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A pleasant surprise Warning: Spoilers
The first time that I heard about this animated show, I thought that it was going to be some kind of parody of the Power Rangers combined with some elements from The Powerpuff Girls. However, against everything that I was expecting, this show had a serious (and pretty well done) storyline, with an interesting cast of characters, being an effective homage to several classic anime shows from the seventies (Like for example, "Mazinger Z") which also have several of the best elements from modern animation.(I can see a very good influence from Genndy Tartakovsky, both in the visual aspect and in the main premise)

This is such an underrated cartoon that needs more love and appreciation. It's cool, funny and highly enjoyable. I can't believe that it is rated so low.
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Great Cartoon!
SonicStuart18 September 2004
This is going to be another great cartoon. This series is like a combination of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls and Transformers. This is another one of my favorite cartoon action shows along with "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Spider-Man", "X-Men", "Spider-Man Unlimited", "Sonic Underground", "X-Men: Evolution", "Teen Titans", "Sonic X", "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!", "Shaman King", "Medabots", "Swat Kats", "Silver Surfer", "Batman", "Batman Beyond", both versions of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Totally Spies", "Action Man", "Digimon", "Beyblade", "Escaflowne", "Gargoyles", "Mighty Ducks" and "Mon Colle Knights" and some others. The show is about a teenage boy named Chiro who was exploring the outskirts of Shuggazoom City and discovers a giant and abandoned Super Robot. Chiro's life changes when he discovers the Power Primate and becomes a leader of five bionic monkeys to save the city from the Skeleton King! I like the 5 monkeys on the team because think they can be cute on times. The 5 monkeys are Gibson (The blue monkey. Gibson has drills. Gibson is smart, he's the team science guy.), Nova (The yellow monkey. Nova likes to fight, she has big hands, she can smash, pound, and slam with them. She can practically break anything. She's very feisty. Nova is the team's bravest warrior.), Antauri (The black monkey. Antauri is smart and gives good words of wisdom, he uses his claws for attacking.), Otto (The green monkey. Otto can cut things with his blades for hands. His attack is psycho chopping doom spin. He's the team's mechanic and also kinda dumb.) and Sprx-77 or called Sparx (The red monkey. Sprx has magnets that can give enemies quite a shock. He is the team comedian. There might be a possible love interest between Sprx and Nova.) together they are Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO!

User Rating: 10/10

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A really fun show, with a cool villain especially
TheLittleSongbird22 April 2010
I am a 17 year old girl, who loves her fair share of cartoons, Animaniacs, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, Pinky and the Brain and DuckTales to name a few. So I was surprised when I watched the first episode by chance one Sunday morning, and I found it really absorbing. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! is a fun show with good characters, great animation and funky music. One or two of the later episodes without Skeleton King are a little weak, but this is a great show that I really wasn't expecting to enjoy. The animation, colours and character designs are very impressive to look at, and the theme tune is funky and memorable. Then we have some good, funny writing and creative story lines. And the characters are great as well, Chiro voiced really well by Rica Matsumoto is a very likable and resourceful hero, and the Robot Monkeys Gibson, Nova, Antauri, Otto and Sparx all have unique and endearing personalities. I may be biased though, but my personal favourite character is Skeleton King, he is a cool and sinister villain, and voiced brilliantly by Mark Hamill(pretty darn impressive, seeing how amazing his vocal performance as the Joker in Batman:The Animated Series is). Overall, a fun show, I thought it wouldn't be my thing, but I find it very easy to like. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Hyperforce Go!
RenegadeFaerie9 January 2005
So I'm a cartoon freak. Officially. So sitting down for an early Sunday morning in front of Jetix was nothing new - Sonic X, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... this is every other kids channel with severe kick-ass abilities added. So when S.R.M.T.H.G came on, I had to watch. After watching, I came to the conclusion that... robotic monkey things rule, Corey Feldman kicks as a monkey and the show kicks ass. No question.

Where else but Shuggazoom City would you find a huge robot abandoned in the middle of nowhere? And inside that robot is five way cool monkeys? Not in my local area at least (please report anything of that nature to your local neighbourhood watch). It's such an unbelievable show that it's almost believable and there's lots of funky kungfu fighting to keep me feeling violent. Yeah... it kicks.
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Great retro Japanese anime with a Western spin and cool attitude
redbeard_nv5 January 2006
Created by a British veteran of Warner Brothers' "Teen Titans", this show is among the first to be produced from a collaboration between Japanese animators and a major American studio, in this case, Disney's Jetix Animation Group (another example is Warner Brothers/Turner Cartoon Network Toonami and Production I.G. for "IGPX").

The animation is mindful of early Rankin/Bass shows like their versions of "The Hobbitt" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". he characters are voiced by an impressive cast of talent like Clancy Brown of "Starship Troopers", Kari Wahlgren, long time V/O artist for anime, most recently Otomo's "Steamboy", Mark Hamil ("Star Wars 4, 5 & 6"), Mako (Aku of Genndy Tartakovsky's "Samurai Jack") and James Hong ("Big Trouble In Little China").

With great sight gags and one liners meant for the adults in the audience, a sound effects library lifted from Horta/Manhana's loops from the original Star Trek TV series, appearances by characters from classic anime series (such as the captain of the "Yamato", aka the "Argo" of "Starblazers" fame, as an intergalactic tour bus driver in the episode "Big Lug") and plot lines that borrow from so many movie genres, including a showdown between Chiro and the Skeleton King that sounds vaguely like the exchange between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in "The Return of the Jedi" S.R.M.T.H.G. makes for great fun for young and old. With a title more convoluted than a certain group of radioactive, adolescent reptilian martial artists, how can you go wrong?
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Great show.
ultramatt2000-11 June 2009
The reason why I liked this show, because it is a throwback to the good old days of the eighties like THE MIGHTY OROBOTS (read my comment). When I first saw this show, I thought this was anime but it was not when I found out that it was created by a British guy, who story boarded FAMILY GUY, named Ciro Nieli. Nieli pays homage to the works of lesser known anime legends like Osamu Tezuka (ASTROBOY and GIGANTOR), Fujio Akatsuka (TENSAI BAKABON and OSOMATSUKUN), Shotaro Ishinomori (CYBORG 009) and Fuji F. Fujiko (PERMAN, KAIBUTSUKUN and the popular DOREAMON) and at the same time, makes them fell proud. The reason why I like this show is, like I said, that it reminded me of eighties shows, like ORBOTS, NINJA TURTLES (teamwork), GHOSTBUSTERS (dark settings and villains that are a mixture between comical and creepy), MUPPET BABIES (witness the color scheme, and by the way, read my comment) and GOBOTS (witness the giant robot action) and HE MAN (witness the Skeleton King). Also this show has some special guest stars like Rip Taylor, Bruce Campbell and James Hong.

The character design, colors and animation are more impressive than impressive. I am surprised that the theme song was performed by J-Rock band Polysics. With that, I decided to track down more about that band and their music is loud and chaotic. I listened to some of their songs and I liked it.

So, it is not that bad, it is awesome, but it some episodes tend to get dark, just like the way anime is these days. I don't like anime, but I love this show and it is a shame it do do any merchandising. It did very little (where as YIN YANG YO (read my comment) did do any merchandising).

It is a great show, but as of now, the time slot is moved to the un-Godly hours of Disney XD, like three in the morning or six in the morning. The shows these days are not good and lack all the fun and excitement of the hay-days. If anyone out there is reading this comment, please look it up on YouTube or Tivo it.

Like I said, I highly recommend it.

Rated TV-Y7 for fantasy violence, crude humor and dark scenes that might too scary for younger children.
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The greatest show ever!
misshalgibson4 April 2008
This is only the reason why I live! In other words, this is the greatest show ever and I think everyone will enjoy it. It has everything, action, romance, humor, fantasy, etc; It also teaches you, I have been using lots of big words that I never would have known if it wasn't for this show. Also, it is good for all ages. NOT just little kids. People have laughed at me saying that it is for babies. Just because it's rated Y-7 doesn't mean that only kids can watch it. 80% of the fans are teenage girls. Yes, teenagers. Not all of us are all, "Ohh let me fix my stupid preppy makeup." 15% is teenage boys, and the other, as you probably guessed, is little kids. But you know what? Grown folks watch it to, my mom, who is 38, going on 39, loves this show too! This show is good for all ages, genders, etc; SO WATCH IT PEOPLE!
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Americans imitating Japanese imitating Americans
Phoenixfire8002 February 2006
This show was made in America, wtf? I first saw this on the Japanese version of the Disney channel a couple of weeks ago here in Japan. I had no idea it wasn't made here.

Japanese writing on the title. Campy theme song that sounds like it was recorded in one of those "you can be a superstar!" instant demo tape karaoke booths. Cheap 2-D animation. Title of random English words that makes absolutely no sense in either language and would be considered an entire sentence if it had any recognizable parts of speech. Mouths that flick mechanically between four positions - open, closed, gaping hole, and nonexistent.

The whole thing screams your typical daytime-TV Japanese animated show that come a dime a dozen over here. And not the kind they have out now that takes advantage of more creative plot lines and modern animation techniques. I'm all for international exchange of art forms, but instead of emulating the Japanese shows that actually have plot and style, this show emulates all of the horrible and campy things that the Japanese are finally beginning to get rid of in their own animated shows. It's like Engrish, except that Engrish is only funny if it's seriously created by someone who doesn't speak the language. When the Japanese do it, it's cute. When Americans do it, it's silly. It makes my head hurt.

That said, I can't hate it. The animation is clean and flows well. And the English version employs my two favorite voice actors to voice the main character and the main villain. Who can go wrong with Mark Hamill playing the bad guy? And while it doesn't bring anything new to television that the Japanese haven't been doing for the last forty years, it's still the kind of show that I would probably have watched and loved as a kid. Today's kids will like it.
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Super Robot Money Team Hyperforce Go
waterdragon-310 July 2006
I love this show. it well to me it is so cute, I love all the monkeys like Antauri, Sprx ,Gibson, Nova and Otto they are the cutest monkey robots ever.I like how the power is in there hands . I guess they kinda are like the power rangers but not really and it's not a ripoff from the power rangers.I started watching this not that long ago I just turned to it and I just started to like it, I mean who wouldn't like cute little super robot monkeys. But it wasn't a surprise that Tom Kenny (sponge bob) was in this or Clancy Brown Kruger from Highlander or Mr. Krabs from sponge bob and not that much a surprise from Kevin Michael Richardson he's everywhere, but what did surprise me was Corey Feldman that was a big shocker for me. But it's a great cast and Corey Feldman is good for Sparks he's got that good jocking voice.
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Extremely entertaining!
KaleeK1611 December 2005
I first heard of this cartoon when it first came out and I had to check it out. I was amazed at it's originality and classic composure. Chiro and the gang are way cool. It's action packed, comedic (thanks to Sprx-77 or Sprx), and stunning. A great show for kids and adults alike. Robot monkeys are what every teenager wants to have right? Kung Fu action, a giant robot, and an evil Skeleton King? Everyone's fantasy! S.R.M.T.H.F.G. has everyone's favorite team of robotic primates ready for action and adventure whenever ya need them! This is one of the best shows to hit television. A well made series with an awesome cast of characters you can treasure and love.
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This show was AMAZING!
mirandadylan9 January 2018
I LOVED this show when I was a kid, every time there was a new episode or a marathon or pretty much whenever it was on I would make time for it. The characters were amazing, the art style was incredible, and the story line was fantastic. I wish WISH that they didn't cancel it. They deserved that final season so much. That is the only reason I'm not rating it 10. Please, anyone let me know if there's a petition going around or if not how can I start one because this show was absolutely amazing.
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One of the most creative and intelligent cartoons of the decade.
OleFr-Skj20 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!" is, in spite of outward appearances, an American-produced cartoon series that tells the tale of five bionic monkeys and their teenage human leader, Chiro, as they protect Shuggazoom city from the evil Skeleton King.

Despite having a title and premise that sounds somehow less intelligible than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls and Pokémon combined; S.R.M.T.H.F.G, is a multi-leveled, intelligent and surprisingly complex cartoon. We constantly get hints about the origins of both Chiro and the monkeys, there are references to killing and death, and the show possesses a level of maturity that lets it have some very dark and serious moments when it wants to. In fact, towards the final seasons of the show, it seems to have entirely abandoned the childish aspects for a straight-up dark and moody storyline that feels genuinely suspenseful and gripping.

Each season is its own arc within the bigger plot, with each arc feeding into the next one. This makes the show very continuity-conscious and very rewarding to watch

The show has an overall tone and look that gives of a "Teen Titans"-ey vibe, which is to say that the show knows when to take itself seriously and tone down on comedy.

In a similar vein to shows like Fillmore! and Static Shock, SRMTHFG also provides moral and ethical lessons for kids to learn, there are episodes that deal with fears, about making mistakes and how to own up to them, and the show is not of the kind where the heroes fight without a good reason. Unlike most other shows that do this, it doesn't feel contrived or forced, because it's used to develop the characters or the story, and thus serves a purpose beyond just force-feeding you a lesson.

All the characters are well fleshed out, and as the series progresses we get to see some great relationships develop between them, chief among them the gradual development of a romantic relationship between Sparx and Nova. Otherwise there's a very clear father-son relationship between Antauri and Chiro, and a brotherly relationship between Gibson/Otto and Chiro/Sparx.

The main villain, Skeleton King, is also pretty intimidating (how can you go wrong with Mark Hamill doing the bad guy?), and is a villain of the type you rarely see in kid's shows. He's the type of villain who actually gets sh*t DONE. The Skeleton King actually achieves his ultimate goal before he is defeated.

Most of the voice actors do a good job, and this show has quite the stable of celebrity voices, too. Greg Cipes (Chiro), the previously mentioned Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael Richardson (Antauri), Corey Feldman (Sparx),Tom Kenny (Gibson), Kari Wahlgren (Nova), and Clancy Brown (Otto).

The only real complaints I have is that KMR's performance as Antauri sticks a little too close to his performance as Joker in "The Batman", the animation gets a little wonky at times (there's a healthy use of stock footage), and sometimes, especially in the first season, the show can get pretty stupid, or even a bit disturbing. And of course, the show was cancelled on a spectacular cliffhanger.

If you're in the mood for some creative visuals with a good mix of drama, character and positive messages thrown in, then Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! has you covered.
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sktpwn_volcom12 December 2010
This cartoon was on AIR when i was 11, now four years later, i remember the wonderful times i had watching this cartoon, i understand some of you, but what i liked of this cartoon is the feelings the characters show on the storyline, maybe you people think "Hey some robot monkeys and a guy fighting against a Skeleton" but, who cares, this is what cartoons are made for, entertaining, and not every cartoon makes me remember my childhood like SRMTHFG!, and when i remember one episode, i want to cry, now i trying to contact Mr.Nieli, i don't know how, but i will.... Somehow super robot monkey team hyper force go! is great... So tell me guys, how do you remember your childhood, and if there is any cartoons please name it... examples: Poochini SRMTHFG Totally Spies Code Lyoko The Thornberries Ruggrats Angry Beavers Cat Dog Digimon etc, and as you see all this cartoons had a stupid plot but, they entertain... the point is cartons are cartoons
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royharrop17 December 2004
Usually when you see so much as a glimpse of a show, you know what your gonna be in for. When I first saw a poster for samuri jack, I thought evil guy/kung fu fight sequences, and I was right. When I first saw a poster for totally spies I thought teenage girls/kung fu fight sequences, and I was right. When I first saw a poster for powerpuff girls I thought worst cartoon ever/kung fu fight sequences, and I was right. When I first saw a poster for super monkey force...whatever (the title is longer than my review) I thought what the hell! And I was right, I mean, there are no such thing as robot monkeys (unfortunatley), no such thing as skeleton monsters, no such thing as teenagers (oh wait a minute), and there are certainly no such things as teenage boys who fight along side a bunch of robotic monkeys, to defeat a skeleton.

But despite it being the weirdest show in the history of TV, it is also the best. And the final irony matter how weird (or original, as you might like to call it) this show is, it hasn't lost the classic formula of a prime time kids show...kung fu fight sequences.
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Forgotten Classic!
nelly-6561921 May 2018
Oh, nice year 2006th. The peak of the popularity of the Jetix channel. A.T.O.M., W.I.T.C.H., Shaman King, Tutenstein, What's with Andy, Sonic X, Galactic Football, and the unforgettable Spider-Man and X-Men of the 90s. But at the same time - many forget about no less worthy model - «Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!»

Hmm, that's another name. No less strange as "Teenagers Mutants Ninja Turtles". And for the first series of the seasoned spectator, this animated series can seem like a passing. Not an intricate story (which we are told in the intro) and its style. But this is only at first glance. In fact - not so simple. At least at the beginning.

Character characters can be simple, but they are made with taste, and can not be called pale. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Especially it shows on our main character - Chiro. Who learns becoming a hero and growing up like a real child.

And as the main character, it gradually grows. At first everything is really simple. Heroes meet with the main danger of today, and the end of the status quo returns to the usual place. Seasoning everything with colourful humour. But gradually it becomes not so, and it becomes very difficult, gloomy, more mature and even frightening. From which you can even fall into a depression. The fact that at first the child was amused, begins to teach heroism, wisdom and love. And it is filled with all sorts of references to "Star Wars" (the ship of the Skeleton King is a copy of the Star Destroyer at all), "Star Trek" and every cult Japanese heroic series.

Also, praise deserves the style of animation. Which can be called cheap, but cool. Like the "Samurai Jack." It still looks modern. Which also helps the image of the main characters and their specific humour, which summon a positive smile.

Now we touch the minuses - the beginning of the series. It does not seem to be the beginning of the epic. Also, the unbroken nature of some of the details and characters. For example, they did not show and/or not tell how Chiro lived, before he became the team leader (I'm not talking about his parents). And they were not completely disclosed, for example, the villain Mandarin, who, after his appearance, rolled down to the typical six of the main villain (and then replaced with a clone), and Chiro's girlfriend, Jinmay, whose past was also not discerned (but not disgusted by their cute love). Although it is possible, it could be revealed in season 5, but... here the main sad part of the series is not completeness. The series has lived only 4 seasons and 52 episodes, and ordered to live long. Leaving us to think about - what ended the confrontation of our heroes against Skeleton King, and what our answers have.

In general, the series, maybe forget it, but still deserves the attention of any connoisseur of cartoons. And I can only hope - that you will follow my advice, and you too will like it. As well as the fact that we will see the end of this story (as was the case with "Hey, Arnold" and "Samurai Jack"). Hasbro in beginning of May buy rights for Power Rangers. Plus, they are make toys based on series. They can buy rights and for this series from Disney, and end this story. Or at least make great reboot. Also with cool toys and comic book ongoing from IDW. Let's hope!...

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Shockingly holds up
morganstephens5124 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The biggest praise this show deserves by far is how well it holds up after 13 years. I am honestly impressed by that and that is a large part of the high rating. In fact, I would argue that the show gets better with age. The seasons got progressively better, the voice acting is still decent, the animation seems decently timeless and the story still holds up after you go through a few episodes. This wasn't that great of a show back then, but as more time goes on and the more that this show really seems to capture the modern day world at least in style, I feel that eventually the show will be held at a higher ground and maybe even one day a sort of prediction of how things eventually became
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I don't get it...
MrDestiny8012 March 2006
What is this, really? A cartoon about a boy and 5 robot monkeys fighting to save a city of idiots (aaaa, help us, run, we don't have an army although we have high-tech buildings and stuff) from a huge skeleton.

I heard of ludicrous ideas and this takes the cake.

The episode plots, such as Circus of Ooze or World of Gigants are more then ridiculous and all, in all, so is the show.

I don't even think that the show wants to be funny or an action show, just ridiculous. There is a plot, but it is devoured by the....action..

Anyway, it does not make me laugh, it can not be described as an action cartoon such as Batman, so what is it?
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