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Night of the Stars

The Winx travel through all the galaxies of the Magical Universe until they arrive in Lumenia, the most brilliant of all stars. A great mystery involving an old acquaintance of the Winx is endangering the brightness of ...

Season 6

23 Sep. 2013
Inspiration of Sirenix
Daphne's parents hold a welcome home party to celebrate her return. But the event is interrupted when the Trix send the Beast of the Depths to attack.
3 Nov. 2013
The Legendarium
As the fairies of Alfea celebrate Faragonda's 100th anniversary, the Trix take over Cloudtower, teaming up with Selina, a new witch with a very powerful book. Her first target: Pixie Village.
3 Nov. 2013
The Flying School
The Winx go to Lynphea College for special training with the Specialists and Paladins, skilled warriors. When Selina sends the Treants to attack, the Winx are stripped of their powers and forced to return to Alfea.
15 Dec. 2013
Bloomix Power
The Winx train in Aisha's new gym to prepare to fight without powers. Afterward, they return to Lynphea to fight the Treants and a flying Cloudtower. Flora saves her sister Miele, and gains her new transformation Bloomix!
15 Dec. 2013
The Golden Auditorium
Aisha and Stella work together as the Winx defeat the Treants, and earn their new Bloomix Power. Later, the Winx and Daphne tour the Golden Auditorium where they come face to face with a group of not-so-melodic sprites!
12 Jan. 2014
Vortex of Flames
Everyone celebrates Daphne's coronation on Domino, but Bloom is weak from sharing her Dragon Flame. With help from Diaspro, the Trix and Selina send Fire Eaters to attack Bloom.
16 Feb. 2014
The Lost Library
The Winx head to Alexandria to find a fairy godmother who can help them bolt the Legendarium, but a problem occurs when mummies awaken to fight the Winx.
16 Feb. 2014
Attack of the Sphinx
A battle between the Winx and the mummies intensifies when the Sphinx attack and Selina unleashes a fire.
3 Aug. 2015
Shrine of the Green Dragon
The Winx fight off dragons, and the grateful Dragon Tamer gives them info about locating Eldora.
5 Aug. 2015
The Secret Greenhouse
Selina pretends to be an ally as the Winx search for a flower, and her tricks nearly leads Bloom to poison Flora.
7 Aug. 2015
Broken Dreams
Bloom is gloomy and alone in Gardenia, and Selina orders the Children of the Night to find her and attack her.
10 Aug. 2015
Shimmer in the Shadows
The Winx repel vampires in Gardenia, but the vampires return as the girls head to a Goth fashion show, which Stella enters as a designer.
12 Aug. 2015
The Fairy Godmother
The Winx meet Eldora and ask her to come of retirement as the Trix spy on them and plot an attack.
14 Aug. 2015
The Winx try to obtain Mythix, but first they must prove themselves worthy of doing so. Meanwhile, the Trix boost their powers, but they don't allow Selina to bolster hers.
17 Aug. 2015
Mystery of Calavera
The Winx search for an emerald hidden in a pirate ship, which is in a fictional world called the Legendarium. Meanwhile, Selina sends the Trix into the same world.
19 Aug. 2015
Zombie Invasion
A ship full of zombie pirates battle the Winx and the Trix, both of whom must exit the Legendarium quickly or become forever trapped there as characters within the book.
1 Aug. 2014
The Curse of Fearwood
The Specialists and The Winx go face-to-face with Werewolves that Selina read from the Legendarium.
1 Aug. 2014
The Magic Totem
Flora battles Icy the Snow Queen in an effort to release Helia from the Legendarium world.
11 Sep. 2015
Queen for a Day
The Winx are determined to enter Cloudtower and lock the Legendarium. But plans are halted when Cloudtower becomes invisible! Meanwhile, Stella is queen for the day, but the power - and the Legendarium - have gone to her head.
15 Sep. 2015
Stella's Big Party
In an attempt to get her crown back from Darcy, Stella faces off with a Minotaur in an ancient Labyrinth. When she finally escapes the Legendarium World, she must return to Solaria to right the wrong she has done as Queen.
17 Sep. 2015
A Monster Crush
The Winx travel to Zenith in hopes of finding a special technology that can track down the invisible Cloudtower. But Tecna's reunion with her family is interrupted when Frankenstein, sent by Selina, falls in love with Tecna.
8 Nov. 2015
The Music Cafe
Musa establishes the Alfea music café, and the Winx use the instruments' magic to protect Alfea from the flying Cloud Tower. But when Rumpelstiltskin steals Musa's voice, the Winx must get it back in time to ward off Cloud Tower.
8 Nov. 2015
The Anthem
Even without her voice, Musa uses music to save Alfea from the witches. But now the Winx must choose between Musa's voice and the Legendarium Key, which Rumpelstiltskin has offered to accept in exchange.
15 Nov. 2015
Legendary Duel
When the Trix challenge Bloom to a one-on-one duel with Selina, it is up to the Winx to provide backup. But when Selina unleashes the mighty, yet dangerous, champions of Alfea, all rules go out the window.
15 Dec. 2015
As the Winx prepare for Daphne and Thoren's wedding, they soon discover that Selina freed Acheron. Acheron banishes the Trix to the Legendarium and then removes all magic from the Magic Dimension - except for the dragon flame.
20 Nov. 2015
Winx Forever
While the Winx battle the Great Lizard Spirit, Bloom fights Acheron and the Trix in the Legendarium World. The Winx need all the help they can get - even Selina's - to fight dark magic and restore order in the magic dimension.

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