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Good, Clean Fun
pjh070410 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I howled at Big Momma's House. Did the same at BMH 2. If Lawrence does not genuinely enjoy playing this character, then he certainly deserves an Oscar because once he puts on that suit, he and Big Momma are "One." Does the plot make sense? Sure. As much sense as most other comedies of this type. Mrs. Doubtfire? The Pacifier? Deuce Bigelow? Most of Adam Sandler's films? Big Momma can hold her own, honey.

The sight gags in this one are even funnier than in the first. The Bo Derek beach scene had the audience rolling in the aisles. And that was just one of many. I especially liked the friendship that developed between Big Momma and the mother of the family she nannies for. Did anyone notice the mom's southern accent? It was a refreshing change from the humor that is usually milked from between outspoken black females and prissy white females. Good for you, Big Momma.

But Big Momma still does some funny ragging on white culture, as well as just yuppie culture of all colors. I don't agree at all with the poster who wondered why Martin Lawrence tries to portray an action hero. Personally, I thought Martin looked extremely fit in this film and found his stunt work and role as an FBI agent very believable. I found it to be a definite positive for the film as a whole.

Nia Long is feisty and as funny as she's allowed to be. On screen she and Lawrence work well together. The kids in this film are very, very good. Even the dog is funny. It's more of a feel-good movie than the first one and as a mom who plans to now take her kids, that's fine with me.

The bottom line: Lots of laughs if you're the kind of viewer who enjoys screwball comedies that aren't artsy and if you enjoy humor that plays upon cultural differences and experiences. Personally, I love Big Momma and would welcome her at my family reunion any time.
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It isn't Bottom 100 material.
Rikakus10 February 2006
The movie isn't really that good. Most jokes fall flat and the film is predictable, but the movie still has it's laughs and it's enjoyable somehow.

Martin Lawrence gives a mediocre performance as most of everything he says isn't funny at all. Still, the movie has it's moments like the beer-loving chihuahua and that kid that was always falling.

The movie is mediocre, and I wouldn't pay $8 to watch it, but the movie is still watchable. The movie doesn't deserve to be on the Bottom 100 because the bottom 100 is made for painful movies, and this one is at least watchable.

Rating: 2 of 4 stars (Watchable.)
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Middling comedy with some surprises
ladyinterference17 March 2006
If you're looking for an intellectual comedy or even something with some actual substance to it, this is not the movie to go to. It is the type of movie you go to, to turn off your brain and just take in some escapist entertainment. It does the job decently, better than most of the other light comedies out there. But what really surprises is how relatively few stupid moments come throughout the movie. A lesser-quality movie would have gone for the easy jokes about dorky white people vs. smooth black people. A lesser flick would have had some of the characters be less perceptive and observant than they actually ended up turning out to be. Poorer-quality fare would have turned this movie into something approaching blaxploitation, where all parties involved ended up humiliated by the experience.

This didn't do any of the aforementioned. Certain characters who could have been written as dumber were actually written as credibly perceptive. Certain scenarios that could have been played out as ridiculous ended up being plausible. There was less of a black/white good vs. evil conundrum going on in this movie, and the suspense involved actually seemed worth it instead of just being suspense for suspense's sake. I don't think there was one moment in the whole film where I was rolling my eyes going, "OH COME ON," the way I was throughout the last film I was obliged to go see, this year's remake of Last Holiday.

Had the premise been more original, had the comedy been more sharply written, more intelligent, I would have been inclined to give this comedy ten stars. It really is one of the better commercial movies to be released in Hollywood over the last five years. It even manages to be better than its predecessor. However, the comedy was actually quite dull, pedestrian, uninvolved, and unintellectual, which means it earns six stars out of ten. Just barely passable, but a heck of a lot better than its contemporaries.
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Really funny at parts
jimenez-38 February 2006
You need to realize that this is not a smart comedy. It is silly and some impossible things happen. When you are going to see this film prepare yourself for that and you will enjoy it. It is impossible for anyone to change into a credible fat lady in less than an hour, much less in a few minutes. But you need to let that kind of stuff go so the comedy in it gets to you. The father of the kids just looks amazed at the things the nanny can do but does not try to help her. Again, don't try to make sense of it. There is a scene where I was about to wet my pants because I could not stop laughing, that is when Big Momma dresses up as Bo Derek in that famous scene in 10. I liked it and so can you.
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very lame but sometimes funny
Buddy-5125 May 2006
Some of the greatest movie comedies of all time have revolved around men dressing up in drag and trying to pass themselves off as women ("Some Like It Hot" and "Tootsie" being the prime examples). Ironically, that's also been the basis for some of the worst comedies ever made ("White Chicks" being the prime example I can think of at the moment). Somewhere in the middle lie the Big Momma movies, both the original, made in 2000,and the sequel from 2006, creatively entitled "Big Momma's House 2." Once again, Martin Lawrence stars as the FBI agent who this time goes undercover as a nanny to the children of a man who may be involved in some sort of major threat to national security (yawn!).

In turns of its storyline, the movie falls somewhere between "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Mary Poppins," with Big Momma managing to heal the rift in the family and making the neglectful father a model parent by the end of the film. The crime scenario is beyond stupid and leads to a whole host of idiotic slapstick scenes involving Big Momma taking on the gun-wielding bad guys, but if you have a high level of tolerance for this sort of thing, "Big Momma's House 2" should provide you with a good share of laughs amid all the clunkers.

Lawrence exhibits a great deal of energy in the role of Big Momma, but he never brings the kind of insight and believability to the part that Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis or Dustin Hoffman managed to do in their respective turns at cross dressing comedy. Unfortunately, Lawrence's portrayal is all surface imitation, utterly devoid of the kind of subtle shading that might suggest he had actually gotten in touch with his character. This film would be a trifle less innocuous if it hadn't been done so much better already.
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Certainly full of slapstick but plot could have used the work!!!
tracker5713 February 2006
After settling down into a desk job inside the FBI, former Field Agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) defies orders to stay out of the investigation of his former partners death and travels to Orange County, California to go undercover as Big Momma, working for an unhappy woman (Emily Proctor) who is under investigation for the murder. Little did he realise that he would become attached to the dysfunctional family

After pouring myself a nice hot cup of tea, I settled down in the comfy chair of Screen 1 to brace myself for the print check and hopefully have some harmless viewing. The result; A relatively brain dead projectionist trying to get to grips of where the last hour and a half of his life disappeared to. Now, to tell you the truth, I've never been much of a big fan of Martin Lawrence to start with but, like Jeremy Clarkson driving from London to Edinburgh and back ECONOMICALLY, shocks are everywhere. For the first time ever, I actually found Martin Lawrence's humour quite funny. Giving the dog a bowlful of tequila gave me a bit of a tickle, as did Big Momma's 'Baywatch' style slow-mo run.

This is probably the only plus side on a film which lacked the power to keep a rather basic storyline going. The characters created weren't complex enough. The family consisted of three children. One who was 3 and wasn't able to speak, which you undoubtedly knew he would by the end. The 8 year old girl was a wannabe dancer, and there was a troubled teen, who would stop her rebellious ways by the end of the movie. Emily Proctor's acting throughout the film was, to be truthful, pretty lame. It's like she took Calleigh Duquesne's character from CSI: Miami and just took all of the weapons expertise out of it. No original work was added to the character.

To sum up, this is a sequel that should have been left WELL alone. If you are of the type of mind that requires a film that will challenge you, I'd look elsewhere. Laughter is guaranteed as this film's storyline is clearly based around Big Momma, allowing Martin Lawrence breathing space to play with the character, but there were never any genuine references to the original film.
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A sequel we never wanted.
vip_ebriega12 May 2008
My Take: Did we really need a sequel to BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE?

BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE II is yet another example of unnecessary "ka-ching!" sequel from Hollywood that we never needed. Although funny at times with Martin Lawrence around, there's no reason at all to see it, whether you've seen the first film or not. Few jokes, usually repetitive, make a complete waste of time (even if it only runs for 99 min.).

One of the film's flaws is its confusion about what it is. It's about Martin Lawrence's character, FBI agent Malcolm Turner, throwin' in the old Big Momma costume once more to go undercover. His mission is to investigate a woman (Emily Proctor), who's husband may be involved with a murder case. But the film lags with sappiness that, when it gets to the very serious side, it's confused and just plain lame.

Martin Lawrence is still pretty funny, making some of those tired old humor quite effective. Lawrence has that zing that makes these old puns lively. But even Lawrence, funny as he is, is only one aspect that is possibly right about the film. The rest, the lame comedy script and the lame direction make up for a lousy comedy. Younger audiences will be amused by Lawrence, as much as preteens, but there are other films with the same appeal, and some and most of which are better, way better!

Rating: * out of 5.
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Big Momma's House 2
ColumbianSnow3 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Bad film ? only occasionally funny ? rubbish ! this film is hilarious , its so funny , the cinema was in tears watching it . Martin Lawrence is hilarious . Big Momma is a great character , she is really funny . This film really is a must see for comedy fans , because it's really not bad its great . You really will enjoy this film . It's funny , younger kids and teenagers will love it , but adult will like it too , its something for everyone who likes comedy .Martin Lawrence is great and his character is a great laugh . If you want to go see a comedy , make Big Momma's House 2 the film . Go see it and vote !!! You won't regret seeing this movie !!!
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maybe I'm the lowest common denominator....
lewthewho18 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I went along with my friend to see this movie, and we found it hilarious! and so did most of the people in the cinema with us, (apart from the people in front of us, they didn't see the movie, they were sucking each others braces out)

The movie follows an FBI agent who becomes a nanny to the children of a wanted criminal, oh did we mention the nanny is a man dressed up as a woman?

In some areas of the movie i found the plot quite similar, i saw traces of 'Mrs Doubtfire'(obviously) and in one sequence (the club scene) i felt was very similar to 'Bringin down the house' but this did not compensate its entertainment value

This movie got quite a lot of bad reviews saying it-was childish rubbish and to low brow, but i and the really packed cinema, found it really funny, i dunno, maybe I'm the lowest common denominator....

but in the end, i would go see it, just for some easy laughs,
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Actually, I thought this one was funnier than the first
Smells_Like_Cheese28 November 2006
My friends and I started watching Big Mama's House 2 a couple months ago, but we never got to finish, and in some ways I was glad because I usually like to see the first film before I see the sequel. Most times you feel like you have missed out on so much and you might not understand the humor. So I rented Big Mama's House and was sorely disappointed, I was really nervous and was thinking that maybe I didn't want to see the second one. But my friend insisted that I see it and to give it a shot.

Malcom is back and this time he's a safety teacher who has felt like he's lost his edge, but he has made a promise to his wife since she is pregnant. But when he finds out there is an investigation on a top secret defense CD being released to some very bad men, he goes undercover as Big Mama to be the man who has the CD and his family. He lies to his wife and work and the family he is caring for, but ends up saving the day for everyone.

I have to say that I honestly laughed a lot more in the second Big Mama's House more than the first one. This one seemed just more light hearted and it was fun, despite it being predictable, I think more should give this movie a better chance, because in my opinion this was better and well thought out more than the first.

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Again a Martin Lawrence recital in a sequel more amusing than previous film
ma-cortes9 March 2007
The film talks about the FBI agent Malcolm Turner(Martin Lawrence)again posing himself,who's known as a southern sweet ¨big momma¨, she is a severely overweight but bright old woman.This time he goes undercover,attempting resolve a case, as a foul-mouthed nanny of a family constituted by an unhappy mother (Emily Procter),three sons and whose father(Mark Moses) is a hacker under investigation and passing information to the enemy.Also all complicates with the relationship between the potbellied grandma babysitter and the familiar group.Meanwhile he has problems with his beautiful pregnant wife(Nia Long).

This sequel expands from original idea but Lawrence and the writers manage to pull it off rather impressively.The jokes are plentiful and is pretty entertaining,the plot doesn't allow for many quiet moments which Lawrence needs to balance out the slapdash.In the former film sporadic laughters are too often mined by scatological and toilet humor but in this movie the gags are more agreeable.It's a farce with the great master of disguise Lawrence when he takes a make up by Greg Cannon is transformed into fat grandma. The story is funny and interesting and the characters are genuine and sympathetic.Film is a Martin Lawrence recital,he makes acrobatics,stooges,tongue twister and pull faces and grimaces.Picture is a vehicle Lawrence ,he's a real show man and authentic farceur.Lawrence like his partner Eddie Murphy has plenty of experience with women costumes and various roles.Film gets a nice cinematography by Mark Irwin and atmospheric score by George S Clinton.The motion picture is rightly directed by John Whitesell.If you like Lawrence's crazy acting ,you'll enjoy this one.
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Typical help the family find itself movie
lone_jafa4 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
If you had seen the first movie you pretty much guessed what this would be like. C'mon it's Martin Lawerence not Will Smith. So he gets back into the 'Big Momma' outfit and stakes out a crim. At this stage I figured this is where Vin Diesel's movie stole that Pacifier movie. In fact the kids are almost the same. Actually the hacker (Malcolm) was funny...The movie was predictable in parts but it was still watchable. Though the FBI not knowing that the main suspects Dad was at Oklahoma seemed a bit lame but then again, where is Osama? The end though was so sappy that it could have been the end to the Color Purple, in fact I expected to see people coming through the fields...
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I think you'll come out laughing
jmurray23534 February 2006
Saw the movie this afternoon with wife and two grands- and we laughed and laughed. It was just a feel good movie! While the plot isn't totally realistic, it's believable enough to keep you from walking out, and contributes to the numerous gags and funny scenes in the movie.

Not sure if some will be moderately affected by the writers stereotyping of the "Big Momma" character, but will be willing to forgive since it doesn't carry over to any other staging and writing of the plot.

Just didn't feel ripped off, just felt entertained, and judging from the howls in the audience, others attending did too. Go see it-especially on a cold dreary day like today was outside!!
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anna_anderson33318 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the movie the first week of its coming out or so, and found it GREAT! Some things appeared kind of fake, but the parts where he's actually in the house are very, very funny. The most memorable scene was the beach scene, where her puts a swimming suit on, and runs along the beach, with Jamaican styled braids, one of them containing a microphone. The slow-mo way it was done added to the funniness of it. Matches, if not exceeds the First Movie's hilarity.Some of the people I went with declared it not as good as the first movie, but in my opinion i strongly disagree. Some adults might not appreciate the way it is done, since they might not understand it, but the movie is perfect for young adolescences
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Not as good as the first film.
rcutbill12 February 2006
This film has its high points but not too many. It is gonna appeal more to the kids than the adults. Martin Lawrence does not seem put the same effort into the sequel. The kids provide most of the entertainment as the adults phone in their performances. Not as enjoyable as the original and the script not as sharp. Would not waste money on going to the cinema, save it and wait till it comes out on DVD. Martin Lawrence seems to have run out of good films, have not seen him in one for quite some time. On the whole the children will laugh more than the adults, there is enough to keep the adults mildly entertained but is not a barrel load of laughs. Good but could have been so much more.
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Another unnecessary sequel
Newsense20 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the original Big Momma House. Its was silly at times but it was funny as well as fun and I enjoyed myself watching it. This sequel lacks everything that made the first one great. Big Momma's House 2 is easily the most boring comedy sequel of all time. I found myself checking the time every five minutes and 1 hour and 39 minutes have never felt so long.

The plot is pretty weak plus it shows no reason for Malcolm to be "Big Momma. At least the first one gave you a semi-believable reason for Malcolm going undercover as Big Momma. But this sequel is too lazy to give you a slightly believable one.

Martin looks like he's bored out of his skull and pretty much sleepwalks through the whole movie. The rest of the cast does the same. The villain in the first one(Terrance Howard's character) wasn't too shabby. The villains in this movie are pathetic. I don't think I laughed one time. I might have had a slight chuckle or two and maybe a silent grin but other than that I was pretty bored.

Big Momma's House 2 is one of the most unwanted sequels since Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps. It was only made out of greed to capitalize of fans of the first one but the only people that would like this movie are the are the Dawson's Creek audience. This movie is weak, banal and utterly soulless. Totally devoid of anything that made the original interesting and amusing. Only recommended to those that still find Pauly Shore funny.
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Martin Lawrence is past his prime.
MsFarEast29 January 2006
Ever since the TV sitcom "Martin" and the hit 1999 movie "Blue Streak" Martin Lawrence's career as a funnyman has taken a turn for the worse. How shocked I was to learn on this site that this film was #1 at the box office. Either they were smoking crack or they just wanted Mr. Lawrence to feel good about himself by not hurting his feelings about what they truly feel about his latest shlock. Though "American Idol" has recently been blasted by the media for being a little to mean to the contestants, a huge part of me personally wished the same treatment on Mr. Lawrence and the creators of this film. If, by some chance that ever happens in the future, then Mr.Lawrence finally,should step down from the spotlight and fade away into the abyss of HasBeenism.
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I wasn't really disappointed, but only because I didn't have any expectations.
Electricbassguy31 January 2006
This movie really wasn't that funny... but it wasn't awful, either. The plot was decent, a masterpiece compared to Deuce Bigalow 2.

But the main focus of the movie, "Big Momma" is boring. Martin Lawerence's idea of "Big Momma" seems to be randomly squealing and saying: "Ooh, girl..." and acting like a stereotypical black woman... fat, annoying, and loud. You know the stereotype I'm talking about it. This black woman is in every movie, but there isn't an actual black person that acts like Big Momma or Queen Latifah. The character is just a one-dimensional joke that falls flat quickly, and I guess as he/she is the main plot then the movie itself falls flat.

The funniest character, a kid named Stuart I believe, didn't get enough screen time.

I was disappointed to see the talented Kat Dennings again typecast into the "rebellious 15 or 16 year old teenager" role that she nailed in 40-year-old virgin. She's talented and sexy... I think it's time that someone gave her a real role, and let her play a character closer to her real age.

I wouldn't really recommend this movie, because it's just not very funny.
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Everyone else is lying!!
brunette_bimbo_199224 February 2006
Forget what everyone else said about this film because i say its good. It is a great follow up to the amazing first Big Momma's House. It is really good and funny. A great movie to see with your mates! I really don't know why other people didn't like this film...maybe it is out of there generation. I'm joking. lol!! So yea I'm saying this is a must see movie. Ignore everyone else, they must have been watching a different film by mistake. I wouldn't say it is funnier than the first one but it has got an equally good story line. So go see this movie, with your mates or your family because its a family film too. Grab your popcorn and have fun!!
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Just another bourgeois over-indulgent comedy..
coolfasho-111 September 2006
Martin Lawrence has a knack for humor, that I must acknowledge. His roles in National Security, Bad Boys (1), and even the original Big Momma's House had me convulsively jolting with laughter. However, my elicited response to the monotonous and convoluted scenes of Big Momma's House 2 was that of sheer bemusement. I mean come-on! Everyone knows that sequels are generally weaker than the originals but the extent to which this film has fallen in my voting ranks is humiliating! Even Martin Lawrence's high esteem has grown demoralizing in my perception. The thought of Martin adorning himself in the attire of a corpulent and homely black woman can only be humorous for so long before viewers are compelled to force laughs. In the original, the objective of dressing up in this fashion was more overt (although still pretty poor) but in Big Momma's House 2, the repetition of such change of character lacks reason. The only difference now, is Big Momma is on the pursuit for a suspect Caucasian male (Mark Moses), she has to do the laundry, tend to the hectic schedule of three hyperactive juveniles and cope with the implausible conceptions of a likewise arduous mother (Emily Procter).
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Paul Giamatti made the best decision of his life not to come back for the sequel
Doctor_No28 January 2006
* Martin Lawrence. Directed by Josh Whitesell. Sequel to god awful 2000's "Big Momma's House" only this time Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) going deep under cover as Momma to watch a possible murder suspect. Unfunny dialogue and a few annoying scenes with a pitiful pawn on Bo Derek's slow motion walk down the beach. A sad sad sight to see. I should have known it would be bad since Lawrence hasn't had a good movie since "Bad Boys 2" and 1 in a handful isn't great or good at best. With other flops "Bad Boys", "Black Knight" and "Big Momma's House" this wasn't destined to be great. Regrettable overall. My final rating 1/10.
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A Very Good Sequel
DjSory10 February 2006
My expectations were right. Big Momma's House 2 was as good as the first movie. I liked a lot the story of the movie, the idea about Big Momma being a nanny was very cool too. There are many funny parts, and the finish of the movie is great (it makes us believing in another movie with Big Momma).For everyone who loved the first part and who laughed lot watching Martin Lawrence in the role of Big Momma, this second movie is a blessing. If you adore comedies, you mustn't lose this, because is such a nice sequel. Fans of Big Momma, this movie makes us happy, watch it and I bet your opinion will may be the same with mine. It's a movie that you watch and watch and watch again because you never get bored of it. Big Momma is the best!
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AWFUL, i'd rather sleep then see this movie
Johnny1011 March 2006
This is by far one of the worst film's i've seen all year. As soon as i saw the trailer for the movie i was turned off by the movie, but i promised a friend i'd go see it with him. This movie takes the same formula jokes made from a bad comedy and reuses them, over and over. You can tell that not much money was put into this movie, the cinematography looks ugly and the script and jokes are so bad it's not even funny. Even if you are a huge Martin Lawerence fan still steer far away from this horrible, boring, dull,sad, and ugly film. It's so sad that great movies like Crash don't make a fraction of what this movie made in a month, people really have to see good movies, instead of wasting their time and money on bad, bad, movies like this.
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Turn away, children!
departed0722 April 2008
2000's Big Momma's House was a surprise hit in the summer where I couldn't stop laughing once I bought the film on DVD. But one thing I hate about most comedy films is when they try to bring on the sequels; many of which take a long time to develop where after a while most of the fans who cheered for these characters start to lose their touch and move on to better movies.

The premise of Big Momma's House 2 involves Martin Lawrence reprising his role as Malcolm. He has already got the girl (Nia Long) from the first movie where her son Trent is accepting him as it is while at the same time embarrassed that Malcolm is dressed up in silly mascots in high school to promote safety. But now the undercover agent if fired from his job where he overhears a conversation involving a computer geek on the verge of being killed unless he does something about it. Malcolm dons the Big Momma suit and goes in as a nanny.

To be honest with you, the film was very hard for me to keep up. Not once did I laugh unlike the first movie where it just tried to hard to be like the original.
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Excellent comedy - why so underrated?
maros61221 July 2006
This movie was very enlightening, filled with good humor, unique gags and lovable characters. I don't understand why people rated it so low, it seems like they were expected something else, but that's hard to understand since this movie was set on the same line as it's previous part. The crazy stunts and silliness were very marginal, I don't think it brings movie that low. I think Martin Lawrence's performance was stunning (the role of this silly funny dude fits him perfectly - it's not much different to the nature of his character of Marcus Barnett from Bad Boys, Blue streak, Black Knight, ... etc) Martin is in my opinion one of the very best African-American comedian of today and he proves it also in this flick. Nia Long was also great, and had written excellent verbal comebacks. In brief - if you like Martin and liked BMH 1, you should totally see this movie - it's better and you'll spend most of those hundred minutes cracking up.
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