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It's an agreeable comedy that makes its priorities clear: It wants to be funny at the expense of almost everything else.
Falling short of being truly memorable but sharper than the general slagheap of comedies.
New York Post
For short stretches, the movie has a touch of surreal "Office Space" brilliance, but it's broadly acted, its characters are thin, and the production values are ragged. Still, it's hard to resist its goofy hostility: "You're like the drummer from REO Speedwagon. Nobody knows who you are."
Manages to retain a certain goofy appeal thanks to the stand-up efforts of its comically adept cast members.
L.A. Weekly
Don Calame and Chris Conroy's script is witty and peppered with good laughs, but cops out a bit at the end with an overly conventional resolution. As for Jessica Simpson... her character is virtually irrelevant, as is her acting ability.
This may be a just-for-fun comedy, but that shouldn't mean that it must entirely disconnect from the world.
Ultimately, we're looking at a discount "Office Space."
Employee of the Month is more tired than a Wal-Mart greeter at the end of a Saturday shift. One can only hope its halfhearted suggestion that winning isn't everything is some comfort if the movie's grosses are as disappointing as its jokes.
You're bound to have more fun working overtime than watching Employee of the Month.
Boston Globe
Perhaps Employee of the Month, which was typed then directed by Greg Coolidge, is unfolding in the key of satire. But you'd have to be a dog to hear it.

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