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Insulting to one's intelligence!
Ivan23 January 2005
This is probably the most senseless filipino film ever made. The story is weak, (if there is a story, in the first place). The acting were lame and truly unconvincing. Casting Kristine Hermosa as the mother of Seguerra and the younger Sotto was the most unconvincing and unbelievable at all. The special effects were poorly done, unrealistic, and lacks creativity, actually, everything about this movie lacks in creativity. The movie relies heavily on slapstick and "adlibs" to provide humor. Despite the success of truly intelligent filipino comedy films like crying ladies, bridal shower, American adobo, etc., ENTENG KABISOTE beat box office records, evident enough that many filipino moviegoers haven't matured yet as an audience. and as long as they appreciate pointless movies like these, expect greedy producers to continue making films which are undeniably insulting to one's intelligence. The best Sotto can do for the filipino people is spare the manila film fest for the next following years of his mind-insulting flicks!
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As a local film...well-done
internetsvenmara17 January 2005
I've seen the previous Okay ka Fairy ko movies and obviously the special effects improves (not to mention the 300 million budget for the effects only!!! how true is this?..)The lead stars done it well I'm quite disappointed regarding the appearance of Kristine Hermosa and a very clear shot from Enteng's enemy wearing a harnes (intentionally they used to cover it with a spider web something like that)

All in all i would rather say the movie was well-made(considering as a local film) but not as brilliant.

But here are some scene makes me distract: the flying horse scene, the talking horse, the sword they used.

I would rather choose Lastikman for best in special effects than this one.

But still i will rate it 8 out of 10
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Good start on the film but got wrecked somewhere in the middle.
conradz5828 August 2006
This film had a great start throughout the film, until suddenly in the middle: the film gets wrecked....The action got corny and the plot seems to go OUT-OF-LINE on adventurous scenes.

Having to have a good source of a legend superhero named Enteng Kabisote that's married to a fairy princess named Faye Kabisote were the only one that has a good characteristics but the movie was gone OUT-OF-LINE.

Even though Vic Sotto, Kristine Hermosa, Oye-Boy Sotto, Aiza Sueguerra were doing a great job on their acting, still: film is OUT-OF-HAND and OUT-OF-LINE.

The villain of this movie seems to be a bit too-much pushed over evilness and looking REALLY CREEPY! Kid's may understand it but some may think: it's corny.

7/10 Film Oriention was good, Resolution was bad.
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