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Southern Fun
Jenn Brown21 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you're from the south, live in the south, or have spent any time there, you'll appreciate the irreverent humor in SOUTHERN BELLES.

Two life long friends, Bell and Belle, decide to move to Atlanta. Bell is tired of working in the discount store from hell. But Bell has a boyfriend, a rap loving cracker who's car is under Bell's name. Only it's not so easy to leave town.

SOUTHERN BELLES makes fun of the south and people in it with the sensibility of someone who's been there, with a lot of insight, and a lot of heart. Both lead actresses are well cast and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

It's not destined to be a blockbuster, but you're sure to leave with a grin.

Look for the GONE WITH THE WIND references throughout the film.
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Loved it!
mgarza-914 August 2006
The first time I saw this movie, I came into it where the girls were wearing matching pink suits. Something about it immediately grabbed my interest, and I was glued to the set.

I managed to find it again and got to watch it from the beginning. Still love it! My only complaint is that it's too short. Well, there was also one little side storyline that came out of nowhere and was left hanging.

The characters have a depth you wish could be explored further. I'd love to see a sequel that follows up with Belle and Margery. And maybe even Kevin.
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A movie this good-Made in 2005!?!?
elskootero6 November 2006
I saw this film just two weeks ago and would have sworn it was a romantic comedy from the late 60's or early to mid- 70's: but it was made in 2005, and it's one of the nicest, corniest, sweetest movies I've ever seen. Anna Faris is at her usual comedic best, but Laura Breckenridge steals the show! She is so cute, sweet, and 99 other adjectives for adorable!! You just want to hug her and protect her from the world! The movie follows two women, named Bell and Belle (hence the name) as they want to leave their small town to go to Atlanta to seek fame and fortune, but will they compromise their innocence and sweet naiveté in the process? The ending is pure joy, and if you don't cheer for them, you're not human! It's GREAT!!!
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HIlarious Movie!!!!
rforbes-220 March 2006
This movie is hilarious. I was glad to see Judah Friedlander expand his body of work beyond The Best Week Ever shows. And Laura Breckenridge and Ana Faris were really good as the lead characters. Plus they're both smoking hot, so that is worth the price of admission on its own. The movie is about two trailer trash girls from Southern Georgia who want to make it to Atlanta to start a new life. One has a delinquent boyfriend who is convinced he's the next big "hill hop" star, which is a funny subplot in itself. When he gets arrested after fighting at a bar, the cop charms Laura Bredkenridge's character and she falls for him. Meanwhile, Ana Faris is trying a million different schemes to raise money for the big trip. I'd put this one on my Netflix list right away.
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Interesting, entertaining, nuanced
shawnalit21 April 2006
Definitely a buy. I first thought it would be a campy movie that would be a good way to kill two hours with. Wrong... watched it twice in one evening and can't wait to see it with my friend later today.

This movie has so many different nuances and contrasts in it that just watching it the second time makes it worth while. For example, there's a bar fight scene where Belle is sitting leisurely at the bar sipping her beer and scheming while behind her two characters are literally doing a fast paced fist dance scene. Fists up, move twice back then twice forward while partner does the same. They each have a buddy who decides to react differently to the situation. What you think is going to happen in this movie... rarely does.

The more I think about it, the more I appreciate it. I rarely encounter a movie that makes me want to view the script and see where the director added to it but this one does.

The characters are awesome. Justin Chambers is the only one whose work I've seen before. He plays such a different character in this movie as compared to his role as Alex in 'Grey's Anatomy" that it's hard to believe it's even him. His acting is that good. He is a strong, down to earth (literally), character that makes you feel for him. In fact, it would be impossible to not identify with a lot of the characters in the movie.

Sound... whoever did the music in this one knew what they were doing. They knew when to put in the sappy music and when to scratch the album, thereby emphasizing what was going on in that scene and added the voice of the characters instead of usurping it.

Very interesting movie that I highly recommend. I'd love to say more but...
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Southern Belles - a delightful film!
kerickso-48 April 2006
This gem of a film is intelligent without taking itself too seriously, effortlessly hilarious, and genuinely touching, without the emotional manipulation so common to romantic comedies. With tongue-in-cheek homages to Gone with the Wind, Thelma and Louise and other screen gems, these debut screenwriters show depth of knowledge of southern life, and deep compassion for their characters. The true joy of the film, however, is in watching such talented young actors! Laura Breckenridge and Anna Faris bring their characters subtly and beautifully alive.

I am generally not a fan of romantic comedies or buddy-pictures, which I usually find to be predictable and forgettable. This is one of those rare films that combines the story of a beautiful, believable friendship, and a love story with complexity and chemistry.

This film has been a hit at film festivals all over the country; it is clear that audiences have fallen for a visually beautiful, brilliantly acted, and thoroughly entertaining film.
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Very diverting
PickMePickMe17 June 2006
A simple unpretentious bit of fun that is carried mostly on the strength of the incredibly appealing cast.

The two lead actresses are adorable and funny. They both have natural comedic timing that rises above the material they're given. Don't get me wrong, the writing is not bad, and is far more entertaining and fresh than most predigested pap coming from the big studios and starring Robin Williams or Jim Carrey, but it's undercut by the shove-it-down your throat direction.

It seems as the filmmakers' motto was: "When in doubt, abandon all subtlety." For example, during one character's dialogue, they actually use a snare drum and cymbal on the soundtrack to punch up the joke! I'm not kidding. I didn't hear an actual rimshot, but probably only because the sound designer didn't have it in his FX library. It's from the horrid "Scrubs" school of comedy where they use cartoon sound effects to scream at the viewer: "THERE'S A JOKE HERE, PEOPLE!" It was odd, because the movie didn't deserve that sort of treatment at all, and the script was smarter than that. It's too bad the filmmakers didn't trust the material more and let the jokes live on their own. They also overused music - another sign of low confidence in the film. (An old rule of film-making is that the more music a movie has, the worse the script is. Music should enhance the moment, not try to manufacture a moment that ain't there. Think of any WB show like "The O.C." or "7th Heaven" and how they overuse the cheesy music.) If I'm using TV shows to compare to this movie, it's because this film was shot rather like TV. It was very dialogue-driven, and not very cinematic. The directors were also overly fond of using short lenses (giving the look a very wide feel). Short lenses can induce a sense of extreme closeness to characters, to the point of distortion. They are also used to give a sense of immersion in a world, but when the world they created is not very cinematic, then the technique is counterproductive.

They were also fond of having actors look almost directly into the camera. A lot. I mean really a lot. The end result is that it reinforces the shove-the-movie-down-the-viewer's-throat feeling. The characters feel as though they are taking to the audience instead of each other.

The strength of the film is the cast, especially the 2 leads, who have a joy of performance that's contagious and a real treat to watch. And the rest of the cast shines as well.

Which is where the directors really did their jobs - they were smart enough to give their cast a big movie playground to run free in, and we as audience members benefit.

If you like the TV show "My Name is Earl" or films where character's ambitions are comedically out of touch with their reality like "Raising Arizona", then you would most likely enjoy this diverting film.

It's fast-paced, energetic, and has a cast that never disappoints, even when the script does.

One odd side note, the film is set in the South, and the filmmakers put Confederate flags everywhere. I don't remember that many Confederate flags in the South, and it felt too goofy and kind of racist. But there were zero black people in the film, also unrealistic for the South.

But then again, they also said grace before they ate, something I never see either. Maybe I'm just out of touch with Jesus and racism.

Anyway, this is a good rental just for the performances.
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absolute riot
rlkenney22 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Funniest movie in a long time. At 1st I thought it'd be a chick flick, but it's not. I watched it with a German exchange student who, with limited English, laughed out loud; the sight gags are that funny. It's intelligent, it's insightful and it's brilliantly executed. Think "Raising Arizona" meets "Napoleon Dynamite." Theatre of the absurdly poignant. (Did I spell that correctly?) Prolly not....... Amazing cast. Oh, It's not for Fun-da-mentalist Christians... "Drive, Jesus, Drive!".................. References to "Gone with The Wind" abound. Wait till after the credits to see the cut scenes. Also, watch the extras, especially "Pussy Food." It's a riot.
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Chanuka in August
piXelpiXelpiXel30 October 2006
This review has been influenced by those already posted, so please expect some unoriginal comments.

First off, this would be a 9 or 10 if it had the big budgets previously mentioned. Even so, its perfect as it is. Bang for the buck, its probably really an 11/10.

Someone else mentioned "Raising Arizona," and that's a dead on balls accurate good comparison. If you liked that, you'll love this. Also, the movie includes both the Confederate flag and black people, just like the actual south. It does not, in my opinion, mock the south. The south is fully capable of doing that for itself. Georgia is just as "cliched" as New York City. Take my word for it. Margery, Duane, Hampton are hilarious, Rhett is likable and the Belles are indeed, both hot. The only possible improvement might be a continuation of the themes expressed in the rest stop scene. Some exploration there might be interesting, but it also might change the movie too much. Just a thought.

As for any mockery of Christians, remember, "even Jesus farted."
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Pleasant surprise.....
merklekranz3 December 2008
Great date movie, far, far better than nonsense like "Sex and the City". Dreams shattered, dreams realized, just great acting, with a nice slice of life feeling. If you could ever describe a movie as cute, "Southern Belles" would be that movie. The upbeat ending adds tremendously to what has already been a pleasant viewing experience. A lot of thought went into the script, the pacing, and everything comes off better than most low budget films. Congrats to all concerned. I can see why "Southern Belles" won so much praise on the "Festival circuit".Seek this one out, you will not be disappointed. Recommended viewing - MERK
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If you liked Raising Arizona...
jtwg@yahoo.com27 May 2006
With all due respect to jessicacarter7, I think she (?) missed the point here. This was a very good movie in the vein of Raising Arizona. It might not be as ingenious but it's close. In a movie that purposefully over states the stereotype of southerners you simply can't say that someone is using clichés. That's the point. The performances of the leads were far above 'barely good' and the movie was very good if you have an open mind. I'm not sure about her take on the directing; I don't know what 'inspired' or 'uninspired' directing is. I'm also not sure about the 'very loose' editing. What does that mean? If you liked Raising Arizona I think you'll find it to be a quite enjoyable film. It's not meant, I think, to be a serious work of art, just something to enjoy.
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I feel sorry for the actors
Kenazii28 March 2006
After spending the entire length of this movie hoping beyond hope that it will get better I was sorely disappointed that it didn't. It was the remarkable effort of the actors that kept me from running out of the room and bashing my head repeatedly on a wall, seriously. I'm sure some of the blame for the making of this movie could be put on the actors for agreeing to be in it in the beginning. But, I think the writers definitely deserve the majority of the fault here. Not only is the script a complete waste of paper but a complete waste of money and time and whatever else they used to make this movie. This movie was boring, long and I definitely think that the writers/directors should find another job.

If you have nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon and would like to be entertained, this movie is NOT for you. However, if you would like to spend 90 min criticizing a pretty bad movie I recommend this one.
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Angst, southern style; not a great film but has its moments
Amy Adler6 March 2017
In southern Georgia, two "belles" are floundering in their twenties. Belle Scott (Anna Faris) works for the local warehouse store, where she must hawk customers in the hot July 4th sun, dressed in patriotic garb. HER most fervent wish is to move to Atlanta and start life over again. Her closest friend, Bell Granger (Laura Breckenridge) is a more content resident of their small town but has been having problems with her country-rap boyfriend who treats her with little respect. This Bell may decide to move north with Belle after all. That is, until she is stopped for a minor traffic violation from a handsome trooper, Rhett Butler (Justin Chambers). What luck to find the second coming of a famous literary man! Yet, even then, problems arise and the ladies try to raise funds for their move to Atlanta. They babysit, they sell cosmetics door to door and try hard to fill a money jar to purchase their tickets to the Big City. Will it be so for these beautiful belles? This independent film has its moments but, as a first effort for the writer-director, has problems, too. Its story is uneven and similar to various other get-out-of-Dullsville story lines. However, there are very humorous moments. Paris and Breckenridge do great as the put-upon belles while the rest of the cast is fine, too. Add on nice sets and costumes and the final result is a film indie-flick lovers might embrace. Folks in the deep South might get a kick out of it, too.
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Fun to see Anna Faris but just a fluff of a silly comedy set in Georgia.
TxMike30 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Set in Georgia, filmed in North Carolina. About Belle and Bell.

Belle and Bell were simply accidentally named almost the same, but as young adults are best friends. Living in a very small town about 250 miles SW of Atlanta. Belle works as a sales clerk in the local variety store, Bell tends the bar at the local saloon. Their lives are mundane and the guys are, as Bell says, "the butt crack of humanity."

Anna Faris is Belle Scott and Laura Breckenridge is Bell Granger . One day while day-dreaming of sorts Belle picks up a leaflet on Atlanta and brings it home, shows Bell, they are going to break out of their humdrum, dead-end lives and go off to the big city. But first they need money, Belle figures just under $3000. So they save their tips, do odd jobs, all with Atlanta as their goal.

But them Bell meets a new guy, Justin Chambers as the local police, Rhett Butler. They hit it off but Bell neglects to tell him she and Belle are going to Atlanta. Until later. But that causes new issues.

The whole movie has a sort of feel of the old 'Dukes of Hazard' TV series. There is even a car chase scene that seems like it is going in slow motion at times. There is hunting for wild turkey. Friends with a living room filled with mounted wildlife on the walls.

Truly an overall dumb comedy but with a few good laughs. I watched it for one reason, I like Anna Faris and I had not seen this one yet, made before she became better known.

SPOILER: When the two girls finally got in the car and started for Atlanta 250 miles away, they got only as close as 238 miles. Bell missed Rhett and went back for him. He proposed. As the movie ends Belle is boarding the bus, heading to Atlanta by herself.
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A southern cliché retread
jessicacarter721 April 2006
This is just one dumb southern cliché after another, reused several times within the same movie. I'm sure the writer has never spent much time in the south, and based his story on all the other dumb movies from Smokey and the Bandit forward. The only reason it got two stars because of barely good performances from the tow lead actors.

Clichés: confederate flags abound, Christians with an IQ of 80, car chases with the deputy, trailer life with an IQ of 90, redneck men with no IQ, girls with a dream for a big city, blah, blah.

Many scenes lack energy, the editing is very loose. The directing is uninspired. I wonder if the director was trying to make a southern Napolean Dynamite. It didn't come off.
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Thin, cartoon depiction of the South
mr-ptza11 June 2008
Looking for a typical Hollywood illustration of the South that is easy to digest and doesn't challenge any stereotypes? Well then this is your flick.

It is obvious that the writers/directors passed through "the south" on a road trip to Spring break in Daytona, Florida (hope you enjoyed the Jager shots). This movie is as authentic as John Cassavete's writing/directing "Robocop." If "Southern Belles" posed as an encyclopedia to America; everyone in LA would be a silicone pumped, yoga instructor thus making every New Yorker an angry cab driver.

Save your time on this one, check out a David Gordon Green movie.
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