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An animated family movie about penguins -- in the wake of "March of the Happy Feet," they're the Angelina Jolie of animals, both cute and admired everywhere. Plus, it's about surfing.
Charlotte Observer
Has its own peculiar, loose-knit kind of charm.
Don't worry, parents, only you--and not your 5-year-old--will get that the chicken's stoned out of his gourd.
A cheerful and frequently amusing bit of nonsense, which certainly will provoke children into giggles. The film does not measure up to "March of the Penguins" or "Happy Feet," both Oscar-winning efforts. Nor is it trying to.
Every bit as entertaining as the early Christopher Guest efforts.
Village Voice
If you have to see another penguin blockbuster, you could do worse than this loose-limbed charmer.
It's cool but not too cool, and cute but not too cute. A neat trick considering its overexposed avian cast.
The A.V. Club
Mostly, it just stands out in a crowded field of tacky also-rans by being a reasonably acceptable, more or less non-obnoxious way to spend an hour and a half.
Chicago Tribune
Where Surf's Up falls down is in its central relationships. (A few more jokes wouldn't have hurt either).
There's nothing terribly wrong with Surf's Up, except maybe the part where one character calls another a "dirty trash can full of poop." But the movie isn't terribly robust, either.

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