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6 Aug. 2003
The Lost Dog Pilot
While this isn't the actual pilot, A&E has taken footage from their reality show "Take This Job" (an episode they did on Dog and his bail bond business in 2003) and turned it into a "lost pilot". The episode is just like the current version of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" with extra narration.
30 Aug. 2004
Meet the Chapmans
New series focusing on the tumultuous home and professional life of bounty hunter Dwayne "Dog" Chapman, and his partner and wife Beth. In the first episode, Dog and team chase Floyd Chapman (no relation), a heavily tattooed bail jumper.
31 Aug. 2004
Father and Son
Dog and Leland tell the story of how hard it was for father and son to get to know each other again after Dog went to jail and the wild period that Leland went through as a teenager.
7 Sep. 2004
The Competition
Dog decides to liven things up with a competition. He and Beth will hunt for one fugitive, while Leland and Justin chase another. The winner will be the duo that captures its fugitive first. Will Dog keep bragging rights as the Best Bounty Hunter in the world, or will his young apprentices steal the mantle from him?
7 Sep. 2004
A Walk on the Wild Side
Dog and his team hunt Joseph Sampaio and his girlfriend so they don't lose the $20,000 bail. Dog has another search going on to find a clown to perform at a surprise birthday party for Tim.
14 Sep. 2004
Bounty Hunters Have Hearts Too
Once a criminal himself, Dog knows how it feels to be hunted. In this episode of our series that focuses on the tumultuous home and professional life of bounty hunter Dwayne "Dog" Chapman, he and the team delve into the depths of Honolulu's Chinatown as they search for a young Samoan girl who's gone down the wrong path.
21 Sep. 2004
Love's Labors Lost and Found
Dog is looking for Lincoln who is off on a deep sea fishing boat. In the meantime, Dog takes the kids to the mall to get Mother's Day presents for Beth.
28 Sep. 2004
The Godfather of Waikiki
In this episode, we learn the story of Dog's son, Tucker, who is doing 20 years on a drug charge. At the time of his son's arrest, Dog wanted revenge for the man who sold his son the drugs. However, he was given some good advice in a chance meeting with Lilo, "The Godfather of Waikiki", which allowed Dog to accept that the man eventually will be punished. Now, Lilo has become Dog's next capture, making it an emotionally difficult job for Dog.
5 Oct. 2004
Hide and Seek: Part 1
Dog has a big problem. Patty Estabilio has jumped a $15,000 bail bond and disappeared into Hawaii's underworld. Kissing the kids good night, Dog and Beth, with Tim and Leland at their side, plunge into a drug-infused netherworld where the snitches are unreliable, the streets violent, and everyone has something to hide.
5 Oct. 2004
Hide and Seek: Part 2
Two weeks in pursuit of fugitive Patty Estabilio has placed her in the pantheon of Dog Chapman's most persistent prey. A slew of near misses, bad tips, and long nights spent staking out "ice" dens is taking its toll on Dog's team. But Dog is keeping up appearances with his daily vacuuming at the house, while Beth makes an emergency visit to the nail salon to have a broken nail repaired.
12 Oct. 2004
Justin's Big Day
Justin is the low man on the totem pole in the Chapman clan, and this means that the rest of the team is always teasing him. At 21 years old, his responsibilities at home include lots of childcare and cleaning, and on bounties he spends time getting lunches and searching the smallest and dirtiest hiding places.
26 Oct. 2004
It's Good to Be Home
Dog and his team return to their roots, with a visit to their home town of Denver, Colorado. Dog and Tim begin the day with an early morning radio show appearance, and it pays off when a listener calls in with a tip about one of the fugitives they're hunting. Learning that he's working at a Taco Bell restaurant, they head for the drive through window and order one fugitive to go.
9 Nov. 2004
You Can't Go Home Again
Back in Denver Dog discovers that recapturing the past can be more difficult then tracking down felons. On a day of more misses then hits in their fugitive hunting, Dog and Beth repeatedly collide with reminders of their early days. A trip to a house built by his grandfather, and where Dog raised Leland, moves Dog to tears.
23 Nov. 2004
A Family Feud
Working for a bondswoman friend, Mary Ellen, Dog and his team hunt Chris, a fugitive wanted on drug charges. Dog turns over every rock, but to no avail. In the end Mary Ellen decides to revoke the bonds she holds on Chris's mother and stepfather because they've violated the conditions of their own bonds and have been threatening her. Dog takes the two to jail after an intense bust.
7 Dec. 2004
Sons and Daughters
Dog goes after Virginia, a hard-to-find lawbreaker. He gets a tip that a pickup truck will be going to Virginia's house. In true private-eye fashion, the team tails the truck in two SUVs, regularly switching the follow car to throw off their scent. The truck leads them their prey.
21 Dec. 2004
The Sweep
Dog decides to sweep the island clean of as many fugitives as he can in two days. Raymond, wanted on drug charges, is an easy grab. Mauro, wanted for solicitation, is busted. And a Samoan, Siamau, is convinced to fly back to Hawaii from Los Angeles, and the team quickly nabs him.
4 Jan. 2005
Stress Management
Dog knows that one of his fugitives is hiding in a homeless shelter, but the people at the shelter refuse to cooperate. Frustrated with the situation, Dog decides that his next capture should be with someone that may put up a good fight. Dog and Beth end the day with a romantic dinner.
11 Jan. 2005
Where There's Smoke...
Dog juggles his job and family responsibilities at the same time. He leads the search for Robert, a low-level drug dealer who makes money by selling hedge clippings as marijuana and broken Macadamia nuts as crack. As he hunts down Robert, Dog gets on the phone to tell Beth not to spend too much money to furnish Leland's Honolulu apartment.
25 Jan. 2005
Second Chances
The Chapman family has a puppy that needs to go to the vet. They name the dog Lucky and hope God gives the puppy a second chance. Dog hunts a young fugitive who also needs a second chance with his life before he ruins it with drug abuse.

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