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Sundance Lab Project ‘Swiss Army Man’ Moving into Production

Miranda Bailey’s Cold Iron Pictures has come on board to finance and produce the Sundance Lab project “Swiss Army Man,” written and directed by the filmmaking team the Daniels.

The duo — Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert — recently won the best direction award at the MTV Video Music Awards for “Turn Down for What.” Bailey and Amanda Marshall of Cold Iron Pictures will produce, alongside Blackbird Films’ Lawrence Inglee and Jonathan Wang.

The absurdist comedy, launched at the Sundance screenwriters lab, centers on a hopeless man stranded in the wilderness who befriends a dead body and together they go on a journey. It will shoot in November with ICM Partners handling sales.

Cold Iron Pictures produced and was a financer on Oren Moverman’s “Time Out of Mind,” starring Richard Gere as a homeless man, which just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Cold Iron is also producing and
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HairBrained | Review

School Ties: Kent’s Latest Film Doesn’t Make the Grade

If you’re at all familiar with director Billy Kent’s previous film, 2006’s The Oh in Ohio, then his latest effort, HairBrained, will seem like an even greater disappointment. An oddly paced film revolving around mismatched underdogs wading through an overwhelming miasma of collegiate clichés feels far removed from the real world and isn’t charming or engaging enough to achieve the status of a situational parody or satire. Instead, Kent’s screenplay, which was co-written with Sarah Bird and Adam Wierzbianski, presents itself as a potential gimmick that soon reveals itself as nothing more than a cobbled together formula of wan dramatic tension with a grating finale that’s egregiously stale.

Eli Pettifog (Alex Wolff) is a 13 year old genius that’s skipped five grades and is about to enter his freshmen year in college. Sporting an unkempt bowl of gnarly,
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Film Review: ‘HairBrained’

Film Review: ‘HairBrained’
Revenge of the Nerds” meets “Back to School” via “Doogie Howser, M.D.” in “HairBrained,” a campus comedy that tries to transcend its many formulaic elements with an insufficient dose of absurdism. This follow-up feature from the writing-directing team behind 2006′s “The Oh in Ohio” seems unlikely to repeat that film’s modest sleeper success, even with the presence of sometime franchise king Brendan Fraser as the past-40 late bloomer who’s an incoming freshman alongside Alex Wolff’s 13-year-old prodigy. Limited U.S. theatrical launch Feb. 28 will be just a brief prelude for imminent better prospects in home formats.

Dropped by his “terrible mother” at the bus station (it’s depressing straight off to see Parker Posey exit the movie after two minutes), child genius Eli Pettifog (Wolff) has already lowered his expectations for college life, having settled for “the 37th best small liberal-arts college on the East Coast
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Karaoke Man – Sliff Review

Review by Dana Jung

Offbeat love stories full of quirky characters are certainly nothing new. They can be groundbreaking (The Graduate) or funny (Rushmore) or sweet (The Oh In Ohio), and they seem to be perfectly suited to independent filmmaking, with low budgets and relatively unknown casts. These films live or die on the strength of their scripts, creating eccentric but lovable characters trying to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of life and love. The best of these movies find a rhythm with their actors and paint lovely pictures of people. The latest entry in the genre, Karaoke Man, directed and co-written by Mike Petty, achieves these lofty heights for most part.

Louis is a brilliant but eccentric artist who has accepted a new job at a small independent comic book company. He is immediately smitten by Glennis, who is not so eccentric but is an aspiring singer/songwriter. We
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Dane Cook goes dramatic with 'Answers to Nothing'

  • Hitfix
Dane Cook goes dramatic with 'Answers to Nothing'
Just in case "Waiting.." and "Employee of the Month" weren't gritty enough for you, funny man Dane Cook is getting dramatic in the upcoming kidnapping drama "Answers to Nothing." The film, directed by Matthew Leutwyler ("The River Why"), also stars Elizabeth Mitchell ("Lost," "V"), Julie Benz ("Dexter"), Barbara Hershey ("Black Swan"), Zach Gilford ("Friday Night Lights"), and Miranda Bailey ("The Oh in Ohio"). With a brutal kidnapping case as the backdrop, "Answers" spins a web of inter-connected stories in Los Angeles.   Leutwyler co-wrote the screenplay with Gillian Vigman while Amanda Marshall and Sim Sarna produced. "This is the most personal...
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Roadside Attractions Acquires Answers To Nothing

Roadside Attractions announced today that is has acquired all U.S. rights to Answers to Nothing, directed by Matthew Leutwyler (The River Why) and starring Dane Cook, and will release the film nationwide on December 2, 2011. Answers to Nothing is a gritty drama of interweaving stories set in Los Angeles against the backdrop of a child kidnapping case.

Along with Cook, the film also features Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, V), Julie Benz (Dexter, Rambo), Academy-Award Nominee Barbara Hershey (Portrait Of A Lady), Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights, Dare), Kali Hawk (Couples Retreat), Erik Palladino (ER), Mark Kelly (Mad Men), Aja Volkman (lead singer of the band Nico Vega), and Miranda Bailey (The Oh In Ohio).

Answers to Nothing is based on an original story by Matthew Leutwyler, who also wrote the screenplay with Gillian Vigman. The film was produced by Amanda Marshall of La-based production company, Ambush Entertainment (Super) and Sim Sarna.
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Understanding Scorsese: A Martin Scorsese Profile (Part 2)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary American filmmaker Martin Scorsese in the second of a five-part feature... read part one here.

“It’s true that some films will involve me more than others,” admitted American filmmaker Martin Scorsese. “It’s also true that I might have never made Taxi Driver [1976] were it not for the success of Alice [Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 1974]. The question of commercialism is a source of worry. Must one make a choice, must it be a matter of either setting your sights on winning an Academy Award and becoming a millionaire, or making only the movies you want to make and starving to death?” The $1.3 million production about a lonely New York City taxi driver (Robert De Niro), who has an unrequited romantic attachment with political campaign volunteer (Cybill Shepherd) and becomes a vengeful angel for a child prostitute (Jodie Foster), potently harnessed the sense of public disillusionment fueled
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Sliff 2010 Review: The River Why

Review by Dana Jung

Using a river as a metaphor for life is nothing new. Many books and films (think A River Runs Through It) have made use of this strong and compelling image. The winding path of water, sometimes running fast with rapids, other times eddying into quiet pools and lagoons, teaming with a variety of river life, and so on. The potential for symbolism is endless. The new film The River Why can safely be added to this long list. Beginning as a slow and thoughtful hodgepodge of philosophical ideas, the movie ultimately becomes a sweet-natured love story.

Zach Gilford (TVs Friday Night Lights) is Gus, a young man living under the double weight of his father’s minor but overbearing fame as a fisherman & author, and his mother’s constant bickering with his father. When they argue, he says, “it’s not who’s getting the last word,
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IFC Picks Up James Gunn’s Super Starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page – Updated with Press Release

Less than 48 hours after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, James Gunn’s (Slither) Super has found its distributor. IFC Films has paid seven figures to secure the U.S. rights to Gunn’s everyman take on the superhero archetype. While IFC normally pays less for its deals, they apparently faced some stiff competition for the film from potential buyers such as Magnolia.

Super stars Rainn Wilson as an “average guy” who takes on the persona of “The Crimson Bolt” upon learning that his wife is having an affair. Starring alongside Wilson are Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, and Kevin Bacon. To learn more about Super, check out Steve’s video blog/review of the film which he recorded shortly after its Toronto premiere.

[Update: You can now check out the official press release after the jump.]

IFC Films Takes U.S. Rights To James Gunn’S Super First Big Sale During Toronto Film Festival

Star-studded cast includes Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page,
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Mischa Barton Spotted With Her Cellulite

Mischa Barton has been spotted once again with her cellulite. While stopping at Trader Joe's in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California on Wednesday June 23, the 24-year-old beauty was seen having her thighs riddled with the fat.

Mischa took cover behind white-framed sunglasses and had to make a return to her car because she forgot her purse. The Kristen Taylor of "The Oh in Ohio", who donned short jeans and bright shirt, seemed unaware that camera snapped her legs which were dimpled with cellulite.

Though she was spotted with the dreaded cellulite, Mischa looked slimmer. Just on March 15, she was snapped having a fuller figure while she walked in Beverly Hills.

This wasn't the first time Mischa Barton was spotted with cellulite. Back in May 2008, the "The O.C." star revealed her very dimpled thighs when she sunbathed at a hotel in Australia. However, her rep insisted that the snaps, which became internet consumption,
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DVR Alert: Talk Show Listings Tuesday, Jan 27 - Liza Minnelli, Harry Connick Jr. & More

Liza Minnelli was born in Los Angeles and made her screen debut as a toddler in the musical In the Good Old Summertime in 1949. One of the world's best-loved entertainers, she won Tony awards for Flora, the Red Menace in 1965 and The Act in 1978, along with a third for Best Personal Achievement, resulting from her 1974 engagement at the Winter Garden Theatre. Nominated for an Academy Award? for The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), she won the best actress prize for her best-known film, Cabaret (1972), which also won her a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA. She won an Emmy for Liza with a 'Z' (1972) and was also the recipient of a Grammy Legend Award in 1989, making her one of the few artists who have won entertainment's top six awards. Liza has also been the recipient of three David di Donatello Awards - for The Sterile Cuckoo (1969), Cabaret (1972) and Lifetime Achievement (2002). Film credits include
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Minnelli To Appear on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'

  • WENN
Singing legend Liza Minnelli is set to star in an episode of crime series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The Cabaret star, 59, will play a retired beauty queen whose aspiring model daughter is murdered on Halloween in a November episode entitled Masquerade. Minnelli recently appeared alongside Mischa Barton, Danny DeVito and Paul Rudd in the upcoming movie The OH In Ohio and has appeared in several episodes of cult comedy Arrested Development.

Cyan Pictures pays to be 'Ohio' players

NEW YORK -- It's all about orgasms in The Oh in Ohio, first-time feature director Billy Kent's indie sex comedy. Distributor Cyan Pictures nabbed domestic theatrical rights to the film, which features an ensemble cast that includes Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Liza Minnelli, Heather Graham and Danny DeVito. Ohio tells the somewhat sordid story of Priscilla (Posey), a Cleveland woman whose life is perfect except for one important detail: she's unable to achieve sexual climax. The frustrating flaw leads her teacher husband (Rudd) into the arms of his student (Barton), and takes Priscilla on a journey to find sexual satisfaction.

'Rising Son' raises curtain at Malibu fest

'Rising Son' raises curtain at Malibu fest
Cesario "Block" Montano's documentary Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, with narration by Dennis Hopper, will screen April 7 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica as the opening-night film of the seventh Malibu International Film Festival. The fest, running through April 10 with screenings at both the Aero and the Jaguar Theatre in Malibu, will include Billy Kent's The Oh in Ohio and Wes Brown and TJ Barrack's Chasing Dora as its centerpiece films and John Hillocoat's The Proposition as its closing-night film.

Posey joins 'Superman' villain cast

Parker Posey has joined the cast of Bryan Singer's Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures. Posey will play Kitty Koslowski, Lex Luthor's villainous henchwoman. Parker joins a cast that includes Brandon Routh as Superman, Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane, Hugh Laurie as Perry White, James Marsden as Richard White and Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen. Kevin Spacey is playing Lex Luthor. Kal Penn will portray Stanford, Luthor's right-hand man. Jon Peters, Singer and Gilbert Adler are producing. Chris Lee is executive producing and Stephen Jones is co-producing. Polly Cohen is overseeing for the studio. Posey was most recently seen in Blade: Trinity and Laws of Attraction. She also is performing in Hurlyburly onstage in New York. Her upcoming movies include The OH in Ohio. Posey is repped by CAA.

Barton puts the 'O.C.' in indie 'Ohio'

Barton puts the 'O.C.' in indie 'Ohio'
Mischa Barton is in final negotiations to join Parker Posey and Danny DeVito in the indie feature The OH in Ohio. Billy Kent is directing. The film tells the story of a young woman (Posey) married to her childhood sweetheart and seemingly blessed with the perfect life, except that she has never had an orgasm. When she leaves her husband, he tries to regain his manhood by pursuing a young student, to be played by Barton (The O.C.). Adam Wierzbianksi wrote the screenplay, and Ambush Entertainment is producing. Principal photography begins this month in Cleveland and Los Angeles. Barton will be seen in the second season of The O.C., debuting next week. Her feature credits include The Sixth Sense, Notting Hill and Lost and Delirious. She is repped by WMA.

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