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31 Mar. 2006
Episode #2.1
The new series kicks off with the discovery that Mac has been in a coma since the accident. Guy tries to get reinstated and ends up getting banned from seeing Mac. Sue White takes advantage of Mac in his comatose state. Caroline is distraught when Mac wakes up with no recollection of the day of the accident, or of their relationship.
7 Apr. 2006
Episode #2.2
Caroline discovers Mac's top five characteristics for a woman, and proceeds to show him how like his ideal woman she is. It backfires rather disastrously, however. Meanwhile, Martin takes drastic measures to avoid seeing Karen and Alan Statham takes equally drastic measures to prove to Joanna that he is over her.
14 Apr. 2006
Episode #2.3
An intoxicated Guy hands the very incriminating tape over to a priest, but it turns up in the possession of Sue White, who proceeds to use it to blackmail both Guy and Joanna. Guy convinces Mac that he had an ongoing argument with Caroline before the accident. Martin attempts to break up with Karen.
21 Apr. 2006
Episode #2.4
Alan Statham finally gets a car! However, he is distressed when he discovers that he only gets parking priority over a skip. Guy's search for a new apartment does not go particularly well, so he is forced to consider sharing. The bad luck for Guy continues this episode, when he has to do his community service, which results in his teaching children the concept of "Guyball". Sue White discovers there is more to Martin than meets the eye, and Caroline and Mac's relationship appears to be developing well. That is, until a spanner shows up, in the shape of his former ...
28 Apr. 2006
Episode #2.5
Mac discovers that he has a son,Mackenzie,by Holly,about which she has never previously told him. When Caroline finds out she seeks comfort with Guy,after fighting off the attentions of complementary therapist Jake,and ends up kissing him,which she enjoys. Alan decides to stand for local elections with Boycie as his campaign manager whilst Martin accidentally becomes a pimp and gets threatened by a full-time one. Joanna is still after Lyndon,who is transferring his affections to Harriet.
5 May 2006
Episode #2.6
Caroline leaves a message on Mac's answer phone to say she thinks it was a mistake to end their relationship but it is intercepted and erased by Holly. Caroline goes on a date with Jake but a jealous Guy stabs him with his keys. Alan is overjoyed to have won 100% of the - miniscule - vote for the best online caption in a competition and Joanna,irritated by his attitude,sends her dwarf cousin to scare him - with terrifying consequences. Harriet dumps Lyndon out of guilt whilst Martin discovers his real father is one Donald Twat but Joanna prevents them from meeting.
12 May 2006
Episode #2.7
Sue White gets a new toy to irritate the staff with, a dummy. Statham kills Joanna's dwarf cousin with a stuffed bird. Martin wins it big on scratch cards but then doesn't know what to do with the money. Sue White snoops in Holly's locker and finds ginger hair dye and a photo which she wraps up as a shocking gift for Mac. Mac finds out news that he never expected.
19 May 2006
Episode #2.8
Having disposed of the dead dwarf Joanna and Alan escape in a stolen camper van. A suspicious Martin sneaks on board and falls asleep but when he wakes up he finds the van is perched on the same cliff edge as Guy, Mac and Martin were in the previous series. Caroline expects Mac to propose to her and says yes,even though he has said nothing. Hearing that a man is waiting for her on the railway station she expects it to be Mac but when it turns out to be Guy and he proposes she accepts.
Jan. 2006
Christmas Special
The staff are seen at a funeral, which would appear to be Mac's but is actually that of Angela, killed in a hunting accident with a moose. Rescued by Martin from falling over the cliff Alan and Joanna go on the run, accidentally killing three people in an inadvertent crime spree before deciding to commit suicide by walking into the sea. With Joanna gone the administrative staff start to run riot but find a new 'mummy' in Harriet. Caroline overhears Mac telling Guy that he only has a matter of weeks to live and so she transfers her affections from Guy and marries Mac, ...

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