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Hugely funny, technically brilliant
Simonster24 October 2006
I saw Flushed Away at a press screening in Berlin where it was shown in English to an overwhelmingly German audience. Leaving aside the clichés (Germans DO have a sense of humour - it's just different, okay?!), coming as yet another in a long line of CGI films and with (let's be honest here) a less than gripping concept, Flushed Away had only a certain amount of goodwill from this professional crowd. So when an audience like this, yours truly included, laughs aloud and often then there's something special up on the screen!

The humour is overwhelmingly English and there is none of the morality messaging that makes family films from certain other studios such a cringe-inducing experience. The characters are very well drawn (literally as well as figuratively) and the voice casting is universally excellent. The standard of animation is fantastic but you never once get the sense that anyone is showing off what they can do. This is a story- and character-driven film, with the technology there to serve. Anyone writing it off because it is not claymation is doing themselves a great disservice.

Lovers of Wallace & Gromit and Aardman's work in general will have a ball spotting the oh so many references. The level of detail is amazing and it's going to take many viewings and many hours with the DVD on pause to spot them all. There are the bunnies from Curse of the Wererabbit, for example. I spotted the Lion King on the little girl's windowsill, and so on. And on.

When a film credits several writers, plus comedy consultants, it's usually a sign that the script has gone horribly and tragically wrong. Maybe it did, to begin with, and the start is just a tad slow, but it soon picks up speed and the jokes, verbal and visual, just keep coming.

Like the best family films, Flushed Away appeals to audiences of all ages, but the very young might find it a bit long. Not that it lags at any time, merely that the wee tots might get fidgety, you understand.

The cast do a great job and I'm not going to single out anyone for special mention. The performances are spot on and everyone is obviously having a tongue in cheek good time. For professional reasons, I get to watch some 300 or more films a year. Flushed Away belongs to the very, very few that I wanted to see again right after it had finished. And before you ask, no, I am not being paid, induced or threatened at gunpoint to write this. I had a cracking good time, as did my girlfriend (Julia, German, with sense of humour) and you will too.
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Another smash from Aardman!
Wolf30x4 November 2006
Like a lot of film reviewers, I had a lot of reservations about this film when I first saw the trailer. At first I thought it was going to be just another hastily made CGI cartoon about edgy cartoon animals, filled with top 40 or dance songs and full of topical jokes. The fact that as I waited for the movie to start, half the trailers were for more CGI cartoons about edgy cartoon animals and the other half was for films about trash talking fairy tale characters.

Thankfully this movie was a blessed reprieve from all of that. In Flushed Away, Aardman studios has made yet another family classic that will still be as entertaining ten years from now as it is today. Granted, it's loaded with a lot of pop songs and oldies, but most of them are sung by a chorus of slugs (which makes for one of the best running gags I've seen in a while).

The story actually felt pretty fresh for a family movie, or any movie for that matter. While it's by no means unpredictable, it doesn't feel too much like it's treading over the same ground most family films seem to go over these days. The jokes were surprisingly clever too. While there's the usual slapstick humor, there's also plenty of highbrow jokes thrown in the mix. (How often do you find references to Kafka in an animated feature, after all?) What I liked best about this movie was that Aardman stayed true to its roots of making stop-motion films. My initial worry was that they had sold out and were going to just make CGI films from here on out like everybody else, but when you watch this film, you'll see that they do as much as possible to maintain the look of their other animated films like Chiken Run and Wallace & Gromit. Overall this is a great selection to take your family to see, and worth seeing even if you're a grown up too.
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Absolutely outstanding
LennonBlake3 November 2006
Flushed Away carries a weight of intellect with it not often found these days in American cinema and television. It's sharp-witted yet poignant and fresh at the same time.

I went in with the expectations of it being another animated film in an ocean of animated films, but I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained.

The message of the film is an ever-fading idea that isolation from each other is how we will become destroyed. The idea that one must go far, far beyond their comfort zone and any form of complacency to find what truly matters in life. The films treatment of this ideology, again, is brilliant in my opinion.

It has excellent writing, the animation is absolutely top notch, and the voice talent live up to their high dollar reputations. Everyone is outstanding in this film and it is a must see during the holidays.

Go see Flushed Away!!! Go now!!
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Just call me an English Fool
bostonlatin5 November 2006
The fact that I could be entertained by another one of these animated talking animal movies is a miracle. Is this number 1000 over the past 2 years? I just love English sarcasm, wit, dryness that strikes a chord in these old bones. The great news, nobody was in drag.

During the movie, there are inside English jokes that Americans may not understand such as "England loses on penalty kicks" which is a modern football tradition in the UK and the English love of knick knacks. The singing slugs don't do it for me but the kids liked them.

I highly recommend this movie even if you are sick of computer animated talking animals.
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A Nutshell Review: Flushed Away
DICK STEEL2 November 2006
Hugh Jackman is everywhere these days, from reprising his iconic Wolverine role in summer blockbuster X3, to starring twice alongside Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen's Scoop and Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, and now, just lending his voice to a lead character in the animated film Flushed Away, co-starring his summer blockbuster star Sir Ian McKellen. Soon to come will be Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain. Whew! There seems to be no stopping this Hollywood flavour of the month!

Despite this animated movie being yet another one of many based on talking animals, Flushed Away doesn't try too hard to be funny by steamrolling pop culture into the story. It just is funny with its deft touches, be it dialogue, slapstick, or various sight gags. Although it's set primarily in the sewers, it's beautiful chaos, with loads of little details all over that you'll probably need to watch it twice over to appreciate all the effort put in to create the computerized graphical sets.

At first glance, you might think you're watching a Wallace and Gromit animated show. Yes, this is produced by the same studio, Aardman Animations, in association with Dreamworks, and it is no wonder that the animation, although computer generated, maintained a very clay like look and feel, as well as character designs bearing similar resemblance in style to W&G.

The story is simple enough, yet adequately satisfying by the time the end credits roll. As the trailer suggested, Aristocratic rat pet Roddy from Kensington (Hugh Jackman) thought he just had the whole classy apartment to himself, when an unexpected guest Sid (Shane Richie) from the sewers gatecrashes into his abode, and ejects him through the "jacuzzi". All these in less than 10 minutes. So begins a mad journey in an unknown sewer world which replicated the modern London City above it with junk, where he has to figure out friend from foe, and find his way back to where he belongs.

The themes of family and friends do not come on too strongly, instead the story preferred to let the character interactions bring forth the messages. Supporting or interfering in his quest are characters like Rita (Kate Winslet), The Toad (Ian McKellen), French Le Frog (Jean Reno), and rat minions Whitey (Bill Nighy) and Spike (Andy Serkis). It's quite commendable that in its less than 90 minutes runtime, it allowed for quite a bit of set action pieces to develop, along with almost laugh-a-minute lines of dialogue, a good mix of songs (Hugh sings!) and ooh, a diabolical plot.

But what perhaps is the show stealer, are the sewer slugs. Ever popping up and performing at the right time, I'm sure they are crowd favourites despite their less than pleasant looking exterior. I wonder if they do sell the soft toy version, as it should be quite hilarious.

If too many animated flicks left this year has left you jaded with the genre, Flushed Away just flushes away the competition. Worth checking out on the big screen!
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Flushed Away is far from crap
bartrenethiel2 November 2006
Flushed Away is the perfect marriage between the American Dreamworks and their crass sense of humor and the British Aardman and their dry sense of humor. Beside the obvious jokes about the sewer there's much to enjoy for the more sophisticated viewer. Like a cockroach reading FranzKafka's The Metamorphosis. The voice-cast is spot on: Ian McKellen as the evil genius The Toad is pure delight, Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman are clearly having a blast giving their voices to rats Rita and Roddy. But the cream of the crop are the singing and screaming snails. When they sing at the top of their lungs Proud Mary you laugh so hard you have to check your underpants to see if you haven't had a little accident.
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A sure knock out!
Joejoesan24 October 2006
Being the creators and producers of both Chicken Run and the Wallace & Gromit series, people should expect a lot from the talents of the Aardman company. Luckily, again they succeed in making a great movie with their first computer animated flick Flushed Away.

The story is about a spoiled rat named Roddy (Hugh Jackman). He leads a save life as the pet of an upper class English girl. When the family is away on holiday Roddy gets flushed in the toilet and suddenly finds himself in the sewer. There he discovers a giant city filled with rats and a cruel frog boss called Toad. In an attempt to get back home Roddy enlists the help from the female shipper Rita. But she gets him into more trouble when she accidentally steals an import item from Toad. It doesn't take long before both Roddy and Rita are wanted by the whole frog mob…

When movies like Cars or Over the Hedge get more and more photo realistic, Flushed Away puts an emphasis on fun and visual comedy. From the first screen second you know that you're looking at a different kind of movie. This is England, not America. Here they play soccer and not football. The movie starts at a fast pace and never lets go. The opening scene, in which Roddy plays with the toys in the house, is so funny that you get scared that the makers will not run out of bright ideas too soon. But one shouldn't worry. Most of the visual ideas are absolutely brilliant. Just take a look at rat city, which is made of microwaves, phone boots and washing machines. You should watch the movie at least twice to see it all. Of course there are a lot of reverences to other movies (James Bond, Finding Nemo and even Terminator 2) but those moments don't play a mayor part in the movie. The story is fresh and funny and leads to a nice finale involving an important soccer match.

What makes Flushed Away succeed for sure are all the great characters. Toad (Ian McKellen) is a great and funny villain, the always likable Kate Winslet is a strong heroin, Bill Nighy has great moments as Toad's bodyguard Whitey and Jean Reno plays a very laughable French hit-man. But Flushed Away really is carried by Hugh Jackman, who's great performance makes you both laugh and cry. He is both the spoiled nerd as well as the over polite butler. He gets heroic if he must and even carries a great tune singing Tom Jones songs. Actually there are a lot of songs in this movie. Usually that's a thing that I don't like in CGI movies, but in Flushed Away it just works out fine. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that most of the singing was done by maggots…

Because of all the scenes with water Flushed Away couldn't have been done with clay animation alone. So don't be fooled by the combination Aardman and computers. Flushed Away is a sure knock out!
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Super cute!
rfarra410031 October 2006
This film didn't sound appealing to me when I first heard about it; a rat society living in the underground waterways of England wasn't my idea of an interesting movie. But, I was invited to see a screening of it recently, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised after seeing it! This film is different, exciting, adventurous, and fun to watch! I liked Rita (Kate Winslet) the best, but that's if I had to choose one character. Roddy (Hugh Jackman) was the star though. The little slugs singing on the side are cute in their own way too. The underlying message of how important family and friends are is well done. It's great for the whole family!
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Fun movie, just leave the Ritalin at home.
El-Cid-843 November 2006
I have to admit that I went into this movie with the mixed expectations. I'm haven't been especially impressed with Dreamworks animations, minus "Over the Hedge" which I think is their first film that stands on its own two feet without relying on the popularity of previous animations or pop-culture references.

But enough on that, Flush Away was an enjoyable romp of animation. My only real complaint, is the pacing. The entire thing feels a roller coaster that you ride upside down -- with rotating seats. (Perhaps a contraption Aardman would come up with). The gags are amusing and some are very funny, but I need some breathing/laughing time between them.

Yet if your brain can handle the onslaught of information, you will be able to appreciate the extraordinary amount of creativity in terms of visuals and attention to detail. There's also plenty of adult innuendo and witty jabs at Europeans and Americans alike. Katzenburg's philosophy of making movies "for adults, and the adult in every child." is very evident here. The kids were rolling in the theater with all the slapstick, and the savvy adults had their own laugh track.

In this sense, the film is a success minus the ridiculous pacing. It's worth a look, just leave the Ritalin at home.
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My favorite Aardman feature so far
somf5 November 2006
Wallace and Gromit are critics darlings. Chicken Run had great reviews as well. I liked all those animated films somewhat, but I never understood their appeal to the critics. To me they were just so-so. This film has not done as well with the critics. It retains somewhat the look of the aforementioned claymation that Aardman is so famous for, but as most people reading this are probably well aware, it is strictly computer animated fare. I truly enjoyed it more than the other films by the talented animators at Aardman. Not a lot more. I much preferred the Shrek films and The Incredibles for recent animated greats. But you could do a lot worse than spending 90 minutes with your kids in a theater watching Flushed Away. ( The film across the hall at my multiplex comes to mind as I really did not want to go watch Tim Allen in a Santa suit for a third time.) The slugs (or perhaps they were leeches) were my favorite characters in the film. I found myself laughing a lot at their antics, sound effects and musical talent. I had fun. Nothing great but a good deal of fun.
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Fun, funny and fast paced family fare
george.schmidt16 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
FLUSHED AWAY (2006) *** (VOICES OF: Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Bill Nighy, Andy Serkis, Shane Richie, Kathy Burke, David Suchet, Miriam Margolyes) Fun and funny animated comedy about a pampered pet rat named Roddy (Jackman having a ball) who is literally flushed down the family toilet and discovers a subterranean world populated by all forms of vermin including the tomboy-ish Rita (Winslet also excelling at pleasing herself), a scavenger who is attempting to help her extended nuclear family's debt to the villainous underworld kingpin , The Toad (McKellen, relishingly good) and his henchmen Whitey and Spike (Nighy and Serkis, respectively). From the geniuses at Aardman Animation and DreamWorks, the lively and warm-hearted family fare will appeal to all ages but occasionally drags to become an instant classic. However the shrieking Greek chorus of slimy slugs are a riot. (Dirs: David Bowers and Sam Fell)
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Brilliant, funny and worth seeing again
bookiemike14 January 2007
I went to see this twice I enjoyed it so much. It is "British" humour and I can imagine it not being entirely to some American tastes. This however doesn't stop it being excellent.

Tremendous attention to detail, a clever story and scripting which can be understood by both adults and children. Also one of the funniest running gag ideas ever - The singing slugs, they still make me smile when I think about them.

Aardman have a knack for this sort of thing and this collaboration is an improvement on their already impressive portfolio.

If you see this film and don't laugh at any of it, then you have no sense of humour
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Excellent animated movie!!!
DEMIAN VENTURA20 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I don't watch very often animated movies, but I heard that this was a funny and adventurous one, and I must say that this affirmation prove correct because I enjoyed it a lot... The main character is Roddy ,a rat who lives in a cage in the house of a family as a pet...He has everything he wants except friends and family...So one day he gets flushed away and arrives in a rat town in the sewers where he meets Rita, a female rat...With her help he manages to save the town from the plan of The Toad who hates rats and wants to destroy them...Here he also discovers the important things and understands that life is more than stuff... I gave it a 10 because I didn't find it boring and because I view it as very innovative.
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Brilliant animated film, but not quite perfect.
general-melchett17 December 2006
Flushed Away is the first CGI-animated film from Aardman. Though Aardman Animations don't make a huge load of movies, at least what they do make is bloody good, and this lived up to the high reputations it set itself.

This film was so much more than just rats getting flushed down toilets - it was one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. Beating off competition from Ice Age 2 and Over the Hedge, this is definitely the funniest animated film this year - singing slugs, thick villain's minions and frogs with French accents never get old. Flushed Away was full of vivid characters - and that is what Aardman are best at - creating characters that the audience will love. Though there's rarely any grit between Rita and Roddy, that doesn't matter - this is a kid's film. But adults will love it as well - Aardman Animations have created another universally appealing film.

With an absolutely astronomical budget ($143,000,000), this film will need to take the box office by storm to become a true success. But I'm sure it will - though animated films with talking animals are ten a penny nowadays, this is more than just more talking-animal fare - it has emotion, wit and character, and that is why Flushed Away is great. Even if it bombs, at least it can be safe in the knowledge that everybody who has seen it has had a great time. 9/10
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An animated adventure that dances to its own beat
Jimmy L.2 September 2015
FLUSHED AWAY (2006) is an adventure tale about a pet rat from a posh London neighborhood who is flushed out of his home and into the sewers, where he discovers a thriving rat city.

Hugh Jackman voices Roddy, the rat from "up top" who doesn't realize how lonely he is until he gets a taste of life in the outside world. Kate Winslet voices Rita the sewer rat, a street-smart woman-of-action who captains a ship and hunts for treasure to support her poor family. Roddy hopes Rita can help him get home, but his bumbling gets her into trouble with the sinister Toad (voiced deliciously by Sir Ian McKellen).

FLUSHED AWAY is a film from the British-based Aardman Studios (of Wallace & Gromit fame). Released through Dreamworks Animation, it is a rare foray for Aardman into the realm of feature-length computer animation, which is stylized to approximate the studio's signature stop-motion aesthetic (particularly with the staccato mouth movements).

The animation in the opening scene at Roddy's house seems well below the industry standard, surprisingly poor for a major studio release in 2006, but the film looks better once the action moves to the sewers.

Any shortcomings in the animation are easily overlooked because the film is so creative and so much fun. The movie is packed with visual gags and a wonderful sense of comedy. It's a rather unique story, full of delightful quirks. The Toad is a riot and his French cousin Le Frog (Jean Reno) and his team of scuba suit-wearing henchfrogs are hilarious. (The mime gag is comedic genius.) The singing slugs provide well-timed comic relief, and are much funnier (in an oddball way) than the popular comic relief minions of DESPICABLE ME (2010).

Very much a British film, the action is set in London around the hoopla of the soccer World Cup. The Toad has a collection of Royal Family memorabilia and even has a tragic personal history with Prince Charles. The filmmakers also have fun with cultural stereotypes, spoofing American tourists as well as Frenchmen, Italians, etc. (as seen through British eyes).

And for a movie about toilets and sewers, the script tries to go easy on the really gross stuff. The full implications of the premise are glossed over to make for a more stomachable film, though there are a couple gross-out gags that the filmmakers couldn't pass up.

With so many wonderful characters (in addition to those mentioned, Andy Serkis and an almost unrecognizable Bill Nighy voice the Toad's odd couple rat henchmen to hilarious effect), some truly great character animation (the Toad and the bouncy frogs in particular), such a brilliant sense of humor, and an adventure story that is both exciting and full of heart, FLUSHED AWAY is an entertaining flick. Its creativity, especially in the creation of the rat city (built out of miniature odds and ends from the human world above) and the sewer civilization of anthropomorphic critters, is impressive. It's nice to see a film that's not derivative, and one that's so much fun.

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A dull central character hurts a film filled with great asides and one liners
dbborroughs24 November 2006
Beautiful pieces never hang together in this tale of a family pet who ends up in the sewer when a rat from the street turns the tables on him and flushes him down the toilet. This is the first Aardman piece that I really don't care for. Certainly I will watch it again to see if I'm wrong, but for the most part this film didn't work for me. Its not that the film is bad, as such, its not, its just that Hugh Jackman's lead is rather a dull fellow. From the moment his owners left him home alone and he began to occupy himself in the big house all alone I was lost. There was no reason for me to care about him or his world. That changes to some degree once he gets into the sewer which holds a vast number of visual an aural wonders to behold. From a mini version of London to slugs that sing to spoofs and one liners this film is all about the throwaways (many of which are real gems). As a group of loosely connect bits its more than fine, unfortunately there is nothing to hold the bits together and as a result the film falls apart. Worth a look for Aardman fans and for those are undemanding in their cartoons.
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Smile Away
Chrysanthepop4 September 2007
I've always enjoyed those Aardman animations. The characters look very similar to those seen in Aardman's 'Curious Creatures'. However, here instead of using the 3d models (claymation), computer graphics have been applied. Even though the story isn't something people take away home, 'Flushed Away' has its own charm and the British humour stands out thanks to the smart and witty character(ization)s and smart dialogue and becomes a cleverly significant part of the screenplay. The screenplay is extremely fast paced such that if you miss a minute, you'll be lost. The character formation is remarkable. Both worlds are created with great attention to detail. I particularly liked the wonderful way the underground world was created. The voice actors form a one-of-a-kind fantastic ensemble and do nothing short of a great job. This is one film that i think will get better with repeated viewing. At least I can bet that you'll smile away for the most part. A great movie for kids. Heck, why only kids?
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10 stars for this Great Entertainment
Mr_Arcus_Tangens28 February 2007
This movie is so fun. It has a lot of small, but effective jokes. Overall story is familiar, but the way in which is presented is so amusing. There are so many fun details in, well, everything. From characters to environment, from conversation to action, this movie is full of hilarious moments. Voice acting is excellent, everyone hit the right mood. Characters are biggest enjoyment and there is a whole bunch of them who are very memorable. Songs and their performances, but especially their singers will put a smile on my face whenever I think of them.

To conclude, this movie is whole lot of fun, even if the rats are main characters.
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Actors Having Fun!
wahzoh13 November 2006
Saw this on the recommendation of a friend, and it is clear that everyone involved with this picture had a tremendous amount of fun. I enjoyed the English humor, the lingo, the characters, and the settings. Ian McKellan as the Toad seemed to be having the time of his life (performing Shakespeare's King Lear next year will be a dramatic step down for him). McKellan's Toad is no downstream villain - his nastiness is HUGE! But there is a tragic back story which explains his bitter evil. You must see it to believe it.

The overall theme of this picture is family and the importance of being with people you love - pampered loneliness vs. sewer solidarity (guess which "wins" in the end?) All in all, one of the least predictable and most enjoyable animated pictures I have seen. There will be a lot of jokes (the bad guys are French frogs) that grown-ups and the English will get, but kids won't. But it is still a very enjoyable time at the movies. I highly recommend it.
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Flushed away all my expectations
scaraco-19 November 2006
This movie was absolutely brilliant! The animation was among the very best I have ever seen (surpassing even that of Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and others). It was hilariously funny, colorful, bright, witty, and entertaining! This movie far exceeded all my expectations, it is a must-see!!!

The voices are spot-on perfect for the characters, the little "puns" here and there are just brilliant, and the story is unique. Great for all ages. I am a 36-year-old male, and I enjoyed this movie very much. There were several laugh-out-loud scenes and brilliant gags and jokes that kept me laughing after the movie was over.
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Entertaining Family Movie
mnpack1103 November 2006
I saw this today with my two sons who are 8 & 11. I am quite a big fan of many of the actors who voiced characters in this film. I am also a fan of it's unique format, whether it was stop motion or animated to appear that way, it looked great and very unique. I see MANY family movies and this one ranked very high on my list. Many of the jokes in the film, particularly the ones in the songs had me and my kids doubled over in laughter. Attendance was light as we attended a matinée, but you could hear others in the theatre howling with laughter also. There are almost too many animated films coming out these days, but this one was really original and enjoyable. Money well spent.
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Adam Singer24 December 2006
Flushed Away is once again an animated film about talking animals. But the sense of humor that surrounds this film is completely different from the humor we have seen in other talking animal flicks this year. The main reason being is because it is British, and we all know that British comedy is far more witty, intelligent and funnier than American humor.

Flushed Away centers around a rat named Roddy (voice by Hugh Jackman) who is a pet to a very wealthy family in Kensington. When the family goes on holiday, Roddy has the house to himself and is free to do whatever he wants. But soon all hell breaks loose as a sewer rat named Sid appears out of the kitchen sink and takes over Roddy's crib. Roddy schemes to flush Sid down the toilet, but Sid is not as stupid as he looks. Sid takes the opportunity to flush Roddy down the toilet, leaving him stranded in Ratropolis, an underground sewer city.

Roddy soon gets caught up in the life of Rita the rat (voice by Kate Winslet) and an amusing love/hate relationship ensues.

Flushed Away is made by Aardman who brought us Wallace and Gromit, and DreamWorks who brought us the Shrek films, it's no wonder the film is so hilarious. It isn't sugar coated for children the way Disney and Pixar films are.

Look out for the singing slugs. They provide the film with laugh out loud comedy that will be appreciated by all.
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Digital Claymation leapfrogs to Success!
Ian Bourne3 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The show was Hugh Jackman's all the way with nods throughout the film to his works - such as having a villain as a Toad, like Magneto's henchman of the first X-Men movie and who is voicing the Toad? None other than the menacing Mogul of Magnetism Sir Ian McKellen!

Another nod to Hugh was using the original Wolverine costume in the doll-house as a toss-up between that and the Elvis Presley karate-styled jumpsuit (he also got like Logan when "winning" a volleyball match with the figurines), also the tadpoles reminded me of the baby vampires in "Van Helsing."

However, the rest of the movie was way different in that Hugh's character Roddy St James was very nerdish and effete who gets booted from his literally gilded-cage, this is very unlike what Oz' favourite son is accustomed to playing in most live-action scenarios (possible exception being Kate & Leopold, yet even there he chased away a mugger).

Kate Winslet is more of the heroine in this flick as the rough and tumble Rita from the sewer-rats' version of the East End of London, but my annoying favourites were the choral slugs who cheered or jeered Hugh/Roddy every step of the way!

This was a pseudo-claymation version of the old adage that "You can't go home again," but if you want the total tale then you'll have to flush it out yourself!

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It helps if you're British but still a great laugh
BushLiedMarinesDied19 November 2006
Oen of the things I noticed was I laughed in a lot of places where the rest of the audience didn't. Plenty of the jokes were lost on my US friends, eg, they did not know what a "Jammy Dodger" was (but I left the cinema with a Jammy Dodger fixation... gibber gibber) nor such throw away lines as Toad's "Shut that door!" (the catch phrase of the camp UK entertainer Larry Grayson). There were also plenty of scenes where the foreground action was supplemented by silly things going on in the background which seemed to mainly get overlooked.

Having said that it was still well received, with plenty of jaw aching bely laughs throughout the whole film. You wondered at first if the story would run out of steam & fall flat, like Austin Powers: Goldmember, but the hectic pace kept going strong with both action & comedy at full throttle the whole way.

When you have tripe like "Happy Feet" which follow the same tired old clichés over & over again, cloyingly sweet with fake sentiment, this film is a refreshing change.

Finally, again for the UK fans, note that Dick Clement & Ian LeFrenais helped with the script have been one of the main stays of comedy writing in the UK for over 4 decades (The Likely Lads/Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads, Porridge/Going Straight, Not Only...But Also, The Dick Emery Show, The Tracy Ullman Show etc etc)

Also note that owners of the last Ardmaaan DVD (The Curse of the Wererabbit) got a glimpse of Flushed Away, where the characters of Roddy & Rita were clearly identified as rats. Later here in the US this was fudged in some publicity so that Roddy was called a mouse & Rita was not defined. Now the publicity seems to avoid calling them anything, although the script still calls them rats.
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Marliebets4 November 2006
I thought that this movie was so funny. There is so much laugh-out-loud humor as well as a subtler humor running through it.

Quick synopsis: Roddy, a pet rat, is left home alone while his family goes on vacation. Sid, a sewer rat, gets caught in an updraft and arrives in Roddy's house. He quickly takes over and ends up flushing Roddy down the toilet where he discovers a complete rat city in the sewers. As he is searching for a way home, he meets Rita, a rat who runs a river boat, and gets caught in her run from The Toad.

If you like Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, you will love it.

It is wacky and silly, but great. The slugs are roll in the aisle funny and the French frogs are also very funny. Be sure to watch for a cameo by Wolverine's costume and another from "Nemo".

The voice artists are great at capturing their characters and the animation is great. It is a blend of claymation and computers and they do it very well.

Although it has a few elements of gross humor, the rest is kid-friendly and clean. There is also a whole level of humor running through the movie that the parents will enjoy even if the kids don't get it.

Although it is not a must-see in the theater, it is definitely worth seeing.
3 out of 5 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? | Report this
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