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30 Jun. 2008
No Space Like Home
A special two part episode. Pandora and her father had been re-imprisoned. However, the re-imprisonment had also managed to teleport Noah into Maximus' base. When Betty hears of Noah's apparent capture, Betty goes to save him while Paloma tries to defuse the mass hysteria that has hit Moose Jaw. Meanwhile, while Minimus keeps Noah company as a playmate, Maximus employs the Chameleon to disguise himself as Noah, who is subsequently "rescued" by Betty. Returning to Galactic Guardian headquarters, Betty remarks that Noah would make a great Galactic Guardian, just as ...
1 Oct. 2007
Family Feuds/Girl Power
Family Feuds: Betty must stop a fight between Infantor and his younger brother before they hurt each other, or someone else. Meanwhile, Betty's mom becomes the new dance teacher at Betty's school./Girl Power: Pontifidora steals a magical crystal that turns ordinary girls (and Sparky into a busty female version of himself) into strong Amazon women and she uses them to get revenge on Admiral Degill. On Earth, Betty and Penelope compete against each other to impress the new girl in school, Regeena./Ending Sketch: Elevator Traitor - Maximus and Minimus attempt to destroy ...
23 Oct. 2010
Aarrgh... It Be 'Olidays!/Rodeo Robots
It's the time of year that Betty and her family take a family trip to a pirate-themed amusement park, leaving X-5 to take care of the house, but not before X-5 hands Betty his new invention. Meanwhile, in space, Greenbeard's ship has fallen apart whilst in the middle of stealing jewels from the planet Pacula. Greenbeard demands to find a new ship, and arrives on Earth at the theme park. As Betty and her family settle in on going into a waterslide with a pirate ship, Greenbeard also sets his sights on it to use as his new ship. Seeing Greenbeard, Betty attempts to ...
24 Oct. 2010
Who's the Baby Now?/Spliced
Betty helps Noah with his training but is turned into a baby by Infantor. Noah uses his new skills and an army of babies to save the day. Spliced: Spindly Tam has accidentally crossed his D.N.A with the evil Soo-Soo fly and he's now on a rampage, splicing DNA and turning people into freaks. Reegena sees the freaks and starts thinking that they were taken right out of the horror movie she and Betty saw. Ending Sketch: Sparky vs. Minimus: Who Can Pick Up The Most Girls? - Sparky's attempts at being a ladies' man fail after being punched out by Penelope, while Minimus ...
6 Nov. 2010
April Fools Overture/Crimes of Fashion
April Fools Overtune: It's April Fools Day on Earth, and Sparky gets a little carried away with his pranks because he wants be like the host of his favourite 3V show "Prank'd". But then, the host comes to Earth to stop Sparky because he thinks he's trying to steal his show. And to make matters worse, Sparky's pranks unintentionally pin the blame on Betty causing the town to turn angry mob against her. In addition to this, Maximus follows the host to get revenge on him for pulling a nasty prank on him. Crimes of Fashion: Bombshelle is back, and this time she starts a ...
7 Nov. 2010
The Big Dig/Wedding Crashers
While trying to dig a new private swimming pool in Galactic Guardian headquarters, the Bangoons unearth a rare and valuable opal. Because it can also be dangerous, Betty is tasked with its proper storage, but Admiral DeGill also tells her to keep the mission secret. Returning to the surface, Noah, who had been with Betty when she was summoned alone, chastises Betty over leaving him in the dark; Betty reluctantly tells her mission to him, but also warns him to keep it a secret. Later at school, Noah shares the secret to Sparky, who, being a gossiper, spreads the news ...
8 Oct. 2007
Night of the Living Mummies/Trick or Creep
Night of the living Mummies: Betty goes to a party at the museum where Penelope's dad has named an Egyptian wing after his daughter. But during the party, Penelope stumbles onto a magic necklace that brings all of the mummies in the museum to life. Trick or Creep: Betty tries to make a monster movie with her friends, but gets interrupted when Maximus invades Earth with an army of pumpkin monsters. Ending Sketch: The DeGill Show: Stupid Alien Tricks - Maximus is the special guest, where he coerces Minimus to turn his body around instead of his head.
13 Nov. 2010
Roger, Where Are You/Betty the Red
Roger, Where Are You?: Atomic Roger comes to Earth with a doomsday device to deliver to Degill, but Purrsey gets his claws on it and thinks it's some kind of giant cat toy. Now Betty must find the device before it goes off. Betty The Red: After capturing an army of mini warriors, Betty brings them to Earth where they break loose. Now Betty must deal with both the warriors and Penelope, who won't stop making fun of Betty for being a red head. Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover - Sparky and Minimus show that they are the masters of disguise.
15 Oct. 2007
Mini-Maximus/Circus Sparkimus
Mini-Maximus: Maximus sends Minimus to Earth to kidnap Purrsey so Maximus can have him all to himself, all while Betty and Purrsey are being "brought closer together" by Betty's mom and a clueless TV psychiatrist (bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Phil). Circus Sparkimus: Betty's plans to go fishing with her dad are interrupted when Barker, an evil circus carney, brings her carnivorous circus to Earth in search of a Galactic Guardian to throw into the ring and makes Sparky the main attraction. Ending Sketch: Sparky Vs. Minimus: Who's The Best Rapper? - Sparky, ...
16 Oct. 2007
Shake Your Booga/Cosmic Comicon
While Betty and X-5 are waiting for Sparky to finish using the bathroom after ingesting too many montegoberries, Sparky finds a set of bongo drums at a yard sale, which he buys as a birthday gift for Regeena. As Sparky plays the drums, it awakens Shaka Booga, who discovers that her drums missing. Finding Atomic Roger nearby, she manages to have him take him to Earth and Regeena's party. This does not go unnoticed by Admiral DeGill, who takes a furious Betty (about to dance with Chaz) and Sparky to discover why Atomic Roger has been taken hostage and why she is heading...
20 Nov. 2010
Hard Day's Fight/If the Shoe Fits
Betty, Sparky, and X-5, as the band Jackamoose, finish a music video, to be shared only amongst themselves. However, Sparky decides to publish their music video (with an album cover reminiscent of Abbey Road), which becomes a massive hit. Admiral DeGill is shocked at a large group of intergalactic fans of Jackamoose converging on Moose Jaw, and orders Betty and company to fix the problem they have caused, as the fans may compromise the security of Galactic Guardian headquarters. To do so, they announce a farewell concert to be held in the school gymnasium. Maximus ...
18 Oct. 2007
It Came from Hollywood/Lulu on the Loose
It Came from Hollywood: Betty discovers that everyone, including Chaz, Noah, Duncan, and the Osborne twins, are flocking to downtown Moose Jaw in an attempt to be cast as extras in a new Hollywood space flick, starring starlet Delta Aurora as a space heroine. Sparky also auditions, and wins the part of Aurora's sidekick, while X-5 and Betty (to her disdain, as she did not audition) are put into crew roles (X-5 as a caterer and Betty as Aurora's gofer). As the filming progresses, Sparky accidentally discharges a real Galactic Guardian weapon (believing it to be a prop)...
19 Oct. 2007
Betty and the Beast/Mirror of Morganna
Betty and the Beast: An alien creature finds its way into Moosejaw Lake, and the town goes crazy trying to get a look at their very own lake monster: "Moosie"./Mirror of Morgana: An evil witch uses a powerful mirror to trap the townspeople and unleash their mirror opposites. It's up to Betty and Good Witch Penelope to save Moosejaw Heights./Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover: Diffuse it! - Sparky and Minimus are at Betty's house, appearing at first glance to disarm an explosive device. However, when Betty enters, she is shocked by their actual work...
5 Dec. 2010
Love Bites/Zulia's New Beau
Love Bites: Maximus infects Betty with a love bug, and she instantly falls in love with Minimus. The bug's hitch a ride back to Earth, and the whole town erupts in Valentine's Day madness! Zulia's New Beau: Sparky's mom, Zulia, has found another winning boyfriend: Plutor from the bad boys gang The X-Rays. Zulia visits Sparky on Earth and brings trouble with her. Ending Sketch: Bizarre Love Triangle - Betty arrives to see Sparky, X-5, and Admiral DeGill watch a webcam video of Noah in one of his romantic fantasies and subsequently laugh at her. A mortified Betty, in ...
20 Nov. 2010
Beach Blanket Betty/Ice Queen
A powerful amulet turns Penelope into a supervillain named Lobsterella. Betty has to battle it out with the nastier then usual Penelope, while trying to impress Chaz with her surfing. Ice Queen: Penelope invites Betty and Regeena to an exclusive spa in the Arctic. Iciclia shows up and is furious to find the spa right where her favorite patch of ice used to be. Ending Sketch: Hairballs in History - Purrsy explains the historical significance of the hairball in architecture.
15 Dec. 2010
Bold Age/Cat Fight
Bold Age: Maximus' grandfather, Max Sr. Sr. moves into the local retirement home and begins stealing youth from the citizens of Moosejaw Heights. Chaz and Penelope are in the line of fire while visiting their grandmother. Cat Fight: Betty gets caught in the middle of two cat fights: one between two flea-sized alien ambassadors and the other between her parents. Ending Sketch: Crash-Test Noah: Flight Simulator - As part of his cadet training, Noah takes on a flight simulator, and promptly faints from the high velocity travel.
10 Jan. 2008
The Doomsday Game/Degill and Son
Maximus is playing a killer game of croquet - literally! Earth is in danger of being knocked into the sun and all mayhem breaks loose when it looks like the end of the world is near. Degill and Son: Admiral DeGill discovers he has a son with the evil Pontifadora. Bill DeGill is given free rein over Galactic Guardian headquarters, but is his loyalty to his newfound father, or Pontifadora, who is using him to discover the secret location to Galactic Guardian headquarters? Ending Sketch: Sparky Vs. Minimus: Who's The Most Extreme? - Sparky and Minimus compete in a series...
17 Dec. 2010
Vaudevillians/The Manchurian Guardian
While on a field trip to a local television station, the bus carrying Betty and Sparky is hijacked and taken to an intergalactic 3-V station. As Betty and Sparky realizes what had happened, they discover the cause: the troll Mulock had kidnapped the bus so that Sparky could teach him a new comedy act, which would allow him to pass the audition phase of a Pop Idol-like competition. As Regeena takes the last open audition slot for the show (intending to give it to Betty so her band could audition), Penelope is roped in by a recruiter, who wants her to be part of a game ...
20 Dec. 2010
Elementary My Dear Minimus/Great Eggspectations
Elementary, My Dear Minimus: Betty is jealous of Chaz's best friend from private school, Sam. Maximus gets his hands on Betty's drawings of Chaz and attempts to kidnap him for bait. Great Eggspectations: Noah decides he's ready to go on a mission alone, but winds up with more than he can handle after being double crossed by the Collector on an egg hunt. Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover: Stakeout - Sparky and Minimus are at a stakeout, where they are spying on Betty's slumber party. However, Betty and Regeena catch them when they make too much ...
21 Dec. 2010
Scent of a Blugo/Star Crossed Lovers
Scent of a Blugo: A professional wrestling show arrives in Moose Jaw on "Minion Day", the day each year where Maximus acts as Minimus' underling. While at the show, Maximus unleashes a deadly Blugo on Betty using an unusual perfume. Our heroes tag-team it in the ring, all while Regeena cheers in the stands and Noah tries to distract her. Star-Crossed Lovers: Star-crossed lovers from feuding kingdoms seek refuge with the Guardians after their parents forbid them to marry. Betty finds herself in a similar situation with Chaz. Ending Sketch: Crash-Test Noah: Body ...
22 Dec. 2010
Betty Boot Camp/A Finful of Dollars
Boot Camp Betty: Betty goes on a class camping trip to get a little R&R. Maximus decides his Blood Monks need a little boot camp training....on Earth. A Finful of Dollars: Admiral Degill takes his crew on a much-needed vacation to Tumbleweed Gulch (a cross between the Alberta badlands and the Grand Canyon), but their peace and tranquility is interrupted by Hopper the Chopper on a quest for gold! Ending Sketch: Hairball Haute Coutre - Purrsy explains why the hairball has always been in fashion.
23 Jan. 2008
Invading Spaces/Make a Wish
Invading Spaces: Betty must defend the people of Earth from becoming tacky Earthonian furnishings, and her bedroom from becoming a "Fuzzy Fushia Forest" Make a Wish: Atomic Rodger accidentally gains the power to grant the wishes of one other person: Betty. With her secret thoughts coming true, Betty starts to lose her mind! Ending Sketch: Sparky Vs. Minimus: Who's The Better Dancer? - Sparky and Minimus dance off at a nightclub in Moose Jaw. Both tire out from exhaustion, and the contest is declared a tie.
30 Jul. 2008
Fairytale Fate/Ice Monsters
Betty's class is assigned homework where they have to compose their own fairy tale. Later, Betty receives a package at Galactic Guardian headquarters, which Sparky discovers is a book by Milton Scrivener. Despite Betty's warnings that Scrivener's alter-ego, The Scribe, is dangerous, Sparky opens the book, which proceeds to suck up Betty, Sparky, X-5, and Noah. They discover that they are trapped inside the book, and each of the book's stories (ironically based on fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel) ends with certain doom for Betty and the crew, ...
31 Jul. 2008
The Way of the Weiner/Pimplepalooza
Spindly Tam works with Noah at the local hot-dog joint, teaching him the way of the weiner, right before he's kidnapped by Maximus and the Betty Clones, the latter of which are framing Betty! Pimplepalooza: The townsfolk have been infected by a plague of zits. Bombshelle is on quest to rid the galaxy of these disgusting creatures, and her journey takes her directly to Atomic Betty's face. Ending Sketch: Crash-Test Noah: Static Spy - Noah tests out a spy suit that uses static cling to stick to walls and ceilings, only to be trapped within a TV show.
1 Aug. 2008
Noah's Bark/Queen for a Day
On the planet Canus Dogillia, Noah insults the inhabitants and is turned into a dog. He and Betty try to figure out who did it, while Noah's dad continues to try to find the location of Galactic Guardian Headquarters. Queen for a Day: Queen Penelobee decides to relocate her evil hive to Earth and picks Galactic Guardian Headquarters as the perfect spot. Meanwhile, a Bangoon experiment with honey has rendered the Galactic Guardians' flashtubes inoperable, while Regeena and Duncan compete in an arcade game contest. Ending Sketch: Sparky and Minimus: Moosejaw Undercover:...
4 Aug. 2008
The Future Is Now
It is Betty's thirteen birthday, and Betty's family and friends are arranging a surprise birthday party. Meanwhile, after years of work, X-5 has managed to complete a working time machine. As a sign of the accomplishment, Admiral DeGill is ordered to present the time machine at the Galactic Council. However, this is a trap set by Maximus, who captures the time machine and travels into the future, with Sparky, X-5, Beatrixo, and Admiral DeGill as hostages. A downcast Betty and Noah, both having eluded capture, returns to Betty's birthday party, where a hand-me-down "...

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