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Wonderful! Highly recommended
steetboris27 October 2004
This direct-to-video sequel is already out in Europe, so that's why I've already seen it. And guess what : I love it! Not only because I'm a Balto fan, but because it's a really good animated movie, especially for a DTV (and we all know that the DTV sequels are usually all but good!).

In fact, it gives a slightly different feeling compared to the original or Wolf Quest. I don't know exactly why, but this is the first time I felt that with an animated sequel...And it's really a nice thing ;) The story is one of the best points : there are a lot of things happening, perhaps even more than in the first, and everything goes quickly. There are no boring passages, although some will probably not please everyone. No magic here, the humans are back for good, all the key points of the scenario give a feeling of reality; so it is much closer to the original on that side. The characters aren't still very well drawn; in fact, it depends, sometimes they are perfectly drawn, nearly as in the first one, and sometimes much less. I would say it is common for a DTV on that side. However, the backgrounds are AWESOME. The colors are more than beautiful, and the less beautiful backgrounds are on pair with the most beautiful in the original. It's another thing that is really impressive for a DTV sequel, seeing that IMO they are as beautiful as some big animated movies like "Brother Bear" or "Spirit", and perhaps even more! As for the musics : I would say the same thing. While there are still some empty passages, the soundtrack is really, really awesome, impressive, especially near the end. It may not have the shrewd style of Horner's Balto 1 soundtrack, yet the score from Adam Berry is exceptional, and make some passages unforgettable. To give a better idea of what I overall think of the film, I would summarize that into one word : beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Beautiful scenario, beautiful musics, beautiful graphics... Some of you might be wondering if they will rent it or buy it directly. Well, I believe that this film has more than enough replay value, when Wolf Quest had nearly none; so IMO, it is definitely a must-buy for every Balto fan, and even for everyone else ;)

To summarize : A wonderful film. Definitely a must-see for Balto fans, and one of the best DTV sequels ever made to an animated movie (maybe the best with TLK 1/2). It may have some flaws, but there are so many qualities in the scenario, graphics, musics...that everyone will let through these minor problems, and enjoy the great story it offers. If you liked Wolf Quest, you have all chances to love it. If you didn't, but still liked the original Balto, believe me : it's somewhat different from WQ, so you don't have any reason to not watch it just because WQ was a disappointment. Unlike Wolf Quest, I really can't see anyone who wouldn't like it.
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It washes away the shame of Balto II
siderite9 September 2005
OK, the plot is a bit cheesy and predictable. Most of all, it is so simple that it needs a secondary story to back it up, that being a love story for the goose. But it's way better than Wolf Quest and it approaches the quality of the original Balto. The animation is also better, a slight change in the way things and people are drawn is obvious.

All in all a good sequel, but enough with Balto. Leave the poor dog alone. Let us see, in the first movie he fought the lead dog and won. In the second Balto he fought a lead wolf and won. Now he takes on a plane, and he wins. Balto does rime with Rambo, doesn't it? :)

In conclusion, I would rather watch Balto I and then Balto III. Balto II is not worth watching and the third part is best connected with the first like Highlander...
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Poor Ending To The Balto Sequels
xWhiteFang24 August 2006
The original Balto was amazing. A much-loved favourite of mine. I also enjoyed Balto II - Wolf Quest. But then came Balto III - Wings of Change. First impressions, poor animation with computer animated elements. None of the characters had their original voices - nor did they even sound like the originals. Whoever thought up Stella the Goose should be sued. She is an unnecessary character who, in my mind, ruins the entire film. I do like Kodi, Balto's son in this film. He is given a lovely character and makes the film actually worth watching. No mention is given to Aleu though? All in all, this is a poor ending to the Balto sequels and was most probably even less popular than poor Balto was originally. An addition to a Balto fans collection but otherwise, do not waste your money.
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Not that bad a sequel
TheLittleSongbird29 August 2012
It is not as good as the first film, which I just love. But it is a notch above the second film, which I personally didn't think was that bad, just the weakest of the three. There are some things that were lacking. The animation is rather rough-around-the-edges, more in the character designs than in the backgrounds and graphics. There are some scenes also detailed in another review that do feel a little random and feel little more than filler. And I really disliked the character of Stella, she was annoying and served no real purpose to the story. However, apart from Stella's song, which I have always found ear-gratingly-bad, the songs are really quite nice especially the credits song. The soundtrack has that mysterious whimsy that fits wonderfully, and the dialogue is thought-provoking and means well. There are also improvements over Wolf Quest, there is a much more coherent story, there is more of the first movie's feel here and Kodi is a much more likable character than Aleu. Other than Stella the characters are great. The voice acting, while not as good as any of that of the first film, is decent. Sean Astin is great as Kodi, and as Balto, while not sounding entirely like Kevin Bacon, Maurice LaMarche again shows what a superb voice actor he is. Jodi Benson is appropriately sympathetic as Jenna, and Keith Carradine brings a certain gruffness to Duke. All in all, not a bad sequel if not on the same level as the original Balto. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Much better than the 2nd, but still lacking...
H. Martin (~AleXa~)6 March 2005
Overall, for a direct-to-video movie, this was pretty good. There actually was a coherent plot, better character writing (as compared to the 2nd one), and awesome graphics. But, I still don't feel that this movie captured the true essence of Balto.

My two biggest problems with this movie are 1) the voices. It really detracts from animated sequels when they don't use the same actors. I sit there through half the movie not really believing it's that character because I'm trying to get used to the different voice. And 2) The writers conveniently left Aleu out of the story just to better fit their plot. That makes the story even less believable to me because you know he has a daughter and she's just not there...I mean, at least give an explanation as to why she's not in the story. And yes, this is a kid's animated movie, and some may argue that I'm holding my standards too high, but one of the key elements to making a successful sequel is to make it believable--you have to feel like you're in the movie, and believe what you're seeing.

As for the actual content of the movie, the plot in this one is much better. There actually is a purpose, and while it's not as heroic or pivotal as in the first Balto, it is still important. Personally, I think it would've been a lot more interesting if Balto had been in a race and gotten hurt somewhere in the wilderness, and his son Kodiak & his daughter Aleu had to lead a team to find him and save him. I would also have put Jenna on Balto's team...I don't like that she just sits on the sidelines and delivers good advice--her character has much more potential than that. I think the solo sequences with Boris & Stella detract from the movie. It started off well because we care about Boris and like that he's found someone, but then they just go off the deep end with the song and dance number. The only song worthwhile in this movie was Jenna's song to Balto, but even then, the 'lyrics' as it were are so one-dimensional and juvenile I couldn't decide whether to laugh or scoff.

Overall, I think the ratings for this sequel are inflated because the 2nd one was such a disappointment. The big difference with this movie is that it does partially recapture the feel of the first Balto, but the characters are still severely underdeveloped and a little typecast. So while this movie is definitely watchable, there wasn't enough conflict and/or obstacles in this movie to make it interesting and further the plot along, especially considering there is no villain.

Kudos to the CG animators and directors, but next time work on better character development and PLEASE, if you can't get the same voice talents, get some with the same voice tone.

5.5 out of 10
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Good but not great
wolfentertainment5 April 2007
When I first saw Balto in 1995 I thought that this movie was very good and I still like it, so when I heard that there was a sequel coming out I thought that it would be great, turns out that it wasn't as good and now with the 3rd installment, I have to say that it's better.

It's so-so at least the animation is better and it's a hell of a lot better than the 2nd, but still it's missing something that the first one had. The first one was rated PG and the other 2 were rated G sorta to try to target it towards younger audiences but trying to keep the spirit of the first one alive, which they didn't do very well.

All in all, this one was pretty good, but still not good enough to become a classic the way the first one did, but I would recommend it.
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My passion from childhood
Peter Santos11 May 2015
I love Balto 3, when I was a kid I saw him, I didn't even know existed other movies of my hero Balto, this was the first I saw and just fell in love, I loved the songs and many characters, is a fun and very cute too, I'm sure is perfect for children, until today I see this and the other 2 movies of Balto , this third film shows to be very faithful to the original, as some scenarios of 1 appear and 1 and 2 characters also appeared, I love that movie, and I really want a Balto 4, I want him to come back to conquer our hearts,even if it's in 2d or 3d Animation, just want to see the back of Balto to the world of movies,Balto 3 is my favorite movie so far
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Not great, but far superior to the second one
kdnor201115 June 2011
I loved the first Balto movie, it wasn't a flawless film, but it had a good story, good animation, good voice acting, and a heart to it. I hated Balto 2: Wolf Quest, it had a contrived story, sub-par animation, OK voice acting at best, and was obviously just a cash grab. Now we have Balto 3: The Wings of Change, is it any good? Kinda.

First off the story is much better, no weird spiritual stuff, just a race against a bush plane, and a rescue. Also there is a subplot of Boris falling in love, but he can't fly, the subplots OK, but the movie probably could have done a better job with it. The voice actings better, Balto sounds more like he did in the first. The animation, well, it's still sub-par 2-D and awful CGI. Also there are more songs in this film, but it isn't just howling, and the songs, are actually, not that bad. There not Disney quality songs, but they were pretty descent.

Balto 3 isn't perfect, but it's far better than the second in the series, so if you want to, give it a shot, it may surprise you.
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Dankto Flaw
tdp511 February 2007
It is obvious that time has progressed from the first Balto installment yet they introduce what is supposed to be a new mode of transportation, the airplane. In the first Balto the airplane was one of the options to get the serum to Nome, but was not able to make the flight because of severe weather. Yet at least two years later, where Balto has grown up offspring, the focus of the movie is on saving the pilot who is introducing the newly assembled airplane to Nome, thats the only flaw I could find in all the movies. Although there was a dropoff from the first movie it is still the best dog movie hands down. Along with For a Few Dollars More.
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Closer to the feel of the original story, but still with problems.
Jesper Brun21 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Over all, Balto: Wings of Change is an improvement over the story of its predecessor, Wolf Quest. It sadly introduces a couple of new characters who are either annoying or pointless.

The two highlights of the second sequel to 1995's Balto are the story and the musical score. The story takes a little time to get going, but then it captures the heart of the original story.

Balto has a pup, Kodi, who is proud of delivering the US Mail, but feels threatened by the new and more effective air mail delivery. He and the other sleigh dogs compete against the plane to determine who is superior. When the plain crashes down, Kodi is torn between seeing the pilot as his enemy or human who needs help. It is also a better story than its predecessor.

Adam Berry did a good job scoring an atmospheric soundtrack. The songs were not especially memorable and one time the music did not match the mood of what was happening, but those are minor things.

The CG animation used stuck out at times and some of the character designs were a little flat, but story triumphs over visuals.

What brings this installment down is the new character, Stella. She is rather pointless. The side plot about her and Boris is pretty annoying and drags out the real story. The moose characters are also pretty lame. Muk and Luk have a little more to do in this movie and that is an improvement over their pointlessness in Wolf Quest.

Over all, Wings of Change has improved where it should have improved. It is a serviceable sequel without reaching the heights of the beautiful first movie.
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Wings of cash grab.
ravsten42821 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is an awful film! I have seen the whole Balto trilogy and I can't understand why they wanted to try and squeeze blood from a turnip. The first Balto was so-so. Wolfquest was a decent sequel, but this? Today I watched about five minutes into this film on YouTube and remembered why I hated it.

I would write a spoiler but I can't even remember what exactly this film is about except that it contains a story about one of Balto and Jenna's pups who is involved with aviation. Oops, I guess that is a spoiler. I guess I'll have to check the box.

Just how bad is this crap? Boris gets a girlfriend if that says anything.

Do yourself a favor and watch the other two instead. You'll be better off.
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Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!
joaosantos-0182129 December 2015
Balto again pleases us with more film fun, with memorable and charismatic characters, with beautiful scenery and well made and with an impeccable soundtrack, the story is very good and shows Balto once again doing a heroic act and one of the best things is the back of her calf which is now grown,Kodi. appears also places that appear in the first film and if you pay attention, you will find some characters from previous films, is simply amazing, this third film is very well designed, and I loved the new look of Balto, this movie I see even after growing up, recommended for those who loves the story of the hero and also for those who love fun animated films , is a great classic of Universal that I'll never forget.
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baltosantos-061503 July 2015
Is a wonderful movie of my childhood, it's fun and has a lot of adventure and thrills, this film was part of my life and still does, is an excellent movie for youngsters, the film is very faithful to the old 1995, then recommend see the first film before the Balto 3, yet the film is very good and deserves to be valued, I was always in love with this film and many people dislike it, I think completely the opposite of those that hate him, the film is not nothing bad and many children would like to watch this beautiful film that for now closes the Balto franchise recommend Balto 3 for their children,It is a good movie for them
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Love Balto, but this film is a disgrace to the Franchise!
rachelsqueak6 January 2014
First off, Even though I rated it 3/10, I still love Balto so that's one reason why I did not rate it 1/10.

I've been a fan of Balto ever since 2012. I fell in love with the first movie, and I just saw and liked Balto 2, but this film is just terrible! I know that they aimed it towards children, but I felt they made it a little too much kiddish. I first watched this movie back in 2011, and I was 12 years old at the time. Even then, I never seemed to show interest in this movie. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, I thought that it was so boring, that I went in the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal instead. Balto seemed strange... since when do you want to fly? Jenna looked strange, and I hated Balto and Jenna's son. He was such a jerk! Many of the characters were not likable, I tried watching it the other day, and It was 30 minutes into the movie, and it was so boring! I don't recommend this movie! If you love Balto, stick to the first and second one. This movie would be great for young children. The animation may be better then the second Balto, but it lacks good plot and story like the first two movies. Overall, I rate this movie 3/10, And I only got the movie for my Balto collection.
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While it isn't as good as the first Balto movie, it's a huge improvement over Wolf Quest
Salazar10 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Three years after that despicable abomination Balto 2: Wolf Quest, Universal released Balto 3: Wings of Change. I admit it's not right up there with the first movie, it has it's flaws, there's a lot about that I would have loved to change but it's a much better installment to the series than Wolf Quest.

Unlike Wolf Quest (how I hate that film!) the story to Wings of Change is straight forward and easy to follow: Balto's son, Kodi (voiced by Sean Astin from Lord of the Rings) is part of the Nome mail delivery service. However, Kodi's job- as well as the other dogs on the team- is in danger of losing their jobs with the arrival of new technology. That is, a bush plane has arrived in Nome and may very well be the new mail delivery service. Balto is fascinated by the plane and quickly befriends the pilot, Duke. Soon a race is organized between the dog-sled team and the plane to see who can deliver the mail to the neighbouring town and back the fastest. Along the way back to Nome, Duke's crashes and is lost in the wild. The dog-sled team wins the race, much to Kodi's delight, but Balto knows that something must of happened to Duke and sets out to find him. Meanwhile, in a subplot Boris falls in love with a she-goose, Stella. Stella wants to fly with Boris, but Boris, even though he's a bird, has a secret fear of heights and hates flying.

The good points of Balto: Wings of Change are: a straight forward story as I said before, unlike Wolf Quest which was all over the place and had too many pointless subplots which went nowhere. Balto is a better character this time around; he doesn't spend most of the movie sleeping and being a coward (here's looking at you again, Wolf Quest!). Kodi is also another highlight. Unlike that nuclear bomb of a character, Aleu, Kodi is actually likable and doesn't whine about being part wolf. Also, Sean Astin does a great job voicing Kodi; he actually sounds like a teenager (or yearling in dog years) unlike Aleu who sounds like an angry five year old on helium, despite also being a yearling.

The bad points of Balto Wings of Change are: The animation, although compared to Wolf Quest is far better, is a pretty crudely done for one thing. There's also still songs in the movie though there's three and a half, so that's not too bad. The song "Everything Flies" which plays over the opening and ending credits is actually pretty good, it's not brilliant, but it's not bad either. "Come on Up and Fly", on the other hand is just God awful; it doesn't help matters that it's sung by Stella, the absolute worst character in the movie, and that the whole sequence that goes with the song is practically a striptease with a goose. It's painful to listen to and painful to watch. Jenna's "You Don't Have to Be a Hero" isn't a bad song; it was just unfortunate that they happened to show clips and some extra film of Wolf Quest which suddenly brought back horrible flashbacks. Still if you skip past "Come on Up and Fly" and "You Don't have to be a Hero" (or just close your eyes till the song is over), you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Another bad point to Wings of Change is that there happen to be some very random scenes which have nothing to do with anything and feel like they were tacked on to make the movie that little bit longer. Three examples of this is when Jenna and some other dogs are at the race and waiting for dog-sled team and the plane to come back; they hear a loud noise and think it's the plane but it turns out it's the saw mill they're standing next to. Example number two is when a quick fade in of the plane crash shows up on screen, but then fade out all of a sudden; it's as if the people who made this movie originally planed a scene there, but changed their minds at the last minute. Number three is when Balto, Muk, Luk and Stella find the crashed plane but are suddenly ambushed by a moose who keeps on and on saying "You talking' me?" a la Taxi Driver. The moose then suddenly gets into a fight with another conveniently placed moose. However, the absolute worst part of Balto: Wings of Change is the character Stella. I'm dead serious they gave her a wavy hair (feather?) style, a beauty mark on her face and even deep cleavage and is so sexual you would of thought she was zapped out of some furry porno.

Even though it's swimming in all sorts of flaws (but not a disaster from start to end like you know who!), I would honestly have to say that Balto: Wings of Change is pretty damn good for a straight to video sequel and a good installment to the series.

Final score: 7/10
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An "Okay" movie....
XanaduWolf1563 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This was actually a pretty okay movie. The new characters, Kodi, Dusty, Ralph etc, are all great! It's just the plot! UGH! It was meaningless, dull, and boring as heck....Stella, ohh, Stella...A very horrible character that I should have mentioned earlier. I would have liked it if Boris (The goose)could just be the only goose in the movie. The animation is 100 times better as the 2nd movie, but when it comes to the first movie...The animation sucked. Balto's fur isn't very brownish as was in the 1st movie. Jenna's drawing is at best. (Though I liked her drawing better on the original) And so on. There are pros and cons about this movie, that I could go on about.

If they really make a 4th movie, I hope it wouldn't take place after this movie. I think they should redo the series...
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Still carrying the same magic
Kristine28 November 2006
Although I'm still not sure if we needed the sequels to Balto, because the first movie was based on a true story, this was a little silly to make two sequels, but it's all good. I can see why they would want to continue the story in some ways, a lot of children enjoy these movies and I don't blame them. It's very hopeful and a fun story that everyone loves and it touches their hearts.

This time Balto is with his son, Kodi, Kodi and his friends are a team who deliver very important mail to the city. A pilot challenges the dogs to a race because he believes that he can deliver the mail faster than the dogs, well, Kodi asks Balto for help and to lead the race. The dogs end up winning but unfortunately, Boris who is also on the plane, and the pilot crash and Balto has to go back with his friends to help Boris and the man.

Balto 3 was a great animated film that was also a great finish for the story of Balto. Like I said, as much as it wasn't needed, it makes for a great family film and I know all the kids will like it. I miss the old animation and this was a great flash back, Balto is a great story that shouldn't be missed.

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what the?!?!?
dnomyarOS1 September 2005
this movie sucked. how can you even try to make a sequel to a true story?! let alone two sequels?! and the first one doesn't even cover the true story. I would know, i live in Alaska. Balto wasn't even the lead dog that ran the race. The real lead dog was some other dog that just got tired after running across the whole frickin state, and they put balto on for the last 20 or so miles and every remember's him and not the other one. see, even i don't remember his name. i can't say enough about how much this movie sucked. i mean,...crap. i own ninja vs. ninja on DVD, that that's a pretty bad movie. i wouldn't say this movie is worse, or even as bad,..but still...holy crap. this movie sucked,don't watch it.
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