks PG-13?

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