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No "Phallus in Wonderland", but still nasty fun
one4now411 April 2005
I think this was inspired by when GWAR were made the subject of a Sally Jesse Raphael episode. I was unlucky enough to miss that (heard it was great!), but I did see this, and it may not have been nearly as good as their award-winning classick "Phallus in Wonderland", but, where there's GWAR, you know you've got to see it. Here, we are treated to an "episode" (heh-heh) of "The Sleazy P. Martini Show". Today's subject? "GWAR Ruined My Life!" Yes, complete with scuzzy commercials (some hilarious, but others a bit too strained), this is not their best, but still damn worth it. See Marilyn Manson (not played by himself, of course) get his skin ripped off when he tells GWAR to go back to art school! See an intergalactic doofball with a scrotum on his chin! See Crackula search the carpet for a crack rock while Crankenstein paces angrily, grumbling "Where's that f*ckin' package?" I won't even go into the commercial that reveals a very twisted alternative to tampons! While this is all in good fun, as I already said, some parts try a bit too hard to be funny, though, and GWAR definitely are not at their musical peak (though they would reach one again with the "War Party" album). Regardless, it's fascinating stuff for the sick humor crowd, and I would recommend this anyway.
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"It's Sleazy"
bloodslaying7 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, this Video is quite hilarious, even though there's one part in it that almost threw Me off, but it was still obnoxiously Funny. Of course, having pretty much a whole Crowd of almost every Character played in their previous Videos standing, and sitting in the Audience as if a real Talk Show, especially the two Aliens from "Rendevous with Ragnarok", and Skulhead Face of course..not to mention making fun of such that would happen on Shows like "Jerry Springer" where Mothers complain about their Children going to a Horrifying Show somewhere, and coming back as if possessed by an Evil Spirit. ...and having unveiled a mysterious Member long forgotten since the beginning of Time who claims to be the long lost Cousin of Oderus Urungus, hence the Name; "Scroda Moon", who seemed somewhat superstitious fearing some sort of Apocalypse if some discovered Tablet was not in one Piece by a specific Deadline, funny stuff. Anyways, that's all I have to review of this, I might watch it again sometime.
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