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Wrestling Daily News Roundup – New WWE Show Announced, Changes to 205 Live, John Cena Return Details

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

New WWE Show Announced

WWE announced yesterday afternoon that a new TV show would be airing live on Facebook after Smackdown on Tuesday nights. The show ‘WWE Mixed Match Challenge’ will feature mixed-gender tag teams from Raw and Smackdown competing with each other in a series of matches, with the winning team receiving $100,000 for their chosen charity. The show will start on January 16th and will run for a total of 12 weeks.

WWE looks to be taking this show fairly seriously, with several big-name stars being announced for the event. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, both women’s champions and many more were announced as the participants via Youtube yesterday evening.

Daniel Bryan released this video yesterday, confirming the entrants for Smackdown Live, and revealing that the WWE fans will get to vote on the partnerships on social media.
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Rumor: Sasha Banks turning heel in WWE? Shelton Benjamin WWE return update…

It’s rumour time! And remember, as we found out with the rumoured Survivor Series results I reported on last week, absolutely none of them turned out to be true. So take this with a bag of salt.

In CageSideSeats’ rumour round-up section, they’re saying there might be plans for Sasha Banks to turn heel within the next few months.

Despite arguably getting the more established stars in the draft – with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and, later on, Bayley – Raw’s women’s division somehow feels much less developed than all the various feuds happening on Smackdown Live, preferring to focus on just one feud. Charlotte vs Banks. Which feels like the new Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler.

It’ll never end.

With Charlotte seeming to be entering a feud with Bayley, the only other people Banks could enter a feud with are Nia Jax, Dana Brooke or the redebuting Emmalina – who are all,
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WWE’s Undertaker Returns to ‘SmackDown’ – With a Threat (Video)

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WWE’s Undertaker Returns to ‘SmackDown’ – With a Threat (Video)
Kill the lights and bash the gong — the Undertaker is back! The Dead Man returned to WWE last night on the 900th episode of USA Network’s “SmackDown” — and he came with a threat. But first, he commended his conquered “WrestleMania 32” opponent Shane McMahon as, “the man who has no fear.” That’s pretty high praise, considering the source. Also Read: WWE's Undertaker Spotted on Crutches: Is Deadman's Career on Life Support? (Photos) “I’m back, taking souls and digging holes!” ‘taker then vowed, an apparent promise to return. “‘Survivor Series’ was where the Undertaker was born. And ‘SmackDown’ has always been my.
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The Undertaker to Return on WWE’s ‘SmackDown Live,’ Arena Reveals

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The Undertaker to Return on WWE’s ‘SmackDown Live,’ Arena Reveals
Kill the lights and strike the bells — the Undertaker is returning to the WWE. At least, that’s according to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., which tweeted out the news on Wednesday. The Dead Man will apparently come back on November 15, which marks the 900th episode of WWE’s USA Network series, “SmackDown Live” (formerly just “SmackDown”). That’s a mere five days before pay-per-view “Survivor Series,” one of the pro wrestling promotion’s Big 4 annual events. Also Read: WWE's Undertaker Spotted on Crutches: Is Deadman's Career on Life Support? (Photos) It feels unlikely that the icon will participate in an actual.
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Big Nxt Call-Up! Shane McMahon calls out Vince! – WWE Raw 03/07/16 Review…In About 4 Minutes

In this week’s episode of WrestleTalk’s WWE Monday Night Raw …in about 4 minutes, a massive call-up from Nxt, Shane McMahon calls out Vince, a fantastic tag team titles match with a (rather obvious) betrayal, Bray Wyatt is good again and more…

What did you think of this week’s Raw? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Shane O’Back (2)

The show opened on Shane McMahon calling Vince an egomaniacal, miserable old bastard. Free Titus!

Then Undertaker’s massive dong hits. The Chicago crowd go wild – it’s an unannounced appearance by…oh, it’s Vince. Good trolling.

The old bastard smashes a photo of him and Shane from happier times. It’s probably on Facebook, but that’s beside the point. It’s symbolic – not just of Vince disowning his son in storyline, but also how this match is really Shane
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8 Things We Learned From Ryback On Talk Is Jericho

Just a short while ago Ryback was looking like yet another can’t-miss prospect that WWE totally found a way to miss on. After exploding out of the gate with squash matches over local jobbers and being inserted into the main event rather quickly, his push was neutered and he was shunted back down the card, eventually becoming mired in a tag team with Curtis Axel. His run as a Paul Heyman guy was a failure and before long an injury put the former Skip Sheffield out of action for months.

When Ryback made his triumphant return to WWE the fans were quick to jump back on his bandwagon, and he was immediately made into a featured player in the Survivor Series main event storyline. The hunger for new stars has the fans accepting of The Big Guy and the “Goldberg” chants have almost completely been replaced by
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Ryback Shares Hospital Video And Discusses Coming Back Strong To WWE

Ryback is currently on the shelf. We knew he was taking time off a few days ago, but we didn’t know what was wrong. Thanks to a video that he shot from a hospital bed with him in cap & gown, we found out that he had surgery. According to Ryback, he had surgery to repair strained groin injuries as well as two sports hernias. He mentioned that he’s been dealing with these injuries for the past seven months.

His video is unique because his current gimmick as “The Big Guy” likes to embellish things. We’ve documented about his Twitter antics in the past where he likes to troll fans with silly comments only to delete them soon after.

In this video, Ryback claims he’s a four time WWE Champion (he’s actually never been WWE Champion), he explains his love for mothers, talks about
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The Miz’s Role At WWE WrestleMania 28 Revealed?

Speculation on The Miz’s involvement at WWE WrestleMania 28 is growing and there is now rumours from within the WWE that he may get involved in The Rock vs. John Cena main event in some capacity.

Even before last night’s Raw, reports were that The Miz, who successfully retained the WWE title against John Cena in the main event of last year’s show, would somehow have a huge storyline for this year’s event this late in the game.

Rumours are that the WWE’s recent losing streak storyline is not to punish The Miz but to build-up a huge angle they are planning for him post-WrestleMania.

On last night’s Raw, The Miz lost his opportunity to join Team Lauriniatis when he was defeated by Cm Punk.

Personally, I’m not sure how much I buy the report as I’m certain WWE won’t do anything
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The Miz Blamed By WWE For Poor Survivor Series PPV Buys

The Miz’s current losing streak is mainly down to the fact WWE’s top officials are blaming him as the fall guy for the poor WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view buy-rate back in November. The main event of the show was The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth.

The Miz has not won a televised singles match since the December 5th edition of Raw and his stock has been lowered in storylines in recent weeks. At one point The Miz was to get a big push and come back into the WWE Title picture around the WWE Royal Rumble time (there was talk of The Miz vs. Cm Punk for the title, but the slot eventually went to Dolph Ziggler) but the Survivor Series numbers killed any chances of that.

November’s Survivor Series was estimated to have garnered 260,000 buys worldwide, with 160,000 coming from the Us. Those numbers were
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Awesome Truth Were Set To Win WWE Tag Team Titles Before Suspensions

Before R-Truth’s and Evan Bourne’s recent respective 30 day suspensions for both violating the WWE Wellness policy, the plan was for The Miz and R-Truth to win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston after the Survivor Series PPV.

The plan has now obviously changed and it’s now expected that The Miz will head back into the frame for the WWE Title almost imminently. As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a huge expectation that he will face John Cena in a number 1 contendership match at the TLC PPV and then go on to face Cm Punk at the Royal Rumble. Though, with John Cena not needing to be in the Royal Rumble (as he already has his Wrestlemania match booked) don’t be surprised if it becomes a Miz vs. Punk vs. Cena three-way. Though plans in the WWE change all the time.

As far as Kingston goes,
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Zack Ryder Has Backstage Heat With WWE Over Dying His Hair Blonde

PWInsider reports that Zack Ryder has some heat with people in the WWE because he dyed his hair blonde without permission, apparently upsetting officials because his high-selling merchandise shows him with dark hair.

This could explain as to why Ryder lost the U.S. Title shot against Dolph Ziggler at the Survivor Series and was replaced by a departing John Morrison and also why he was jobbed out within seconds on Raw against Alberto Del Rio.

Hopefully this won’t stop plans to give Ryder the U.S. Title before the end of the year, probably in a match with Dolph Ziggler at the TLC PPV. Ryder is so over right now a U.S. title run seems to be demanded and Ziggler needs to start being elevated upwards to main event status.

A good indicator that Ryder’s push won’t be halted and his punishment has only lasted
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Russ Says: This Weekend In NYC Is All About WWE’s Survivor Series PPV!

This weekend marks the return of The Rock after 7 long years from the ring when he teams with WWE Superstar John Cena for the yearly Survivor Series PPV event as the WWE invades the Madison Square Garden in NYC this Sunday! And trust me, it will be the most epic night ever! If you are a fan of the WWE, you know that November 20 will be a monumental night as the yearly Survivor Series PPV hits up Madison Square Garden and it will for sure provide some of the best entertainment you’ll find in a city that is best known for its various entertainment. But let me ask you one question if you want to become a fan, how can you miss the return of The Rock! When caught up exclusively with John Cena he spoke about the teaming with The Rock tonight saying, "They are going
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Dwayne Johnson Attaches Name To The Monster Hunter's Survival Guide

Can you smell what The Rock is hunting? According to reports, he.ll be hunting monsters very soon. The action superstar has attached his name to an adaptation of John Paul Russ.s comic-book short story The Monster Hunter.s Survival Guide, according to Deadline. The books, published in 2010, offer readers a .comprehensive guide. to eliminating Bigfoot, vampires, the Loch Ness Monster, werewolves and more. Director Simon Kinberg will produce the film through his Genre Films shingle. Coming out of a movie theater in Times Square recently, I came face to face with a skyscraper-sized advertisement heralding Wrestlemania 28, which apparently pits The Rock versus John Cena in a Survivor Series match. Isn.t this the same Rock who claimed earlier that that he was putting .The Rock. in mothballs so he could build up his Dwyne Johnson brand? Well, there goes that idea. Rock has re-envisioned his hard-hitting action career
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WWE Champ John Cena Survives with The Rock

WWE Champ John Cena Survives with The Rock
John Cena will partner with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Sunday for the "Survivor Series," live on pay-per-view from a sold-out Madison Square Garden.

The event will mark the return of The Rock to the ring for the first time in nearly seven years. Arguably two of the biggest names in WWE history, they'll team up to take on the tag team of The Miz (Mike Mizanin from "Real World" fame) and R-Truth. In the holiday issue of WWE Magazine,
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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/14/2011 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Normal 0 false false false En-us Ja X-none This week's Raw was three hours long, and if you're a regular viewer, you know exactly what that means: about the same amount of wrestling as a regular week stretched and padded out with more promotional pay-per-view packages and recaps than you can shake a steel chair at. But last night's Raw had the potential to be something much bigger, as it was not only the go-home show for this weekend's Survivor Series, but also featured a much-hyped appearance by The Rock.

Find out what I thought about the show as I collect all the good, bad and downright ugly moments from this week's Monday Night Raw. Think I'm right-on about something? Have a difference of opinion you'd like to express in a reasoned, thoughtful manner? Just feel the need to yell about John Cena? Make sure to do it in the comments below,
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John Cena Says The Rock Will Wrestle Tonight – “Raw Gets Rocked”

The build up for Wrestlemania 28 truly steps up another gear as tonight’s WWE Raw SuperShow from Boston is a 3-hour special dubbed “Raw Gets Rocked” showcasing the return of The Rock.

To hype the event, John Cena appeared on the Toucher & Rich morning radio show on Boston’s 98.5 station and said not only would The Rock be appearing tonight but he would also be wrestling in his first match, although one that won’t be televised.

Cena said it will be The Rock & him teaming up with Zack Ryder to take on World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry, The Miz & R-Truth in a dark match main event. This would officially be The Rock’s first match back in the WWE since Wrestlemania Xx some eight and a half years ago in 2004.

The ironic point in all this is that the WWE have been building towards the Rock and Cena tag
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WWE Tag Champion Evan Bourne Suspended For 30 Days

Current WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne has been suspended for 30 days effective immediately for a first violation of the WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. He was called to a meeting with WWE officials on Monday night at the Raw SuperShow in Atlanta, Georgia after failing a Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy violation which states “prohibits the use of drugs by talent for other than a legitimate medical purpose pursuant to a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician.”

Although it’s unknown whether it’s related to this case, there’s a thought that the flurry of recent WWE suspensions of the Talent Wellness Program is because of a cracking down on synthetic cannabis which was only added to the list of banned substances in June. Darren Young and Heath Slater were also suspended in the last month.

What was particularly surprising was that
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WWE Re-sign Kevin Nash & He Will Appear On Raw From Liverpool Next Week

As announced during Monday Night Raw and on the website, Kevin Nash has been re-signed to a WWE contract. The Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis re-signed Nash at the request of COO Triple H and Nash will appear on Raw next week, which comes from Liverpool, UK.

So it’s looking almost set in stone that Triple H vs Kevin Nash will be a match soon to be added to the WWE Survivor Series PPV at the end of the month in Madison Square Garden.

Speaking of which, on Raw last night The Rock accepted John Cena’s invitation to team with him in a tag match at the Survivor Series against The Miz and R-Truth. He cut an extremely long promo via tape delayed satellite that felt like it went on forever but The Rock made it work and
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The Rock Returns To WWE Monday Night Raw Nov 14th in Boston

WWE is advertising via a press release that The Rock will be returning for the three hour Monday Night Raw Show in Boston on November 14th at the Td Garden. The show is just one week before the Survivor Series PPV at Madison Square Garden where The Rock has already been officially announced as making his in-ring return as part of a traditional 5 on 5 elimination match where he will team with John Cena.

John Cena hails from Boston and the Raw show will house their first encounter since facing off the day after Wrestlemania and if The Rock ends up more over than Cena in his hometown it will make for some intriguing television. Their match at the Survivor Series will be their first before they headline Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, Florida next year.

Other combatants expected in the Survivor Series match are expected to line up something like this;

The Rock,
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The Dailies: Bad Poster For The New Statham Film, Rapper Heads To Bollywood, The Rock Is Back, In Time May Never See A Cinema, Star Wars Blue Carpets & more…

Everyday, my inbox literally fills with emails every minute of every hour. Hundreds of the things, and as you may imagine, it is literally impossible to post Everything on the website, but from this day forth, I’m going to try. Like many other websites on the net, ‘The Dailies’ is our one post filled with the news that didn’t make the main pages of the site. We’ll be updating with a new ‘The Dailies’ post every weekday featuring all of the stuff that caught our eye during the day. We hope you enjoy.

Here’s an absolutely awful poster for 13 – Imp Awards – This is the heavily doctored Us one-sheet. Just terrible.

Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges crosses over into Bollywood over at HeyUGuys.

What Culture are reporting that The Rock is returning to the WWE for a team-up with fellow wrestler turned movie star John Cena for Survivor Series.
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